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  1. ((Note: I'm not sure if this will exactly have any sexual themes but I put it here just in case.))

    It was on the night of December that everything that I thought would be any normal holiday, just went down. I was there together with my parents and my uncle who was a bit of an old, grumpy man that didn't talk much. Though tonight he was different, he seemed even more off and distance than ever and looked at us with cold eyes, like he was planning something or was in deep thought, but my parents didn't think of that as anything different or new and carried on with their normal chores.

    The whole house had the smell of good warm christmas food and also gingerbread that was resting in the oven, waiting to get out of there and get decorated with cream in the color of white, red and green. Music was playing in the background on the radio and filled the house with joy and the christmas tree was done with colorful glass made balls as it shone bright in the small room, standing on light brown wooden floor and beside white walls. It was nothing but perfect, however, there was one in a bad mood who sunk the whole place down despite the colorful decorations, food and music. Uncle Jordan whom was sitting on the dark brown leather armchair and with small round glasses hanging on the top of his nose, was looking at everyone with some sort of disgust. His skinny hands gripping tight at the end of the armchair, white thin hair over his bold head except the sides and a mouth so far down the chin of his face it looked rather scary and he was clearly not happy at all. I whom was only 8 at that time started to wonder why he was so angry, was it something that had happened? Or was it something between him and my parents? I didn't know. But with my nice white dress and silver hair up in a bun, I tried my best to make this christmas not fall because of some old angry man, not enjoying himself. But that was easier said than done...


    I remember my parents happy faces with such bright smiles it could make anyone became warm and fuzzy inside, I remember their kind words they told me throughout the years and all their energy to make my life better and now... Everything I saw was blood, not the red color from candy or happy decorations, nor whine that you probably would have spilled. No, it was real blood and they where drenched in it as they where lying there on the floor, cold and lifeless. Something was also trying to get out of their bodies and laid there on the floor, was it... their real guts?
    One was remaining on his feet and that was Uncle Jordan whom stood there also filled with blood but not his own, he stood there with a wide smile and a knife in his other hand and I, myself just stood there, breathless. Should a 8 year old girl really see that sort of stuff on christmas eve? Whatever you should not see or do, I just ran for my life out to the cold snow and just kept going. My nose was filled with the smell of my parents blood and my head was filled with the picture of my uncle, standing before the dead bodies, smiling. The snow hit my face as the wind started to get angry and furious and all I kept thinking was "I've to get out of here." Again and again.

    Somehow I ended up in the old graveyard that slowly was rotting on the edge of the huge city Meilance, it was dark, cold and lonely. Even though I've kept on running, my uncle was still after me but my legs where so tired, I was tired. I landed in the white snow with shaky legs and heard a voice behinde me, I turned around to see my uncle with heavy breathing and sweat slowly dripping from his head and the bloody knife in his hand. What was odd though was his eyes and teeth, they have changed a bit. The teeth where a bit longer and his eyes started to slowly shape into gray, he was like a completely different being. I saw this as my end and I knew I couldn't do anything, I was simply too small. "This is it." I thought. I heard my uncle scream and raised his knife but then I closed my eyes and took cover with my tiny hands but nothing happened.

    I looked up to see a long man standing before me, all in black. My uncle made some sort of sounds as if he had water in his mouth and then falled to the ground and colored it red, I looked up and even today... I remember this picture in my head. The tall man with a black coat following the air, white hands that had mixed itself with the red color and some small drops on his cheek, the black short and messy hair, his sharp straight nose and the smooth light lips that where lightened up by the moons light and then... He was gone. My uncle was gone as well and I didn't get to see much more of the mysterious man that was almost like a vampire in the books I've read and as I was sitting there alone, cold and confused. I still had these many emotions inside of my that I didn't understand and at that moment, I think I fell in love with this man I never got to learn about.

    And even though I don't even understand the word love or what it's true meaning is, I still stay clear that he is and probably ever will be, my first love.


    This is the beginning of a story with Noah and her friends as they will slowly discover the many mysteries of the Meilance city whom is also called ShinShi (deep death) city. Every year on the month of December many weird things have happened, people die in mysterious ways and also disappear but why only in December? The coldest and darkest month of the year?
    What will Noah find in the city's many dark alleys and will she together with her friends help, find the mysterious man who saved her 10 yeas ago?

    Character sheet:





    Status (This is where you type if you're single or together with someone, etc. You don't have to type this in if you don't want to)



    interest (If you've a hobby or something)

    background history (Have something strange also happened with your family or someone you knew on December?)


