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  1. It Begins Las Angeles, the City of Angels where this will begin. This story will determine the fate if humanity lives or dies. For the battle between angels and demons would be fought on earth beginning in city of California. This battle is prophesied to happen 30 days from now. But before that would happen, hope must be made in the form of a test. Those who would face this test will be that of good and evil and equal in power.
    Our story begins with a young girl in a dark stormy night.
  2. Melanie tried to get under some sort of cover, as the rain pelted her from above. It was unexpected; she hadn't heard anything about a prediction of rain from the news she overhears. Nor did she hear anyone complain or gripe about it as people normally did when it was coming. Personally, she loved rain because it helped everything grow. Without it, every living thing would perish. It was blessing that no one ever tended to acknowledge, but that she cherished every time it happened.

    But it didn't stop the fact that she was better off staying dry. For professional and health reasons. But what she wouldn't give just to go walk and enjoy the water pouring from above. A true gift from heaven.

    She looked around, snapping out of her thoughts as she tried to remember where she was and how to get where she was going. Her daydreaming -or night dreaming considering the time of day it was - could be almost uncontrollable to an extent and had gotten her in odd situations before. It was almost as if she were remembering things from the past but they had never happened to her. And right now was almost one of them. Yes, this area was starting to become familiar to her as her mind started to focus.
  3. As she walks down the street there were two muggers waiting in the alley way to snatch. Her they grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the alley one guy held her from behind while the other pulled out a large knife pointing at her.
    "Now listen little girl. You give us what we want and no one gets hurt." He said bringing the blade to her chest with the sharp tip poking her breast.

    Suddenly a huge bolt of flashed above them with thunder cracking. Then something like a small meteor and lightning bolt struck the earth less than 20 feet from where the were standing this startled them for a moment all the could see was smoke an the crater the bolt made from the strike. Then as the dust cleared something began to move and climb out of the crater. It started low the grew to be big.
    The other mug holding the girl was freaking out. "What's that?"
    The the saw giant black wings cone out of the smoke from a tall dark shadowy figure. And the saw bright blowing red eyes staring out at them.
    The mugger with the knife was the most curious and began to move towards the.figure. "Holy shit, this some kinda alien?"the.mug said.
    The figure turned to him but did not answer.
    "What the hell are you?"
    "I think you just answered your own question. But " a Deep yet soft spoken voice spoke from the winged shadow."But what you should ask is what I'm going to do. In turn, I say 'first I will rib off your arm then make your friend watch as I have you burn alive from your own sins before I do the same from him"

    The mugger was surprised but not convinced as he was.getting ready to attack. "We'll see about that you-" just then the shadowy figure move fast trashing the muggers arm off and it went flying in the air with the knife it was holding. This made the.mugger scream in agony . Then the giant shadow placed a hand on the muggers face and the muggers instantly caught fire all over.burning him alive.

    This made the other guy shake in terror letting go of the girl. And falling to his.knees whimpering. "Oh god,oh god oh god please. Please have mercy" The shadowy figure turned to the man with glowing red eyes piercing. "God? You had years to beg gods forgiveness. God is done giving mercy to you. Instead I'll show you the extent of mine." He said.touching his.head as the.man also caught fire.burning alive. He was screaming until he was dead.

    Soon the figure began to take more shape. It was a tall strong naked man with log red hair huge black wings and horns coming out of his head. He turned to the girl with firey red eyes glaring at her . He had a beautiful pale face with attractive features. And he slowly walked towards the girl.
  4. Melanie's soft gray eyes widened when she noticed the man walking towards her. Her body was trembling in shock at of the ruthlessness of the deaths of the men who had just had her held captive. She should be thankful but right now all she could see was the firey red eyes glaring at her. Did she do something wrong? Had she angered the being in front of her? She struggled to find her voice, but did her best.

    "Th-th-thank you," she finally managed. She didn't believe they needed to die in such gruesome ways, but she also didn't know the people and what they were about to do to her or how they lived their lives. All she knew was that she was about to be wronged, but she tried to not judge people so quickly for all people seemed to have some sort of good in them. She hasn't been proven wrong yet.

