Majora's Mask 3DS [WARNING: Here There Be Spoilers]

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  1. So Majora's Mask 3DS came out on the 13th. There were a lot of changes, some good, some bad. I'm only going to list off the good changes that I've noticed and save the things I hated for later. But I wanna hear from other people. What did you like about the changes? What didn't you like?

    What I liked:
    • More convenient song of double time
    • On the new 3ds you can use the C-stick to manipulate the camera
    • Improved graphics (circular objects look circular!
    • Most of the bottles are easier to obtain (they swapped one with a heart piece. not too bad)
    • Music is still as awesome as ever
    • I like the subtle little change around the clocktower. You can actually climb up there as human link without needing anything else (I think you used to be able to climb up with the hookshot? it's been a few years)
    • The bomber's notebook IS more useful
    • You can set an alarm to go do tasks. (useful for several time-based quests)
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  2. Maaan, I already ordered the game, it should arrive today, and I want the new 3DS so badly, but they only have bundles available (but not the Majora's Mask one, sadly, that one was sold out), which I don't need and are significantly more expensive. I don't understand why ninendo would do that. I get releasing a Majora's Mask bundle because it was essentially made to go with the new system, but who's stupid idea was it to NOT release the system separately? Because now I gotta wait until they decide to make it available, which is probably gonna be a few weeks.

    Anyways, I can't wait to play the remake, that game was my entire childhood, nothing would be greater than reliving it in a new and exciting way. I'm also super happy with a lot of the changes they made, setting an alarm sounds ridiculously useful. I wanted to ask, though, did they make any changes to the saving system in the game? Because that could have been a lot better.
  3. They did release the system separately. Where I went it sold out in TWO HOURS. Trust me it would've been hard to get. the new 3ds plays beautifully I will tell you that now. You will not be sorry. And yes they did change the saving system. You can save whenever you're at an owl statue and not have to quit. That's the only way to save too. It no longer saves when you play the song of time. A good move for a hand held. There are also save statues scattered here and there but I almost never used them.
  4. Oh, I see, I kinda just assumed since it wasn't even listed online on the GameStop website, I could only find bundles. It's not like they had a thing that said it was sold out, it just wasn't listed there, period. Or at least I couldn't find it. And from what I was told at the store, it made it sound like the system hadn't been released separately. Not that it really changes anything, still gotta wait a week or two for it to stay in stock for more than 5 seconds.

    Thank god they fixed the save system, though, I never did like how the only solid way to save was to go back to the first day.
  5. Man, those save owl statues kick so much ass.

    One tiny feature I loved was the Deku mask bubbles not popping if you hold them too long and flying in a much straighter and faster line than in the N64 version. It actually made the Deku mask viable for ranged fighting.
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  6. Enjoying it.

    As someone who bought it for their spouse who is slowly beating all the Zelda games in reverse, it's kinda fun.

    It's not as fun as I recall, simply for the fact I'm doing most of it on autopilot after playing it for days as a kid and just screwing around and doing the events I liked most. Otherwise it's a definite improvement.

    Whenever I put down monster hunter anyway..
  7. one's actually got any complaints? God I'm gonna sound like such an asshole then >.<

    My complaints:
    • They changed the Boss Fights. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. and made them kinda stupid. I mean I kinda get WHY they did that but good GOD did that make TwinMold annoying.
    • (This is more a complaint for the 3ds I guess but:) When rolling as a goron the control stick is WAY too sensitive
    • They changed the Gyorg Dungeon. Remember that little maze of pipes? Well it's gone now. Now you have to hit a switch, go down just one correct pipe and pray to god you can dolphin jump up onto the platform before it closes. fuck that.
    • The moving of the Giant's mask. I know it wasn't in the fucking boss fight before. Don't even try to convince me otherwise.
    • Link moves incredibly slow with the giant's mask making the second half of the Twin Mold fight ridiculously long
      • I can't tell when I will and won't get hit by the damn thing.
    That's it for now.....I can't remember all of my issues with it right now as I'm in a good mood because I just finished it today.
  8. I only got past Woodfall temple a couple nights ago, I am still experiencing the early game.
  9. Haven't even gotten to the first temple. Trying to complete all the side quests for masks that I can manage.

