Made up/trademark swears

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  1. my favourite swear is the pretty standard 'fuck'

    My favourite combination is probably asshat

    Iwaku potty mouths; activate!
  2. Shakespeare had the best insults.

    I usually just bite my thumb at people. Because no one knows what I'm doing.
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  3. Fuck, shit and ass are probably the most useful, and the ones I use more frequently. As far as combinations goes, I've got too many favourites to ever be able to choose. Dickwad is very funny, though.

    Around minors I use Oedipus or "you son of a female dog". Because of reasons.
  4. Bitchnugget. Because sometimes a person can be a real bitchnugget. (particularly my older brother.)
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    • Cocknugget
    • Fucknugget
    • Dicknozzle
    • Shitstain
    • Cuntstick
    • Fuckwad/dickwad
    I swear a whole lot.
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  5. We rather like Douche-monkey around these parts. I have also taken to calling people kumquats because I once called someone a cum-wad and he misheard me and I saw an opportunity for appropriation. "You are such a Kumquat!" delivered with a bright smile confounds people and amuses me.
  6. I swear so much lmao. I use dickturd and assdick a lot, anything dick or ass related can usually be moulded into one of my swear words. Bitch ass is usually how they start aswell.
    Motherfuckin bitch ass dickturd.
  7. Fuckass Shit
  8. "You cock lobbing motherfucker" or "you shitnibbling son of a bitch" are another two of my favourites.
  9. -Knucklefucker
    -Cock juggling thundercunt
    -Dumpster slut
    -Cum Dumpster
    -Softcock (use this in place of calling somebody a pussy or vagina, at least the female sex organ does something productive and everyone desires it, a flaccid dong is pretty useless/ insults their masculinity on a way more personal level)
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  10. Fuck simply because of it's fucking flexibility in use, it's fucking great.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fuck nugget you seriously needs to cheer up and have a fuck or two.
    It's not like I give a fuck what they say or anything though, fuck that fucking shit.
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  11. I use "cock smoker" sometimes.
  12. "Ah fuck buckets."
    "Well. Shit biscuits."
    "Dirty cum nuggets."
  13. My friend playfully calls me 'dicksnack' and I always get a chuckle out of it :P
  14. I say 'fething warp', combining various made-up sci-fi profanities from different Warhammer 40k authors.

    'Feth' is a tree god from a forest planet, though usage of his name is equivalent to 'fuck'. It was also one of the buildings on my campus, which confused a lot of people.

    The 'Warp' is a parallel dimension of emotion and storms and is literally hell.

    Saying 'fething warp' is essentially a tamer way of saying 'fucking hell', which I say anyways when I'm upset.
  15. When experiencing road rage type symptoms, I say "Fruit-Fucker" and "Non-Driving Fucktard" an awful lot.

    Otherwise, I try to keep the words toned down. Little ears and all. I just can't help it when I'm in the car.
  16. chorewhore and fuckbucket
  17. Not necessarily a swear, but my trademark reply when someone does something exceptionally stupid is calling them a 'dip'.

    Shorthand for dip shit, and I don't have to worry about some small fry overhearing me.
  18. My personal staples are:




    And, in Hellboy fashion, "Aw, crap..."
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