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Sci-Fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic. Roleplays with plenty of action, violence, and romance. I don't mind if the base is on one of those alone, but it gets boring when nothing else comes into play, know what I mean? - Also, I'll do something modern if it seems like something I'd be into, but that doesn't happen often.
Morning came, and the lump at the foot of the bed began to move. After shifting around a bit, the figure slowly slid out from under the blanket. Plain white socks, blue jeans, an exposed chest, then finally a frizzed mess of long, golden hair. A couple of seconds after reaching the floor, the young man shivered. Two or three more, he pulled the blanket down just enough to wrap around his torso. More time passed before a hand was lifted to brush away hair and reveal a set of bright green eyes, half opened and surrounded by dark circles. They scanned the area slowly.

One or two framed paintings featuring palm trees and lighthouses, small squared table with a couple of chairs pushed under, little desk holding a television and a lamp. Nothing really eye-grabbing, nice.. But lacking personality. Must have been a hotel room. Didn't remember checking in anywhere. Didn't remember much of the night before at all, to be honest. The last thing he could recall was having a few drinks after a few old friends had dragged him off to a bar to celebrate.. Something.

Instead of thinking too much into it, he stumbled to his feet with a yawn. Maybe he was taking longer than usual to wake up fully, but his balance was a bit more off than usual, almost like waves were rolling beneath the floor. He shook his head at the thought, then proceeded to the bathroom, rubbing his eyes along the way. Leaning forward, he rested his elbows on the sink counter and covered his face with his hands, grumbling into them before moving them away and reaching for the faucet's handle. It wasn't until after the second splash of water against his face that he noticed something out of place. More specificly, on his finger. A ring, a simple gold band. He squinted at it, stared for a good five to ten minutes. What was that doing there? There was a weird feeling, like he'd seen this somewhere. Maybe in a movie or something. He shrugged it off, taking one of the neatly folded towels from the counter near the sink to dry his face as he walked back into the room.
At a first glance, there didn't seem to be anyone else in the room. No one was in the bed or in the chair. Yet, there was a soft murmur sound from -some-where. Movement on the floor, where a very small barefoot was the only thing seen around the corner of the bed. Lifting up and then thumping on the ground. It was followed by a soft ow and a few unintelligible mutterings.

Suddenly, a very confused form shot up to her knees. Hair in a curly mess, and dark brown eyes wide with alarm, she didn't seem to be wearing anything more than a man's shirt. It was very likely his.

Though, she hadn't quite realized she wasn't alone in the room. Every little thought she had seemed to flutter across her face as plain as day. First the confusion of not recognizing where she was. Looking down to pluck at the shirt with befuddlement. Then the faint annoyance at being on the floor when there was a perfectly nice bed right there. The clock on the nightstand said 11:00 AM, which had her sighing. Her phone was sitting next to it at least. As she reached out to grab it, she noticed a ring on her hand. As well as some scribbled words from an ink pen. But they were so smudged she couldn't read them! It didn't worry her too much. Now that her head was clearing up, she vaguely remembered a bachelorette party for a good friend who was getting married. They had all giggling about 'getting so drunk you don't remember next week!' and it was very likely she had been designated the Ring Barer since she never liked to drink.

...only... she must have been drinking, she couldn't remember a thing!

Then she realized she wasn't the only person in the room.

She shrieked! Jumping up to her feet in a flurried rush, knocking her elbow on the nightstand, realizing she didn't have on any pants and pulling the shirt down to help hide her legs, and backing to the corner of the room where she picked up a shoe and pointed it at him.

"Who are YOU!"
When he heard a shriek, he felt like his heart had exploded. He stumbled backward, dropping the towel he held as his back pressed against the wall. His eyes had gone wide and darted around the room 'til they set on the girl in the corner. His chest was rising rapidly, questions similar to her own racing through his head in that instant.

"Who am I? Wh-who are you?! ", he managed to stutter between short, uneven breaths. Why is this girl here with him? Where is here exactly? What happened lastnight? ..And why the hell wont the floor stop moving?! His hands pressed back against the wall and patted around for something to grab onto as his knees tried to bend, but nothing was found and he almost immediately slid to the floor.