    My character:

    Noah (open)
    My name is Noah and I'm 18 years old,
    I'm a girl whom lives on the more edge part of the city Meilance and also goes to school there which I've to take the buss to everyday. I live together with Aunt Jercey whom took care of my when my parents died and also with her daughter Eva who is more of a girl to go out on party's and drinking and also be with 10 different guys at one time.
    Me however, I'm single and have never ever kissed a guy before, not even gone out to a date with one before. I don't know if it's because of my lenght (1,69cm) or if I'm just some weird "goth" kid who goes out late at night to haunt after ghosts, vampires and other supernatural creatures, instead of drinking and have a boyfriend to be with. However, my heart already belong to someone else and that is the mysterious man whom saved me 10 years ago and I'm thinking if he might be a supernatural creature as well and that is one of many reasons I go and haunt after supernatura beings. Or... well... I wouldn't call myself a ghost hunter or vampire hunter since I don't want to kill them, I just want to get information on them and learn about them more.

    If you wonder how I started to get interested in the supernatural, it's because of my uncle, how he completely had changed and how he looked at that time before he died. I also got a book from my aunt that she thought I'd like to read, however, she probably didn't think I'd take the supernatural serious and is constantly worried about me going out at night. She's prevented me from going several times but I've manage to escape every time. She wont stop me from what I'm doing.

    Teacher Michael (open)

    Micheal Drenn is a 27 year old young male that has also grew up in the city Meilance, he is said to be living alone but no one knows where he lives. He is a teacher at Noah's school and is teaching math and physics.
    He've short blonde-ish hair and brown stubble, blue-gray eyes and white skin but it's a bit tanned and he can get red very easy on summer. He usually wear a whit shirt with a blue tie and black bottoms to school and also have black rectangular glasses on in classes to be able to read the different books he has with him.
    Michael is single and doesn't seem to be interested in a relationship according to the ones who've tried to ask him out. He's 187cm tall and weight around 56kg, quite skinny but have muscles and is in a fit form.

    No one knows about this but he's some sort of a supernatural hunter who gets after his prey and kills them, he believes that it's some sort of supernatural being that is causing the event every year on december and therefore tries to find every single clue that could lead to them and kill them. On his free-time though, he usually sits by his computer. His background history is unknown except that someone related to him died in December when the weird events is happening, he've also seemed to be very alone in his younger days and don't talk often with others and is more of a lonely wolf.

    (In this rp, I'd like some people to rp as Noah's already friend(s), and also one to be her closest friend that always follow her to haunt after supernatural beings)

    It is not sure if there exists supernatural beings but who knows? And what if they don't exist? Then what is causing all the mysterious deaths on the cold month December? Those who believes in the supernatural, are they just plain weird? Or are they in some way, right afterall?​
  2. Maybe it's a bit hard to understand but... uhm...

    Well my idea with this rp is to gather information or well atleast try but also to get to know each others as a group.
    The characters will take most of the time in school and on night-time to search after "supernatural" beings.
    But also in the city as well as home, there will probably be a lot of bullies who will make fun of you and there will be some fighting to make the rp more tense.
    And I've made the teacher to be some sort of threat to the ones searching for the truth, since he also hunts but not in the same way since he wants to kill.
    I'm not sure though if there will occur relationships but it's possible since I'm thinking this of a IRL roleplay and that is why, I've put the sexual theme in this rp.
    Though, as I've said. I've only put it there to be a "just in case".

    It will be a lot of bonding between people, some fightings and also a LOT of mystery but I'm thinking that this rp isn't going to be all too dark since there will be holidays like today and you will be able to do fun stuff with your friends, maybe skeeing on winter or when it's summer go for a swim? There are a lot of possibilities and bonding in this rp as much as mystery. ^_^
  3. image.jpg

    Name: Tristan Jones
    Age: 19
    Gender: Androgynous (Male, but seems to look closer to female, if that's alright of course.)
    Family: Mother, Father, Younger Sister.
    Status: Single.
    Height: 1.75m
    Weight: 65kg
    Interest: Likes to juggle and play chess.
    Background History: Tristan has come into contact with a ghost, at his old home which is still within Meilance. This is one of the reasons he moved into Noah's neighbourhood, and as such, the two have been friends for a little while. He seems quiet and reserved, but is able to make some relevant statements given the opportunity. He often gets teased for the way he looks, though he tends to embrace the fact that he hardly looks like a boy, but neither a girl. Most think he is homosexual, but that's hardly true.
    Other: He has a fascination with weapons which are said to be able to cut spirits and the like.
  4. @Eisner Cerei Your character is accepted and it's okay for the characters Gender C:
    I don't know how many that will take part in this rp or will be interested, but we'll have to wait for some more to join ^^

    But what I'm thinking is that the IC rp (if it will happen) will start off that everyone in the group and Noah will meet together in a house that is said to be haunted and is going to look for this ghost and also what happened in that house, it's background, the murders, etc.
    Or do you think that it might be a bit too forward? I don't want the rp to start slowly though. Well.... we'll see
  5. I hope some others join, but if not, I'm sure this can be simply moved to the 1x1 area! Copy and paste is such a good thing.

