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  1. Lucas Greene Academy-The School for the Gamers of Judgement!

    Genre(s): High School, Horror, Thriller, Drama.

    "Have you ever thought YOUR school was messed up?"

    T H E S T O R Y-

    In spring 2012, a MMORPG game was made underway by the mastermind Lucas Greene and his group GreenScreen, and by October 2013 it was released to the viewing public to play. By March 2014-almost two years since the game was made-Over 15 Million people worldwide were playing the game. And what was this game that got so popular you may ask? The Game is Called Judgement!. The point of Judgement! Is very simple. At the start of the game, the player is placed in a group that will have 6 people. This said group along with other groups in the game are tasked to track down one group that are the chosen killers. The group-or one person from each group that manages to kill the killers gets an achievement and gets leveled up, and the next group is decided as the killers.

    The game's idea was simple, but challenging. And it even caught the eye of someone who would turn the game into reality. In late 2014, Players who played the game was enrolled into a school called Lucas Greene Academy that was opened by Toki Galligon- The Headmaster of said institution. Players would meet their fellow group members in real life and attend the school with them while still being in their groups. Everything sounds perfectly normal right? WRONG.

    As soon as the assembly for the first day started the players realized what they have gotten themselves into. Players would have to play the game Judgement! in real life, where a group of students would be killers, kill other students, and then be killed to get "Achievements" (with the biggest achievement being graduating from the school after killing ten groups). Better be careful and watch out! You could be next to be Judged and Killed.

    T H E C H A R A C T E R S-

    Their will be many characters (mostly teachers, parents, and students) but the Story will focus on six students-between the ages of 15-18-. These six students known as the group Shōrai no kibō (In English it translates to "Hope of Future") are considered one of the top ten most successful groups in the game. However, this is based on how the did in the game. Their skills will be placed to the test in real life as they deal with Drama, Trauma, Putting their friendships to the test, Life and Death, and Finally, Hope and Despair.

    T H E S E T T I N G-

    Lucas Greene Academy- The Main setting of the story. While it looks nice , it couldn't be a more darker place. The school is primarily made for the Real life game of Judgement! And was even named after the creator Lucas Greene. Players who have played the game are enrolled as students. On the first day, the students attend an assembly held by the headmaster as they are told that they will be playing a real life game of Judgement!. However, there is a penalty. Students who are killed actually die and the students who kill them get achievements (much like the game). Students who refuse to kill we be threatened or blackmailed into playing. Players who manage to kill ten groups (Ten groups of killers) graduate and each get 20K dollars for playing. When theirs not a game in session, students are taught be the fellow teachers methods of killing, tricking, seducing, etc.

    Character Sheet-
    Full Name:
    Status: (Just say Alive for now)
    Dialogue Color:
    Family: Can be birth family, adopted, team, makeshift, etc
    Closest Friends: (Can be friends that also are enrolled in Lucas Greene Academy or outside of the school)
    Rivals: (Can be friends that also are enrolled in Lucas Greene Academy or outside of the school)
    Enemies: (Can be friends that also are enrolled in Lucas Greene Academy or outside of the school)
    In-Game Appearance:
    Eye Color(s)
    Hair Color(s):
    Anything else you want to add: Like “This only applies to when Character A is in their teens” or “This only applies in the pirates-verse”)
    Mental Flexibility:10/10
    Physical Strength:10/10
    Battle Skill:10/10

