Malice Through the Looking Glass: A Bayou Story


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“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face:”

A Lapin whispered that to me long ago. At the time, I didn’t know what he meant by it.

The storm displaced thousands across the country, many without a home to return to.

All water returns to the sea.

The rainwater made its way back home through the Mississipi River, muddy miss, the great river... We knew better than to drink it. It wreaked of death. It passed on back into the Gulf.

Except here.

There was something beyond the others: crowded together in cot cities under the spangling
silhouettes cast through the Astrodome-- a mammoth wonder where families generally go to watch basketball games or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

We saw it in the subtle rise of the city bayous, bloated from a hard rain somewhere far away.

And then came the primordial creatures; the hidden Loa, the servant Bokor, the ancient plants and animals, stories trapped beneath the surface of deathly still waters. They’re awake after an eternity with no home to return to.

We’ve at least coexisted this far, over the past three years. I try to think of it positively. I’ve gotten to know some of the Bokor. Mostly the ones who are trying to overthrow my sister.

Whitey’s found the humans and Simbi's child has found them. The Lapin’s going to have to guide them a little further. I hope they’re good at riddles.

I have to warn them about my sister, about the storm brewing over the ocean.

I always did like that Bokor saying: We have to look at the dark.

That’s what my sister did. Then that black water appeared. Now she’s ‘The Saint Queen of the Gulf.’


Malice Through the Looking Glass

A Bayou Story



The city of Houston. Lack of planning and zoning has created a sprawling labyrinth of a city, home to an array of different peoples. It’s main industries are medical services, oil and gas and human trafficking due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Since it is just above sea-level, the city frequently floods. A series of bayous run through the city to control the flood waters.

The Mirror City. Very much like the city of Houston, but overrun with strange flora and even stranger inhabitants.

The stories take place between both worlds.


"I like my coffee regular."

If you simply must play a ‘normal person’ first encountering the Loa and the Mirror City, I will work you in. Though I highly encourage taking advantage of the freedom you haveifyou ohpleaseplayanonhumansoIdon’thavetomakemoreNPCs.

(White Rabbits)

“Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.”

Beings who are neither Loa nor Human, they exist somewhere in between. Albinos who know where to find portals between the cities, and intimate knowledge of both. Generally neutral, but fickle. You have to usually resort to flattery, trickery, bribery or a combination of the three to get them to help you. Enjoy riddles.


“Of all things..."

The mysterious denizens of the mirror city, they are the spirits, ghosts and demons that humans whisper about. Though they are varied, every Loa is devoted to serving some facet of the Bondye--the creative source beyond all things.


“We have to look at the dark.”

Humans who can commune with/serve Loa. Bokor are versed in both ‘the light and the dark‘ magics. Some have gained the power to shift into the form of any animal Loa they have made a contract with. The terms of the contract are kept secret between Bokor and Loa.

Players are not limited to these roles, think of them more as guides.

