Mafia RP?

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  1. The mafia has always intrigued me, how the underground world works on its own set of politics and what is defined as just may not be the same standards others are held to.

    I REALLY wanna have a mafia RP, but I'd like to brainstorm with others!

    Also, just because it's mafia doesn't mean we're limited to Queens, New York or anything. The "mafia" is only a prompt. We could make the mafia be in the steampunk, cyberpunk, or other settings. After all, the mafia isn't a "modern American-Italian" idea alone. There are all sorts of gangs, from the Yakuza to the bikers of the city. There are street gang sporting gang colors and the wild west's rogues.
  2. Woohoo! Let's see if we can garner more interest. If not many people are interested, this thing might be a no-go.

    The important thing in gang wars are the different motives and politics. If we have only two or four people, it might not go well, since there aren't many dynamics in play.

    TL;DR: Group RP. Waiting for more.
  3. I'm in, I'm good with these types of roleplays
  4. I would also be interested!
  5. This seems interesting!
  6. Im definitely in dude, ;P
  7. Interested!
  8. Woohoo! Yay! More people!

    So what we have established is only that this will be a "mafia" RP, with gangsters. However, we don't really have a time frame and/or a setting for this RP.

    So let's kinda see what general interest is, yes?

    @Lonewolf888978 @xxDarkest_Assassinxx @littlemarieantoinette @Yuuki_Tatsunohi @Kitty @Tanstin

    What kind of setting are we looking for?

    Steampunk? Cyberpunk? Dieselpunk?
    New York Mobsters? Gangstas? Yakuza? Biker gangs?
  9. I don't exactly know the different "punks" in roleplaying but I'm all for a New York mobster type deal
  10. NY mobster here bby :*
  11. I'm up for a NY mobster kind of deal, but maybe there can be an incorporation of other mafia organizations somehow, there can be some sort of inter-faction conflict going on that would make things really interesting

    The presence of the yakuza for example
  12. For clarification (not for just you, but for everyone), steampunk, dieselpunk, and atomicpunk various other "-punk" genres are eponymous with cyberpunk.
    • Cyberpunk - set in a futuristic world in which modern technology features advanced computer systems. Think Tron.
    • Steampunk - set in a 19th century/pseudo-Victorian era in which modern technology features steam power. Think Full Metal Alchemist.
    • Dieselpunk - set in an early 20th Century (1900's) era, with diesel being the most common. Think Avatar: The Legend of Korra.
    • Atomicpunk - set in the 1960's era. Often features World War II type propaganda and/or thinking. Think the 2011 film Captain America.

    It is not required that we place the RP in any of these categories. It's just suggestion.
  13. I was thinking maybe a classical New York Mobster deal, or maybe a more modern one, where the Mafia is put against modern day gangsters and/or a biker gang!
  14. I would totally be down for a NY mobster style RP.
  15. Looks like everyone here is going for NY which is fine by me and I really like Tanstin's idea of having something big that involves all kinds of gangs and lonewolf's idea of pitting gang against gang. What if we do a combination of both ideas? Possibly give each kind of gang certain alliances like bikers have some sort of deal with a few color gangs and yakuza or something?
  16. I really want to incorporate multiple factions into this, it'd be more suspenseful
  17. Yes, and @Kitty always nice to see you again
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