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  1. The Plot
    The plot is set in a world where the human mind can do so much more than we realize. Only certain people can unlock this power, but once they have, they become a kind of person called a Dreamweaver, literally a person who can weave their dreams into reality. Each Dreamweaver has a Protector, an animal that assists and protects the Dreamweaver. But sometimes things other than dreams come into reality. Sometimes a Dreamweaver will unintentionally bring a nightmare into reality, and the more nightmares you have, the more you will accidentally bring nightmares into reality. So Dreamweavers also have a job to do, and that is to protect the world from the Nightmares they create. Nightmares that go unslain could eventually make their way into human towns and cities, where they terrify the resident people. This is where stories and legends of terrifying creatures come from. So, do you have what it takes to be a Dreamweaver? This is a world where anything can happen, where your wildest dreams become reality.

    Yup, the Mention their Dreams OOC thread. Note that I play two characters, the little girl and the grown man named Allen. So I switch back and forth between characters multiple times. After all, anything can happen! Discuss where the plot is going here, and try to establish some sort of order to the chaotic mess of dreams and nightmares.
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  2. I may bring another character in if its ok with you that is :)
  3. Oh, you can have as many characters as you want! Go ahead.
  4. Ooh, an Evil Dreamweaver. Never thought of it!
  5. I know I love it, I hope its ok but i just thought it would happen and there is a huge back story to her too.
  6. Mind if I hop in with a dreamweaver that became her nightmare?
  7. I say yay its a jump in so go for it FishWolf is cool so I'm sure it will be fine.
  8. This looks fun! I'm reading all the other posts and will having something soon!
  9. Yay, we got players! And yeah, I love diversity in roleplays, so go ahead.
  10. I had a lot of fun getting caught up. All very interesting. Though I didn't enjoy writing my post on my dumb phone.
  11. Ah, we need to think of something to explain why all of the Dreamweavers are all gathering together. Something to really spice up the plot.
  12. I was thinking something along the lines of people who prefer to create nightmares are gathering so the dreamweavers are as well. But we'd need to make a "god" or "boss" for both dream and nightmare that tells them what they need to do, but obviously doesn't do much else.
  13. Okay, so like the woman mentioned in the last post, right? For a god/leader, I mean.
  14. That could work. We would just have to make sure they'd want to do that.
  15. Yes, so we'd have to have everyone's approval before actually deciding.
  16. what about this boogieman character? I mean who doesn't know boogieman = night terrors
  17. She's possibly a Dreamweaver who was corrupted by nightmares. I'm not sure, we'll have to ask the roleplayer who introduced her.
  18. You mean my mysterious lady?? @_@
  19. Well, your mysterious lady and the boogeyman are both kind of special characters that aren't exactly Dreamweavers. Or is she a dreamweaver? I had simply assumed that the man that had fallen out of the sky was a dream brought permanently to life, but the boogeyman I was talking about was created on page one by Dharc.

    This was the boogeyman you were talking about, right?
  20. Yes that was the boogeyman I was talking about. Since I joined the rp early I went ahead and read all the posts before posting.
    No she isn't a dreamweaver. My idea for my character is a kid who ended up in a coma somehow when he was very young, but not in a vegetative state. He is thrown into a place of nothing created by the minds of coma patients, the Void. Because the majority of coma patients tend to be vegetative the Void is composed of their dreams, which are dreams of nothing, hence the Void. This lady could somehow be worked into being some kind of positive entity, perhaps one of the first dreamweavers or something created by the first dreams, just as the boogeyman could be something created by the first nightmares. That or they could beings that have always desisted but had little purpose until fully sentient beings began to dream. Animals have dreams which could be their connection as guardians. What are your thoughts? I hope other people check out the occ and give their opinion as well.
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