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  1. a n n i s t o n
    "I'm not going."

    "Yes, you are."

    "No, I'm not."

    "Why do you have to be such a killjoy, Anniston?" Winona whined.

    Anniston rolled her eyes at her best friend and averted her eyes to her pancakes. All around them on the Slytherin table, students were excitedly discussing the school dance that would be held tonight. She could understand, to a certain extent, their excitement -- Hogwarts didn't throw many dances and it was October, so this would be Halloween-themed -- but Anniston could not truly relate to Winona or the other students. She lacked the energy to actually enjoy a social gathering. She would rather stay in her dormitory and read a book.

    "I don't understand how me not going to the dance will make a negative impact on your night," Anniston argued.

    "Because it won't be the same without you!" Winona was very pretty; she had a heart-shaped face and light red hair with huge green eyes that were currently wide as she pleaded with her best friend. Anniston hated it when she did that; it was hard to say no to Winona anyway, but when she looked so desperate, Anniston had no chance.

    "I don't have a dress," said Anniston, holding onto the last few reasons for staying home that she had left.

    "I'll lend you my blue one."

    "I don't have a date."

    Winona scoffed. "Neither do I. We're going together."

    "Ugh, fine."

    "Anniston Avery Rathscar, if you do not go -- wait, did you say yes?!" Winona gasped.

    Anniston sighed and rolled her eyes as her best friend squealed in delight. "Keep your voice down. And, you owe me."
    r o n

    Flanked by Harry on one side and Ginny on the other, Ron Weasley walked into the Great Hall and sat with his friends at the Gryffindor table, across from Calypso and Hermione, who were already seated. Wasting no time, Ron tucked into breakfast and listened to Ginny and Hermione discuss the dance.

    "I have a lovely lavender dress picked out," said Hermione with the same steely, professional air she said everything else with. "What about you, Ginny?"

    "Mine's turquoise," replied the Weasley girl.

    "Are you still going with Dean Thomas?" Hermione asked conversationally. Ginny nodded in response.

    "He's not good enough for you," Ron said immediately in his typical older-brother tone. No one was good enough for his sister.

    "Oh, yeah, because you totally have a hot date," said Ginny sarcastically.

    Ron didn't have a date, but he wasn't going to let Ginny win. "Sure I do," he said, before turning to Calypso. "Leo, you wanna go with me? As friends, of course."
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  2. [​IMG]

    In all honesty, Calypso hadn't found the idea of the ball all that appealing, especially since she already went to one during fourth year. That time, she had gone with an old friend from the Beaxbatons. Having studied there for a year before she joined Hogwarts, she still had some friends there.

    She had intended to simply spend her night out on the field with her broom, practising for the game after Halloween. They were up against Ravenclaw so she needed to be at her best.

    She was just listening to Hermione talk while she at her food when Ron, Harry and Ginny arrived and Hermione found someone more enthusiastic about the dance she could speak to. Calypso smirked and continued eating. She had hardly heard what Ron asked he till Hrry nudged her foot from under the table and she was brought back to reality, having digested what Ron was asking.

    "Because I'm hot?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, in reference to Ginny's comment about a hot date. Chuckling slightly, Calypso nodded. "Yeah, sure. I'll go with you. Just a bit of a forewarning though, be prepared to have your mind blown." She teased. In all honesty she didn't even know what she was going to wear. She'd have to borrow something from Ginny.

    She could have asked Hermione but while the bushy haired girl was slender, Calypso was tinier, and so her dress would most likely keep sliding off her shoulders. Ginny was a closer fit even if she was shorter than her too.


    "So you're coming right?" Asked a guy from beside Cedric. With slight alarm, he shifted his head toward the male to see his friend Kaleb, a fellow Hufflepuff. "To the dance?" He pressed further, as if reminding Cedric that the event was tonight.

    "Hmm? Oh, uh, no I don't think so." He muttered, suddenly very interested in his eggs a he poked them around aimlessly with a fork.

    "Come on, this is our last year. You don't want to miss out on it." He urged Cedric who could only sigh. He knew he wasn't going to get out of it so he didn't bother refusing again.

    "Alright. I have noone to go with but I'll come." He assured Kaleb, to keep him quiet.

    "Why don't you ask Cho again?" Said another male from his other side, named Alex. "You two looked good together."