    As for that, well, I'm sure it'll be fine. ^^ Perhaps you could make up some sort of reason why Noah and others are within the haunted house in the first place. Looking for ghosts and backgrounds is fine, but personally. I think you could extend that a little, maybe they strayed in there by accident, maybe they'd planned it for a while. That kind of thing C:
  6. Exactly! ^^

    And yeah, I can think about it, but in the meantime we can wait for others if they want to join. Or else, as in manga or anime, which starts with introducing characters, they could be in school or home at their way to school... Well there are many possibilities how the rp could start.
  7. Of course! Always good to have paths to walk, no one path is going to be the best straight up. I have faith in someone else coming along.
  8. I know this is a weird question: But do you allow Expecting Characters? (Yes...By Expecting, I mean pregnant...)
  9. @Minamoto Thunder Well, it depends. How far will she be with the baby? 2-3 weeks? Because if she's 6-7 months I don't think she'll be able to run around and help Noah find supernatural beings. :/
  10. Minimum of Seven Weeks, Max of 27 Weeks...So about a Month and a half to seven months. Might go somewhere in the middle so she can help Noah. Would Nineteen Weeks (Equivalent to about five months) be okay?
  11. Well, as long as she can move around without too much pain, it's fine by me. But if you thought of your character to be the one more of to give information perhaps and not actually be with Noah at nights (when she goes after the supernatural) it's also fine by me. But since most of the rp takes place at nights your character wouldn't be active that much, if she isn't talking in the phone or something. I'm just thinking that, if your character can be in the rp, it's fine by me.
  12. BuMEehyCIAEv1R6.jpg
    Name: Ivorine Pang
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Family: Parents, Two Older Brothers, One Older Sister, One Younger Sister, One Younger Brother, Husband
    Status: Married
    Height: 5' 3.5"
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Interest: Enjoys Singing, Acting and Dancing. Ivorine herself is also an enthusiast in Weapons, Cars and Martial Arts
    Background History: Ivorine grew up in a large family as the fourth of six siblings. Her Father was a Military Police Officer in the National Guard and her Mother was a Cosmetologist who owns a Beauty Salon. They were also blessed with very bright futures; Her Eldest Brother Chris enlisted into the Army and became a US Army Ranger; Her Eldest Sister Claire graduated from a Prestigious University with a Master's Degree in Medicine and is now a Midwife; Her Second Oldest Brother Ivory would graduate from Police Academy top of his Class and became a Detective; Ivorine herself went to UTI and is now an Auto Technician for the North American branch Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; her Younger Sister Danielle followed in their mother's footsteps and got a Bachelor's Degree in Cosmetology and is now working at the Family Beauty Salon; lastly, her youngest Brother Drake is currently attending College in hopes of majoring in Computer Engineering. Around the age of 21, Ivorine got married to her longtime Boyfriend and High School sweetheart Alex Hong, who is a Musician and Bartender. Two years later, the two decide to start a Family, despite being very young. Around the time she got pregnant, Ivorine began seeing a malevolent spirit in the woods near her house after dark. After seeing it, Ivorine began having nightmares about childbirth and miscarriage, which does frighten her because nothing scares her more then the thought of losing her baby. Currently she just wants the nightmares to stop so she doesn't have to stress or fret, knowing that it is bad for the baby.
    -Currently 19 Weeks (five months) pregnant with her first child.
    -Teamed up with Noah to see what she can do to get the Nightmares to stop.
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  13. I don't know if more will join but what do you guys think? Can you wait a little bit longer or do you want to start right away? and if the story doesn't go too far, perhaps someone can join by the time?
  14. I normally just start and others can join along the way, no matter how far we are into the story...Well, unless we're near the end.
  15. Hmm, okay. Well, the only thing is, there are so many different opportunities on how to start the rp. Should I start with introducing the character perhaps? Like in manga, movies and books, etc?
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  16. Well, for you and me, our characters could meet in group therapy because they happen to be in the same group. That's always something
  17. I was thinking of starting the rp with that someone have told the group about a haunted house and the group is meeting up outside the house. Could that be something?
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  18. Sure. That sounds like a good idea!
  19. I think them meeting up will work very well.
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