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  1. Since it's discovery and adoption, the art of magic has been a subject of much study. Needing years of practice to master, and even more years to expand upon. However the line between White Magic and Black Magic is been a thing buried in controversy and subject to ideals. No more though. Under the new rule of a new king. King Faustino the II, the White Magic Academy of Angelhart and the Dark Magic School of Dragonborne have been combined. Now forming the Academy of Mana in the center of the new capital city of Bazyn.

    The two Headmasters of Angelhart and Dragonborne have been in a feud since the founding of these two institutes. Yet after years of drown out talks and negotiations, they have come to an understanding and agreed to co-lead the new Academy of Mana. However the students and other faculty continue to dislike and even bare hatred to the other side while some students and teaches attempt to leave the past behind them and move forward into the future. Constant rivalry, endless fighting, all around good times.


    Hey. So I had this idea for a thread for a while now. I have been involved in other RP sites and only a few days on here. But I thought I would put this up and see if it got any attention.

    Basically in this RP, a person could make a student, faculty member, or citizen of the new city Bazyn. Pretty much anyone could learn magic from studying it or by having a high natural affinity for the source of magic, mana. Though anyone of the three mentioned character types could use magic; only students and faculty will be able to use a special type of magic known as specialized magic. For instance let us say someone is an earth magic user. Pretty normal earth spells and what not. However, in addition they specialize in metal magic which allows them to manipulate and/or do other things with metals.

    Similarly, since this is fantasy other races besides human could exist and have an affinity to a specific type of magic. Elves nature magic, Merfolk with water magic or dwarves with earth magic. You know the roles.

    Another idea I had is the ability for some people to have some kind of curse/blessing/ or aspect to their character that would allow them to perform two kinds of magics. For instance, a person that uses healing magic. Yet they have a ghost hunting them so they have the ability to see spectral or otherworldly happenings. Or they are able to perform magic normally, yet it is more powerful due to the fullmoon.

    This is all just ground work and a structure to be built on and detailed later if people find it interesting enough.
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  2. Interesting! Is there a set plot/goal though for the whole RP?
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  3. It is a pretty basic idea at the moment. Thought it could be slice of life, or people could bring in their own plots. But perhaps there are factions within the staff and student body that wish to sabotage this whole merger. And proceed to execute devilish actions. Summoning demons to attack/kill townspeople and students. Spreading curses and placing them on people and blame the other students. It is one to build on with input and ideas from other interested people. But that brings up a good note. Thanks for asking.
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  4. (Placing my interest here)
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  5. I'm pretty interested in this idea!
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  6. Interest gained!

    I like the idea of curses and blessings. Perhaps there could even be a system so they can be gained during the course of the roleplay, versus only being gained during character creation. Maybe someone has to have a deep-seated love or hate of a person and that emotion floods over to create the curse/blessing (pre-approved by the characters involved and the GM, of course). Should be plenty of hatred at this school!

    I definitely look forward to starting this one ^^
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  7. I really like that idea. Certainly expands that mechanic and fleshes it out some more. I can certainly see such strong emotions manifesting into such thing. And along side that, an attack by dark magic could leave someone with a curse placed upon them. Leaving room for plots involving the cleansing of those afflictions.
    To add onto this, what if a blessing could assist in the growth and power of certain magics and abilities? Send a cleric-like mage on a mission to gain favor of a spirit. Which would then fuse itself with them? Allowing them to save that love of theirs?
    We could definitely expand on this. I know for certain I will be making a cursed character. Going to need the blood of a dragon to curse his family bloodline.

    @Koene, you just opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. Would love it if you joined ^^ and anyone else still interested.
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  8. Well, this looks interesting. Could also fit into the story of a character of mine.
    He's a construct, look it up. He is the ruler of another country, but takes off his time to learn magic, I guess?

    Love this idea.
  9. So I looked up "construct" as best I could and according to Dungeons and Dragons,
    "Most construct are mindless automatons, obeying their creator's commands absolutely, which makes them unbribable and absolutely trustworthy, although some of them are very literal-minded about the execution of their duties, obeying orders to the letter without any concern for their intent. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Certain constructs, such as Inevitables, are every bit as intelligent as mortal creatures."
    and Inevitables are "(...)officially classed as Immortal Humanoids, though it is eventually revealed they are technically constructs, having been created by Moradin and Amoth from the raw substance of the Astral Sea to serve as impartial judges in disputes amongst the gods. They are called inevitables by mortals because of their relentless nature, and are essentially warrior bureaucrats amongst the Astral Dominions."

    Doesn't -really- sound like what you're talking about, so saying to simply "look it up" may not be the best way to get your character across... Could you give a general description of what you're thinking of, or maybe a link to a resource?
  10. Well, the base story goes as such that a kingdom needed a king, and got their archmage to create him, with the express purpose to rule and defend the kingdom, which he obeys fully. In a way he's also a bit more like Inevitables, being able of having thought processes somewhat more advanced than "Must defend kingdom" and making a city's budget.

    I didn't really use any other sources for information about constructs other than the one you listed, besides the brief info I was given here, under "Races".
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  11. Man, I can't wait to start this! I've already got an idea for a character and her mechanics, though I might always change my mind.
    The concept is Nature magic with a Shapeshifting specialization. However, she can't just transform all willy nilly - she has to thoroughly research each animal she takes the form of so that it can physically survive, like how its muscles connect together and how its internal organs work and all that fun stuff! Right now she only has some weak forms she can transform into, but she has the potential to get very powerful once she learns enough over the course of the roleplay. She basically needs a biology degree :D
    I'm not sure which school she would have aligned herself with before the merger... Maybe she'll start out white and turn dark or something. Who knows!