Character Name
Occupation/Race/Role/Whatever it is you do

[Sidney is around 19 and recently escaped from an asylum when things were shut down for the hurricane. Now she\'s blending in with college kids and look not-crazy! :D] -05:30 Jun 18
GM: -05:30 Jun 18
[Jasper enters.] -05:31 Jun 18
Sidney: ~ ~ -05:31 Jun 18
Jasper: -05:32 Jun 18
[Manu Environmental Studies Major. Sent with Dr. Harrison\'s ECOS group to take samples from the Buffalo Bayou.] -05:33 Jun 18
Jasper: So out of interest, do the people of Houston all know about the Mirror City, or is it a secret of some description? -05:33 Jun 18
GM: No one is aware of it. -05:34 Jun 18
Jasper: Gotcha. -05:34 Jun 18
GM: Except people of the MAGIK VOODDOO variety -05:34 Jun 18
GM: Diana, you mind being lumped into the Dr. Harrison's class? -05:35 Jun 18
Sidney: And crazy people. :D -05:35 Jun 18
Jasper: I'm thinking I'm a Bokor of some description, so I may well. -05:35 Jun 18
Sidney: That's what I planned, GM! -05:35 Jun 18
GM: I'm sorry. -05:35 Jun 18
Jasper: Maybe a Loa if you need. -05:35 Jun 18
GM: I've been dealing with idiots all day and forgot that you are intelligent. -05:36 Jun 18
[Cecile is a creole college student fresh from Baton Rouge who is interested in studying native religeons of the south.] -05:36 Jun 18
GM: You wanted to be a zombie guy? -05:36 Jun 18
Cecile: - - -05:36 Jun 18
[Jasper finds a load of notes about his character that he made last night. Then forgot about.] -05:38 Jun 18
Jasper: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. -05:38 Jun 18
Jasper: Change of plans, mofos. -05:38 Jun 18
[Jasper is now known as: Whitey] -05:38 Jun 18
Whitey: -05:39 Jun 18
[Whitey is a courier between the two worlds, a White Rabbit who moves through Houston in the guise of a taxi driver. He knows the routes between Houston and the Mirror City, and can get you there... for a price] -05:39 Jun 18
Manu: Since everyone else is doing it. -05:40 Jun 18
Whitey: So is the cast assembled? Or are we waiting on anyone else? -05:42 Jun 18
Sidney: Hey GM, you can /gm, /nar and /song for GM commands! -05:42 Jun 18
GM: OK. Three College Students and a White Rabbit -05:43 Jun 18
GM: Eh? -05:43 Jun 18
[Geburich enters.] -05:43 Jun 18
GM: HOLY SHIT -05:43 Jun 18
[GM logged out of the chat.] -((05:43 Jun 18))
Geburich: -05:43 Jun 18
Manu: OK, I think that's everyone -05:44 Jun 18
Manu: Thundercats are go -05:44 Jun 18
Whitey: GM DOWN! GM DOWN! -05:44 Jun 18
Manu: The ECOS trip had so far been a great success. Despite the eight hours of toiling under the blazing sun, fighting off the hordes of hungry mosquitoes and nearly losing a few people in the elephant ears near the water it had been a satisfying day. Samples of the strange new plants were taken in the name of science and even the students who were only here to satisfy a core credit were feeling a strange sense of fullfilment. As the sun began to set, turning the sky a bright orange, the last of the remaining students began to pack up their remaining supplies. There was a stir. Something about hitting the Harp for a beer afterwards./gm -05:48 Jun 18
Manu: (Aw, Diana you lied.) -05:49 Jun 18
Whitey: (The hash tag goes at the front) -05:49 Jun 18
Sidney: (You're supposed to put the /gm at the BEGINNING. XD) -05:49 Jun 18
Geburich: (gawd what a noob) -05:50 Jun 18
Manu: (>_>) -05:50 Jun 18
Cecile: -05:52 Jun 18
Cecile: (O_O Where did the text go?) -05:53 Jun 18
Manu: (What?) -05:53 Jun 18
Sidney: Sidney was not one of the students. Yet, no one seemed to call her out on it when she merged her way in to the group, helped with collecting samples and made herself useful. Occasionally she'd get jumpy if someone snuck up behind her, but she was very much just like everyone else. -05:54 Jun 18
Sidney: (You prolly accidentally put a / or a ! as the first character and the post got eated_ -05:54 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile had found her way to her dorm, just in time to see a group of students coming back from what had seemed like a class trip. She was just going to settle in and go out to see if she could meet someone interesting. Cigarette in hand she walked the pathway up to the door of her dorm. -05:57 Jun 18
Manu: Manu was kneeling ankle-deep in the tepid bayou water, still murky from the hard rain they had on the Gulf a few days ago. She bottled the last of her water samples and trudged her way back up the bank, calling to Sydney waving. "Hey Syd! Can you help me smoke the rest of my pot after this?!" She crowed good naturedly. -06:04 Jun 18
the bayou had definitely become overgrown over the past few weeks. Giant elephant ears and goldenrods had errupted from the banks. The water level had risen, stilled, and all manner of non-native birds had found their way here. The bayou was starting to look more an more like a swamp every day. -Manu
Sidney: "I couldn't say no to that..." Sidney said slowly... and with honesty! In fact, the entire reason she was lurking around all these similar-aged people was to see if she could score some sort of medications. Pot was just as good as anything else. Sidney packed a few of the samples in to one of the crates left out to carry all the stuff back. -06:07 Jun 18
Cecile: After dropping out her stuff in her room she thought that she should explore some of the wildlands of the area. It wasn't long before she stumbled across an interesting looking bayou and from what she could tell there were a few people splashing around and looking at various things and doing what seemed to her to be something sciency. Certainly nothing she would be any good at. -06:07 Jun 18
Geburich: It was a tree over the bayou, like any other tree, as grey and sodden as the others. But this particular one had something the others did not. A snake of crimson, coiling slowly around the trunk, watching the students with unblinking focus. -06:08 Jun 18
Manu: "Ha! No you can't homegirl!" Manu had not been in the city for very long, the hurricane's destruction had sent her here to live with M'dea and Papi for the time being. "I got some hardcore hospitality and you know it." Manu called as she strolled towards Sidney. -06:14 Jun 18
Sidney: Sidney wasn't used to the slag, but she picked it up pretty quick. At least some of it she could remember when she was living with her family. ...She switched gears in her head, forcing a smile and shrugging her shoulders to work out some of that soreness. After a whole day of physical activity, her body was feeling pretty rough. "Did you want to ship all the stuff back with the others and hang around here?" -06:17 Jun 18
Cecile: Curiosity got the better of Cecile as she watched some of the students banter back and forth and she wanted to join them. She rolled up her jeans, resting the cigarette into her mouth and splashing her way down into the water and cringing from the squelching of the mud. -06:18 Jun 18
[Whitey has timed out.] -06:22 Jun 18
Manu: "Sounds good, chica," dumped her bag full of samples by the van for the others to load. "We can smoke out by the bridge then walk over to the cemetary," the two girls left the van and made their way back down the steep hill between the bayou and the 610 freeway. Manu spotted a girl still splashing in the water, even though it was getting dark. "Hey, who's that girl? Was she with us?" Manu raised her voice. "'EY GIRL! THEY'RE PACKIN' UP THE VANS! BETTER GET UP D'ERE IF YOU WANT A RIDE!" -06:22 Jun 18
[Whitey is still lurking on up in this bitch.] -06:23 Jun 18
Sidney: Crossing her arms with a shrug, Sidney didn't bother to reply. She didn't know ANY of the students, and Manu was already shouting at the woman anyway. For a moment, Sidney watched the sun sink towards the horizon. Later she might ask to sleep at Manu's place... -06:25 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile turned and looked, in her slow march down the hill she hadn't noticed the others packing up and leaving. "OH UH, YEAH! I'LL BE RIGHT UP." She cried as she turned and splashed her way after the girl who had shouted for her. How could she have been so dumb as to not pay attention. Ah well, it was in the past now. "So um, what was this class for?" She asked when she got closer to the group. -06:25 Jun 18