That was when he actually noticed the shoe she pointed at him. This alone, despite the confusion and the near heart-attack she'd just given him forced his mind to slow to a stop. After a moment's silence, he burst into laughter, wild but breathless from the previous shock.
He was laughing! That had her huffing in frustration and stomping a foot on the floor as she wagged the shoe at him threatening. "I'm serious! Who are you! I really don't want to be kidnapped today!" While he was on the floor and seemingly harmless for the time being, she quickly glanced around again. There were her clothes!

Scooting sideways across the room, always facing him and keeping the shoe aim in his direction, she eased over to where her pants were sitting. It was a precarious job of trying to step in and pull up her pants with only one hand, but it was accomplished in record time. Her shirt seemed to be over nearer to him, though. That was tricky!

"! I suggest you get up and move slowly over to this corner, and I will move over to that corner. And if you make any sudden movements I'll... shoe you!" She shook it at him again to show she was serious.
Eventually he settled down, his laugh dying down but leaving his lips curled slightly. His eyes closed for a brief moment as he drew in a deep breath, calming further with his slow exhale. He watched her move across the room, his eyes never leaving her, stuck more out of curiosity than fear of actually being attacked with a shoe.

"Kidnapped? I didn't even know you were here", he explained simply as he rose to his feet again. The way he did so gave the appearance of a child barely learning to stand, his legs wobbling unsteadily. Once he was finally up he looked her in the eyes and tried to look as serious as she did, though her threat made it difficult. "No need to.. Shoe anyone. I'm going", he managed to say in a cracking voice, then finally snickered despite his efforts.

No doubt this wasn't the time to be laughing, but this girl was asking for it. A shoe. Really. He lowered his head a little as he took his first couple of steps, trying to hide his ever growing smirk.
"You just... watch yourself!" Every few steps he took, she took a few herself. Once he was where she used to be and she was next to the bathroom door... she snatched up her shirt off the floor, backed in to the bathroom and promptly slammed the door. The lock latching shut could be heard from the other side.

She finally breathed, leaning against the door and looking wide eyed at the bathroom. "What sort of kidnapper's hide out is this!" she said incredulously, loud enough for him to hear. Stepping over to the sink and mirror, she took a good look at her expression. Her hands went up to her mouth as she squealed.

"What did you do to me...! Are these teeth marks?!" her voice suddenly went low as she peered accusingly at the door. "...are you a vampire?" Of course she didn't believe in vampires, but who knew what sort of crazy things a kidnapper would think and do!

She had to grasp on to the sink when there was a slight motion of the room. At first she thought it might be an earthquake, but it... didn't quite feel that way. Maybe he was a vampire and using mind powers on her? How did that even work?

Suddenly a song started playing. Why would you do what a dog does? Why would you do what a dog does! RUFF RUFF. Why would you do what a dog does?! WOOF WOOF! It's just plain DUMB!" It sent silent for a moment, then repeated. It was her phone ringing on the nightstand!

She gasped. "DON'T ANSWER IT! Wait... Do answer it! Tell them what you want for a ransom! But don't ask for too much, I can't afford to pay them back!"
"A.. Vampire?", he asked as he burst into laughter once more, nearly falling over in the process. The ever moving floor presented a real problem for him, but thankfully the bed was right there. He carefully made his way over, sitting down on the edge just before the phone began to ring.

He looked down at the cellphone, then back over toward the bathroom door. Any worry he had before would have gone from his mind at this point, she didn't seem threatening at all. Even with her shoe. Hell, she was actually pretty cute. After another ring, he picked the phone up and held his finger over the send button, staring down at it.

A couple more rings and he finally answered, probably just in time considering how long he waited. He raised the phone to his face, turning to look back at the door again as he spoke, laughter still hanging in his voice. "Hello?"
"Oh my god, Lucky?! Are you okay! You sound terrible! Did you spend all night barfing? We didn't know that you were SERIOUS when you said you couldn't drink...!" The female voice on the phone proceeded to blather on, talking about how everyone got so shitfaced drunk that they were still missing two of the bridesmaids and the bride herself was currently in jail for soliciting a male prostitute. Several voices were laughing in the background, and she had to shush them. "Anyway, we found your car on the beach and were worried for a second, but I'm glad you're okay! I'll call you later when we find Becky and Julia!" BLIP! Just as quickly as she called and chattered, she was gone.