    My Character:
    Full Name: Arrietty Elsie Levi
    In-Game Name: Arvi
    Nickname(s): Ari, Ai-Chan, Ms. Levi. (In-Game Names: Vivi)
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10th (Sophomore)
    Birthday: December 24th.
    Gender: Female.
    Status: Alive.
    Dialogue Color: "Kill or be Killed...Y-Your kidding right?"
    Group: Future of Hope
    Parents: Alexander and Mimi Levi.
    Siblings: Kaori (Big sister), Alice (Twin sister, member of Red Rabbits), Michael (Little Brother).
    Family: Birth Family.
    Closest Friends: Has friends that don't attend LGA.
    Rivals: Red Rabbits Members, Alice (Later on), Elizabeth McDonald (Leader of the Venom Snipers).
    Enemies: Red Rabbits Members, Alice (Later on), Elizabeth McDonald.
    Appearance: image.jpg
    In Game Appearance: image.jpg
    Eye Color(s)
    : Light Brown (In-Game: Light Green).
    Hair Color(s): Light Blue (In-Game: Bright Green).
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Personality: Much Like her sister, Arrietty is a very quiet and shy girl at first, but slowly starts to open up when meeting new people, however this is different with her closest friends, family, and Her twin sister. She kind, caring and tries to stay positive in whatever situation she is in-good or bad. After hearing they will be playing a real life game of Judgement!, she at first thinks it's a joke until someone is killed right in front of the students, making her realize it's far from being a Joke. As they story progresses, she tries her hardest to keep herself alive, and maintain her sanity. However this changes when her sister tries to kill her (First time) and then sees her get killed by her (Alice's) own teammate (Second attempt at trying to kill off Arrietty). After this Arrietty loses whatever kindness and Sanity left and and becomes a "despaired Soldier" (In the Words of Toki Galligon)-a player who is willing to kill for vengeance and is ready to die at any given moment.
    Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrow, Knife, Baseball Bat, Gun (Later on).
    Can Run exceptionally fast.
    •Speaks any language except Arabian.
    •Hides exceptionally well.
    •Knows where one has gone based on sound, can translate anything to english.
    •Can jump from tree to tree without falling or getting injured.
    •Like her sister, Arrietty can disappear without a trace and reappear in a matter of seconds.
    •Can do cartwheels, backflips, and Summersaults.
    •Can skillfully use a knife.
    •Archery-Nuff Said.
    •(Hidden Talent) Can crack codes and passwords in a matter of seconds-this comes in handy late on in the story before Ari goes insane.
    •Climbing trees
    •Adventuring in the forest behind her backyard
    •Reading manga/Books
    •Making Sweets for family and friends •Playing Judgement!, •Hanging out with her friends and her twin sister
    •Playing video games
    •Watching Anime •Practicing Archery
    Interests: •Anime/Manga
    •Cute Things
    •Her Friends
    •Her family
    •Video Games, •MMORPG games, •Sweets
    •Her online friends
    Phobia(s): Thunderstorms, Darkness.
    Anything Else you would like to Add: She is the weakest out of the "Future of Hope" Group, She has a weakness for Sweets.
    Creativity: 8/10
    Mental Flexibility: 5/10 (Later runs down to a 2 after Alice's death)
    Passion/Motivation: 7/10
    Education: 8/10
    Physical Strength: 9/10
    Battle Skill: 6/10
    Initiative: 6/10
    Restraint: 9/10 (this later runs down to a 4)
    Strategy: 6/10

    [Please note you can make three characters, that is it! It can be a student in another group, or a teacher, or a member of Future of Hope. Either way, Three is all you get. Once all six five spots for the "Future of Hope" is filled, the RP will start. Have fun submitting!]

    Future of Hope Spots Left-
    1). {Kenshin Yasuhiro, Kiro} [Leader] Played by: @Clear.
    2). {Amber Jackson In-Game Name} [Second in Command] Played By: @IceQueen
    3). {Elliot Quinn, Blank} Played By: @sleepinghat
    4). {Mattaline Nelson, iiMattyMattii} Played By: @Brea
    5). {Arrietty Levi, Arvi} Played by: ME :3.
    6). {Jason Morgan, Johnny} Played by: @The Smoking Peanut

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  2. Whoa this is a very interesting plot! May I reserve the leader spot please?
  3. Yes You may! :D
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  4. Thank you loads :) I'll have the character up and about by tomorrow! (If the world is nice to me and my image hunt stops before 3 hours pass-by ^^)
  5. Alright! Also be sure to tell others about this too (apparently the dice forum isn't the first place people like to go to...)
  6. This looks sort of interesting, though it is going to take me a while to make the character
  7. Alright I just found my freaking images for my character! (beyond late already but I'll have something up before this end of the week).
  8. Okay! Also thank you and @Clear for noticing this post! :)
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  9. Alright then, I shall await til then.
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  10. Can I reserve the second in command?
  11. ~Amber Rose Jackson~
    ~:Full Name:~
    Amber Rose Jackson


    ~:In Game Name:~
    "I wanted to be Big Fat Looser, but you already took the title."



    November 26th



    ~:Dialogue Color:~
    "Got a problem? If yes, get over it, if no, then why are you still standing there?"

    "Sometimes, I wonder if they even care?"
    James Woodville-Father-56-Divorced
    Amelia Jackson-Mother-55-Divorced

    "Uh, THOSE beasts"
    Kyle Jackson-Brother-19
    Jameson Jackson-Brother-14

    "Most of my family sucks, with a few exceptions. Grandma is one of them"
    Patt Jackson-89
    Petter Jackson-Deciesed

    ~:Closest Friends:~
    "I despise people"

    "I hate everyone"

    "Isn't that the same thing as a rival?"

    "Honestly, I am pretty ugly. Nothing out of the ordinary"

    ~:In-Game Appearance:~
    "This one looks much better"
    ~:Eye Color(s):~
    "Don't you say a thing, if you want to stare, go ahead"
    Real Life- Heterochromia iridium- one redish, the other blue
    In Game- Dark Brown

    ~:Hair Color(s):~
    "Gross and dark, like bruises."
    Real Life- Raven black
    In Game- Grey streaked with small hints of blue

    "Call me a shortie, and I will have your head."

