Masters Little Pet

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  1. Juliee yawned as she woke from a good nights sleep. She knew she had off from school that day due to the holidays but she knew she had to go to class today. She was going to be learning from her master today. She had become a woman and she needed to be trained to know how to satisfy her master. She never argued with him, since without her master she would be dead. She could still remember the cold nipping air and how hungry she felt curled up in the snow just outside her masters home. He took her in and she has done everything he asked of her, wanting to be a good pet.

    She stretched her arms and went to go shower. In the shower she shaved like her master had asked of her and made sure she was smooth, even in her private places. She blushed thinking about what he would be teaching her today. She could remember him saying they would use rope and leather today. She blushed at the thought as she finished showering. She got out and dried off, brushing her hair and then putting it into a braid. She went to the chest in her room and opened it, pulling out the clothes her master wanted her to wear today. She pulled on the tight leather and blushed as she put on the ankle and wrist cuffs.

    She then put on her collar, one she wore only at home, even before training. She then put on her robe and went down to have breakfast. She made sure his food was to perfection before setting it at his spot. She also made sure his paper was there for him to read.

    Vance awoke to his alarm going off his was slightly a mess and brushed it quickly before showering. He could smell the food that Juliee was preparing, putting on his robe he went downstairs and found her waiting for him. "Good morning, Juliee." he said coming up behind her to kiss her on the cheek as he touched her body from under her clothes seeing if she did his orders. "I see you have my paper and food already for me, perfect. Thank you." sitting down at the table.

    "Take off that robe of yours, I don't like seeing it on you, it hides your wonderful figure. Plus your training starts today, why would you even wear that?" he said after swallowing a bite of his food and taking a sip of coffee as he read his paper. He was disgusted by the headlines and had to put it down. Once the paper was down he admired her beauty so much that she could almost be perfectly flawless. Taking a sigh he invited her over on his lap. "Juliee, come here your training starts now."
  3. "Of course Master," she said softly when he said thank you for having the paper and food ready. She blushed when he felt her gently, checking to see if she had listened to him and was wearing the clothes he had told her to wear for the day. She had already finished eating, having only fruits for breakfast, and was cleaning the dishes and just cleaning up the kitchen. She liked leaving everything clean for her master.

    She blushed darkly, when he asked her to take her robe off. She nodded her head as she took the robe off her slim body. She held it in her hands a moment, folding it and setting it down. She felt naked without it on and she kept a blush on her cheeks as she finished cleaning up and put everything away. When he called her over she went and stood next to him, waiting for his command When he said her training started now, she blushed again, and sat on his lap like he asked.
  4. When she sat on his lap, he started to play with her body, getting it used to his touch. Her skin was irresistible and started to kiss her neck, also getting her used to his kisses. When one of his hands reached her breasts he massaged, pinch and do everything sensual imaginable just to see how she would react. The other hand went to her private area and started stimulating her clit while he continued playing her breasts. "So beautiful." he whispered in her ear. He did this just to tease her for the time being, but later that evening things would get more intense.
  5. She gasped softly, noting her lip. It felt very good but she felt embarrassed to make any noise. She arched her back slightly when he began playing with her clit, her nipples getting hard and perky as he stimulated her body. She let out a soft moan and a blush formed on her cheeks. She felt wet and she thought she might have pee'd but she didn't it was just her body getting ready for him to enter her body. She knew he would do so, that he would take her and make her his, but she was fine with that. In fact it made her happy. He had done so much for her and she felt that this was how she could finally repay him, even if it was with her body.
  6. "That's enough for now." stopping what he was doing to her, but he did leave her wanting more. He had to get some work done at home though before the holidays were over. He wanted the training to go slow and easy, so he doesn't hurt her. "Meet me in my study in two hours. I want to try something else."
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  9. She looked at them and nodded her head, getting off his lap and looking at him. She bowed slightly to him. "Okay master... What would you like for lunch today?" she asked him softly, standing up straight once more. She had to admit she was still hot and bothered and she wanted him to continue but she wasn't the one in control. She would still do as he asked.
  10. "Something light but not fancy." The reason for stopping was to see if she could be in control of it. When she stood up, he gave her a smack on the romp. "You can put the robe back on, and please clean the house it's a mess." standing up to go his study.
  11. She yelped when he smacked her bottom. She nodded her head though and put her robe back on. She figured maybe grilled chicken and a salad. She wasn't too sure so she would think about it. She went back to her room and she went to the bathroom. She began touching herself but she remembered he didn't like it when she did that. She sighed and went to finish her homework. She very little since she was a senor in high school and was graduating that year.
  12. He was in his study working for a bit. Within two hours he finished his work and knocked on her door, waiting for her to open up. He noticed that she didn't clean the house like he asked her too and was a little upset.
  13. She had been studying for school and had lost track of the time. She had realized this and was rushing to get to the door to go and clean. When she opened it she saw her master and fear filled her face. She quickly got on her knees submissively. "I'm so sorry master! I was studying for school and finishing my school work so nothing would get in the way of your training. I realized how much time had passed and I was just going to go clean right now and then make you lunch. I'm so sorry master," she said panicking as she kept her head low and her eyes at the ground.
  14. He looked into her room and saw the books on the bed, he sighed softly. "I don't know if I should punish you or let you off the hook this time. I mean you're telling me the truth and not lying to me like you did last time." He didn't really want to punish her, not now. "You are off the hook, since you told me truth. It's alright now need to panic, come give me a hug."
  15. She visibly relaxed. She remembered the last time she had lied, which was when she was ten. She had been given a love letter from a boy in school and she was hiding it from her master because she didn't want him to read it. She had had a crush on the boy and wanted to go on a date with him, since she was the only she knew that didn't have a boyfriend at the time. She was spanked and was told she couldn't eat for the next two days. She hadn't made that mistake since.

    She stood up, no longer shaking from fear, and hugged her master, still trying to calm down even though he wasn't angry at her. She'd have to rush on the cooking, which wouldn't be hard. But the cleaning should not take that long.
  16. He kissed her forehead, "There's no rush. I want to take your training slow today." smiling at her as he placed his on her bottom and gave it a little squeeze.
  17. She squeaked cutely when he squeezed her bottom. She was still getting used to it. She nodded her head and looked at the ground. "What would you like for lunch?" she asked softly.
  18. "You know, I'm not that hungry. But I would like to have you for lunch." hearing her squeak turned him on.
  19. She blushed at his confession of just wanting her for lunch. She was blushing darkly as she nodded her head to him. "Okay master...." she said softly, finally looking up at him.
  20. "Shall we go to my bedroom?" kissing her gently on the cheek before going to her neck.