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  1. Welcome to the Marylyn Castas Memorial Hospital Plot Discussion and Sign up thread

    This is a realistic RP based in the setting of a modern day mental hospital. Anyone can join, but due to the sensitive nature of mental disorders, if you choose to take on a character who has a mental disorder/ disorders, it is absolutely crucial that you be well researched on the diseases that you are choosing to portray. Please read through the rules completely before posting.

    1. This is an Open RP. Players are free to come and go as they please. Please be aware, however, that once a patient is admitted to a mental hospital, there is a minimum staying period of 24 hours.
    2. Again, it's very important that you be well researched in the conditions you have chosen to give your characters. These are disorders that real people are affected by in real life. Maybe even some of the people who you are playing with. Lack of research can be offensive and sometimes triggering to readers. You're not going to be perfect. But please try your best.
    3. This is not intended to be a long term hospital. On average a patient will stay from 5 days to two weeks, sometimes up to a month, depending on the severity of their condition. Therefore, the types of patients that would be seen in this hospital would typically have these types of disorders:
      Eating disorders
      Substance abuse
      Mild to Moderate Schizophrenia
      Bipolar disorder
      Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    4. This is not a hospital for psychopaths, serial killers,axe murderers, etc. Restraints are used in only the rarest conditions and there are no straightjackets or padded rooms here.
    5. VERY IMPORTANT: As this is a mental health facility, it is possible that your characters may have been through some traumatic events. If there is anything that may be considered triggering, such as self-harm, or sexual traumas, etc. please put these things under a spoiler tag
    6. Please no magical/ supernatural characters. Humans only.
    7. You are expected to portray your character's doctor, since you are the expert on your character's conditions, unless someone specifically asks to play a doctor for your character. This is then up to your personal discretion.
    8. Posting Expectations:
      Try to write at least 6-7 sentences per post. Obviously, it's not always possible. But try to give the other players something to play off of. Quality over quantity is most important and make sure to proofread your posts. Please tag any users you are interacting with in each post.
    Things to keep in mind:
    Patients are not allowed to have sharp objects, including pens and pencils
    Food intake is monitored and is especially notable for any patient with an eating disorder
    There is a minimum stay period of 24 hours
    Patients are allowed to bring their own clothes, but nothing with drawstrings or shoelaces. They can bring some things from home like books or a deck of cards.
    Patient's are allowed to bring cigarettes but not lighters.
    No cellphones or computers.

    Lastly, this is meant to be fun, but we also need to remain respectful to each other. If you have a problem with a user or their portrayal of a disorder, please try to resolve conflicts privately. Contact me or a staff member or admin if there are any problems as per Iwaku rules.

    Post your characters and plot ideas below.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm Melia, GM of this thread and story. I'm also looking for a co GM as well, as sometimes my life can get a bit busy and I can only get on once or twice a day, just so we can keep things rolling if I get busy.

    It would be great if someone could make an ad banner for the roleplay too if anyone has any talent in such things.

    Also meet Matt, whom I've put in to get a starter post going.

    Anyway, welcome anyone and everyone!
  3. Bit interested in this. Reminds me of a book, 'Get Well Soon'. Was a very cute book.
  4. (I figured using your format for the CS wouldn't hurt. Please tell me if this is all right.)

    Character Name: Kalani Hargrave

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Occupation: Unemployed, just started high school a few weeks ago

    Strengths: She keeps any secrets told to her, and she does her best to keep things tidy. Most of the time, she is extremely obedient to those of higher authority–in other words, to nearly everyone. She has very good rote memorization skills, which has done wonders for her intelligence. Her constant reading has given her insight into many different perspectives; she won't judge something until she's seen all sides of the story.

    Weaknesses: While her rote memory is good, she has trouble when it comes to remembering deadlines. Her natural instinct is to avoid issues rather than facing them, and while it has kept her out of some bad situations, it's pushed her into others. She's extremely indecisive and a bit of a perfectionist at times, which can be a double-edged sword.

