Machina: Death of the Galaxy

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Name: Sojobo

Gender: Male

Age: 120 (human years, mentally about 18-19)

Race: Tengu


Personality: Very arrogant, and very proud, believes he can do almost nothing wrong. Can be diplomatic, to a point, as long as it concerns him and his interests. Holds his piloting skills as the best of the best, but is above average truthfully.

Traits(2): Arrogance: Arrogance can be one of the worst traits in the world, but it can be great for a king and a pilot. He believes nothing can stop him, and follows through with everything he tries, taking rather life threatening risks to just prove his power. Of course, with the pluses, is the obvious setbacks of being arrogant. Being disliked, and branded as such will be commonplace with Sojobo.

Great Multi-tasking: Being the king, he has to think about many things at once, splitting his attention on several topics at once, and on the battlefield, it is no different. He's able to battle several opponents at once, making tactical situations at several people at once. Unfortunately, this means he has trouble focusing on one enemy for long periods of time, and has trouble focusing for long periods of time.

Equipment: His ancestral garb (shown in the picture), Shard of the King (shown dangling from his left hand, but is usually draped around neck), Wakazashi of The King (sword made with unknown metal on his planet, never dulls, and is a bright red steel)

Background: On a planet not too far away from Kenston only a few days light speed travel, lived a small population of about 1 million people who have no name. However, they are in the same shape and likeness of the mythical Tengu from Japanese mythology, characterized by long noses, red skin, white hair, and the ability to fly. Coincidentally, the people live only in mountains, much like the mythos.

Sojobo was born into the royal family, and lived a life of royal pampering, the typical royal life. He began to have a feeling of noble superiority, touting his family blood to anyone who would listen, as he soon ascended to the throne, in the Trial of Kings. All of the prospective kings get into an arena, and fight to the death. Whoever is left is crowned the king. His sword that was used in battle is then coated in their steel that is exclusively found on their planet, said to never dull. He ruled for 50 Kenston years, making his planet prosperous but very profitable, but due mostly to the old king. In truth, he was not a great king, but only a good decision maker. Everything else that required poise and civility suffered. The people were happy, however.

The first human contact the Tengu's had was an emissary of Kenston, during Sojobo's 10th year of ruling. They informed them of their existence, their location, which dumbfounded the Tengu's at the time, and that they weren't alone in the universe. They wrote it off as just some spirit causing trouble, paying not much heed.

In Sojobo's 15th year of ruling, a unknown mech crash landed onto the planet, near the capitol city. Sojobo was the first one brave enough to search the mech, and found a dead human pilot in the mech. His people had never seen this kind of technology, and didn't know what to do with it. Sojobo ordered a hangar be built, and to research the mech as much as possible. Around his 50th year of ruling, they had learned how to control it, make one, and repair it. Of course, Sojobo knew all the details, and was chosen to be the first Tengu as they would soon be called, to venture to space.

They found on the mech a return to base function that would turn the automatic pilot to return to it's place of deployment, which happened to be Kenston. They understood that the man many years before was not lying, and they decided to use the function to make contact with the humans, as they did long ago. Sojobo set about his task to make contact with Kenston and the humans.

Machine Bio

Name: Ebony Judgment

Type: Mecha


Weapons: Plasma Flamethrower (Left Hand): This is a short range, but incredibly powerful and high temperature flamethrower, hot enough to turn into the element plasma, able to burn through unrefined mechs and other metals in a matter of seconds, severely damaging whatever it touches. It can, if done correctly, cook a pilot inside their own mech, overheat the boosters and cause an internal explosion, as well as many other crippling reactions if kept on the mech for long periods of time. However, it takes a few seconds to start up, and the range is only a few hundred meters, which is well within regular firing range. Used only as a close range for smaller enemies. It can also be used as a club for melee combat.

Hi-Power Plasma Rifle (Right Hand): This is a mid-long range rifle, with charge and rapid fire capabilities. This weapon is capable of hitting a target 5 meters wide from several thousand miles once charged to max. It also has a rapid fire capability, from about a thousand meters or so, giving it a good mid range fire. It is, as with the flamethrower, plasma weaponry, giving it a good armor piercing element.