    Cedric lifted his gaze to land on the ravenclaw girl a few feet away at her table, conversing with a guy. "No... That's over." He insisted before turning his gaze back to his friends. "Don't worry about it. It'll be fine. I'm still coming." He assured them, and seemingly satisfied, they nodded and went on talking about something else while girls all around them chattered on about the ball.
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  3. a n n i s t o n
    For the rest of the day, Anniston felt that Hogwarts was stuck in a fast-forward time lapse of excitement mixed with panic, and she was the lone sane person standing in the middle of it, watching as her classmates rushed around the castle as they prepared for the ball. Even the teachers seemed enthusiastic about the affair; Professors Flitwick and McGonagall closed off the Great Hall right after lunch so the faculty could prepare the room for the dance. Anniston failed to share anyone's excitement; in fact, she was already mentally exhausted when Winona demanded they start getting ready.

    With a book propped in front of her, Anniston watched as her best friend twirled in front of the mirror in the Slytherin seventh-year girls' dormitory. Winona wore a silvery gray down with thin straps and a flowy skirt that drifted around her curvaceous frame like curtains in the wind. The pale gray colour contrasted magnificently with her strawberry-blonde curls. Winona was a Muggle-born, so she had brought a variety of Muggle cosmetics to school with her, and was currently painting her face with these products. She looked beautiful. Anniston felt happy for her.

    Once Winona was finished with her own appearance, she dragged Anniston off her bed and handed her a long, floaty sky-blue dress. Anniston rolled her eyes, too tired to argue with her best friend, and slipped on the garment. She was surprised when she looked at her reflection and found that she looked very different; the dress was a stark contrast to anything she would have ever worn and made her look older, elegant ... pretty. Anniston had not felt pretty since her dad had died and stopped insisting that she was. Anniston was glad her scars had faded.

    Winona applied her makeup to Anniston's face and loaned her a pair of silver heels. She leaned back in her chair and sighed as she assed Anniston. "You look beautiful," she said happily. "It's glad to see you're a girl."

    "Screw you," Anniston laughed. Winona had woven Anniston's hair into a loose, voluminous braid that hung over her shoulder. Anniston stood up. "Let's get this over with."
    r o n
    "Wow, Harry," Ron sighed in fake lust as Harry stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in the same elegant dress robes he had worn to the Yule Ball in fourth year. Ron looked up at his friend with puppy-dog eyes. "You look so handsome. Screw Calypso -- can I take you to the dance?"

    "Shove off," snickered Harry. He threw Ron's own sensible black dress robes at him. "Hurry up and get changed. You don't want to keep your hot date waiting, do you."

    Ron rolled his eyes as he stepped into the bathroom. Harry had been teasing Ron about Calypso for years -- she was very pretty -- but it had all been good fun. Ron had never considered Calypso anything but a friend in all the years they had known each other. Ron changed into his robes and quickly combed his hair as neatly as he could. Ron had never been good at making his hair neat but he knew Hermione and Ginny would jump down his throat if he showed up to the dance looking scruffy, so he tried his best.

    Ron and Harry made their way down to the Great Hall. The Entrance Hall was decorated in orange and yellow streamers, symbolising autumn and Halloween, with tiny versions of Fred and George's fireworks hovering near the ceiling. Ron certainly liked the decorations better than the Yule Ball's. Hermione and Calypso were waiting for them, looking very beautiful, at the foot of the staircase.

    "Ginny off with Dean?" Harry asked. Hermione nodded.

    "Remind me to punch him later," Ron said to Harry, before offering his arm to Calypso. "Shall we go in, lovely date?"
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  4. c a l y p s o

    After having asked Ginny for a dress, she was granted a flowy green one that fell to her knees. It accented her skinny frame but not so much so that it made her look underdeveloped and child like, which was usually the case with her. It wa the kind of green that one saw in the forest, dark and fantasy like, rather than the emeral Slytherin green which would have suited her because of her parentage. It matched the sliver ring she had on, and not to mention her eyes. Or eye, since one was grey.

    Her hair, which was normally a light shade of blue thanks to her metamorphmagus abilities, wa snow it's natural blonde, falling in waves down to her shoulders, and she had opted to wear flats despite Ginny's insistence on her wearing heels. She was doing a lot just by wearing a dress and showing up so she didn't want to go with heels, nor did she wear any make up or jewellery. She kept it simple yet elegant, which was new for her.

