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  1. This is a world where humans do not exist. Or at least - they shouldn't.

    And you are one of them.

    You were adopted and raised to be a Pokemon. You do not know who you are. However, you have always found yourself a little different than the other Pokemon, like something was off...

    Feeling that you just do not belong, you decide to head off to the nearby town - Justicia Town - hoping that you can find others much like you. You decide to bring two attendants from your clan along. Good thing for you - you see others much like you.

    Rules and Notes

    1. Basics. No godmodding, powerplaying, etc
    2. By 'a world where humans do not exist' I mean some sort of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Setting.
    3. You play humans.
    4. Try to limit your clothing unless the description allows. You are raised by Pokemon after all, and Pokemon don't wear clothes. You know, stuff like seashells and leaves...
    5. Eh, have fun.
    6. There will be dungeon travelling.
    7. Your attendants can be mere evolutionary relatives of the Pokemon of your clan. For example, if you are from the Dragon clan, Skrelp can be your attendant. Your attendant can only be of their first or second evolutionary stage, and cannot be Legendary or a third evolutionary stage.
    8. Synthetics like Magnemite are allowed. So are prehistoric Pokemon.
    9. I may consider adding more clans as we continue. Maybe even take into account requests.
    10. You can have up to two characters. I may increase or reduce this limit.
    11. Human gender ratios are that of calico cats.
    12. I don't think I'll allow humans to learn new moves.

    Playable Characters and their clans

    The Phantom Maiden was raised by the Phantom Society, a clan of both Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon, lead by the Spiritomb, King Asura. This clan is located in Mansion Noire, a haunted mansion much like our modern-day ones, except kind of spooky. The Phantom Maiden is sophisticated and elegant, unlike the others. She wears a gothic-styled dress that her clan members have passed on to her.
    The Phantom Maiden is immune to Normal, Psychic and Fighting Type attacks. She can also escape any form of trap with little difficulty, as well as phase through solid objects. She can use Shadow Ball and Shadow Sneak.

    The Blaze Maiden was raised by the Blaze Tribe, a clan consisting of both Fire and Fighting-Type Pokemon, lead by the Blaziken, Leader Musou. This clan resides near the Dead Volcano, consisting of caverns to live in and build society. The Blaze Maiden is especially wilder and more fired up.
    The Blaze Maiden is more resistant to heat, and is rather strong compared to the average human. She can walk on and even bathe in lava. She can use Blaze Kick and Mach Punch

    The Undine Maiden was raised by the Undine Clan, a clan consisting of both Water and Ice-Type Pokemon, as well as other kinds of aquatic Pokemon that may not be Water-Type, lead by the Lapras, Shiva. The clan resides around the Whitesand Beach, with a lot of water and white sand, as well as caverns in neighbouring peninsulas. The Undine Maiden is more calm and composed.
    The Undine Maiden is more capable of swimming than the others, and can actually breathe in water. She is more cold-resistant. She can use Ice Shard and Water Pulse

    The Forest Sprite was raised by the Forest Spirits, a clan consisting of both Grass and Fairy-Type Pokemon, lead by the Whimsicott, Loki. The clan resides in the enchanted forest, where there are lots of trees. The Forest Sprite is one with nature.
    The Forest Sprite is immune to Dragon-Type attacks, and is very attuned to nature. She can use Draining Kiss and Aromatherapy.

    The Iron Knight was raised by the Iron Warriors, a clan consisting of Steel-Type Pokemon, lead by the Escavalier, King Gallantheart. Rivals with the Ninja Force. They inhabit the abandoned castle grounds, where they train daily. The Iron Knight has been granted the ancient knight armour and a Zweihander blade, which she/he has acquired from the clan.
    The Iron Knight is immune to Poison-Type Attacks. She/he has enhanced willpower and endurance. She/he can use Sacred Sword and Metal Claw

    The Dragon Maiden was raised by the Dragon Clan, a clan consisting of Dragon-Type Pokemon as well as Pokemon of the Dragon Egg Group, lead by the Hydreigon, Tiamat. They live in the Cavernous Canyons. The Dragon Maiden is well... much like a dragon.
    She can use Dragon Rage and Dual Chop.

