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  1. With the murder of Jumal Arkaos, the Immortal Hero, the world is thrown into chaos as the malignant forces behind his murder seek to unlock secrets and knowledge left best untouched. A group of both likely and unlikely heroes gather to put an end to their machinations and bring justice to the world.

    However, far in the south, in the Furthest Lands, an expedition uncovers something great. Great, but terrible…


    Hi, I'm Diva Elly and this is my interest check for a high fantasy RP. As the brief summary blatantly states, a group of both likely and more unlikely heroes must group together to stop an evil plot while ancient secrets are being unearthed by both the heroes, the villains and everyone in between.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or direct them to me through PM.

    First, some world exposition:

    The continent of Pandora is divided between three kingdoms: Omega, Baqi and Amaranthos. There are also the unclaimed regions of the Nothern Mountains, The Scar (a large valley/canyon that separates the kingdoms of Omega and Amaranthos), the Dying Wastes (a desert to the south of Baqi) and the City State of Arkhadia.

    All these locations have an affiliated starting point for different castes of characters. The RP itself, however, starts at Jumal Arkaos' funeral where most of the RP's starting point's events take place, so I'd recommend for characters to start there (as you can enter more characters once we reach the places you had other ideas for).

    Sorcerers, slavers, necromancers, dragons, cults and everything in between will be included to the best of my ability.


    This interest check is mostly a formality as the OOC RP post is almost finished. I just wanted to check if anyone's interested in this. Give me a shout here if you're interested and once again, all questions are welcome and will be answered to the best of my ability.
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  2. Hey~hey^^!!

    Interested but would like to know just the reg. rundown of questions:

    What is post writing level requirements?
    How frequently do you expect posts?
    Can we play more than one charre?
    I s there dice/stats used?
    Can charries actually know each other for a bit before running off together and saving the world? :33

  3. I do believe I am interested in this, though it depends on whether the OOC will drown me in a gallon of lore or not; I have nothing against in-depth world building, but I'm bad at creating a character if I've got to worry about remembering every little detail of the world's history, lest I end up contradicting some long forgotten fact.
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  4. Oh and so like another question:

    are other "races" available or is it just human types available?
  5. @Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    1. As English is not my native tongue, I cannot really hold others up to a higher standard. However, I'd appreciate correct grammar and punctuation along with at least one paragraph-length posts.
    2. Not too frequent, as I'm occasionally busy with uni. I'd like a post to be made within three days if it's your turn, but I won't mind if it takes up to a week.
    3. Yes, you can play as many characters as you like and can handle.
    4. No. I hate those systems as they feel too restricting and chance-oriented.
    5. Yes. That was the plan. Our Main Cast doesn't start off with a plan and they need to get to know one another before the story kicks off.
    6. There are two races: humans and the Fae. Fae are human-sized fairies (more will be explained in the OOC post).


    Well, I don't personally think it's loads of lore. I am not too great at world-building, so I haven't made a very vast and expanded world.
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  6. Yayuh^^!! Boo reeeeeally likes what you gots going on! Can't wait to see OoC! ;DD
  7. Interested in this!

    I love the Fae and have been dying for a roleplay involving them. :)

    Where's the OOC, I'm new and haven't quite got the idea of navigation for this forum yet.
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  8. Hey~hey new bunny^^

    "~i~whack~you!!~ "

    That means welcome in Rabbit^^!! Nice to see a new face here bowing down to ~BUNSY~ our Bunny logo from the ancients.

    Right. K so like this is just an Interest Check right now. OP said they're working on the OoC right now k? So like once they're done, most likely they will tag err'body who's interested and link us out to the OoC. Sooooo... yeah. We just wait now. But if you gots questions about the RP then ask away and hopefully OP will answer k? And so like while we're waiting how about some~~



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  10. I'd definitely be interested, sounds awesome. Where can I sign up???! :bsmile:
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