    She was down at the Great Hall soon with Hermione who had gone all out dressing herself up, and Ron and Harry had soon arrived, so she smiled their way, thankful that Ron had changed fromhis nasty old robes he had during fourth year. Those were definitely ghastly.

    "Of course," she said with a smirk as she took her arm to entertain him before walking inside. She glanced aroumd at the streamers and decorations and it was pretty beautiful. She liked this theme more than fourth year for some reason. Maybe it was just because she was with someone different.

    c e d r i c

    "Having fun yet?" Asked Kaleb as he walked up next to Cedric. The brunette was currently filling a goblet of juice for himself to drink as his friend parted from his date. It seemed both him and Alex had both secured girls for the dance and they seemed to be having a blast so he didn't want to come in between that.

    Besides, ever since fourth year, he had withdrawn from them a great deal, given what he had witnessed and his close call with death. Kaleb and Alex tried hard to get him back into the groove of things and apparently, they hadn't given up yet.

    Cedric tried to give him an enthusiastic smile just for his sake. "Yeah, this is actually pretty great." He told him with a nod and watched Kaleb return the grin.

    "I told you it would be fun." He said with a nod before gesturing to the dance floor. "Come on, join Hannah and me. Dance a little."

    Cedric glanced back at his date who was dancing with some of her friends and he nodded a little. "I will. In a while, okay?" He told him with a small smile before departing and heading over to an empty table to sit down.
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  5. a n n i s t o n

    Half an hour into the dance and Winona had abandoned Anniston on the side of the dance floor. Anniston watched with glassy eyes filled with annoyance as Winona twirled around on the dance floor with a boy from Ravenclaw Anniston barely knew. The redhead shot her best friend an apologetic look. Anniston flipped her the bird and walked away.

    She searched for an empty table but literally every one was filled with people, or had one or two remaining seats, except for one, where a handsome seventh-year sat, alone. Usually Anniston would never sit with strangers, but in this case she would rather sitting with one person she had never spoken to over a group of them, so she made her way to the table.

    She sat down opposite the boy, shooting him an apologetic look as she did so. "Sorry," she said. "Everywhere else is full, pretty much. I hope you don't mind. I'll just mind my own business." Anniston took the end of her braid and fiddled with it as she watched Winona dance. She wished she had the confidence to parade around with a boy she had never met. Winona looked like she was having a lot of fun.
    r o n
    "Here you go," said Ron, passing Calypso a goblet of punch. "We have to keep you hydrated. Can't have my hot date passing out from how amazing my dancing is."

    Most of Ron and Calypso's conversation was filled with flirtatious joking, which was part of the reason Harry incessantly teased him about the girl. Ginny was worse; she had actually convinced their mother that Ron's secret girlfriend was Calypso. Mrs Weasley had pretty much started planning a wedding.

    Ron looked at Calypso. She always looked pretty, but tonight ... under the Halloween lights ... she looked ... different. "You look beautiful," he told her sincerely, the words slipping out of his mouth as if they were the most natural thing in the world. He looked away, his ears turning slightly red. "I like your natural hair."

    They were sitting at a table by themselves, right on the edge of the dance floor. Ron looked up to see Ginny dancing with stupid Dean Thomas. Harry was twirling Luna right beside them, Luna wearing a purple ruffly dress, and Hermione was dancing with Neville. "Feel free to drag me up there any time you like," Ron said to Calypso.
  6. c a l y p s o

    "Thank you, kind sir," she said, giving him a mock bow as she chuckled and took the goblet from him. What she wouldn't give for some firewhisky right about then. She had a high tolerance for it so it basically never stopped her from drinking it. She could thank her late father for the she supposed. She remembered during Christmas parties that he could consume a whole lot and still feel perfectly fine.

    She took a sip and set the goblet down, glancing over at Ron. She'd grown so close to him and Harry in the past few years, even if she had only arrived during second year. Spending some christmases at the Weasley's had always been fun and his mother was an amazing cook so it was just an added bonus. She never saw Ron as anything more than a friend, however she was slowly starting to change her view.

    "Thank you," she said with a small smile, feeling the colour rush to her cheeks at his words. She'd been complimented before but something about the way he said it now was different. "Have to look good on my date's arm don't I?" She added with a slight smirk before letting her mismatched gaze travel to the dance floor where pairs were floating around along to the slow, melodious music.