    The Shinobi was raised by the Ninja Force, a clan consisting of ninja-themed and samurai-themed Pokemon, lead by the Accelgor, Akatsuki. Rivals with the Iron Warriors. They inhabit the abandoned dojo grounds, where they train daily.
    The Shinobi is very fast, with unquestionable speed that increases each turn during combat. She/he can use Substitute, Mat Block and Water Shuriken.

    The Sylpheed was raised by the Cloud Settlers, a clan of many varieties of bird-based Pokemon, lead by the Altaria, Cloudsworth. They live in the Skyborne City, made from magical clouds that you can stand on. They are carefree in the sky.
    The Sylpheed can stand on clouds, as well as jump exceptionally high, and fly. She/he can use Aerial Ace and Tailwind.

    The Desert Child was raised by the Desert Dwellers, a clan consisting of Rock and Ground-Type Pokemon, as well as Pokemon that can be found in Desert Environments or Desert tombs. They are lead by the Sandslash Gugalan, and live in the Sandstorm Desert.
    The Desert Child is immune to Sandstorm Weather Conditions, as well as quicksand, and finds it easy to climb rocky areas. She can use Earth Power and Smack Down

    The Lightning Maiden was raised by the Spark Nomads, a clan consisting of Electric-Type Pokemon with no particular leader. They are nomadic, and travel from place to place, bringing rain and lightning wherever they go.
    The Lightning Maiden is immune to paralysis and resistant to lightning. She can use Rain Dance and Thunderpunch.

    The Esper Maiden was raised by the Mind Mons, a civilisation consisting on Psychic-Type Pokemon, lead by a Beeheeyem, Et. They live in the Mind Metropolis, which, despite its name, is as big as a village. Their buildings appear suburban, dome-shaped and made from some sort of chrome-like substance, like one of those alien civilisations you see in those shows.
    The Esper Maiden is capable of utilising telepathy and telekinesis. She can use Extrasensory and Zen Headbutt.

    The Chrysalis was raised by the Swarm, a collective nest of Bug and Poison-Type Pokemon, lead by the Ariados, Arachnid. They live underground, directly underneath Justicia Town. Their civilisation is akin to ants, with less slave labour.
    The Chrysalis cannot be poisoned, and can see 360 degress. She can use Poison Jab and Bug Buzz.

    The Child of Evolution was raised by the Evolution Village, a clan consisting of Eevee and its Evolutions, lead by the Council of Eight. They live in the Evolution Village.
    The Child of Evolution is resistant to sudden environment or weather hazards. She/he can use Mimic and Helping Hand.


    The Swords of Justice - they are like sheriffs or mayors of Justicia Town. They overlook and protect the place. They are Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo.

    Sawk and Throh - They are brothers who run the training dojo, where you can train.

    Dodrio - Its three heads look over and manage the notice board, which is often filled with requests with rewards.

    Persian - He runs a general store that functions like Pokemarts. They sell berries and occasionally rare items.

    Shedinja - Shedinja runs a library, filled with much information.


    (Insert Anime-esque Picture Here)

    Gender: Always female unless otherwise allowed.
    Age: 13 to 18 please.
    Title: Well...
    Clan: Well...
    Appearance: Things that aren't displayed in your appearance?
    Clothing: Naked? A few leaves? Shells?
    Personality: What is it?
    Brief History: Well?
    Skills: Well?
    Adoptive Parent/s: What are the species of your adoptive mother and father? Single parents are alright.
    Attendants: 2 Pokemon maximum please. Gender, Ability, and four moves, as well as some sort of description.
    Others: Anything that doesn't fit up there?

    Reserves and Accepts

    Phantom Maiden - Bathory - Crow
    Blaze Maiden - Justaddnuts
    Undine Maiden - Yokai
    Forest Sprite - Leaf - Nico
    Dragon Maiden - Levi - Crow
    Shinobi - Justaddnuts
    Esper Maiden - Yokai​
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  2. Can i put blaze clan and ninja force on hold till i get off work tomorrow??
  3. Sure, you can.
  4. Can I reserve Child of Evolution?
  5. Go ahead. I do await your applications.
  6. [​IMG]




    Dragon Maiden

    Dragon Clan

    She has lighter skin, blood red eyes and is completely flat. She is about 1.5 metres tall.

    Like depicted above, she does not wear clothes at all.

