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Hi all, it has been a while since I was here asking for someone to write with me, but now I am back. The first thing you should know about me is that I am in University, which means that I can go from having tons of spare time to being really busy at the click of a finger. I will try to let you know if I suddenly get a big project that I need to work on, or something like that.

Here is a brief list of the fandoms that I like, and what I would be interested in doing for them. I will italic the roles that I would like to play

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

  • Bran x Meera
  • Viserys x OC
  • Robb x Osha
  • Renly x Margaery
  • OC Kingsguard x Margaery

  • A Rival team to RWBY and JNPR that get played by Cinder and get caught up in everything.
  • Kirito x Silica
  • Klein x Sughua
Death Note
  • A new Light based character that discovers a Death Note, but instead of using it to punish criminals he uses it to his own selfish ends, killing those that he dislikes in a series of strange ways. We can work with either him or the people investigating, or both, if you feel courageous ;)
His Dark Materials
  • Will x Lyra
Harry Potter
  • Lucius x Lily
  • Draco x Hermione
  • OC x OC during Snape's tenure as Headmaster.
Percy Jackson
  • Luke x Annabeth
So just feel free to Private Message me if there's anything there you like, or if you feel like you have an idea that I may like. I'm certain that there are probably things that I have forgotten. Hope to be writing with you soon!


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So I'm usually online in some form usually working on things or chatting with a buddy. I tend to respond as soon as I can if I'm not busy helping the family out, so just drop a line if you wanna talk or discuss a plot.
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Romance, romance, romance! Seriously, I always have romance involved. I also like fantasy, scifi, action, adventure, modern, magical, horror, and post apocalyptic. If you have a genre not listed here please mention it! Maybe we can work something out!
Curious question, are you against replacing a Canon character with an oc character for an rp?? I was wondering if I could use an OC of mine in place of Hermione for the Draco x Hermione pairing. :o


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I guess it entirely depends on the OC in question


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I would love a Draco x Hermione or an OC x OC during Snape tenure


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Then send me a PM and we can talk!
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