    Taking Ron up on his offer, she stood and straightened her dress before going and taking his hands to pull him out of his seat as well. "I think I will," she responded with a grin, eyes sparkling under the lighting, as she pulled him out to the floor among the crowd of dancing students, before placing her arms around his neck.

    c e d r i c

    Cedric was a little surprised when someone came over to the table. He recognised Anniston, they shared Herbology together since Hufflepuff and Slytherin were together for it. He hadn't ever properly spoken to her before but he didn't mind the company. It certainly beat his friends who would just keep pushing him to dance. If they saw him sitting with a girl they might keep away.

    "Oh, it's alright," he waved it off, allowing her to do as she pleased since he didn't kind either way. "Seat's not taken anyways so feel free." He said, gesturing to the chair as he took another sip from his goblet.

    "It's Anniston, right?" He asked her after a moment of silence, to make small talk. He didn't want to be awkward company. That wasn't him, even if he had mellowed down since fourth year. "I'm Cedric. We have Herbology together?" He tried to introduce himself.

    Reflecting on what Kaleb told him sbout living a little and deserving some fun after everything that had happened, he figured, what could be the harm? Here he was with a pretty girl, and she was alone. He didn't think she should be alone.

    "Do you want to dance?" He asked after another long pause before chuckling nervously and continuing. "I know it may seem sudden but... I'm not here with anyone and if you aren't either, I figured we be each other's dates." It was probably crazy since they didn't know each other but the worst that could happen is her saying no. Or her date showing up and punching him.
  7. a n n i s t o n
    Anniston looked up, surprised, when Cedric said her name. She nodded. "Yeah, Anniston." She had not immediately recognised him, but now he had introduced himself she realised that he, was in fact, in her Herbology class. Winona thought he was dreamy. She could not exactly argue with her, but Anniston had never cared about boyfriends before. They seemed like a lot of work -- not that she was lazy, but she did not want anything to distract her from her school work.

    Anniston's brown eyes widened when he asked her to dance. It was completely unexpected; why was super-dreamy Cedric Diggory asking her to dance? He quickly explained himself and Anniston settled down a little, but, still she was not sure. She was completely uncoordinaed and had never really danced with anyone before. But, well, it would make Winona happy. Besides, Anniston had never received the attention of a good-looking boy before.

    "Um, sure," she said nervously, standing up and straightening out her dress. "I didn't have a date. My traitor best friend ditched me."
    r o n
    Ron allowed Calypso to drag him onto the dance floor and placed his arms on her waist as they quickly integrated themselves into the dance. Thankfully, Ron remembered his grueling Yule Ball rehearsals, and was able to navigate through the other dancers without accidentally killing anyone. "I owe Harry ten Galleons. He said I'd break your foot on the first dance."

    "I said no such thing," Harry defended himself as he and Luna danced past.

    "You look lovely, Calypso," said Luna dreamily, before she and Harry disappeared into the crowd.

    "She's not wrong," Ron flirted. Where was all of this coming from?
  8. c a l y p s o

    A smirk flew up again at Ron's words and then she chuckled at Harry's teasing. "Thank you. You look beautiful, Luna." She responded to the blonde with a smile, blushing slightly as Ron followed up with her thought.

    "Well, you don't look so bad yourself, you know," she added with a slight smile as she swayed around to the soow music, her arms still laced around his neck. She had to crane her neck to meet his gaze but she didn't mind. She came to just about his collar bone but it was a height difference that was somewhat endearing and besides, she was used to being much shorter than most else.

    "Honestly with all these compliments I actualy expected you to step on my toes frequently tonight," she teased, chuckling softly as she joked around with him as was usual with the two of them.

    c e d r i c

    Cedric smiled a slight bit as she got up and he noticed her foowy dres which complimented her hair and skin. Blue was her colour, that much was obvious by the way he looked at her. "I find it a little hard to believe that you didn't have a date." He said softly as he rose to his feet as well.

    He held out a hand to her, attempting to lead her to the dance floor. "But it seems as though we're both in the same boat tonight." He added with a light chuckle. He was enjoyng this more than he expected to and it was odd because he never thought he would after the last two years.

