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  1. For those of you who don't know what a Mafia game is, I'll summarise it for you in two lines:
    There is an enemy amongst you. Find him, before he gets you as well.



    • [tab=The Story]

    • Find the Mother Swarm and exterminate the threat before it terrorises the entire ship. In order to win, you must figure out who the Mother is.

    • Dominate this ship and claim it as your own new nest. Once more than 50% of the living population is converted, you win.

    • You are the firsts of a new population. Help your new Leader to cover his/her tracks and bring forth victory through teamwork - and sly charisma. If your Leader wins, you win as well.

    How To Play?

    • The Mother Swarm will be randomly assigned to one of the players, and the result will be discussed in private between the GM and player.
    • Player roles are first come, first serve. Once all the positions are taken, we will begin shortly. There are 9 positions in total, each with a unique ability.
    • The game relies on communication - for the Humans - and strategy, especially for the Swarms. Upon the creation of your character after cherry-picking a position, you will also have individual briefing about unique do's and don't.
    • Please remember that this game is for entertainment. Don't take the "tricks" personally. Your goodwill as a roleplayer is appreciated, and requested, therefore, certain information you hold are expected to be kept to yourself (example: a Swarm Child player sharing the identity of who the Mother is with a friend who is playing as the other faction through Conversation).

    Roles Available:
    1. The Captain
    2. The Mechanical Engineer Taken by WhoopDau.
    3. The Chef
    4. The Chemist Taken by kikinki.
    5. The Medic Taken by Ischyros.
    6. The Love Interest Taken by DarkStarLove90.
    7. The Mercenary Taken by Dip.
    8. The Janitor Taken by Mimoza.
    9. The Soothsayer* Taken by FiliaFlammae.
    *a person with "sixth sense", otherwise known as "psychic".

    Clean look: Currently there are 2 positions open; The Captain, The Chef.


    - Name
    - Appearance
    - Age
    - Personality (Notice: Keep it short. Unleash your personality in-game!)
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew

    How Does Time Flow In-Game?
    Every 24 hours for us is 6 hours in-game. This would make 4 days IRL as one full day in-game. Therefore players need not feel "pressured" into keeping track of the game too often. Shall you fail to make a post within 4 days, however, you will be vulnerable to all attacks. How the Mother Swarm wants to deal with you is your problem. (Smirk!)
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  2. [​IMG]

    The Mercenary

    - Name:
    Anton N. Vladiscnir
    - Age: 26
    - Personality: Hard to chew-- hard to swallow. She's stubborn to the very end (thats the Russian in her). Life is a game, and shes going to take home the gold. As much as that can be said about any good fighter, too much pressure can make any hull crack.
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew: Her will and determination won her over to the team from the start. She wasn't the first option, what with her being a women and all, but all of that was brushed aside as they watched her handle and fight with such grace and ease.
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  3. The Chemist

    - Name: Eleanor Kea
    - Age: 27
    - Personality: Bit of a shut-in, but kind to other people. Panics easily, but is a bit of an air-head. Her parents are rich, but she doesn't want to boast about it. Once she concentrates on something, it's hard to get her attention.
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew: Even if she is a bit quiet, she's still one of the leading chemists in America. However, the main reason she was chosen, is she knew the right people through her studies, and her parents wealth.
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  4. [​IMG]

    The Medic

    - Name: Fredrick Deivaught
    - Age:
    - Personality: Hard-working, driven individual. Acknowledges that the health of the crew is the very basis of their morale and always aims to keep everyone at their best. Maintains a friendly, helpful attitude at the worst of times. Acts as the foundation to which the crew is held together.
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew: Before joining he was searching for a new outlet to work, previous health-care center had run out of funding as most medical services were performed by machines. Visiting one day to one of the space ports he spotted a civilian who was shot accidentally by a rookie security-worker. His quick reflexes and extensive knowledge of medical practice allowed him to save the civilian. The ship's captain noticed all of this from a few feet away and hired him on the spot.
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  5. *brings out popcorn*

  6. The Mechanical Engineer

    - Drake Bishop
    -Age: 25
    -Personality: Drake is selfish most of the time, and very independent as well. Living in the slums has taught him a lot about survival, but this fact also adds to his increasing distrust in others. He is introverted, and will only speak when spoken to.
    -Reason chosen into crew: He was one of the people to help design the ship in the first place, but he wanted to add more programs and the likes onto it, thus he managed to reason with the captain on becoming the mechanical engineer.
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  7. The Love Interest

    - Name: Araile Livita
    - Appearance: [​IMG]

    - Age: 24
    - Personality: Outgoing and bubbly.
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew: She was just looking for a job, and she knows how to shoot and how to fight extremely well.
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  8. Hi, can I apply for #2 or #8?
  9. [​IMG]

    The Soothsayer

    - Name: Madison Flaherty
    - Age: 22
    - Personality: A timid people-pleaser. Easily frazzled and shies from confrontation, but she follows orders eagerly and to the letter. Her "condition," never conclusively diagnosed, has been a source of contention and personal doubt for a long time; she second-guesses her instincts a lot, mostly because she fears others will not trust her conviction.
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew: She's a bright student despite typically giving a first impression of being clumsy and disorganized. She's fresh out of college with her bachelor's of science in chemistry, here as an assistant to Dr. Kea (The Chemist) and otherwise to run miscellaneous errands for the rest of the crew.
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  10. Slightly OOC Note: I've been away for a job hunt and subsequent busy schedule as a concert "behind-the-scenes" worker. Sorry for being away for so long. I hope everyone who applied is still interested in the roleplay? Let me know if it's otherwise! /Goes off to file player records.
  11. Hi there! #2 (Mechanical Engineer) has already been dibbed. How about you take #8?
  12. - Name: Micaella Yamashita
    - Appearance:


    - Age: 30
    - Personality: perfectionist, mothering, easily amazed by technology, chipper and hardworking. Also, quite the neat freak.
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew: As a single mother, Micaella is quite determined to give her son a good future. Even if it was heart wrenching to leave her child, she applied for assignment to the ship, relying on her past as an aerospace engineering graduate to know what to touch and what not to touch.
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  13. Completely understand!
  14. Whew thanks so much for that.
  15. I would like to reserve a spot for the chef. I'll have a sheet up tomorrow, but I'm going to work in 30 minutes and don't want to lose a spot in an rp I'm really interested in! uwu
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  16. - Name: Damien Elder
    - Appearance: [​IMG]
    - Age: 29
    - Personality: Damien is somewhat reserved, but friendly and gentle. He is confident and slow to anger. Trustworthiness, honesty, and good will are things he strives to always achieve (and spread).
    - Reason Chosen Into Crew: He needed a place to go, and has skills that are useful; namely his cooking skills.
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  17. May I reserve the chef?

    Edit: Just saw the chef is already taken. Nevermind, then. X)
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  18. Whoa, sweet pic! Is that digital art or a real person? I am that blind that I can't tell, or it is just that good.
  19. Thanks, found it via Google. It's art actually! Really really good one too.
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  20. This rp looks really good but I guess I was too late to get a role :/

    I will be silently watching how it goes good luck :D
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