    Any idea when you'll have all the details sorted out, @Aura ? No pressure :P
    Feel free to use us as a sounding board!
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  12. Not sure yet sadly. I am thinking I'll draft up the background, CS and that stuff and throw it here. Just because I want to make sure I am not doing anything wrong. But everything is aimed to be done by Friday. I have most of today, tomorrow and the next day to do it all.
    @Koene that sound fair?
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  13. Alright so this is everything I have so far.
    Please let me know if you guys thing something should be added/subtracted/ or changed on this. Once this is settled on I will make the OOC and we will begin.

    Time- Year of Our God Mundak 679. May 4th . The Blossoming Season

    General Knowledge-

    Since it's discovery and adoption, the art of magic has been a subject of much study. Needing years of practice to master, and even more years to expand upon. However the line between White Magic and Black Magic is been a thing buried in controversy and subject to ideals. No more though.
    After a series of small wars and skirmishes between the country of Faustia and Kilaso, a new King as been appointed to rule over the two kingdoms. Along with their smaller neighboring lands. Born of Faustia this man is known as King Faustino the Second. Under his new reign, the White Magic Academy of Angelhart and the Dark Magic School of Dragonborne have been combined.

    Formerly these two institutes were isolated from governing bodies from Faustia, Kilaso, and other countries. Meaning your origin didn’t matter. Nor were you held to any obligation from these countries. Such as taxes or military drafts. Feeling antagonistic emotions towards the other, the schools of magic wished for nothing to do with the other. Yet through negotiations and drawn out talks, the King, along with the Headmaster of both institutes have come to an agreement. Resulting in a merger and creation of the Academy of Mana.

    On the Mana Academy-
    Now housing all prior students and staff members of Angelhart and Dragonborne. The Academy is led by the Headmasters Jerel Oleo and Sebastia Wreathlike. The building is the largest in the city. Followed by the royal palace. Ten stories in height, it comes with a two towers dedicated to living spaces. Five floors each. A number of lecture halls, experimentation labs, and rooms equipped for practicing all forms of magic.
    Attendees of the Academy range from young children to young adults.

    On City of Bazyn-
    The home of which is the new Capital city of Bazyn. Freshly constructed to house both the academy, the inhabitants of the institute, the King, his nobles, and regular citizens. Bazyn was planned to be a fresh start for the people. Bringing together all races who wish to follow the Kings vision of harmony amongst all people. It is located four miles from the harbor town of Jaqua to the north. And seven miles from a collection of villages known as the Plain Belt, which is to the east.

    On Magic system-
    In this RP, anyone could learn to use magic. Either through years of training or having an affinity for mana – the source of magic. While there are many types of magic, the level of magic is split into two. One being the basic type and the other known as the specialization.

    Base: As it sounds, basic is the broadest form. Fire magic is a base. Shooting fire balls, magic walls of fire. Lighting people on fire from a short distance are examples. This will be shown in most spells you use. Some base magic include all natural elements, rune writing, telekinetics, and more.

    Specialization: The more advanced form of magic a person could use. Specialized magic makes mages and wizards stand out in the crowd. A focused application and use of a magic type. Back to the fire example. With fire as a base, the specialization could expand into making flames take the form of beasts. Applying enchantments to objects which would result in burning others. Or even causing balls of fire to turn into bombs with large explosions. This makes things more fun.

    And lastly there are special traits some people in the world have. They go by many names. Curses, Blessings, and Aspects.

    Bonus Aspects: These are rare conditions placed upon your character. They may be granted upon creation or during play. Easiest terms are Blessing and Curse. These are clear. A curse will cause something negative to happen. Either through an action that will trigger it. Like a fullmoon. Or a continuous effect. Seeing dead people and spirits everywhere.
    Blessings will do the opposite, granting a boon through some means to the character. In a similar fashion. Through a trigger or as a continuous effect. However there are other things that could simply alter or change a normal attribute. This is a broader and more lenient addition. Completely optional and not needed for play.

    Character sheet-
    Primary Magic:
    Specialized Magic:
    Bonus Aspect:
    Regular Equipment:
    Extra Info:
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  14. Sexual preference!

    What is "regular equipment" exactly? Things like weapons, noteworthy clothing...? Not sure what you have in mind.

    And what year did the academies merge together?
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  15. Sexual preference. Got it.

    Regular equipment. yeah. Weapons, staffs/wands. Noteworthy jewelry and items such as that.

    This will be the first year that the academies function together. I should also add a note for that. Along with the growing tension.
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  16. I have a question about the base vs. specialization thing? How would you classify the differences? Would base be like any type of magic ranging from elemental, to manipulations, to different variations of kinesis, and specialization would be like subcategories of the base magic? (So like a mermaid has its base to be water magic, would it's specialization be any type of mermaid-like power not falling under water control, such as siren song, or would the specialization be anything that is just a more advanced type of water magic, such as blood/plant bending?)
  17. Interested.

    But before I commit, I would like to see limitations placed on magical abilities-- to an extent. Er, "limitations" may be a strong word, but more of rules regulating how magic works and which governs abilities. I'm not game for super OP characters and all that.

    I would also be wary of allowing magic to become too similar to "bending." I like Avatar, don't get me wrong, but that should stay in its own universe.
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  18. @OwlFeather I hear your concern. I will make a list of certain types of magics that are not allowed for players to use. Along with rejection of really wild apps. I want this to be fun and an adventure. But when you got epic dragon-god killing magic, nothing is fun. Also ATLA is awesome.

    @Chamomile Tea Base magic would be Elemental. Fire, Water ,Air, Earth, Light, Darkness, Lightning. Along with kinese. (Moving things around with a spell) Nature (Plants and animals). In your example, it would be either a racial ability. Like the song. Or something that advances water. Like ice or something. No plants though. Blood is a possibility.

    I feel as though this system is more complex than it needs to be.
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