    "My friends all showed up with dates, but to be fair, I didn't want to come in the first place." Now he was slightoy glad that he had because this was shaping up to be better than he thought. "Kind of rethinking that now."
  9. a n n i s t o n
    Anniston blushed at Cedric's compliments. She was not used to receiving them from anyone but Winona, and since Anniston had virtually no self-confidence, Winona's kind words usually flew straight over her head. Besides, that was the kind of thing your best friend was meant to say, right? But with Cedric ... Anniston couldn't explain it, but she felt that his words were genuine, that he was actually enjoying her company.

    "Thanks," she said softly, smiling shyly as they stepped onto the dance floor. She carefully draped her arms around his broad shoulders; Anniston was short already, but Cedric was at least six feet. If she had not been wearing heels, she probably would not have been able to reach. She probably came up to his mid-bicep without the extra height.

    Anniston could feel eyes on her as she danced with Cedric, but she tried her best to ignore them. She wasn't used to people paying her any attention. "I didn't want to come, either -- my friend guilt-tripped me into coming. But this is nice, so I'm glad I came." She was slowly gaining confidence, probably due to the fact that Cedric was so kind and inviting. "I find it hard to believe you didn't have a date, either."
    r o n
    "Quiet, you," joked Ron. "I'm not even that clumsy. That's Neville."

    Feeling adventurous, Ron tightened his grip on Leo's waist and lifted her up, spinning her in a circle before carefully setting her back down. "See? Totally coordinated."

    The song ended and Ron twirled Calypso off the dance floor, back to the table where all of their friends were sitting, sans Ginny and Dean, who were still dancing. "You make a lovely couple," said Luna absent-mindedly.

    "Who?" Harry asked, his brow furrowed.

    "Ron and Calypso, of course," said Luna.

    Hermione laughed. Harry snickered and Ron kicked him under the table. "We're just friends, Luna," said Ron blankly. Were they just friends? They had been flirting pretty heavily all night.

    "Are you sure, Ronald?"

    Ron rolled his eyes. "Yes," he said, leaning back into his seat.
  10. c a l y p s o

    Calypso laughed slightly as he defended himself. "Need I remind you that Neville is a better dancer than everyone in our year?" She said with a smirk, a little taken aback when he lifted her up and promptly set her down.

    "Alright then, I take back what I said. You couldn't step on a single toe, Weasley." She responded once she was firmly on the ground, arms still slung around his neck.

    Once the song was over, she sauntered back to the table with him, sipping from ner goblet to stay hydrated and simply witnessing the banter and teases aimed both her and Ron's ways. She could only smirk, knowing that saying something to defend herself only said more about the matter than her silence did.

    "Well then, friend," she mocked him with a playful smile before gettinf up once again. "I'm going to go for a walk in the courtyard for some fresh air." She told him. "Want to come?"

    c e d r i c

    The brunette allowed his ands to rest at her waist gently as they moved ariund the floor, slowly weaving in between other dancing couples as the slow songs continued. Might as well take advantage of them til the fast ones came on. He knew he wouldn't be able to dabble too much in those. Maybe once upont a time he would have, but not now. Not yet.

    "Yeah, I'm glad I cam too." He nodded slowly. "And glad you came or I might have been sitting there like a loner all night." He added with a little chuckle before listening to her next comment.

    "Well it could be because I didn't really want to come." He said with a playful smile, attempting to joke around and be witty. "But since fourth year I haven't really been interested in much, so this is a change. It's a good change." He told her with a smile as he twirled her around slowly.
  11. a n n i s t o n
    "That's understandable," said Anniston softly. She remembered what had happened in the Third Task; sure, losing her father had been a traumatic event, but she could not imagine what Cedric had gone through with Harry Potter on that fateful night. He had seen Voldemort come back. Anniston shivered slightly at the thought.

    She allowed him to twirl her as the slow song ended. Luckily, another slow song started, so she placed her arms back around his shoulders and looked up at him as they slowly moved. "So," she said. "Seventh year, huh? Do you know what you're doing after school?"

    Around Cedric's arm she saw Winona staring at her with a look of pure shock on her face. Anniston averted her eyes, putting them back on Cedric's. She would have to deal with Winona's questions later. Anniston felt she could dance with Cedric forever, though she knew that, sadly, the night would soon come to a close.
    r o n
    "Sure," said Ron, standing up. "I can't let you go alone, after all. You might get attacked by a troll or something."

    "I think Leo could be better off dealing with the troll alone than if you were there to help her, Ronald."