Hi-Speed Pursuit Missiles (Back Right Shoulder): The four struts on his back are used to prep hi speed missiles that lock on to the central power source of the mech being targeted. Some special kinds of energy sources may be immune to the missiles tracking (like Archy's mecha). The missiles themselves are high penetration, piercing, pursuit missiles, meant to infiltrate the outer armor, lodge itself into the main power core, and detonate from it's explosive warhead. It only has a few dozen missiles as ammo, and it's tracking can be easily lost in a sea of mechs, hitting unwanted targets.


Plasma Core: Through several technologies, including fission and fusion, a plasma energy core is contained inside the Ebony Judgment, containing almost an infinite amount of energy, high heat, and highly dangerous if the core is torn apart. Fortunately, the core is protected by the famous Tengu steel, which has incredibly high heat capacity and very strong.

Melee Weapons and Armor: When the mecha crash landed on the Tengu planet, it was badly damaged, the weapons broken, and the body damaged as well. The Tengu's replaced the missing and broken pieces with the famous Tengu steel, allowing the armor to have incredible heat capacity and strength, as well as the weapons. The weapons are strong enough to use as clubs and melee weapons without too much damage to the internal workings. This goes for the legs and chest as well.

Melee Proficiency: The Tengu King is, and has always been, trained in martial arts and weapon use. This has carried over to his mech training, having been self taught. They got the mech working before the weapons, and Sojobo trained in the mech as a martial arts regiment. He knows how to kick, punch, grab and smash with the mech, making him a more dangerous threat close range.

Plasma Boosters: Standard run of the mill boosters, nothing special.
The Man
Name: Ansgar Slobodan
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Race: Human
Homeworld: Ragnarok (Canis Majoris II)

Description: Ansgar stands just under six feet tall, with an average build, slightly on the thin side. He keeps his black hair cropped, and he has slate-grey eyes. All in all, he has a very paramilitary appearance. His clothing runs to cargo pants, tee shirts, and pilot-style leather jackets.

Personality: Wild and vaguely egomaniacal, Ansgar frequently operates outside the law. Or, more often, in the absence of law. An "Independent Contractor," he specialises in violently applied force, especially in situations where governments, corporations, or wealthy individuals cannot afford to be officially involved in an incident. Under the constraints of a finely-tuned plan, he is often the metaphorical spanner in the works. Given free rein, however, he is a master of his art. Most consider him to be completely amoral, and, by and large, they're right. He believes in living fast and hard, and morality would just get in the way.

Action "Hero": Ansgar's preferred mode of operation is guns blazing. It's not that he doesn't think he can die; the thought just doesn't bother him much. Thus, he is willing to take the sort of risks that have lead some employers to refer to him as being "too crazy to kill."

Showboater: Ansgar is flashy and vaguely egomaniacal. He can't resist a dramatic entrance, and his antics tend to make people not take him seriously.

-Burch Technics X5N VCPAS (Variable Configuration Personal Armor System, see below)
-Price Solar Frontiers K135 .309 Assault Rifle
-Cox Industrial Arms Stonewyrm .58COX Autopistol
-Customized Koyakota Industries AVN3314 Jetbike
-Breaching charges (2)
-Republic ID
-Ragnarok ID

Background: Ansgar Slobodan was born on the planet Ragnarok in the Canis Majoris system. He, like most natives, was drafted into a regional militia within months following his 15th birthday. When war broke out between the militias, the conscripts were first in; in the first few months of fighting alone, he saw most of his close friends die. Nearly two years after the start of the war, the command staff of Ansgar's militia was eliminated, effectively ending them as a fighting force. Ansgar and several others took the opportunity to steal some paramilitary hardware and get the hell offplanet. While the others went to start new lives for themselves, Ansgar chose to do what he knew he was good at; fighting.

Ansgar acquired the X5N when Burch Technics hired him to retrieve it after it was stolen. They tried to stiff him on his fee, so he simply kept it.

The Machine

Name: X5N Variable Configuration Personal Armor System / Rose
Type: Personal Armor System
Description: The X5N is a prototype nanotech armor, capable of reconfiguring itself and actively repairing itself, scavenging its surroundings for material as necissary. It has three operating modes; Low Profile, Assault, and EVA. Low Profile fabricates an armored variant of up to roughly a dozen clothing items in stored memory. Assault mode is comparable to high-end power-assist tactical assault armor. The EVA setting is fully enclosed and airtight, and features maneuvering thrusters. Reconfiguring between these modes takes about 5 minutes, during which all other functions are suspended and the wearer must remain relatively stationary. The Emergency Reconstruct feature reconfigures the armor at an accelerated rate (10 seconds, and the default result is EVA) which drains the nanites' capacitors, forcing them to suspend all non-passive functionality for 30 minutes.