    Levi is very brave, and does not like cowardly or underhanded mannerisms. She will always stand up for her allies, and fight for what she believes what is right. Despite her size, her courage is that of a dragon, and maybe her foolishness is too.
    She will always want to voice her opinions when she can, even if she isn't very smart.

    Brief History:
    She was found by Bahamut and Jormungand while they were swimming through the seas and found an odd baby on what appeared to be a boat. Realising that it looked sick, they brought the baby back to the clan and raised it as one of their own - a dragon.
    As she grew, Levi found that she was... a little different from the rest. She felt that she looked nothing like her parents or her little brother. After a long time of this thought haunting her, she finally asked.

    "Mother, Father, am I adopted?"

    Her parents told her the truth behind her identity, how they found her and raised her. However, while they said they did not know what she was when they first found her, they said that she was, indeed, a real dragon today.

    With that, she had pledged to find more about her origins at Justicia Town, and what she was not by name, but by lore.

    Since both her parents are aquatic, she is almost as skilled as swimming as the Undine Maiden, and can hold her breath underwater for long hours.

    Adoptive Parent/s:
    Her mother is a Dragalge named Bahamut, and her father, a Dragonair named Jormungand.


    "Little Brother" Ethan
    Toxic Spikes | Venoshock | Bubble
    This Skrelp is Levi's little brother Ethan. Levi and Ethan are very close, so much that when Levi was heading off to the Justicia Town, Ethan tagged along without his parents knowing. Ethan is very energetic and cheerful, and is very curious about many things. Levi has to keep an eye on him to ensure that he doesn't get into trouble. Despite this, he is smarter than Levi, and is always interested in reading and learning about new things.

    Natural Cure
    Disarming Voice | Peck | Double Team
    Garuda was assigned by the King to accompany Levi to Justicia Town to ensure that she was alright. Garuda may be tiny, but she takes her work seriously, and will always help Levi in the quests she requires, unless she believes that these quests are really, really dangerous.

    None for the time being.​
  7. [​IMG]




    Phantom Maiden

    Phantom Society

    She is about 1.7 metres tall, and has a bust size of about D.

    Unlike most of the other human characters who are mostly naked, she has been given a gothic lolita dress set that has been previously collecting dust in the mansion, as the clan members found that 'it suited her' and fit her body size and shape moreso than the others.

    Bathory is a mysterious woman. She seems to have more of what she calls 'manners', and she finds that most others from other clans are 'barbaric and uncivilised'. She may seem a little arrogant, but she is just a little wary about things beyond her mansion, since she isn't used to the outside world.
    Being a princess, she has a princess complex, and seems to believe that everything should be handed to her on a silver platter.

    Brief History:
    King Asura found the child in the woods, all alone. He did not know what she was, but he took her in, and raised her to be a Princess, an heir to succeed him. Asura taught her many things, from how to respect others to how to fight. They were like father and child.
    Bathory felt different from her phantom brethren, believing that she didn't belong. When her father explained to her about the day he found her, she was a little shocked, but she was glad that Asura was her father, and she was her daughter, blood-related or not. Asura also explains that he does not know what Bathory is, beyond being his treasured daughter and grand Phantom Princess.

    Enhanced charisma, enhanced manners and... yeah that may be it.
    She is capable of inferring from the tiniest details.

    Adoptive Parent/s:
    King Asura himself, making her a Princess of sorts.


    Ice Shard | Avalanche | Bite
    Samui was born to a Froslass in the clan. He is most upset that he will never be a true Phantom much like his mother, since only female Snorunt can become Froslass. However, he wants to become a great warrior without the need of being a true Ghost-Type. As such, he chose to accompany the Princess on her quest, knowing that like her, he wants to find his real purpose.

    Forest's Curse | Leech Seed | Ingrain
    Stump is a silent, shy one who wishes to come out of her shell, which was why she chose to accompany the princess. She is not very fond of Samui.

    She possesses a very small odd keystone-like object on her necklace, given to her by her father. In the Phantom Society, it is a good luck charm.​
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  8. Crow, you really have a thing for partial or full nudity, don't you... Well it's understandable :D I'll reserve Undine, if you don't mind.

    I mean, I'll reserve your spot.
  10. I hate to be a pest but can I take away my reservation for Child of Evolution and take Forest Sprite?
  11. Very well then.
  12. [​IMG]



    Forest Sprite

    The Forest Spirits

    Viewed in picture. A cloth to cover unsavory bits along with wrist and ankle protectors, made with Mareep wool by Leaf herself. She always carries a dagger made from stone at her at all times.