    "Shut up, Hermione."

    Ron and Calypso walked out of the Hall and into the courtyard. There were a few more people milling around, but they paid no attention to Ron and Calypso. They were all busy, doing their own thing.

    "Are you having fun?" he asked worriedly. After the disaster that had been the Yule Ball, Ron did not want to disappoint another date. Padma Patil still had not forgiven him for that debacle, and Hermione and Ginny had not let him live it down, either.
  12. c a l y p s o

    Calypso chuckled as Hermione commented and teased Ron but she continued to walk along side him, till they were out in the courtyard. She rubbed her hands together from the chilly air and watched as some other students milled around, most of whom were tih their dates as she supposed she was.

    "I am," she nodded with a small smile, glancing across at Ron. "It definitely beats the fourth year Yule Ball." She hadn't had a bad time then, but she was actually with someone she wanted to go with and actually liked so she was having fun, despite having thought that dances weren't really her scene.

    "What about you?" She asked as they walked along an empty path down the courtyard, among various bushes. "It would be a shame if your hot date can't live up to expectations, or better yet, exceed them." She said with a slighr chuckle, attempting to be playful.

    c e d r i c

    Cedric noticed her gaze shifting behind him and he figured that she was exchanging a glance with the friend she had mentioned. He couldn't help but smile at the little exchange till she felt her eyes back on him and he tried to avert his gaze to avoid his cheeks becoming coloured.

    "I'm not sure yet." He answered as he moved around with her, slowly and in time with the music. "At one point I wanted to be an auror, but I'm rethinking that." He said to her. He had the grades for it, though they had been dropping since fourth year and not to mention he didn't think he had the stomach for it as much as he thought he did.

    "But hey you're in seventh year too." He ponted out. "What did you have in mind for the future?" He asked her curiously. ​
  13. a n n i s t o n
    "Department of Mysteries," said Anniston at once. Of course a dedicated, hard-working nerd like Anniston had her entire career planned out. The Department of Mysteries was elite and elusive, and, of course, sparsely populated, therefore it was everything that appealed to Anniston. Plus, she liked a challenge, and from what she had heard from students at Hogwarts and her mother, who had worked there before her father had died, the Department of Mysteries was the biggest challenge the Ministry had to offer.

    "I think you'd make a good Auror," she told him honestly. The fact that he was still here -- not just at school, but alive in general -- proved that he was capable of surviving the attacks of Dark wizards. Plus, she had seen him in class; he was the kind of person that was good at everything he did. "But, it's your choice. Do something you want to do. I would hate it if someone told me what I was doing for the rest of my life."
    r o n
    "I'm having the time of my life," said Ron dramatically, hoisting himself onto the wall of the courtyard so he was sitting slightly above her. He smiled down at Calypso as he spoke. "And you've definitely exceeded my expectations. You showed up, after all."

    Ron was only half-joking, of course. He would not have been surprised if she had have stayed in the dorms. Besides, why would she want to come to the dance with him? She was this beautiful, mysterious, exciting Metamorphmagus, and he was -- well, Harry Potter's sidekick. He was nothing special, really. She was everything.

    He reached down and took a lock of her bright blonde hair between his fingers and twirled it. "It must be nice to be able to change yourself whenever you like," he said. "Harry's really jealous of you, you know."
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  14. c a l y p s o

    Glancing over at Ron as he hoisted himself above the wall in the courtyard, she smiled a little, pushing a stray strand of hair away from her face. "Of course I showed up. I wasn't going to leave my hot date hanging." She said, teasing him as she turned to hoist herself up on the wall as well, her slim legs dangling over the edge and tapping against the wall aimlessly.

    She kept her eyes on him thiugh as she continued. "Besides, I'd never stand you up. I'm not worthy enough to." She added with a grin, only half joking at that point.

    As he talked about her appearance and twirled a strand of hair around his finger, she chuckled softly. "Well, I can see why he would think that. But really... I don't think it's that big of a deal. And I never use it. It usually changes on impulse." It was mostly her hair that often changed colour to match her mood, and that was something she couldn't always control.

    "Plus, I don't want to always change myself or nobody'd ever see me for me."

    c e d r i c

    Cedric nodded as she told him she wanted to work in the department of mysteries. He felt like she would suit the role. She was mysterious alright, and he couldn't get much of a read on her which was why he suspected he'd be asking a lot more questions as the night progressed.

