Medieval-fantasy fun anyone?

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  1. The plot to this is that some troll-like character is seen wandering around a small village in France. Soon enough it starts eating the villager's crops, and even the people themselves. So, the knights have been sent out to take out the beast.
    Character sheet:
    Social status-
    My characters-
    Bernard Fort: a 28 year old male human knight that serves under king Louis. He's a bit egotistical about his high status, but does sincerly care for the people he protects. He wears the typical French armour, but under it he has short blonde hair, brown eyes, and tannish skin.
    King Louis- a 40 year old human male that works as the king of a village in France. He works his best to ensure the safety of his subjects, under any means necessary. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and has an average skin-tone. He wears a golden crown with emerald and ruby gems on it, a red robe (like stereotypical kings would wear), a paleish-orange tunic and pants.
  2. What and who are you looking for, for someone to play in this RP?
  3. I'm looking for someone to either play as Bernard's companion, or rival that tries to help out the troll.
    You can even play as Bernard Fort if you'd like. But it doesn't have to strictly be those three options; you can be whoever you like (Just as long as I may be the troll). The three were just preferences. ^-^
  4. Make or female?
  5. Gender doesn't matter. :3 Feel free to make any kind of character you want.
  6. Alright I am willing to give this a go :)
    Name- Aymaris Feir
    Age- 30 in human years
    Sex/gender- Female
    Species- Woodland Elf
    Occupation- Hunter/ Bounty Hunter
    Social status- Stays away from the Humans and they way they live. Doesn't like to bother in their wars. She mainly lives with the animals within the wood, among nature. She doesn't talk unless spoken too, or has something she needs to say. Her kind is known to few, but told stories by many. They are in debt to the King, has they too live among the kingdom. The rules of he Kingdom to not apply to her kind, unless they are within the castle walls, or in the villages.
  7. Nice character! :D So where should we do the roleplay? In the comments, or PM?
  8. Its your call. I mostly do it in PMs. But its whatever you are use too doing.
  9. I've only done it in PMs, but I'd like to do it in the comments, if you don't mind.
  10. Thats fine. I dont mind :)
  11. Alright! Should I start? X3
  12. Yes. If you could be so kinda as too :)
  13. *~( Alright. ^u^ )~*
    In recent times in a small village from France, people and crops had started to disappear, though it didn't take long for everyone to realize this. King Louis ordered his men to search for whatever was doing this, and exterminate it. Bernard Fort was more than eager to take down the beast causing this panic amongst the villagers. He'd search day and night, but found nothing. On one afternoon, he decided it would be best to search the forested areas surrounding the village, and did just that. He left the castle walls that held the place together, with his sword in hand, ready to take on this monster. He started to run, as he looked for the troll-like creature. He could notice a silhouette in the distance. He wasn't sure who it was, but they seemed to be carrying a bow.
  14. Hello! You should not conduct actual roleplays in the General Requests forum. O_O If you want to roleplay in a thread rather than PMs, feel free to create one in any of the one on one roleplay forums. :D
  15. Okay, I didn't know that. Thank you for informing me! :3
  16. Name- Annabelle Partridge
    Age- 25
    Sex/gender- Female
    Species- Witch (which many don't know)
    Occupation- Lady
    Social status- High-Class
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  17. Would you want to roleplay in the PMs, or in a forum?
  18. PMs, if you don't mind.
  19. Yes. ^-^ If we do this plot though, I'm going to be the troll they're after, unless you wanted to too.
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