Geburich: On Cecile's back, undetected, the coral snake hung in perfect silence, plastered to her clothes and remaining absolutely still. -06:27 Jun 18
Manu: Manu arched an eyebrow at the girl? "Seriously?" She was about to ask the girl if she had drank any of the bayou water when she spied something over Cecile's shoulder, it was a dark shape moving under the water. "Hey... What's that?" She pointed to the water. -06:28 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile shrugged at the question but turned to look at the shape that the other girl had pointed out, but Cecile must've been looking at the wrong spot because she hadn't seen anything, so instead she returned the raised eyebrow and shrugged. "I don't see what you're talking about." -06:31 Jun 18
Sidney: "There's fish out in the bayou. Maybe gators." Sidney answered with the obvious and logical reply. She didn't think there were aligators in this area, but they DID love watery swamp areas like this. -06:32 Jun 18
Manu: "'Gators can't live in dese bayous, not enough to eat..." Manu trailed off as she narrowed her eyes, trying to discern the shadow. -06:33 Jun 18
three bubbles rose to the surface of the water, then six, then twenty... Soon the bayou seemed to boiling over. The corpses of fish, turtles and salamanders floated to the surface. And then It came. Oozing from the bayou and up the banks, a black ichor substance slowly flowed up towards the girls. The earth and plants it came into contact with instantly withered and turned to dust. -Manu
Cecile: "Mon dieu! What is that?!" Cecile cried out, stepping back and behind Manu, "I think it's time we get out of here, non?" Cecile's eyes widened in fear looking at the strange substence. -06:36 Jun 18
Sidney: At first Sidney watched with a raise of her eyebrow. Then she looked a bit disgusted - they were just IN that water! Finally, there was that sense of fear mixed with vindication... This was unnatural. And exactly the sort of thing she had been screaming was real for years now. "Get farther up on the bank! And don't touch the stuff! Run!" Sidney herself started running. -06:37 Jun 18
Whitey: Even from where they stood, the girls heard the sudden screech of tyres. Any of them who looked around in time saw a yellow taxi cab swerving off the road and towards the swamp. It looked like the driver was out to either wreck his car or get himself killed. Or both. Yet as the vehicle hit the surface, the fact that it was now no longer on solid ground didn't seem to hold the effect it usually did. The car spun so the passenger doors faced the fleeing girls, and the driver, a pale man with bleached blonde hair and a cigarette dangling from his mouth, pushed open the side door. "At the risk of sounding cheesy here, come with me if you all want to live." -06:40 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile didn't need to be told twice. Cecile's fear spurred her feet, pushing her way past Manu and headed straight for the open door, not even paying mind of the floating car. She quickly dived in and slid as far away from the liquid that she could get. "Come girls! Allez!" She shouted looked at the others. -06:45 Jun 18
Manu: Manu didn't have to be told twice. She'd been practically raised in the swamps, and while she was no stranger to the bizarre creatures within, she knew better than to stick around to get know them. Her still barefeet pounded against the slick grass, half-running, half-slipping her way up the hill. She was sent sprawling on all fours in order to avoid getting hit by the taxi. She stared, agape into the open passenger door. "Wha?" Was all she could gasp, before she glanced over her shoulder at the approaching waters. She would take her chances with the floating taxi. The cajun girl launched herself into the taxi, colliding with Cecile ad nearly crushing her against the side panel as she squirmed around, arms wide to catch her friend. "SID! COME ON." -06:47 Jun 18
the black water was coming closer, faster when it floated across the surface of the bayou. It seemed to be following them, attracted to something. -Manu
Sidney: Sidney was hesitating. On the one hand she REALLY wanted to find out what that water was. Proof that she wasn't crazy. On the other hand... she didn't want to die! Sidney jumped in to the taxi with the others. -06:54 Jun 18
Geburich: The snake dropped into the footwell as Cecile sprawled, slithering under the driver's seat and into shadow. -06:54 Jun 18
Whitey: The driver twisted the wheel violently and hammered the pedals, throwing the car around in an aggressive spin before sending it careering back towards the embankment and the road. The taxi clattered back on to solid land again and swung onto the road, cutting off a Land Rover in the process before roaring off at a speed that was quite definitely over the speed limit. With one hand, the driver reached into his pocket and pulled out a battered pocket watch. "Goddammit..." he muttered, returning the watch to his pocket, "Late again!" -06:57 Jun 18
Manu: Manu looked to the taxi driver. Then to Sidney on her left, then Cecile on her right, then over her shoulder, to the retreating shadow of the bayou. She turned back. "OK... WHAT THE FUCK?!" -06:59 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile was tossed about the cab, pushing Manu off of her as best she could without seeming completely rude, and turning to look out the back window. "Just what WAS that?" Cecile cried, shivering at the thought of the black liquid. -07:00 Jun 18
The ichor twitched, slowly oozed as if to follow the taxi, before something stopped it. -Manu
Sidney: "Devils water." Sidney muttered, turning awkwardly in her seat trying to look out the back window. It wasn't following anymore! -07:01 Jun 18
http // Somewhere, in the darkness, a woman peered into a mirror. \"Don\'t follow him, you\'ll never make it. Return to me.\" The woman turned, touched another mirror. A murky image of the inside of a cab appeared before it abruptly disappeared. \"He thinks he can block my sight forever.\" She laughed, a sharp sound before whirling on the white shadow that had been silent until now. \"Gibbous, be a lamb and find our little renegade.\" -Manu
Manu: (Hurk, sorry.) -07:04 Jun 18
Whitey: Muttering under his breath and lighting up a new cigarette, the driver regarded the trio sitting in the back. "Devil's water is one way of putting it, yeah," he growled, "Fuckin' stuff's been popping up all over the place and wrecking shit up as it pleases. Also, YOU UNDER THE FUCKIN' SEAT!" he barked suddenly, stomping on the footwell, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE! NO FREE RIDES!" -07:04 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile leaned over Manu and stared. "What is 'devils water'? Is that some kind of weird animal the 'urricane washed up?" Cecile blinked before looking back out the back window again. -07:04 Jun 18
Sidney: Sidney shrugged her shoulders. It's not like she really knew what it was. She just knew it wasn't normal. least not normal by the average person's standards. This was the first time she had seen the stuff too. "And no one has noticed the waters yet...? The stuff is hard to miss." -07:07 Jun 18
Manu: Manu had recovered enough to atleast recognize the fact that Cecile was from her home. By the looks of her, one of the nicer parishes. Manu drew her legs up to her chest defensively when the driver suddenly barked at the taxi seats. "Are you crazy, man?!" She hollered back at him. -07:07 Jun 18