The girl, apparently her name was Lucky, had her ear pressed against the bathroom door trying to hear. He wasn't speaking now that he had stopped laughing... or was he still laughing in low creepy snickers? The villain! He was going to torment them with creepy laughter phone calls before telling them she was kidnapped!

Lucky huffed, turning back towards the bathroom. There was no way she was going to be the damsel in a horror flick. She would have to fight her way out. Changing in to her own shirt, she hid the shoe inside the other one. He'd never see it coming.

She unlocked the bathroom door and cracked it open to take a peek. He sat there on the bed looking a bit perplexed at her phone. Her chance!

Lucky lept out of the bathroom, tossing the shoe filled shirt at his head with a HA! She rushed forward to snatch her phone out of his hand, then she was running (and tripping over sheets on the floor) for the door!
Once or twice he tried to speak, but was immediately hushed by the non-stop chatter on the other line. Before he could even begin to respond, the call had ended. He lowered the phone, staring at it quietly for a good long while. Before he could start trying to analyze the call, the girl.. Lucky, he assumed, had just come flying out of the bathroom.

When he saw something coming toward his face, his eyes widened. Had he been more awake, he probably could have avoided it, but he simply was not a morning person. The shirt softened the blow a little, at least. Still not so pleasant.

"Ow. "The young man rubbed his forehead as Lucky's deadly weapon fell to the bed. He blinked a few times once the shirt was out of his face, turning his head to watch her struggle to reach the door. He shifted on the bed a little to face her direction more directly, the amusement on his face now completely replaced by curiosity. "Did we meet at a bar?"
Lucky ran in to the door and proceeded to fight with trying to get it open! Rattled and twisted the door knob, not quite realizing the door was still locked. At his question she whirled around, back pressed up against it as she eyed him warily.

"I don't... know?" She seemed to be waiting for something more, her fingers tapping against the door behind her. Last night was all still a blur in her head. She did remember going to a couple of bars with the other girls. At first she refused to drink, after all, someone had to be the designated driver. But as the night went on, someone would insist and she would take a drink. Somewhere along the way she just must have had way too many! Or he drugged her! Her eyes narrowed as she gave him an accusatory stare. But the more she stared, the more she seemed to relax.

For a kidnapper, he really wasn't very villainy...

"I went out for a bachelorette party with my friends. I was at a few bars... I don't remember seeing you at all though, and really don't like getting taken away to your secret hideout! Which, by the way, isn't a very good secret hide out. It looks way too nice and cheerful for a bad guy."
As he listened, the young man lifted a hand to rub the back of his neck while he thought. He couldn't really remember much of the previous night either, after sharing drinks and cutting up with his buddies. He might have checked out a few girls with the others guys, as rowdy young men were well known to do, but she definitely didn't look familiar. Maybe they did meet there though, probably after he'd passed his limit.

It was starting to make a little more sense, but the ring still seemed out of place. Before he could think much more into the situation though, he had to stop to force back another laugh. She was just not going to let up with this kidnapper thing, was she? "Well.. My evil interior decorator was sick the day I arranged all this", he said with a playful smirk, scooting over to one side a little, "Maybe you could share some of your ideas?"

More laughter. He was pretty terrible at staying in character it would seem, but how could you blame him? Once he finished, his grin relaxed into a soft smile. The young man moved over a little more, patting the spot beside him. Didn't look like she had another shoe to assault him with, it was probably safe enough. "It's Julian, by the way", he finally responded to her previous demand for a name.
Lucky was hesitant, but getting to know his name must have tipped the 'safety' scale and she moved suspiciously back towards the bed and slowly had a seat. Now that she knew his name, he was no longer a stranger. No more stranger danger. ...but that didn't mean she trusted him just yet.

Her hands folded together in her lap, Lucky still watched him like she was waiting for him to grow fangs or do something else scary. "Mister Julian... I guess last night we did a lot of silly things and got lost. I will give you the benefit of the doubt." Now that it was settled, she glanced around the room again. It really was a very nice room. There was that subtle motion of everything again. Almost made her stomach feel kind of weird.

Chewing on her bottom lip, she wasn't sure what to do from there. Not knowing what happened made her very uneasy. It was the first time she had woken up with a strange man! She hadn't even woken up with a known man before!