    Leaf may seem a bit rough around the edges but in her heart she is a kind girl. She tends to be a trouble maker and can jump into fights without thinking. She can be a bit stand offish to other people outside her clan, not very trusting to other people yet. She is very crafty and sly. She as a temper and doesn't bode very well for trying to make friends. One thing that would piss her off is disrespecting nature. She has street smarts, not so much education smarts.

    Brief History:
    Found as baby by Mira the Simisage and Coal the Sawsbuck, they were a couple that was just walking through the forest. Thats when they found a baby, unsure what to do with it they took the baby back to their clan and informed Loki. Loki told them that they were to take care of the child, with the knowledge that the two couldn't have their own children. The two raised Leaf like their own and they were the parents that she ever knew. Even though the clan all pitched in to raise children. Leaf started to notice that she was quite different then the other Pokemon. She asked her parents and they told her the truth. They advised her to find her roots at Justicia Town and sent Lychee and Lyra to accompany her and keep her safe.

    She is adept at fighting, hunting, crafting and cooking.

    Adoptive Parent/s:
    She was found and adopted by a male Sawsbuck and a female Simisage. They raised her like their own child.


    Poison Powder | Razor Leaf | Take Down | Vine Whip
    A hardheaded and loyal companion of Leaf, one of her best friends. He chose to accompany Leaf to Justicia Town to find others like her.

    Draining Kiss | Moonblast | Destiny Bond | Lucky Chant
    A calm and level headed Pokemon, she was chosen by Leaf's parents to keep an eye over her and Lychee.

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  13. Hmmm...

    The rules state that only first or second evolutions are allowed. Gardevoir is a third evolution.

    I understand if you misintepreted the rules in some way. I'll go modify them to be a little more understandable.

    I'll go look through the app now.
  14. [​IMG]


    Female, I guess.

    Age: 16

    Undine Maiden


    1.45 meters tall, approximately B cup.


    Mizuko is a calm and analytical person. She remembers nearly everything she actively commits to her memory, which is partially photographic - if she can remember a few details of something, then the rest of it will come up too as the original image she memorised. She is very good at monitoring the battlefield, even when there are many pieces involved in it. Outside of battle, she is typically a friendly and approachable person, although she's quite bad at small talk - once she has the information she needs or has given the information she wants to give, she will feel satisfied and won't follow up with something about the weather as you'd expect.

    Brief History:
    Due to the social structure of the Undine tribe, Mizuko has always been raised in a collective manner. She would be raised in the homes of many families, for a week or two at a time, so that no particular family felt the burden of raising such an abnormal creature for too long, and so that everyone understood what it was like to raise an abnormal creature and didn't discriminate because of it. She left of her own accord, out of boredom, rather than out of the feeling of needing to find people like her.

    Strategical mastermind - knows what the battlefield will look like 10 seconds ahead.
    Excellent defensive qualities - uses Ice Shard as a defense move much more often than as an attack, throwing one out to absorb the energy of an incoming projectile or to trip something that's charging at her.

    Mizuko is a somewhat talented cook, since she got bored of eating berries and fire type pokemon after a while. At least the fire types tended to come pre-cooked though. She is also a master herbalist, and her teas are renowned across the entire water and ice lands.
    Jack of all trades to a very low extent.

    Adoptive Parent/s:
    Mizuko was raised collectively by the tribe, so has no specific adoptive parents.


    Nekori - female
    Ability: Ice Body
    Mirror Coat
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball

    Nekori is still a very young member of the tribe, having evolved after getting lost in the icy wilderness and encountering an Icy Rock. She tends to act like some kind of pet or mascot.

    Shiono - Male
    Ability: Own Tempo
    Heal Pulse

    Shiono is an elderly member of the tribe and simply tagged along as an excuse to explore the world before he died.

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  17. Leaf is good for acceptin'.
  18. Hang on, what happened to Psychic type? And can I claim that tribe's maiden too?
  19. The Tribe list is still expanding. Feel free to suggest and such.

    Very well, you can.
  20. Yay! Do I have the liberty of deciding the details of the psychic tribe?
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