Whitey: "You mortal types don't notice a lot of goddamn things; why should this one be any different?" the driver muttered before stamping his foot again, "MY CAR, MY RULES BITCH. YOU KNOW THE FUCKIN' CODE; GET OUT HERE." He spat a few choice curses. "Goddamn loa..." -07:10 Jun 18
Geburich: The snake remained still beneath the seats, its eyes narrowing as the driver did the full crazy cabaret. -07:12 Jun 18
Whitey: Sighing, the driver focused his attention back on the visible passengers again, realising that he wasn't going to get his way with the fourth. "Alright, fuck it. Here's how this works; you tell me where you wanna go, you pay the toll and I get you there, one way or another. Sound good?" -07:14 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile still hadn't gotten the answers she had wanted from the others. All she had really gathered was that this "Devil's Water" was something unnatural and not to be trifled with. She decided to sit and listen to the others and hopefully she'd glean the information from paying attention to the conversations around her. -07:14 Jun 18
Sidney: Keeping herself uncomfortably against the door just so she didn't have to have physical contact with the hollaring Manu, Sidney leaned forward to see what was down in the floorboards. "Take us away from water and drop us off near somewhere populated?" Bad things never happened in populated areas. Sidney figured getting the other two back somewhere 'normal' would be the best idea. As for herself... she'd stick with the cab! -07:15 Jun 18
Geburich: The snake winced, convulsing slightly, then becoming still again. It's tongue flicked out a little and its eyes widened then narrowed. -07:17 Jun 18
Manu: "We can go to the warehouse district," Manu added helpfully. "No bayous near there. I can call my brother to pick us up." Manu squirmed about in the seat for a moment, smearing mud on the savaged leather as she dug around her pockets. "It's like what? A nickel 'n a dime to get there from here?" Manu pulled out a few wadded bills. "Anyone got 75 cent?" -07:18 Jun 18
Whitey: "Not quite, honey," the driver said with a slightly malevolent smile, "You want the warehouse district? I'll get you there quicker than a goddamn jet-plane. But the price is this." The taxi cab weaved precariously through the traffic along the road. "You answer a riddle... or you cough up the memory of your first kiss. Pick one." -07:20 Jun 18
Manu: "...You are crazy." -07:22 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile was certain that their driver was beyond deranged with that kind of comment. The proposition of a riddle made her feel like she was Alice and she had been sucked into the Wonderland. "I don't think I can be of much help when it comes to the riddle." -07:23 Jun 18
Whitey: "You're more right than you might first think, honey, but then everyone's mad where I come from. What'll it be?" -07:23 Jun 18
Sidney: "Take the memory. I will pay." Sidney answered, without questioning the oddity of the payment. Her first kiss was an uncomfortable sitation she didn't care to remember, anyway. Sidney was still eyeing the floorboards suspiciously, but finally put her gaze to the driver. -07:24 Jun 18
Manu: Manu did a double take, staring at Sidney. "You actaully buying this?" She motioned with her thumb at the driver, then crossed her eyes. "At least answer his crazy riddle before you go payin' that kind of price," she then added to the driver, her narrowing eyes visible to him in the rearview mirror. "Even it this is cricket juice." -07:26 Jun 18
Whitey: "Very noble of you," the driver chuckled with a sardonic tone, before reaching into the glovebox and withdrawing a small glass bottle. He handed it to Sidney carefully. "Stare into the centre, and you think about that memory good and hard, now. It'll be over before you know it." -07:26 Jun 18
Manu: (Shoots her post out of the air and buries it in the basement with the others) -07:27 Jun 18
Whitey: "Or if you want, you can choose the riddle." -07:27 Jun 18
Whitey: "Last chance, honey." -07:27 Jun 18
Sidney: Sidney took the bottle, but hesitated at Manu's insistance. The problem with riddles was their maddening obscurity! "...all right. Riddle first." -07:28 Jun 18
Cecile: Raised her eyebrow as she looked at the glass vial being handed back to the girl. "Mon dieu! You truly are crazy! That can't possibly work the way you are saying it does...stealing memories, that can't be true!" -07:28 Jun 18
Geburich: The snakes stripes shifted colour and it winced again, silently constricting into a tighter coil beneath the seat. -07:29 Jun 18
Whitey: "Riddle it is," the driver said with a truly vicious grin. "Answer me this and you get a free ride. 'The more you have of it, the less you see'. What is it?" -07:30 Jun 18
Geburich: The snake's eyes narrowed. -07:32 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile adjusted nervously, watching the girl, "Sid" as she thought she heard her be called. -07:32 Jun 18
Manu: "A beer gut," Manu grumbled derisively, clearly not taking this seriously. -07:33 Jun 18
Sidney: "Is that supposed to be a riddle..." Sidney asked, with genuine confusion. The answer seemed obvious enough to her, as the sun set and the evening grew dim. "It's darkness. The darker it is, the less you see." -07:34 Jun 18
Whitey: The driver glared at Manu, then suddenly smiled at Sidney. "Darkness it is. You're a clever one, aren't you? The Warehouse District it is." The driver hammered on the gas suddenly, and the car tore forwards, defying the speed limit even more. "Name's Whitey, by the way." -07:36 Jun 18
[Cecile (accidentally closed out)] -07:38 Jun 18
Cecile: "Génie! Good job! I never would have guessed that..." Cecile was truly impressed with the other girl. Now none of them had to do that insane man's ridiculous idea of forfeiting their memory. -07:40 Jun 18
Manu: Manu relaxed as much as she could considering they were speeding through a residentual area like they were in a damn NASCAR track. Strang how noone seemed to notice. Manu glanced the driver again, suddenly feeling guilty. The guy HAD just saved them, even if he did give her the creeps. "Manu LaCroix. And thanks for saving us...Mr. Whitey." -07:40 Jun 18
He took a few 'shortcuts' through pool-dotted backyards and wire-riddled traintracks, but Whitey got them to the warehouse district save enough. They made their way closer and closer to the center, following Manu's directions to the warehouse her brother rented a studio in. The taxi screeched to a halt in a gravel car park outside the warehouse. -Manu
Manu: gm/ They would be safer up high, swathed in concrete and neon, above the tall grass and wild bougainvillea and the things that hid in the dark. Nothing could conceal itself among the perfect symmetrical lines. They couldn’t see the bayou from there. Instead, she beheld the sprawling skyline, tinged with oranges and purples. Aetheric excess from the fluorescents. Massive busts of American presidents past sprouted from the gravel lot below, as if summoned to watch over the rice and bread warehouses -07:45 Jun 18
Manu: (Graaa!) -07:45 Jun 18
Manu: "Antonio should still be in his studio," Manu muttered as she peeked out the taxi window, searching for the light in her brother's studio window. -07:46 Jun 18
Whitey: Stomping on the brakes, the car reacted with surprising speed, skidding to a halt outside their destination. "Aaaaand here we are," Whitey said with a chuckle, "Told you I'd get you here fast." -07:47 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile nearly slammed her face into the seat in front of her and shot the driver a nasty glance. After taking a deep breath she peered out the window that Manu was, looking for what she really couldn't tell. "Do you not have a spare key?" -07:48 Jun 18
