M/F, M/M, F/F - Which one(s) do you role-play?

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What orientation(s) do you role-play?

  1. M/F

  2. M/M

  3. F/F

  4. None

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey, so this is something I've been awfully curious about for a long time, but I've never found a community large enough to pose the question to. Hopefully this hasn't been too many times, I didn't see anything. D:

    I'm curious about the number of people who role-pay m/f, m/m and f/f and how they compare to each other. I'm 99% sure f/f will be the least popular, because I know I have a hell of a time finding anyone else who role-plays it. You can select multiple responses, so you can check them all if you'd like. :3 I also included 'none' for those who don't enjoy romantic role-plays.

    I personally selected m/m and f/f.
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  2. I'm a het male but M/M is kinda cool and gender swapped M/F is fun. I've never done F/F but would be willing to try.
  3. I'm enjoying my M/F oneXones. I think I have it in me to do all orientations however the chance has yet to arise here on Iwaku and I have in the past before I came here done all orientations at some point or another.
  4. I always do straight relationships, but I have played the other two once or twice before in the past. o_o it's just rare for me, cause it dun appeal to me for playing. Kinda like I dun tend to play male characters often, cause it's just a mindset I can't seem to immerse myself in to as easily. I like to immerse, so I play things I can connect to!
  5. Mostly, I do MxM and MxF. I don't do FxF anymore. I think I would make an exception only for @Kitti, 'cause she's my oldest and closest friend I've ever had on here. :3 I do not know why, but I'm picky about who I roleplay FxF with. So I just don't try anymore, haha.
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  6. I will never do a FxF. I just can't do it. I've just started to do MxM, but I mainly do MxF.
  7. @Diana That's why gender swapping and MxM appeals to me cause it's a writing challenge and new experience :).
  8. I tend to roleplay mxm or mxf but I don't really have a problem with fxf. It just takes an exceptional plot or idea for that. Not sure why, really?
    We could just stick to mxf and such, Fluffsweet.
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  9. Ewww boys. Ewww girls. Wait. I'm supposed to have relationships in RPs?
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  10. That's why I put 'none' in there!
  11. I greatly enjoy FxF -- mostly because I have real-life experience to compare it to or, as Diana said, it helps immerse myself into the roleplay. However, you're right: FxF is harder to find, so I've learned to enjoy MxM and MxF too, just in different ways.
  12. I prefer M/M more than M/F and F/F ^_^ I don't know why; I just find it more appealing.
  13. This place needs more gays
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  14. I play all of the above (though I've only had like, one or two F/F), perhaps because I am a weird sexuality lol I'm not even sure I have a preference for any, it's all about the story or other character.
  15. I'm basically a big fat lesbian, so I've filled up my gay quota.
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  16. I do lesbian rps out the roof! Most of mine usually are either lesbian or bi!
  17. Medium-sized bisexual here. I want more f//. :c

    I really don't have a preference as to orientation. I mean, some days I want one more than another, but I play them all and it's more about the characters, the chemistry, and the plot than the genders.
  18. Iwaku has a pretty impressive gay population if you look at it compared to the world average, but then again maybe people are more honest here... Or we're just happy to be flaming. In either case if anyone is interested Iwaku does have a Gay Straight Alliance group.
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  19. Yes but there is a significant lack of gays and it also hurts that I am contributing
  20. Oh, I totally voted wrong and had a trigger finger on pushing buttons cuz I was like Oooooh buttons. YAY.


    I have done M/M, M/F and F/F in the past.
    I have absolutely no preference.
    It all lies within who I am roleplaying with as a partner, who I am going to play as, and the chemistry we want between our little characters.
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