INTEREST CHECK Magical Girl/Magical Boy Academy Roleplay - (Optional) --> Randomized Character Challenge!

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  1. (Sorry if this post isn't very detailed, it is my first on this site!)

    The roleplay:
    The idea would be that you would be a magical girl (or boy), that was sent to a magical school called Infinite Beginnings Academy to better train your otherworldly abilities. The academy is set in a deep forest that you can only find if you knew of its location beforehand, although the general location is in the USA. Your character would live there and train there. The dorms would be segregated by sex. Once you arrive, the headmistress makes you look into the lake that is in the middle of the campus. Instead of your reflection, you will see your power in its pure form. From then you are assigned to your mentor (you will probably have to roleplay your own mentor, unless you decide to roleplay someone else's mentor, which means you are basically an adult magical girl/boy) who will oversee your studies and assign you missions to do good in the world outside the academy. The missions can be simple as helping an old lady walk across the street to complex missions like stopping a monster that created itself out of pure darkness. How you got there and if you knew about your powers before hand is up to you.
    The Challenge (Optional):
    The challenge is to use this generator to make your character. You would have to look like and act exactly the character described.
    For Magical Girls:
    For Magical Boys/Knights:
    The Rules:
    1) Please try not to misspell things.
    2) There isn't a minimum writing requirement, however please try not to just do one line of text per post.
    3) No verbal abuse!
    4) You may have 3 characters at the most.
    5) Please try to roleplay frequently!
    6) Have fun!
    Character template:
    Normal Attire:
    How did you get your powers?
    Physical attributes:
    How did you find out the academy's location?
    RPG Rating:
  2. hey I'm interested. I'm new too, came from the Guild.
  3. Thank you for your interest! Maybe more people will be interested and we can make this roleplay a reality! (I sure hope so :D)
  4. Oo oo this seems fun!
  5. @Jennifer.exe i think it's funny how I read this a anime type magical girls and then read the description as Harry Potter type magic. Then when I clicked on the generator link it's anime XD.
  6. I'd like to see one more person be interested in this roleplay before we start, then I will make an official thread for the rp.
  7. What the hell. Let's give it a shot!
  9. Haha... Yes. Yes I am.
  11. Aw dangit. Jennifer is offline now.
  12. You flatter me Chad. Need to see my writing before you do such things, haha. Saw she was off as well. Suppose we can post our characters now?
  13. Lol you shall continue to observe that I am quite ridiculous. And yeah sounds gooooood.
  14. Name: Isaac Denarius
    Sex: Male
    Normal Attire: When in the real world, in order to stay inconspicuous, Isaac wears jeans, a t-shirt with a button shirt over and a gray cap.
    Costume: Gray apparel, seemingly a mix between a habit and armour. In other words, a breastplate with a cloth hood added and flowing robes from underneath. He also carries an oak staff that reaches his shoulder.
    Powers: Death powers (Used via a Staff)
    How did you get your powers? Isaac's grandfather had been a skilled mage, one he always admired. It was on his grandfather's deathbed, that Isaac inherited his power.
    Physical attributes: Isaac has long, white, straight hair and azure eyes. The hair is held back, in a low tied ponytail, with a black leather strap. He has a tall, muscular body and his eyes are almond shaped.
    Personality: Thoughtful. Isaac can be caught talking to himself as he muses about various aspects, concerning powers
    How did you find out the academy's location? From his grandfather.
  15. pip pip cheerio, I would like to join tis role play for thee is a new cattle as well.
  16. Sorry sorry! I had venturing crew meeting. Its like co-ed scouts.
  17. Okay, I am making the thread now.
  18. Cool! Gonna work on my CS.