    The woman couldn't help but back up slightly as he got closer to her, but she soon found her back against a building but her eyes had kept on his - she had no urge to look lower. She wasn't sure how to take the man in front of her. But she did piece a few things that had been said. When the man who had originally been holding the knife questioned the being, he stated that the knife wielder answered his own question. But how?

    ... Hell?

    Her breathing slightly sped up and she reached up to grab the bottom of her light brown hair trying to just control herself. She had done nothing wrong, nothing that she had known of. She should not be in danger.
  5. The man with fiery eyes did not respond at first staring deep into the girl. "Look at you...so frightened so frail, so weak. You are more aware of just how tiny you are. You walk on this earth, eat and drink from it yet you do not appreciate it. You go about your life taking what you want when you want without consequence. Lie, steal, kill and yet they say you're HIS image?" his fist clenched and scowled looking close to her. But then he pulled back. "Don't thank me yet...your judgement will be decided. Go home run away, hide in your bed under your sheets and pretend this is all a bad dream... soon judgement will come." Suddenly he flew away disappearing in black smoke in the sky.
  6. Melanie fell to her knees, shock coming over her. But - he was wrong. She wasn't one to steal or kill. She hadn't. And he seemed to think that something bad will come to her, and she could not decipher why. After taking a few breaths, she worked on steadying herself enough to walk (maybe run) home. But his words seemed to penetrate her thoughts.

    She had always cared about others, and taken care of those in need to the best of her ability. Why was he trying to judge her before seeing her actions? He did not know her thoughts, nor her life. She was a good person. Or she had always believed. No, she would not let him make her doubt herself. She was a good person. Possibly quiet. Maybe she didn't believe in herself as much as she should, but she was decent.

    Before she knew it, she was in her apartment as she slid down the door, her hand over her heart. She had been frightened. Yes, extremely scared, but she was alive. And well. But staying on the floor was not going to help her. She was going to try to get up again, but allowed herself to relax first. It wasn't everyday that two people were killed and dismembered in front of you, then accused of high sins.
  7. More and more the words would would run through her head suddenly the voices got louder. "Sins....LIAR!...you don't appreciate this world....eat and drink, steal and murder ....WHORE!...weak insect.....you think HE with give you mercy? HIS Image...NEVER....You're not worthy.... TRUE JUDGEMENT...I will come for you...I will make you believe" Voices were louder and louder untill all of the sudden they stopped when there was a knock on her door. and suddenly it was morning. How much time just passed when she got home?
    "Hello L.A.P.D can you please open miss?"
  8. She shook herself away, trying to figure out what in the world was going on. She instinctively reached up and wiped the tears - tears? When had she been crying?
    She tried her hardest to compose herself while she tried to get up. "Yes, of course. Sorry, just give me a moment." Did she fall asleep? Sitting? Melanie finally managed to get herself up and opened it, not quite comprehending that the Police was possibly at her door.

    She opened it hoping that she didn't take too long. "Sorry about that, can I help you?"
  9. The man in a suit showed his badge to Melanie Melanie "Miss Hoffman? I'm Detective Conway, this is my partner Detective Lee. We would like to ask you a few questions. May we come in?"
  10. Melanie nodded eagerly. "Yes, sure of course, come on in," she said without a thought. She wasn't sure how they knew her name, but she hoped it wasn't in regards to the night before; she had no idea how she wanted to explain that. She opened the door wide to her humble apartment. It was more of a studio because it was all one room except for the restroom. She didn't do much and didn't need walls or doors to separate things really. Just a place to be comfortable.

    "Do you need a drink? I have water and juice," she offered.
  11. Both the men walked in. "That's ok ma'am. we're fine. " Conway sat down somewhere they could be comfortable talking. "Miss Hoffman we understand that you were going home last night alone down 52 street close to you work place? We were wondering if you seen anything unusual or noticed something strange when you were walking home?" The other Detective pulled out some papers and an note book? and plastic bag with an ear ring in it that looked like the one Melanie owns. "We need to ask what were you doing around 10pm last night?"
  12. She was going to answer honestly to the best of her ability. If she tried to lie, it would always work against her. But she was afraid she'd look crazy, but she knew she had no other choice - not one that she would be okay with. "Yes, I did," she started. "I was there. I don't know what time it was I have to admit. I am a bit of a space case. But I did notice something weird. It started when two men pulled me into an alley to mug me," she started.