    General Appearance: Kalani is 5'6" and thin, with waist-length red hair and pale blue eyes. Her skin is very light, and she has freckles. She prefers to wear the school uniform (black polo and plaid knee-length skirt) over anything else; it doesn't attract attention and it's comfortable.

    Talents: Good with formulas (algebra and physics are fun for her), plays piano and clarinet well (alone), reads more quickly than most, has a surprisingly good vocabulary

    Inabilities: Speaking in front of a crowd, dancing, being competitive

    Fears: Being useless or in the way, lack of self-control

    General Personality: Kalani gives off a naturally stoic and quiet feeling, often talking very little and in a whisper, if at all. She has gotten slightly better at participating in conversations, but not by much, and she finds it especially hard to talk to those her age. When she's nervous, her hand will move to her neck, as she used to wear a golden necklace from her aunt that she would pull at when nervous. She may also start tapping on her leg, to the beat of some song in her head.

    Inner Personality: This is a mystery even to her. Her mind seems to contradict itself, the logical and modest train of thought constantly fighting with the emotional and self-serving side, and the relatively in-between portion unsuccessfully trying to mediate the situation. It's not a split personality or schizophrenia; she has a writer's mind, filled to the brim with characters of differing thoughts and motivations, and in her attempt to understand them all, she has unconsciously embodied them all in one way or another.

    History: As a child, Kalani was the polar opposite of her current self: energetic, talkative, and very cheerful. Even then, however, it was clear that there was something different about her. The way she described things would often go over her friends' heads, and she started reading relatively early. As time went on, her friends enjoyed her company less and less; she couldn't have conversations about TV or video games (she didn't use either), and her favorite book was about the basics of psychology. (Note: this is around 5th grade or so.) Eventually, Kalani was enrolled into middle school, and the torture began.

    No one bullied her–not outright, at least. Some people gave her what seemed to be backhanded compliments, and others said hi to her when she had asked them to leave her alone. She went through it all without complaint; there would be no point in speaking up, right? In comparison to many other people, her life was actually pretty good, so she shouldn't whine about it. That's what she told herself every day.

    This, however, is when the biggest problem started. Out of nowhere, she was getting six times the workload and barely any rest. Her mind couldn't take the strain, so whenever no one was looking, she started reading or writing a story or two. She took great pains to not get caught, but one day, she wasn't paying attention and her younger sister found her out. After a quick lecture and a short grounding, her parents hoped she had learned her lesson.

    She had, but it didn't matter. Her emotional side hungered for more free time, more happiness, more escaping. At this point, her logical side lost many more arguments, and the mediator was pushed to the side and replaced with a martyr. And so began the horrid cycle: goof off, don't finish work, get in trouble, get punished, do well for a day or two, go back to goofing off, and repeat. Logical was horrified, Emotional was ecstatic, and Martyr screamed that it wanted to die. But people would think Kalani was crazy if she told this to anyone, so she kept her mouth shut.

    That's when Martyr realized that its solution lay in the problem. If Emotional kept doing its thing, Logical would naturally become overwhelmed with disgust for it, just like Martyr. The two of them could work together to override Emotional, and if it played its cards right, Martyr could convince Logical that death was the only way out. Physical self-harm would only raise concern from unrelated parties, so Martyr used mental self-harm on Kalani, telling her she could never fulfill the standards that were expected of her. Twice, Kalani nearly succumbed to it, attempting her own suicide. But she never got very far; Emotional would regain control very quickly and pretend to be Martyr, telling her she wasn't even good enough to die.

    It was after the second attempt that her parents saw her, and they decided that it would be best for Kalani to receive professional help. Kalani was diagnosed with both predominantly inattentive ADD and mild Asperger's syndrome.