    "I think you'd do great in the department of mysteries." He told her with a smile, gracefully twirling her once more before his hands setfled at her waist again gently. "You've got the brains for it too. I've seen you in class and McGonogall always talks about you and Hermione as top scholars." He said with a little grin.

    "Thanks," he said as she complimented him. He would hate doing someone else's wishes as well, but he still wasn't even entirely sure what he wanted to do so he might be influenced whitout even realising it. "I do hope being in the department of mysteries is something you want to do?"
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  15. a n n i s t o n
    Anniston nodded. "Yes, I want to do it," she said, smiling a little as he twirled her. "I like a good challenge, and it's the most challenging thing they have to offer. Thank you, by the way," she added. "For complimenting me, I mean."

    The slow song ended, and was replaced with a faster one, one Anniston had never heard and did not know how to dance to. "Um, I don't think I can dance to this," she told Cedric quietly, her arms still around his neck. She bit her lip as she looked for a way out. She did not know whether Cedric would even accompany her; he was more than capable of finding another girl to dance with.

    r o n
    Ron nodded as he listened to her explanation. "Well, I see you for you," he said quietly, his eyes potently trained on her face. "And you're beautiful."

    "Ron!" Hermione's voice pierced the quiet night air. Ron dropped Calypso's hair and watched as Hermione strolled into the courtyard. "McGonagall wants us."

    "For what? I didn't do anything!"

    Hermione rolled her eyes. "We're prefects, Ronald," she reminded him. "McGonagall wants us to stay back and clean up after the ball. She wants to give us our assignments now."

    Ron shot Calypso a deeply apologetic look, before following Hermione back into the castle.
  16. c a l y p s o

    Calypso had been about to sy something shortly ater his words till she heard Hermione's voice pierce the cool night air. "Ahh fuck," the blonde murmured, tips of her hair turning red instinctively as the bushy haired girl made her way out into the courtyard in search of Ron.

    She glanced between the two of them before waving goodbye to Ron as he made his way to the Great Hall. She paused and stayed on the courtyard for a moment, just digesting everything. Heaving a slight sigh, she got off, her dress swaying around her knees as she landed, and then floated off into the castle as well, heading towrd the great hall. She figured at least she coudl accompany Harry since his crush wasn't exactly with him at the moment.

    c e d r i c

    Cedric nodded. "No problem." He said with a smile as she thanked him. "I really meant what I said." He assured her as the song ended and a fastnone took it's place.

    He looked around as people broke out into a dance frenzy and smiled nervously before letting his hands drop from Anniston's waist.

    "Can't really do this either," he said with a small chuckle before glancing around, his eyes goin back to the table they'd ben sitting at.

    "Do you want some punch?" He asked her, not entrieoy ready to let her go yet. ​
  17. a n n i s t o n
    "Sure," Anniston replied as they made their way back to their empty table. As soon as Cedric had left to get the punch, Winona appeared, grabbing Anniston by the chin and forcing her to look up at her.

    "Since when did you know Cedric Diggory?" she demanded.

    "Since tonight, when you abandoned me," said Anniston defensively. "He asked me to dance."


    "Wow, thanks."

    "No," said Winona, shaking her head in annoyance. "That's not what I meant. Have you two ever even spoken before? And hasn't he been, like, morbidly depressed since fifth year?"

    "Winona!" said Anniston, appalled at her best friend. "That's awful! He went through so much!"

    "Shit, he's coming back," said Winona, straightening up. Anniston turned and saw Cedric making his way back to the table. "Have fun, Anna." Winona winked before walking the other way and rejoining the Ravenclaw boy. Anniston rolled her eyes.
    r o n
    "You like her."

    "Excuse me?"

    Ron and Hermione were walking down to the kitchen, where Professor McGonagall was monitoring the house elves. Hermione looked up at Ron and snickered. "You heard me. You like Calypso."

    "You have no idea what you're talking about." As soon as the words left Ron's mouth, he realised she had a point. His feelings for the Metamorphmagus had certainly evolved from friendship that evening. But he wasn't sure how he felt -- and, more importantly, how Calypso felt in return. He wasn't willing to lose the wonderful friendship he had with her if she did not like him back.

    "Really? I'm friends with your sister, remember? I have to listen to her lust over Dean Thomas all the time. I think I would know when someone has a crush."