Sidney: When the taxi stopped, Sidney was trying to inconspiciously stash that bottle she was given in to one of her pockets. She leaned to glanced outside. "...I am going to stay with the cab. Maybe I will see you again sometime, Manu." Sidney grinned, not explaining that 'sometime' would probably be 'never'. She wasn't a student of the college, after all. -07:48 Jun 18
Manu: "Yeah, in here somewhere, Cel," Manu mumbled as she dug through her pockets. "OK, Sid, that's cool, txt me when you get-WAIT?! What?!" Manu stared at Sidney as if she had grown a second head. "You can't be serious! You can't just stay here with THIS GUY--No offense." She added to Whitey. -07:52 Jun 18
Sidney: "I have questions and he can answer them?" Sidney shrugged. Not to mention she was curious to whom was under the seats. But that was probably left better unmentioned. -07:53 Jun 18
Cecile: "Oui! You must come with us! Certainly you're the only one that has any sort of clue what is going on right now..." Cecile tried to plead. The other girl seemed to be the least phased by everything going on and Cecile felt comforted knowing that she was around, even if it was so that someone wasn't freaking out as much as her. -07:54 Jun 18
Manu: GM/ Manu and Cecile wouldn't be able to find out what Sidney meant. Whitey felt it and so did Geburich, a hum in the air, a buzz like a thousand flies, before it came. A blurr of white from somewhere above. There was an audible crunch as the body of a man slammed into the hood of the taxi. -07:55 Jun 18
[Gibbous The white suited man stood on the hood of the taxi, disengaging himself from the bent metal. He snapped his neck and knuckles with an audible crack and grinned at the occupents inside. His mouth jammed full of sharp teeth. \"Gettin\' humans involved, you\'ve both been naughty,\" he murmered before driving his fist through the front window and gripped Whitey\'s neck.] -07:58 Jun 18
Whitey: "None taken--" Whitey jumped as the body clattered down onto his taxi. "GODDAMMIT!" he roared, his tone one of fury, "MY FUCKING CAR--" His shouting was cut short by the man grabbing him by the throat through his windshield. Though he struggled, he could do little to loosen the grip. -07:59 Jun 18
Sidney: THAT was the first time Sidney actually screamed! Someone slamming against the front of the cab like they had hit someone was a bit of a shocker. Sidney all but clammered out of the passenger's door, and ALMOST made a run for it... Instead, she stood there glancing around looking for something to use as a weapon! -08:00 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile screamed as the body hit the front of the cab which increased as the hand shot through the window, it was all she could think to do. She could wet herself but that wouldn't be any more productive. Her hand flew to the door handle and flailed at it wildly until it gave way and the door popped open and Cecile fell out onto the cool pavement. -08:01 Jun 18
[Cecile has timed out.] -08:03 Jun 18
[Geburich has timed out.] -08:03 Jun 18
Manu: (*Puts the defibulator to Asmo's chest*) -08:03 Jun 18
Whitey: (OOC: Well shit.) -08:04 Jun 18
Cecile: (somebody get their attack on!) -08:10 Jun 18
Whitey: Whitey grabbed Gibbous' arm with both his hands in a desperate attempt to pull his attacker away from his neck, but to no avail. He attempted to shout, but all that came out was a few strangled gasps. -08:10 Jun 18
Manu: Manu landed next Cecile, cutting her hands and knees on the shards of glass that littered the car park. She spied Sidney poking around and knew what the other girl was doing. They knew enough of each other to know that neither backed down from a fight. Reaching into her pocket, Manu withdrew a key and tossed it to Cecile. "Here! 9-B! Go get my brother!" Manu scrambled to her feet and picked up a heavy rock, testing its weight in her hands. -08:10 Jun 18
Gibbous: Laughter and the stench of cigars poured from Gibbous' mouth as he tightened his grip around the flailing Whitey. "Rabbit and snake for the pot, tonight." -08:11 Jun 18
Sidney: There! Sidney found an abandoned piece of wood filled with nails. It probably used to be a part of a shipping crate or pallet. Taking the least splintered part in to her hands, she rounded the taxi cab and swung at the attacker with all her might! "Get the fuck off...!" -08:12 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile grabbed the keys and nodded, it seemed like the best option, running towards the door and scrabbling at it, only taking a look back to see how the other girls were faring before snatching the handle of the door and pulling it open. "9-B, 9-B!" She continued to chant aloud, looking for the door that the key fit to. She skidded to a stop in front of the door and frantically jabbed the key at the lock until she twisted it opening the door with one swift motion. -08:14 Jun 18
[Whitey enters.] -08:17 Jun 18
Gibbous: The nails sinking into the man's flesh were met with resistence, before red spots bloomed through his suit. Gibbous growled, letting Whitey drop back into the driver's seat before whirling on the girl. "Girl," he snarled. "You just made yo'self a dinner option." -08:18 Jun 18
Manu: A rock sailed through the air, beaning Gibbous with a wet THUNK. "RUN SID!" -08:18 Jun 18
Whitey: Whitey slumped back into the chair, coughing furiously, but even in pain he saw an opportunity when it came to him. Whitey stomped down hard on the accelerator, hoping to send his attacker flying... -08:20 Jun 18
Sidney: "Wouldn't be the first time, asshole." Sidney didn't run. Sidney seemed right fine and dandy standing there scowling, holding her plank of wood like she had the greatest weapon in the world. She swung it upwards trying to nail the guy under the chin! -08:20 Jun 18
Sidney: (Reverse me and Whitey's!) -08:20 Jun 18
Manu: GM/ in the commotion, the red snake had been tossed about the footwell of the cab as it slithered its way into Cecile's bag. It now waited inside, listening to the sound of her heavy breathing as she opened the warehouse door. -08:20 Jun 18
Whitey: (OOC: Someone couldn't get rid of the inactive Whitey, could they?) -08:21 Jun 18
[Whitey was timed out by force!] -08:21 Jun 18
Manu: GM/ Cecile was greeted with an empty studio. Though the lights were on and there was a plate of fresh food on the work desk. Suddenly, a pale girl, albino like Whitey jumped out from behind an easel, weilding a paintbrush like a weapon. "AHA... Oh." She regarded Cecile with some confusion. -08:23 Jun 18
Manu: (._. I feel mocked) -08:23 Jun 18
Sidney: ( slash FIRST) -08:24 Jun 18
Manu: (Oooo) -08:25 Jun 18
Gibbous: Gibbous' eyes flashed yellow for a moment, and everyone got the feeling that something was about to happen. They just didn't expect the cab to suddenly roar to life and pin him against the brick wall. Gibbous laid with his top half sprawled across the hood of the car, unmoving for the moment. -08:26 Jun 18
Whitey: (And suddenly it all makes sense -08:26 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile screamed yet again, but this time is was just a short yelp, her hand quickly jumped to her chest, over her heart. "MON DIEU! You scared me! Are you...Manu's brother?" Cecile raised an eyebrow, of course she knew it wasn't his brother but it was the first thing to come out of her mouth. -08:26 Jun 18
Whitey: "EAT BRICKS, MOTHERFUCKER!" Whitey wheezed in a furious tone, reversing back quickly to slam into Gibbous again. -08:27 Jun 18
[Mary Lou ] -08:29 Jun 18
Mary Lou: The albino girl lowered her paintbrush. "What?! No! I'm no one's brother!" She tossed her paintbrush away and stomped over to Cecile looking her over. "And you're not Whitey." She looked down at her bag. "But you've got the idiot with the Jericho Root. At least." Then back to Cecile. "Where's Whitey? His signal was here just a second ago." -08:31 Jun 18
Sidney: "I think he's dead!" Sidney shouted over the roar of the van! -08:32 Jun 18
Manu: "Maybe...Hit him again!" Manu suggested, already picking up another rock. -08:32 Jun 18