Low Profile: No integral weapon systems.
Assault: Shoulder mounted Micromissile launcher (Internal magazine capacity 5 missiles; missile fabrication requires 1m/round and raw materials).
EVA: Magnetic Grapple, Breaching Torch (a cutting torch designed to be used in conjunction with the magnetic grapple to effect hostile boardings)

Extras: In addition to its self-repair feature, the X5N has the capability to fabricate equipment and ammunition from stored schematics using mass scavenged from its surroundings. At present, the X5N has six stored schematics; K135 Assault Rifle, C.I.A. Stonewyrm, .309 and .58COX ammunition, and magazines for aforementioned weapons.

The distributed processing of the nanites has given rise to an AI whom Ansgar calls Rose. He communicates with Rose - and vice versa - though a mic headset. Rose has the capability to interact directly with a neural interface - the capacity was built into the X5N from the ground up - but Ansgar doesn't trust that particular fledgling technology just yet.

Ammunition fabrication averages 1 round/sec, a C.I.A. Stonewyrm takes about 2 minutes, and a K135 is completed in approximately 4 minutes.
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ARMPERSUP: Army Personnel Support

NAVPERSUP: Navy Personnel Support

They get take care of personnel records, active and inactive. I had to deal with them when I was discharged.

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Name: Ezekiel Fulgrimsson
Gender: Male
Age: Date of Birth Unknown, appears late fourties (well, he WOULD if his face wasnt augmented)
Race: Augmented human
Description: I shall provide an image to go with this, but lets start with Augmentics.
Ezekeil stands at approximately eight and a half feet tall, out of his armor, and 90% of his body is made up of nonbiological augmentics, for instance, his face, he has one human eye, human nose, human mouth, but the rest of his head is a bed of lenses, computers and other such devices
his internal organs were scooped out and replaced by more efficent versions long ago.

Personality: off centre and unpredictable, Ezekiel drifts between animalistic rage and calm, controlled intellectualism.
addiction to the machine: Ezekiel cannot be seperated from Imperator Victum for extended periods of time without suffering severe psychological regression, until he basically becomes an animal clawing his way back to the Imperial Knight, killing anything that stands between himself and the Imperator Victum's MIU.
the only way to satiate this is to murder or mutilate biologicals (humans aliens, doesnt really matter)

Biomechanical Man: Ezekiel's augmentations grant him great capability on the battlefield, and his psychosis whilst leaving him little desire for anything bu slaughter, has gifted him with an innate knowlege of the battlefield.
Ezekiel can survive what no unaugmented human could even hope to overcome, and he does so with relish, for to survive is to continue killing.

Equipment: Hellpistol [ a .50 hand cannon in laser form] back mounted
blowtorch/flamethrower, assorted mechanical power tools (attached to the servo arms like the blowtorch) night vision/thermal vision/enhanced optical zoom (his augmentic eyes) carapace armor (to protect vital joints and cabling) and Red Robes of office
Background: born in the so called Gothic Subsector, Ezeikeil was born into a cult of the machine, where their god was machines themselves, each machine with its own spirit.

it was here that Ezekiel was first augmented and connected into the mind impulse unit of Imperator Victum, and thus became one with the machine in more than just physical terms.

soon after he began to change mentally, assuming more and more of the machine's personality, until he finalyl cracked, and slaughtered the rest of his kill team, leaving their Knights smoking wrecks.

after that there was no going back, he fled the gothic sector, and found himself drawn to the most savage of warzones, the msotbrutal of conflicts, his only joy coming from crushing infantry under his heels and hunting enemy mechs and warmachines.