    They were going to think her crazy. "One had a hold of me, another had a knife to my chest. They told me to give them what they wanted, but they never finished. It was then that someone interrupted them. I was thankful someone did, but this person - he - it was weird." She shook her head trying to make sense. Maybe she imagined it. "It got really violent very quickly. I don't even remember everything that was said. The new arrival didn't even offer a warning or anything and just attacked. The rest doesn't make sense," she shook her head, trying to make sense.

    "Both men who were going to attack me died. I just.. I remember fire. And screams...." her hands started to shake and she balled them up trying to make them stop. She started to tear up, the memory flashing before her eyes. She worked on holding back tears, because at this point they were pointless. "I don't know what all happened, but I had someone tell me to go home. And that judgement would come."

    Crazy. That was how she sounded... She looked at them, shaking her head. "I know, I sound insane. He called me things that just didn't make sense. I just-" she covered her face trying to clear her mind and organize things so it makes sense. She then forced herself to put her hands down so the cops could see her reaction. She was being honest - just her mind didn't know how to make sense of it.

    She ended up shrugging. "And I got home. I don't even remember going to bed, just resting against the door when you knocked. I must have fallen asleep with mental exhaustion."
  13. Both detectives listened to her intently as she explained her sign of the story. The looked back at eachother when she mentioned someone setting the people on fire and then telling her that judgement is coming.

    They didn't know what to think of this. It was like she was describing some kind of devil. But that could not be possible. They think that all the stress must have made her delusional.
    "So you're saying that the two victims were trying to mug you but someone or something stopped them and then told you all these things before letting you go?" Conway said feeling the most sceptical if she was telling the truth or not.

    Lee put down his pen and paper. "Miss is there anyway you can describe this person." Lee younger and more soft spoken than he older veteran partner.
  14. Melanie almost wanted to laugh. They weren't treating her like she was crazy - kind of.

    She shook her head, wishing she could be a better witness. "Red," was the only description she could give. "Just... red. Red hair and red eyes." She froze, trying to remember more. But all she felt was an intense hatred... but somehow it wasn't towards her. It was towards all human kind. "He looked at me with malice. Like he hated that fact that I was alive - that any of us existed really," she admitted. "As if I were in the wrong, when I didn't do a thing. I was just trying to come home after work. I did not chose to be taken. Yet it as if he were accusing me."

    It was as if her legs wanted to give way, so she made sure to sit down. She wiped her eyes, trying to stop any sort of tears. Her hands started to shake, but she fought to keep them still. "Do you have any idea of what happened?" She wanted someone to tell her what was real. An explanation as to what she had experienced.
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  15. Conway wanted ask if she saw a pitchfork and bat wings also but she really seemed upset so it didn't seem appropriate.
    Some of her story checks out but she didn't explain how the bodies caught on fire with out using any kind of flammable substance.
    Lee was intrigued when she said how he looked at her with hatred. "It's ok ma'am you did nothing to deserve this I'm sure."
    "Thank you for your time miss. I think we have enough information to go on for now. If there is anything else you can tell us here is our card. We'll keep in touch. " Conway said giving her his card before leaving.

    Soon after her phone was ringing. It was her job calling to see if she was coming to work or not.
  16. Melanie was starring at the card, not realizing that once they left she had started to cry. The tears were slowly rolling down her cheeks. They didn't call her crazy. They didn't accuse her of lying. And they didn't even try to pin it on her. She was thanking God that they knew she was telling the truth. It seemed like eons but the phone started to ring, knocking her back to reality. She scrambled to pick up the phone, the card still tight in her hand.

    "H-hello," she answered in a questioning voice. She noticed how shaky she sounded and wiped away tears even though they couldn't see her.