Whitey: "I'm starting to like you," Whitey wheezed at Manu as he flashed her again, ramming Gibbous with his taxi again. -08:33 Jun 18
Gibbous: Gibbous twitched once, before his eyes shot open and he released a reptillian roar. Scaly, clawed hands suddenly grabbed at the metal, ripping at it like paper. Whitey knew that wouldn't hold him down for long. -08:33 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile backed up from the woman's approach. "Whitey? He's just outside...what is this root you're talking about? Just go outside to find him, I need to find Manu's brother..." She frowned, trying to push her way into the apartment past the strange girl. -08:34 Jun 18
Whitey: "Goddammit, OUT THE CAR!" he wheezed as loudly as he could, shouldering open the driving seat and pushing Sidney towards the apartment building "GET INSIDE!" -08:35 Jun 18
they left Gibbous thrashing against the wall. Sidney and Manu helping Whitey as they made their way up the stairs, to 9-B. -Manu
Sidney: Sidney really wanted to finish the guy off! ...then again she didn't want to get ripped apart like that either! Sidney ran like hell until she was huffing and puffing. Up at the apartment of 9-B where the door was wide open and Cecile was talking to an albino. -08:38 Jun 18
Whitey: "Gonna get that prick back... wrecking my damn car..." the strange driver spluttered as the two women assisted him up the stairs. -08:38 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile turned to see the others coming up the stairs, something told her that whatever that man, or creature was, it wasn't gone just yet. "Manu, allez! Where is your brother? He is not here!" -08:39 Jun 18
Mary Lou: Mary Lou's brow furrowed at Cecile. "You don't know what the Jericho Root is? It's only the one thing keeping the black water from--" She suddenly trailed off, when she caught sight of the two human girls helping a very haggard Whitey into the studio. "Whitey!" She practically bounced her way to him, oozing concern. "What have they done to you?!" -08:39 Jun 18
Manu: Manu took a step away from Whitey, startled by Mary Lou's sudden appearance. "What?" Manu turned to Cecile, then around the studio. "Toni?" Her voice took on a tinge of panic. -08:41 Jun 18
Whitey: "The fuck did you come from, girl?" Whitey asked with a grin, "Gibbous caught up with me. Motherfucker loves to get the drop on folks. He's outside, but he'll be here before long; we should go." He glanced past Mary-Lou to Manu. "Where the fuck's your brother?" -08:43 Jun 18
Sidney: "I don't think your brother is here." Sidney muttered. She was looking around, curious, almost as if she were dissecting what was going on and putting some rational spin to it. -08:46 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile looked between everyone that was standing there, confused at the situation. "How did that girl get into his apartment?" -08:46 Jun 18
Mary Lou: "Through the back door, duh." Mary Lou planted a wet kiss on Whitey's cheek before a shadow passed over her face at the mention of Manu's brother. "Medea sent me to help you guys get through the Mirror, said you'd need it." Her wide eyes scanned the studio. "When I came through, the place was empty... You don't think the Loa took him?" Mary Lou didn't seem very concerned about the unknown human man. -08:47 Jun 18
Manu: Manu's dark hand suddenly fisted around the albino's shoulder. "Where is my brother? What do you mean 'the Loa took him'?" Her tone was cold, neutral as she glared into Mary Lou's smirking face. -08:49 Jun 18
Whitey: "They'd have left some sorta mark on this place if they had, surely?" Whitey replied, beginning to look around as best he could, "They're fucking show-offs; if they do something, they gotta let everyon--" He glanced up as Manu grabbed Mary-Lou. "That's not gonna help anything, girl." -08:50 Jun 18
Cecile: Mirror? Medea? Loa? The latter of the two rang bells, they were part of the vodou culture of this area, but was she saying that they were real? Cecile leaned back against the wall, trying to process what was going on and what the others were talking about. -08:51 Jun 18
Sidney: "He's probably a zombie by now..." Sidney muttered. She might not of had a clue of what was going on, but she was quick to figure things out. -08:53 Jun 18
From below, there was a distinct noise, very similar to the standard noise of a car being hefted into the air and tossed across a car park. -Manu
Whitey: "Oh balls..." Whitey muttered, "We gotta get the fuck outta here, before Mr Claws decides to come up here and tear us all a new asshole. Mary-Lou, you know a passageway 'round here?" -08:55 Jun 18
Whitey: "Wait, the fuck d'you know about zombies, girlie?" -08:57 Jun 18
Mary Lou: "You've read my mind!" Mary Lou stumbled through the cluttered studio to the massive industrial windows. "Stay with 'em Whitey, Medea's orders! She'll explain everything on the other side!" Mary Lou flung the shutters open to reveal a massive cracked mirror. "Everyone into the pool!" She couldn't figure it out. Why was Medea getting the Rabbits involved with the Loa? -08:58 Jun 18
Cecile: "Passageway?" Things were really getting stranger and stranger, but it didn't seem like she had the time to worry about it. When the mirror was revealed Cecile raised an eyebrow and slowly followed the albino girl, her arms crossed. -08:59 Jun 18
Mary Lou: Mary Lou stood outside of the mirror, holding the window open and gesturing for Manu and Whitey to go through. -09:00 Jun 18
Sidney: Sidney shrugged. "I know enough." While the others fretted and hesitated, it was Sidney who had no problem taking a running leap for the mirror! -09:02 Jun 18
Whitey: Medea's order, eh? Whitey muttered another few choice curses under his breath and checked his pocket-watch (snarling "LATE! FUCK!" as he did so) before looking over at Mary-Lou. "You're coming too right, hun? Don't want that fucker getting his claws into you." -09:02 Jun 18
Manu: Manu cast a final glance around the studio, searching for clues as to what happened to her brother, and then to the cracked mirror in the window. This was some seriously weird shit and she was beginning to wonder if she had swallowed too much bayou water earlier. It didn't matter if this was real or not. Toni was missing, she would find him. Without much effort she hopped through the windowframe and into the beyond* -09:03 Jun 18
Cecile: Cecile stared blankly at the mirror, the others had seemed to dissapear well enough into it and from the sounds of the creature that the others had faced she wasn't going to stick around and see what else it could do. She charged through the mirror and into the other side. "Oh what fresh hell is this?" -09:04 Jun 18
Mary Lou: "Of course, dummy!" Mary Lou flicked his nose playfully. "But I gotta be the one to close this door. You know the rules." She leaned in closer to him, their lips barely brushing. "Hurry through. We've got something to talk about later." -09:04 Jun 18
Whitey: Nodding at Mary-Lou, Whitey glanced over to Sid. "You ready, girl?" -09:05 Jun 18
[Gibbous has timed out.] -09:07 Jun 18
Whitey: (Welp, retcon that last one) -09:07 Jun 18
Manu: (EDIT THAT SHIT) -09:07 Jun 18
Whitey: Nodding at Mary-Lou, Whitey grimaced, readying himself for the run. "See you on the other side then, hun." He rushed forwards and lept at the Mirror... -09:08 Jun 18
Mary Lou: "You always did fall for the kissy routine," Mary Lou muttered. "Stupid guy." Mary Lou closed the window and leaned against the sticky glass. She would buy them some time. Gibbous was too damn persistent, after all. Mary Lou reached into her denim jacket pocket, withdrew a cigarette, lit it and took a long drag. She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, they were ready. -09:11 Jun 18
the studio door was wrenched open. -Mary Lou
and the rabbit, the snake and the girls were sent tumbling past windows and shadows into the dark... -Mary Lou