    ".... I am seriously about to punch you."
    102 pounds

    "You should know if you are talking to me."
    Amber is harsh on the outside, cold calm and collected. She is often the one who makes the most
    logical decisions. She stays focused for longer, but she has little patience for irritants.
    People who talk back and like to make on their own don't go down with
    her. She is mostly professional, isolated, and on track.

    But outside of the field, Amber just likes being alone. When she is alone, there is less problems
    than trying to deal with people. But often people will find her looking down. If someone
    is persistent enough, she will open up to people, and as the game goes on,
    she gradually breaks down and becomes less and less sane.

    "I am way better than you think."Being Quiet
    Keeping Herself alone
    Self Loathing
    Bow and Arrow
    Double BladeBeing Brooding
    Driving Others Away
    Self Defense

    "I have hobbies....."
    A bit of Drawing

    "I AM A FORCE OF STEAL! I FEAR NOTHING!!... Except maybe spiders"
    Contorting herself to the point of breaking her spine
    Getting an Arrow to the Knee
    Being Stabbed in the back (Both literally and in relationship wise)
    Abusive people

    ~:Anything else you want to add:~
    "Meh, I'm done."
    She has an addiction to candy
    She is a bit, ok maybe a lot of a tsundere

    Compassion- 3/10
    Empathy- 4/10
    Creativity- 8/10
    Mental Flexibility- 9/10
    Passion/Motivation- 7/10
    Education- 9/10
    Stamina- 8/10
    Physical Strength- 610
    Battle Skill- 8/10
    Initiative- 5/10
    Restraint- 8/10
    Agility- 9/10
    Strategy- 6/10
    Teamwork- 4/10
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  12. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Basic Description
    Full Name: Kenshin Yashiro

    Nickname(s): Ken, Shin, Shiro

    In-Game: Kiro

    Age: 17

    Grade: 11th (Junior)

    Birthday: August 12th

    Gender: Male

    Status: Alive

    Dialogue Color: So much senseless death and violence...


    Parents: Kaname & Yuuki Yashiro

    Siblings: Only Child

    Family: Birth Family & Teammates

    Closest Friends: Will be RPed / Up for collab.

    Rivals: Elizabeth McDonald Will be RPed/Up for collab.

    Enemies: Red Rabbits & The Leader of the Venom Snipers


    Physical Attributes

    More Real-Life Pics (open)

    In-Game Appearance:

    More In-Game Pics (open)

    Eye Color(s): Cerulean blue with purplish tint (In-Game: Gold & Slit)

    Hair Color(s): Black (In-Game: Black)

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 164 lbs.


    Personal Details
    Having been raised in a very traditional Japanese home, Kenshin grew up around the importance of good morals and discipline. This later contributed to his determination in accomplishing set goals as well as an overabundance of patience for whatever task he may be conducting. He has always valued points such as heroism, companionship, and those who put other's well-being over themselves. That's why it's no surprise that he is incredibly overprotective towards his companions to the where he would sacrifice himself for their safety. Although Kenshin is well received by many and gets by incredibly well in a crowd, he often prefers just the quiet company of a friend or the solitary pages of a book.

    • Quick witted and surprisingly shrewd.
    • Unaffected by stress and seems to preform better under mounds of pressure.
    • Strategically logical
    • Perceptive
    • Sword Fighting & Close Combat
    • Kendo & dabbles a bit in Fencing
    • Star Gazing/Astronomy
    • Cooking, Sewing, and Knitting
    • Archery
    • Playing the Guitar
    • Reading Literature
    • Gaming in general
    • Anginophobia- Fear of angina, choking or narrowness.
    • Atychiphobia- Fear of failure.
    • Clithrophobia or Cleithrophobia- Fear of being enclosed.
    Anything else you want to add:
    Possible W.I.P

    Compassion: 7/10
    Empathy: 6/10
    Creativity: 6/10
    Mental Flexibility: 8/10
    Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    Education: 9/10
    Stamina: 9/10
    Physical Strength: 8/10
    Battle Skill: 10/10
    Initiative: 8/10
    Restraint: 7/10
    Agility: 8/10
    Strategy: 9/10
    Teamwork: 10/10

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  13. Yes you may!
  14. @Clear your character is Awesome! Also, what's your character's in-game name?
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  15. Might want to add that to the sheet, along with the group thing
  16. Your character is Awesome too~ also, what's your character's in-game name? And finally, I will (I just need in game names for your character and @Clear's
  17. I am going to add it
  18. Alright.
  19. I'll add it in just a bit too :)
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