    "Shut up, Hermione." Professor McGonagall gave the two their instructions -- Hermione was to take down the decorations and Ron was to help the first years back to their common room -- and the two rejoined their friends at the table.

    "Sorry for horribly abandoning you, hot date," Ron sighed as he sat beside Calypso.
  18. c a l y p s o

    She had arrived at the hall when an upbeat song was playing so made straight for the table she had been seated at. Moments later, Harry had joined her and they began to talk.

    "Come on, it's no secret that you have a thing for Ginny." She protested as she had caught him gazing at her from across the dance floor. "You should tell Ron. I'm sure he'll be fine with it." She told him as she took a sip from her goblet.

    "I don't think that's good advice coming from you if you can't tell him yourself," he said with a smirk, turning so he could face her properly. Her hair turned a light shade of pink, as if reflecting the boush on her cheeks.

    "What are you talking about?" She asked almost innocently, but she knew very well what he meant. He simply shrugged and then changed his expression as Ron came over.

    "I should go find Luna." He said before departing from the table. Calypso sent him a dirty look before turning as Ron sat beside her, offering a smile.

    "Hey," she greeted. "Don't worry about it. Not much been going on anyways."

    c e d r i c

    Cedric smiled and nodded before heading off to the large table that held the punch bowls. As he filled up a goblet to drink, he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around.

    "Cho," he breathed, seeing her standing there in a shimmery silver dress.

    "Hey Cedric," she smiled a little. "Having a good time, I see?"

    Cedric shifted his gaze oast her to Anniston where she was conversing with a friend and he smiled to himself before looking back at her. "Yeah, I am." He nodded. "I actually have to be geting back to my date now... So I'll see you around." He told her with an amiable smile. He could hear Kabel chuckling somewhere nearby but refused to give him a second glance as he made his way back to Anniston and held out a goblet to her.

    "Here you go," he said with a small smile. ​
  19. a n n i s t o n
    "Thank you," she said as she accepted the goblet. Anniston felt incredibly guilty for even hearing the horrible thing that Winona had just said, even though she knew it was ridiculous, because it was not her fault. But ... Anniston had lost her father, and the grief had so badly affected her that she had started cutting herself. Cedric had nearly lost his own life. Anniston could not begin to imagine the healing process he must have gone through, if he was even truly healed now.

    Anniston rubbed the side of her head. She was getting a headache; socialising was not her thing, and even though she was thoroughly enjoying herself with Cedric, the noise and the claustrophobic crowd were starting to affect her. "Do you mind if we go outside?" she asked, standing up. "I ... need some air."
    r o n
    "Of course nothing is going on. I was absent from the party." Ron laughed and sipped his drink.

    If Ron was brave, he would have told Calypso the truth; that he felt they were becoming more than friends and that he really liked her. He really enjoyed her company and he thought she was really beautiful. He didn't care that she was a Malfoy because that had nothing to do with who she was and what kind of person she was. He really, really liked her, and he wanted her to know it.

    But, despite being a Gryffindor, in this particular moment, Ronald Weasley was not brave. "Did you finish that essay for Defence Against the Dark Arts?" he asked her.
  20. c a l y p s o

    Calypso chuckled softly as he spoke and nodded. "If you say so, Weasley." She told him with a small smirk before continuing to sip her drink.

    She turned to face him in the silence that followed and was unable to help her gaze from roaming his frame. She'd hardly realised that she'd been staring till he spoke again, switching the topic to something else. She cleared her throat and averted her gaze before answering. "Uhh, no, not yet." She responded tugging on her hair, an act she did when she was slightly nervous, which wasn't often actually.

    "Not much time left," she said as she glanced at the emptying Great hall. "Want to dance a last time?"

    c e d r i c

    Furrowing his eyebrows in slight confusion, Cedric nodded. "Yeah," he said, attempting to give her a reassuring smile. "Of course." He held his arm out to her in courtesy before he set his goblet down and began leading the way out into the courtyard. It seemed may students were getting a similar idea to do the same with their dates, and in fact, Cedric could have sworn he recognised Alex and his date off in a corner, by some bushes.

    "You feeling okay?" He asked, now a little concerned since her expression seemed to have changed from earlier. He wondered if it had something to do with the conversation she had been having with her friend before he returned with the drinks.
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