Current Cast (Still Accepting Applications!)

The Hapless Mortals...

Sidney: Heroine #1. Has an unpleasant history with zombies. Wants to get away from the others, for some reason. Currently a hat.
Manu: Herione #2. Knows a lot about nature and stuff. Ridin' dirty? Always.
Cecile: Herione #3. Pretty Creole girl. Unclear as to whether she's deeply observant or a snob.

'Toni: Manu's art nerd brother. Most likely kidnapped. Leaves his food on the table.

From the Bayou...

Geburich: Coral snake. Doesn't talk much.
Has something valuable.
Gibbous: Bokor. Not a nice man. Likes choking people and wrenching doors.

Mirror City Folk...

Whitey: Escape Plan A and B. Disgruntled cab driver. Moral support.
Mary Lou: A forward Lapin. Has something to tell Whitey.


I've changed the name of the item apparently in Geburich's possession (Now that I am no longer typing furiously at 2AM). It has gone from Script to the more Voodooesque name of Jericho Root.

Expect a Story Thus Far section here very, very soon.
Name: Whitey

Role/Occupation: 'Lapin' (White Rabbit), rather unusual Taxi Driver

Personality: To put it simply, he's kind of a deranged prick. Bad-tempered, easy to anger and generally unpleasant to most of his passengers, he can be a hard man to get along with initially. He has a fondness for riddles, often challenging would-be passengers with one in exchange for a free ride if they get it right... and a memory of his choosing if they don't.

Get past the bad temper and bad manners, however, and you find an extremely intelligent individual. Whitey respects intelligence and cunning, and should someone demonstrate these qualities they will find the man actually becomes a lot more tolerant towards them.

Description: A tall man, wearing a shabby white shirt with a red tie and black suit trousers, Whitey's skin is pale and his hair a bleached white like all White Rabbits. The man seems to smoke perpetually; a cigarettes is nearly always seen near or on his lips. Frequently he checks his pocket-watch and almost immediately after curses the fact that he is “late” to something.

Whitey is commonly seen behind the wheel of his yellow taxi. In appearance it looks no different from the other battered yellow cabs that drive around Houston (though this one can be hard to spot, given the break-neck speeds it's owner drives at). However, the taxi has certain... unusual properties, the result of the various deals Whitey has made with the Loa over the years. It can drive on water unhindered and is supernaturally fast and reactive when he needs it to be, not to mention it being capable of passing through the Mirror Passageways that link our world to the Mirror World.

History: “Who the fuck's askin', ya PRICK?!

Name: Cecile Tizonneaux

Role/Occupation:Human/College Student

Personality: Cecile is a coward in most situations, usually unsure of herself she looks to others to take the lead in intense situations. She has a curious mind and likes to learn a lot about what's around her but she tends to get in her own way with stupid questions. She can ocassionally be a bit of a snob as well, and due to her upbringing tries to get away from "gross" things. She is creole but takes great pride in her French roots (claiming to be descended from royalty, although the validity of that statement is up for debate) and will sprinkle her speech with French phrases and sentiments.

Description:A frail looking girl, Cecile is stronger than she looks, although her cowardly ways won't really allow her to show that. Her skin is a creamy white, and she constantly grooms herself and makes sure she looks her best with makeup and keeping her hair in a fashionable style. One of her vices is her smoking habits, she is never seen without a pack on her at all times, though the brand frequently changes it is typically menthol.Her clothing, while somewhat skimpy (she loves wearing short-shorts) are still quite fashionable, and her favorite colors are light pastel yellows or gold which is reflected in her outfits.

History:Cecile was raised in a fairly normal household, or at least as normal as a single mother can provide for her daughter. When she was born her father had passed away under mysterious circumstances, and while the police think foul play was at hand nothing was ever proved and the case remains unsolved. In her teen years her mother moved her from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and she spent her high school years there. When she graduated she went to college in Baton Rouge and then Hurricane Katrinka hit, fearing the state's stability she transfered to the college in Houston.