    Character Biography: She is a writer at heart, and she reads very often. When it seems like nobody can see her, she may act out the actions of the story, and she isn't particularly bad at it. She prefers to eat healthy foods; they just naturally taste better to her than junk food, particularly blueberries. More often than not, she doesn't want people to fight, but it isn't likely that she'll actively try to stop it. She only slightly dislikes receiving compliments, but she's more likely to be annoyed with the person the better they know her. Her favorite day of the week is Saturday, and her favorite season is winter.
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  5. You are certainly welcome to join if you would like :)
  6. Your character seems quite fleshed out! There is no requirement for images and their is no age limit. This hospital treats for all ages.
  7. Is there a CS format or is it just whatever is deemed necessary?
  8. Oh, thank you! The necessary changes have been made.
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  9. No required format.
  10. If you want to post in the thread you are welcome to
  11. Kk. I'll work on one when I get the chance.
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  12. Should I put a doctor's sheet like the one in your first post?
  13. That is entirely up to you. I put it in there as an example of how you could portray your doctor's presence, but also as a way to introduce my character and the reasons why he is there.

    Feel free to be creative. There's no one way to do things.
  14. Character Name: Juliette Sheanin

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Part time at a local library, finished high school online

    Disorder, her "issues": Severe panic disorder, no apparent trigger

    Strengths: Above-average IQ, good at sensing body language in relation to emotions. Shes amazing at analyzing texts, poems, even speech patterns. People are much more like plot lines to her.

    Weaknesses: Terrible social skills. Sees people more as something that needs to be analysed rather than something that needs empathy. Not necessarily a sociopath, just very, very guarded. Needs to know everything about a person before entering into any kind of relationship, platonic, casual, or anything.

    General Appearance: Juliette is a fairly thin person, but recent events have kept her from being more active, resulting in slight weight gain. She has mid-length brown hair, very thin and wispy. Most of the time, she's wearing simple things, jeans and a tee, every now and then a nice jacket.

    Talents: Good at body language and psychical notifiers, fast reader and good comprehension of such.

    Inabilities: Proper social function with more than five people speaking to her or listening to her at once

    Fears: Complete loss of control over her emotions, disappointing acquaintances.

    General Personality: Juliette is a very quiet person most times. Often, she can put on a facade and act like a very outgoing person, but not for more than five minutes. Most of the time she spends alone she is reading or killing time by counting leaves on a tree, or hairs in the end of a braid. She loves fractals, and often doodles them.

    Inner Personality: Very much the same to her outer personality, aside from her worries. Lots of her early discovery of life was wondering weather she fell under the category of a sociopath, a psychopath, a schizoid, or any other thing. Eventually, she could profile herself into a panic disorder category, which was actually really easy after her third or fourth day of skipping work to lock herself in the bathroom.

    History: She had a fairly quiet childhood. Nothing specific seemed to have triggered the disorder, despite her many therapists trying to dig out memories. She made it through most school until 7th grade uneventfully, when her panic attacks started and she began skipping classes to run home. Her parents eventually decided to enroll her in mostly online classes to avoid any more attacks, but that caused her to become very isolated from her peers.

    The last three years of her high school life were the worst. She started having serious crisis about her life after school, functioning in a world where you aren't allowed to curl up in a ball once or twice a day, etc. She made it through and graduated early, taking the job at the library. It worked well, until her attacks started to become more and more frequent for no apparent reason. She enrolled in the hospital by herself, barely even informing her parents. It was more of a last resort than a treatment option, considering she's been to almost every available type of therapy in her six-some odd years of panic.

    Character Biography: Most of her personality is tied to her reading, which causes her to be very lost in social or non-literary situations. Her panic attacks rule her life, in a way she hates more than anything. Despite all this, though, if you catch her at a good time, she'll talk for hours on end about leaf patterns, the hundreds of undertones in Othello, or what you chewing your fingernail right now means.

    Sorry this is kinda short! I hope it's enough!
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  15. Do our characters have the same last names on purpose, or was that just an oversight?
  16. You are free to post :)
  17. I'm so sorry! I've been so super busy and in all honesty sort of forgot >.<

    I'mma be even more super busy today and the following week, but I'mma still try to get a CS up.
  18. Oh my god no that was a huge oversight. I pick last names off of whats in my head, and I guess yours was. I'll edit it immediately. :P
  19. Name: Zoe Rinehart

    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Occupation: None
    Education: High school diploma; dropped college
    Admittance: Family checked her in; Zoe vaguely approves
    Disorder/"issues": Social anxiety/panic disorders; Persistent Depressive/Seasonal Affective disorders (diagnosis unclear); shows few signs of Complex PTSD (vague treatment, no diagnosis)

    General strengths: Zoe is a good pianist, with long nimble fingers and a mind for the music, although she's found that with any other instrument, she fails to make cohesive music or to even hold a beat. She is also incredibly good with mathematics and architecture, subjects she was studying in college before she dropped out. She makes it a hobby to build card towers or to fiddle with mechanics when she's bored, but mostly she enjoys construction- creation. She has a knack for making something out of nothing, although she fails to see how this could possibly relate to her own situation, and fails to see how she could help herself. She is also vaguely adamant.