Name: Imperator Victum
Type: Imperial Knight
Description: on the left you have supersized Lascannon (your normal lascannon is a heavy weapon....carryable by a normal human, look to the size comparison and style image shown below for ideas on just how much bigger this one is) and on the right we have a massive chainsword, though on the Imperator Victum, we have a plasma blastgun

Weapons: Whilst the Imperator Victum's weapons are interchangeable if one has the correct facilities, the Imperator Victum is armed with a upsized version of the humble lascannon, and as such is capable of destroying tank sized vehicles with a single shot, although that would be a waste of the vehicles firepower.
The other weapon mounted on the Imperator Victum is the Plasma blastgun

this too is capable o destroying small armored units (such as Main battle tanks) with ease, since the Imperator Victum's main role is to take out larger mechs in short salvos before the enemy can aquire them, though usually this is done in a strike team of several Imperial Knights.
Machine Spirit: the imperator Victum has a machine spirit, and as such it has a persenality of it sown, although it needs a pilot to be hooked up to its MIU (mind impulse unit) to function.
the personality of the Imperator Victum is similar to that of a wolf or other predatory apck animal. it is savagte, cunning and enjoys nothing more than pouncing on it's prey.

that said, the machine spirit also enjoys to disturb enemy sensor's and deafen the eharing of infantry with music. in particular, the Imperator Victum likes metal, since metal often features "walls of sound" (think dragonforce/screamo metal guitar style stuff, where there are no breaks between one note to the next)

Sound system: part of the Imperial Kngiht's decoy system is a 360 degree sound system that can disable sonar and radar through putting out enough sound to overwhelm the enemie's sensors. it has the added bonus of deafening nearby (under half a kilomitre distance wise) unprotected infantry if they are exposed to it for any period above a short time.
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Name: Adrian Fortstone

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Race: Human


Despite being ex-military, Adrian is still built, and carries himself, like a serviceman. He is tanned, lean and muscled, and despite his greying hair does not look like age is catching up with him any time soon. He stands at 6'1", and is always seen in a black suit with the Cheiron Group logo upon it and a dark red shirt. He wears a shoulder holster that always carries a pistol.

Personality: Self-assured. That's how some might describe Adrian Fortstone. He has a calm, detached, methodical attitude to his work, his years of experience at running black ops having granted him the ability to carry out even the most horrific of tasks without blanching. His loyalty is to the Cheiron Group unquestionably, but Adrian isn't stupid; he knows that his employers could always turn upon him, and so has several files containing their details ready to be dispatched to the authorities should he ever be killed or betrayed.

Traits: WIRED
Adrian has received extensive surgery to his brain, increasing his reasoning ability and also allowing him to communicate with his employers at any time, anywhere (provided there isn't some form of heavy interference nearby).

Many people claim to have "seen just about everything", yet a lot of the time they are lying. Adrian is one of the few men you could say has truly seen just about everything, or at least a hell of a lot. Years of special operations, espionage and corporate assassinations have given him a wealth of know-how that he can employ and utilise whatever the situation.

Equipment: – Cheiron Plasma Pistol, held in Shoulder Holster

- Shoulder Holster

- Body Armour, hidden under suit (cannot be seen, but can be detected with the right equipment)

- RIG, used to connect Adrian to his armour

Background: A war veteran who fought for humanity against the aliens, Adrian Fortstone has a long record of service and the scars to prove it. Joining up after University as an officer, he was selected for special forces training after four years, and from then on ran numerous black ops missions, fighting whatever he was put in front of, killing whoever he was told to.

He learned to accept his job as just that; a job, a well-oiled business transaction, not dissimilar to a plumber, or a banker. His borderline ruthlessness was well-accepted by his superiors, and he received a good pension when he was honourably discharged.

At this point, he was contacted by the Cheiron Group and offered a job. The Cheiron Group, a secretive, clandestine organisation that exists as a coalition within several major human corporations and seeks to preserve human interests, were looking for a contractor to assist with and carry out corporate espionage missions and Adrian had been highly recommended.

Adrian gathered enough intelligence on the group, and set up a system that would send the information to the authorities if he was betrayed or killed, and accepted the offer. He has now been working for Cheiron for several years, and has recently been assigned to oversee the Cheiron-funded Kenston Military Research Facility.


Name: Cheiron ULTEX Stealth Power Armour

Type: Humanoid Power Armour, 7'2"


Weapons: – Shoulder Cannon, firing rounds designed to puncture Mecha armour at critical locations and damage important circuits and rotors

- Adrian can use his Plasma Pistol, charging it from the suit to make it more powerful

Extras: The ULTEX comes equipped with a stealth system, allowing it to become invisible to the naked eye and to numerous sensors for up to twenty minutes (then requiring an hours charge), unless it is hooked up to some other power source. It's effectively an anti-Mecha; small, undetectable and capable of doing tremendous amounts of damage before you have even realised it's there.
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