Name: Geburich

Role/Occupation: Bokor in service to Simbi Andezo.

Personality: Geburich has the sense of a man who doesn't belong in the body he was given. He speaks Patois and moves in a gangly, uncoordinated way - more like riotous dance than generic movement. His motions and manner seem ritualistic, at times uncaring and at other times playful. His morals are ambiguous, but as a user of both light and dark magics, this is to be expected. His overriding manner is that of a servant locked in an inescapable task.

History: A renegade on the run from the Simbi, carrying the Jericho Root and hiding amidst humans. He shapeshifted in order to hide in the bayou, but now his form is starting to revert.
How interesting. A shame I always miss these chat rps. *Rumages* Let me see what I can dream up for this.
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Right, so we've been separated into two groups: Manu/Whitey and Cecile/Geburich. Play nice, kids.

Be sure to get your bio up in a time for your entrance, Jackie boy. :\


And yes, I did turn Diana into a hat. That's what she gets for not joining this roleplay.
Temporary Ramshackle Bio


Manu LaCroix
Environmental Studies Major, Ragin' Cajun

She chose doooooooooown. Was that wrong?

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*throws Manu at the hypothetical taxi*
Character Name: Ezekiel 'Zeeke' M'Baba

Occupation/Race/Role/Whatever it is you do: Bokor in the service of Marinette Bwa Cheche

Appearance: Zeeke is a well dressed man of little wealth. He wears the threadbare tattered coats and jackets of the dead, languishing in their smell and color. His hair is the only unkempt part about his physicality, dreadlocked and tangled...they give the impression of black reeds growing from his head, or tangled seaweed. His dark skin and eyes are kept bright and clean, and a number of tattoos crawl across the surface of his face, arms, legs, and neck. Most depict skeletal hands or chains, symbols of his devotion, but over his heart is a wide eyed screech owl with disconcertingly intelligent eyes. Despite the fact his Loa rides his body to exhaustion, there is a certain grace and poise he can maintain...having experienced the worst of existence before and finding a little difficulty nothing to bend to.

Personality: Zeeke is a twitchy man with poison in his blood and spite in his gaze. In return for how he was treated before Ananzi, Zeeke uses his powers to spite creation around him. Sometimes he takes money for his services, sometimes he refuses no matter the amount, and more often he'll find ways to meddle with curses where he isn't needed. His favorite victims are the young and the beautiful, penalizing them for what he believes is 'fair justice' or an equilibrium of misfortune that should befall all people. Crass, offensive, and confident, his deliverance from illness has only filled the bokor with a contempt of those who haven't had to suffer as he had, and a disdain for those who complain of minor contrived problems in their lives. He plays the part of the mischeivous murderer, content to play tricks and muddle lives until a point where his curses turn deadly. His fascination with death and the struggles of those to prevent it border on the perverse. If he was a nicer man at some point, little of it is left. He tends to avoid cursing children if he can, excusing those under the age of thirteen as those who have not yet had a chance to take life for granted and thus exempt from his wrath. Despite his cruel habits, he has a firm respect of elders and spirits, granting them a rare side of his nature, polite and even penitent. The last class of people exempt from his curses are the sick and the leprous, who he treats with, if anything, favor. He has taken on the curse of the werewolf in service to his Loa, causing full moon nights to pass in the streets, without control, and usually with many victims. He believes that the curse is, in fact, a blessing and that it frees the part of him he is forced to keep hidden beneath skin. Should he ever gain enough control in his transformations to be self aware, he might leave some of his victims alive, later delighting in the changes that wrack their body and the affirmation that, to him, he has freed them from the worst bondage of all...themselves.

History: Zeeke was raised to respect the Loa, to understand their strange powers and show them the reverence they deserved. From an early age he was brought up in the rites of Voudun, although never truly practiced them for fear of the Loa's reprisals. Content with his small life around the people he respected and loved, Ezekiel would have lived his life of moderate length and of little note had he not contracted leprosy. The disease was unexpected as it was ostracizing. Within weeks of finding legions on his skin, of the doctor giving his diagnosis, Ezekiel was cast out by his family and friends...forced to live his life at the edge of society eating scraps and watching life pass him by. At first mournful and self depricating, blaming his lack of faith or some contrived action of his past for his current condition, Ezekiel withdrew farther and farther away. But sorrow only nourishes for so long...and with his body rotting away, his soul turned to furious anger, to bitterness, and hate. No one helped him, no one came near him. Everyone continued their lived unabated, unpaused, and unaffected by his condition. Those he had come to trust betrayed him with their silence and lack of concern. Even if they had shown mercy (Which his family did, bringing food to the edge of the forest every day for him to eat) he was blinded by his own black wrath.

In that state he was visited by a Loa, the skeletal armed Marinette who promised freedom from his bondage of sickness, to give him power, in exchange for something else down the line. Zeeke accepted, eager to cast aside his rotting flesh and grasp something greater.

Leaving his island home, he has traveled to the city and resided near its edge for some time. He plays the part of a witch doctor, of a charmer, of a medicine man...using his powers to curse his patients even as he cures them, and to use their links with others to extend his influence. He is regarded with respect, fear, and even disgust by the members of the city, but his results speak for themselves...and there are always plenty of people who are desperate enough to turn to magic for their troubles.
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The topic is Interesting Sea Creatures. Discuss.

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Asmo was subtly pointing out that his last post stated Whitey and Manu are still in the open market. While in your post Whitey and Manu are entering an office building. Quite the puzzle if you ask me. *Puffs her bubble pipe*

Is cool. No need for edits unless you really want. Otherwise, I'll sew up this plot hole upon my return from Vacation Landia. *Puts on her sunglasses and turns up the Guns 'n Roses*
Tegan's denial really seems to me
A symptom of GM apathy
Where everything is the fault of some other guy!
All I want is to voice disgrace
At what went down in this marketplace
But she don't play along
I wanna break down and cry!


She conspires on her voodoo ties
And plots her bayou game
I hate to interject my whine
But this shit can't remain
I see that Whitey's in more than just one place
And like a child I cry
And pray for this blunder and the pain
To quietly be decried


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What do I post now?
What do I post now?
Dear Tegan?

What do I post now?
What do I post now?
What do I post now?
Dear Tegan?

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What do I post?
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