    "Melanie!" the voice sounded shocked at the other end. "I knew we had to worry when you didn't show up like you normally do. What's wrong?"
    Melanie couldn't help but let out a relived laugh. Figures her supervisor could tell with one word that she was probably pretty upset.

    "The police were just here. I-I was going to be mugged last night when things got out of control. Don't ask me to explain, all I can tell you is that I may not be in the mindset to come to work today." And if she said that, it was pretty bad. She wasn't the type to just call out for any reason.
  17. "Oh I'm really sorry to here that. We're just glad that you're ok. Listen don't worry about coming in today. I'll get Stephen to cover. Just rest up and we will see you tomorrow." The manager said on the phone to her being very understanding.

    After the phone call the tv suddenly turned on by itself it was the news. A female reporter was speaking about a rich celebrity that recently came to L.A. to make a speech at a conference about environmental/climate change. Even though this he is a billionaire, this is the first time Melanie is even hearing about him. His name was Luc Natas Lived and they are calling him the modern Count of Monte Cristo because of how he mysteriously appeared.

    The was a picture of him as a tall white man with long black hair. And blue eyes like sapphire. His face was considered gorgeous. But there was something about that made him resemble the monster that Melanie saw last night. Even though his eyes and hair was a different color she couldn't help but.feel that there was something about him that she could recognize.
  18. Melanie gasped, not at her tv seemingly turning itself on, but rather at the fact of the man who was on. He was quite attractive, but that wasn't what had her attention. She dropped the phone, luckily her boss was no longer on the other line. It was him. He looked different, but it had to be. She already felt intimated, as she backed away. But surly it wasn't, she tried to reason. He looked completely different and he was rich. This person would have no reason to come by and save her last night - let alone accuse her and hate all of mankind.

    She felt odd. A curiosity came over her. She had to find him. She had to confirm. If she could face this person, truly be in front of him somehow, then she would be able to determine if he was the monster that potentially threatened her. She closed her eyes trying to remember anything, and frustration hit as all she could recall was red. And his voice. His dominating powerful voice. It was decided.

    Melanie went to change, her current clothes not in the best of conditions. She wore a jean skirt and a comfortable white blouse, something that was easy to maintain. She also grabbed her jacket and bag that had her wallet, phone, and keys. She had to see for herself and it would be worth the trip. For her sanity. She started looking up information on her phone as soon as she was out her door, trying to figure out where this man could be. She could ride a bus or even walk if it was close enough.

    She was frightened but determined. She wasn't sure what she'd do after she had her answer, but she knew in her heart that she deserved to know.
  19. Just as she was about to leave her best friend Bonnie was at the door. Bonnie waa her best friend and roommate. He has blonde hair and blue and had more attractive curves in the sense of she worked at Hooters. "Hey girlfriend, what's going on? I thought you would be at work today, did something happened? Well don't worry about it. I'm going to that conference where that hot rich guy is gonna make his speech. You seen him on the news right? Apparently no body knows about this guy. It's like he didn't exist till this morning, but looks so hot I really want to meet him. He's gonna be downtown for that festival/ conference happening today let's go together."
    Bonnie was kinda ditzy and liked to talk to much and was all about finding cute rich guys. But she was also.very kind and caring when it came to Melanie.
    On their way downtown.crowds of people.came around for.the special festival that was happening downtown.
  20. "Bonnie, you are heaven sent," Melanie answered. She was a bit out of the loop in regards to things, but Bonnie helped her stay relevant.

    She was surprised at how many people were there, and it felt like many more were coming out of the woodwork. They just appeared from everywhere. "Goodness, seems like everyone knew about this but me. How was this spread about? And the preparations?" She was looking around for any sign of news in regards to this, but mostly, she was just trying to distract her mind. She was getting nervous. She was hoping that she would be wrong and this Luc guy would not be the one who was haunting her thoughts. She was praying he was just some random attractive guy and she could just move on. Maybe she had imagined what happened last night to replace the real horrific events. Either way, it was not her fault and she could move on.

    But why was the thought of him haunting her? She should be completely freaked out and avoiding him. Or just be able to resist thinking about him. But he kept popping into her mind. Was there a reason behind it?
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