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  1. Hiya everyone, I'm in the mode for some Cartoon Yaoi Shipping!

    Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures! Credit goes to the respective artists! I just did a Google search for the pairings.

    Some things I'm looking for in a partner

    -LOOKING FOR TOPS AND BOTTOMS! I'm more than willing to play tops for these pairings!

    -Must be okay with mpreg

    -a paragraph at least of length

    -must have decent grammar. A spelling error every now and then is okay but nothing so atrocious as to come off as illiterate.

    -No PM rps, just Threads but I will do lemons in PMs if you are uncomfortable with doing them in threads

    -No bathroom play

    -Also some these characters might be underage in canon but they will be portrayed 17+ years old.
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  2. Sokka x Zuko (open)


    Alternate universe perhaps?

    Plot: Zuko and Sokka had a fling or two during the war, and after the war, they had to break up. While Sokka is back in the Water Tribe, he experiences a strange sickness.

    Mpreg wanted!
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  3. Qrow x Taiyang RWBY (open)


    Pairing: Qrow Branwen x Taiyang Xiao Long

    Plot: What if there was more than anyone knew? What if everyone was lying to protect Yang and Ruby? What if Ruby's mother isn't Summer Rose, and what if Yang's mom isn't Raven Branwen? What if Qrow was their parents?

    Notes: So with this RP, I want to start it when they are about late teens or early 20s and go from there. Either of them could be top or bottom. I just want this to be a fun RP overall.

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  4. Still looking
  5. Holy shap love the Edd and Kevin idea. Pushes interested button.
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  6. Still looking~
  7. Still looking~
  8. Still looking
  9. Hello!! I am SUPER interested in the Sokka and Zuko one! Those two are my favorite characters and I totally ship them! This will be a stupid question; what is Mpreg? ​
  10. Mpreg is male pregnancy
  11. Ah. Okay. I have never done that but I would be willing to try :) ​
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  12. Are any of these darling pairings available? ^^
  13. Um...they're taken I'm afraid
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