    Again, monster hunters fault.
  10. I've never played the original, but I got the 3DS version!
    It finally came in the mail so I can start on it this weekend!
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  11. Dude, I'm glad they change Gyorg's dungeon, I hated that crap, it is my absolute least favorite dungeon in any Zelda game ever; even the water temple from the original Ocarina of Time wasn't that bad. Heck, I didn't even really hate the water temple all that much, it was just annoying having to pause every 10 seconds; which thankfully they fixed in the 3D remake. Granted, I've only just made it to the first dungeon, so I haven't really seen the changed version; we'll see how much I'll like it when I get to it.

    So far, though, I think my all time favorite changes are the song of double time, the Bomber's Notebook, and the new save system. Being able to choose what time I fast forward to is soo bloody useful and I'm super happy they did that, saves me a lot of waiting around. I also like how you can talk to the Bomber Gang for various rumors and stuff, and it'll actually get written down in the notebook, makes keeping track of side quests a little easier for me.
  12. You misunderstand. There's no change in the GREAT BAY TEMPLE. the Gyorg Dungeon is on The moon. That's what the Moon children mini dungeons are called. And the temple isn't that hard. just go with the flow and start from the top and go down.
  13. Personally, I enjoyed this game immensely, but I did have a few complaints.
    1:Gyorg Dungeon! I took 30 minutes to beat it after I figured out where to go, due to dolphin jumps.
    2:Fierce Deity Mask is too OP. It took skill to beat Majora without it, and about 15 minutes. With the mask, I simply locked onto it, then spammed B in every stage, beating him in under 2 minutes. There's no challenge due to the projectile sword attack. Even though you can only use it on bosses, it seems a little too strong. Not sure if he was like that in the original, but now he is too strong, and I strongly advise you all to try to beat Majora without it at least once.
    3:Twinmold! You all know why.
    4:That's it. No other complaints.

    Everything else I found fun and exciting.
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  14. To be fair.....Fierce Diety Mask was ALWAYS too OP. But I agree with you. Gyorg Dungeon was far more annoying than it should have been. It should've been the same since it was fast paced. it would've been fine on a handheld. and yes....Twinmold....I just...I don't understand WHY they made that change.
  15. I think it was to manipulate the gyro controls, or C-stick, or Circle Pad Pro with the shooting part. Also, I didn't even know there was a Dolphin Jump until I read a walk through explaining it. They could've implemented it so much more, so you could know to get used to it.
  16. Dolphin Jump was always there but it was never really REQUIRED. It's difficult to pull off with how far the camera zooms out. I can never tell where to jump out to get it just right. Either way at least we can agree that the Twinmold fight was kinda bullshit. I was fine with the whole shooting thing, that didn't bother me as much. it was the second half that took longer than it should have. If it weren't for a guide I was following I wouldn't have known to grab it's damn tail and swing it around.
  17. Sorry, I just facepalmed. My bad.
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  18. It's all good. you'll see when you get there.
  19. I've been thinking about purchasing the 3ds version. I love that you're able to pick which time you fast forward to! Though, I imagine myself becoming frustrated with the control stick while trying to Goron roll my way through the bridges on the road to Goron Village. I remember liking the concept for the Great Bay Temple, so it should be interesting to see how the fluidity has changed. On another note, do the bombers only gossip about things that help move the game along, or do you hear anything interesting that wasn't included the first time around (like Easter eggs)?
  20. It's not so bad for goron village. it's worse for the Moon Child dungeons. And nothing's changed in the great bay temple at least not too much has changed. The bombers are just talking about events going on. It doesn't trigger anything but it tells you about sidequests (if you didn't know about them). As for Easter Eggs I believe there are some but they're all just visual things. I recommend getting it because it looks SO NICE. Also if you do......check out the Marine Lab....on the table. There's an old Nintendo reference there. There are many more but that's the only one I'm aware of that I've bothered to look up.
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