"...Do we call the police and report ourselves missing...?"
Julian pulled his legs up onto the bed and folded them beneath him, shifting around a little to face her without having to keep his head turned. "Well.. Miss Lucky.. I'm assuming that's you, unless that girl thought you were someone else.. ", he started, watching the girl chew her lip, "I think maybe we should have a look around first. See if we recognize anything. " One of his hands had moved to his hair at this point, running fingers through slowly as he thought to himself.

"If we're in another country, we'll definitely have to make a call or two.. But, if not, I vote we find out how many days we have left on this room and relax a little. I mean, one of us obviously payed for it. Might as well enjoy, right? " He fell silent for a brief moment, still staring at her lip. He probably looked like a creeper, but in his defense it -was- pretty distracting. He thought so, at least.

Julian pulled himself back into focus, moving his eyes up to Lucky's as he continued, "But uh, if you're still nervous about me, I can promise I'll be on my best behavior", he tried to reassure her, adding a little soft smile in attempt to appear less threatening, "You don't have to worry about me kidnapping you" Once more, his eyes fell to Lucky's lips, making the intent of his next few words sound a bit different than he intended, "I don't think getting to know you a little better would hurt, anyway.. Better than just remembering you as that one cute girl I shared a room with after one too many drinks"
She didn't seem to notice his awkward staring or the shifting of his tone. She was more concern with twisting up the edge of her shirt sleeves in her hand as she attempted to work everything out in her head.

"Yeah, my name is Lucky. I'm not really all that lucky at all though.." she confessed. This entire predicament was proof of that! One of them did pay for the room, though. She'd hate to waste the money, especially since so many places refused to give refunds these days. And considering she was already on vacation from work, it would really hurt to be away.

Sharing a room though... The details would need to be straightened out. Lucky didn't want to sleep on the floor again!

"I guess looking around is a good idea." She rose from the bed, shuffling around until she found her shoes, a pair of simple flats, and slipped them on. Her head tilted to the side as she stood there and watched him. Apparently waiting for him to follow suit and get the rest of his things to be 'presentable'.

Then she frowned again. "Um... I have a question..." Having such a serious look on her face didn't seem to fit her at all. Brows furrowed while she frowned. She looked more like she was sulking. "...did we... uuuhm. Do... stuff last night..." Oh, what an embarrassing question! Lucky was almost terrified to hear the answer!
Julian stretched a bit before getting up himself, raising his arms high above his head. Mid-stretch though, he caught her question and froze up for a moment. From there, he stared at Lucky with a blank expression. Did we? She -was- wearing my shirt.. Maybe. Aside from that brief moment of silence while he thought, he didn't seem too concerned. Didn't look like it, at least.

His arms lowered as he went to stand, "I honestly have no idea. " The shirt that had flown at his head before was picked up and slipped on without a second thought, 'til brushed past his nose. Had a very faint scent of booze mixed in, but it was overpowered by something sweeter, maybe perfume or something in the girl's hair. Julian shook his head, then went to explore the room for his shoes. After walking around a little, he noticed a pair of sandals poking out from under the bed where he had just been sitting. Looked about his size. Would have bitten him if they'd been a snake.

Why sandals? He never wore those, not normally. -Well, that girl on the phone did say something about Lucky's car being on the beach. Maybe they'd checked in near one. Would have made sense. He shrugged, sitting on the edge of the bed again to put them on. "Let's go take a look outside then, shall we?", he asked, getting back up and heading over to open and hold the door for Lucky.
Lucky wasn't comfortable at all with not knowing. But there was very little she could do about it at the moment. They would simply have to hope memories were jogged as they looked around.

She passed through the door in to the hall. It looked like pretty much any beach side hotel. Lots of doors to other rooms and so many hallways! Lucky made sure to look over her shoulder and see what room they had just left before wandering off to get lost. As she walked down one of the halls, with Julian not more than a pace or two behind her, she smelled something strange. Salty water? Ocean most likely. Her car HAD been left on a beach.

Yet, the coastline wasn't what Lucky saw when the hallway led to stairs and then up to a patio. It wasn't a patio at all, but a ship's deck! There was water as far as the eyes could see. Sounds of crashing waves and the ship's horn bellowing in the air.