    General weaknesses: Zoe has an unrelated weakness to sweets and sugar (not relating to eating disorders of any kind) and to classical music- offer her either, and she's yours while they last. She cannot tell lies, with obvious tics when she does, and cannot swim. She's poor at most athletic skills, cannot hold a beat or rhythm with anything other than the piano, and isn't very good with literature and fiction.

    General fears: Apart from typical fears (spiders, moths, heights) she also fears public buildings, any body of water, and performance (speaking, playing the piano, teaching someone).
    Debilitating fears & triggers: Zoe absolutely cannot go into any body of water with a depth over one inch. She can handle showers and the rain, but if the shower drain is clogged and the water level rises, she'll start to freak out. Driving over rivers on a bridge, or riding a ferry in the water, will also cause her to panic. Belts, glass bottles, and razors are general triggers. She is the opposite of claustrophobic, with an intense fear of wide open spaces, although she refuses to go into closets, or even to open the door and look inside. Car rides are nearly unbearable. She finds that she cannot speak unless she's in a crowd- one on one conversations with her usually go nowhere, although in a group she is still rather quiet.

    Brief personality: Zoe is typically only herself with friends, and she's beginning to run short on those as well. She has turned herself into an incredibly isolated, quiet girl (although not mute), usually pessimistic and demotivated. On her rare up days, she can get out a few laughs, smiles, and some activity, but for the most part she is a recluse and seems happy being so. However, she has a nasty habit of mentally abusing herself, with strong self-hatred.

    With friends, and people she is comfortable around, Zoe is a rather different person. She is still marked by anxiety and depression, but she is much more social, active, and smiles a lot more. She's open and happy, even though she doesn't always clearly show it.

    Brief appearance: Zoe has soft brown hair that lays in choppy, uneven locks across her shoulders; it appears as though someone has tried- and failed- to even out her hair, and is an all over mess. Her eyes are a feeble, but someone striking and unusual gray color, free of make-up and affects. She stands about 5'4", short for her age, and has an average weight and size. She has a matter of scars across her body, although the worst of them (on her back and across her wrists) are hidden with long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, and bangles. Her skin is unusually pale (she clearly has not left her home for long periods of time in a while) but not pasty, and she has light freckles across her cheeks.

    History: Zoe's history is a rather obscure thing, something her own doctor knows little about. Most is just speculation on the side of both mental and physical physicians- other than comparisons in her physical and mental health and condition, and what little she has said, there are no other facts towards what occurred in her past. Her parents insist that Zoe lead a normal life, living with them in a just below middle class family on the edges of a small city. Zoe was a bright child, with brilliant academics. She played the piano, turned in all her homework, and did well on her tests. It wasn't until she left high school that her episodes, and "issues" began to occur. However her parents also insist that she over reacts, exaggerates, and lies about her condition, and are thoroughly under the belief that her admittance into the hospital is merely for her behavioral problems- problems that don't exist, at least not in the way her parents view it. At the mention of her parents, Zoe tends to flinch and become utterly silent. Word of her parents has been largely ignored as fact.

    A close friend of Zoe's, who was present at the time of admittance, told doctors privately a handful of other details she knew and thought were 'acceptable' for her to share. These facts contradict with Zoe's parents, and paint a brutal story, although she, too, said little on the subject. It's only clear that Zoe has been having these problems since she was roughly six or seven years old, barely made it through high school and into college as her condition grew worse, and that the woman has attempted suicide several times, all unreported and covered up.
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  20. You are welcome to post
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