Lucky immediately scooted as far away from the railings as possible, leaning against the wall like a cat being threatened with a bath. "We're on a ship!"
As she led, Julian followed. Closely, maybe a little more closely than he should have. To others, the guy might have looked like a puppy. An awkward little puppy whose every step was a battle against gravity, thanks to the ever-shifting floor. He wondered if he might have still had booze in his system.

When Lucky moved away so suddenly, Julian stumbled forward and nearly fell on his face in an attempt to follow, narrowly preventing a face-plant by holding out a hand to press against the deck and catch himself. "Huhwhatwah?", he asked all in a jumble that came out as one stupid expression of confusion and slight shock. He picked himself up and looked for the girl he'd lost in the fumble. "Are you o-.. Kay.. ", his voice trailed off as caught sight of what sent Lucky clinging to the wall, which was now bringing him to his knees. "A ship.. On the ocean.. Nothing but water.. And more water", he spoke with a barely audible whimper.

Wonderful, he thought. Wake up in the same room as a cute girl, in a nice room, and then find out were on a floating death-trap. He didn't savor the thought of freezing in the ocean, or being ripped apart by sharks.. Or whatever else was down there.. One good look at Lucky told him she had similar worries. One of them had to hold it together, try to make the experience less horrifying for the other. For a moment, he had hoped Lucky would have reached out to help him up, hold him tight and pet him soothingly. Take him back to the room and reassured him that everything would be alright, and that they'd see land again in no time. - No such luck.

The young man took a deep breath, exhaling slowly before he carefully rose to his feet. His steps were still a bit awkward, but he forced himself to go to Lucky's side with a.. Semi-confident posture. "Are you alright?", he asked as calmly as he could, reaching out to the girl to offer some support.
"I can't swim...!" Lucky squeaked out, covering her eyes with her hands. She was very near to shaking, but it was clear that Lucky was attempting to work through it. Deep breaths in, slow breath out. The process was repeated several times before she dropped her hands from her face. Though her eyes were still squeezed tight.

"I think... I think I'm okay. It's tropical ocean, no ice bergs. ...big ships don't sink very often, right?" Lucky didn't seem entirely convinced by the statement, but it was a start. Inching towards the door, she finally scurried back in to the cover of the hall way and slid to the floor somewhere she couldn't see the ocean waves churning outside. This was unexpected! And a pretty good place to kidnap a girl too! How would she escape from a ship. Despite the fact she decided the guy wasn't scary, and probably really wasn't a kidnapper, a girl couldn't always be certain.

For the time being, though, they were definitely stuck. They'd need to find out how many days before the ship made dock somewhere. And if she had any money to get back home with!
Though doubt still lingered in his mind, it would have been best not to show it. He smiled a little and nodded, reassuring her, "Yeah, this thing has to be pretty tough. We'll be okay. " It was as much for him as it was for her, but he wasn't about to go cower in a corner and leave her alone. The guilt would have wrecked his mind.

Julian followed Lucky to the hall, one hand pressed against the wall for support as he moved. He looked down at her and bit his lip, hesitating for a moment before joining her on the floor. He pressed his back against the wall and slid down beside her, one leg bent at the knee while the other stretched out in front of him. One arm rested over his knee, the other hanging at his side. He scratched at the floor idly, resting his head back against the wall.

His head turned a little toward Lucky, giving her another little smile. "If it comes to the worst, you can hang onto me and I'll get us back on dry land. " His smile turned to a smirk as he watched her. "Maybe I'll drag you back to my evil lair, hidden away inside a volcano at the center of the island. It's warm, but surprisingly cozy. "
"You know, scientifically speaking... a volcano is probably a really bad place to start an evil lair. The heat from the lava would melt just about anything and kill all of your electronics." She said it so seriously, that she may have given the idea a lot of thought before. Lucky finally shrugged her shoulders as she leaned her head against the wall and glanced up at the ceiling. She sighed! This was a big mess and she just didn't have any idea what to do about it. There was an ocean of deadly water surrounded them, she was with a stranger... who... was at least a nice stranger. She wasn't sure if she trusted him or not yet, but she was relaxing more and more.

"Umkay... I guess we make the best of it. I'm getting kinda hungry though." Despite the ocean air, Lucky was famished. She could tell by the way her stomach was rumbling so loud, she was sure it could be heard in the hall. "Do you think they have a free buffet on this boat?"