Love Works in Strange Ways

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  1. Love Works in Strange Ways
    Modern / Romance / Slice of Life / High School

    Most people think that school is the center for education and learning, well, they would be right. But, they aren’t right about what the students learn. If they looked more closely, they would see that school teaches them something completely different...something that is much more complicated than quadratic formulas and where to place semicolons.

    There are many clubs and after school activities for people to join, but what about the ones who don’t seem to fit anything that is already made but just want something to do after school. Perhaps, they don’t want to go home or they don’t want to be bored. Well, in the beginning of the year, that problem was solved and a club was created simply called Extracurricular Activities. Though, what does that club really do, no one really knows, not even the members know. All they seem to do is hang around in the club room and have things happen to them.

    But the interesting thing is that in this club everyone likes someone, there’s love triangles everywhere and that is what seems to make this club so interesting as the members enjoy their days together.

    Basic information for Rp:

    -The rp is about the students hanging out together in the club and all the love triangles between them.
    -You can play as many characters as you want.
    -There can be one or two teachers in the rp as advisers for the club who are there and can be in the love triangle as well other than that mostly students.
    - They will have activities, outings and trips that will occur during the rp, feel free to come up with them too and put them into the rp.
    - You can figure out who your character likes as other people enter the rp since it’s hard if you don’t know who is going to be in the rp, though it doesn’t always have to stay the same person either.

    Basic Character Sheet: (Not required, but recommended. It’s also your choice to add anything else to the character sheet though this one will do.)

    (Student or teacher and if you choose to add, who you are in the club)
    (picture or description)

    My Character:

    Name: Cadence Nevison

    Age: 18

    Role: Student, President of club

    Personality: Cadence is upbeat and kind though can be slightly bossy at times when it’s needed. She’s a stubborn girl though that doesn’t stop her from having fun and easily getting along with people. She’s a creative and smart girl which led her to create the Extracurricular Activities club.

    Show Spoiler

    *I may or may not make another character depending how this rp goes.

    School had just finished, everyone was heading for their after school activities. They were either going home, going to practice for something or heading for their club. That was what Cadence was doing. She had grabbed her bag and rushed to the Extracurricular Activities club room which was quite a large room with a lot of things inside it that the members liked to use to pass the time. She took a seat at her desk and waited for the other members to start to come in for her to tell them the big news that she had for them all.​
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  2. Name: Miya Simpson
    Age: 16
    Role: Student
    Personality: Desperate to impress, Miya is a smart girl, but sticks around her sister, who she trusts. Unlike Tallulah, she is outgoing and eager to know everybody. She can also be quite cocky and tough, sticking up for herself and others. Miya is the voice of reason, though if is annoyed, will not lose the argument.
    Looks: She has brunette plaits and bright blue eyes. Miya is of medium build and wears a white blouse and a black skirt just below the knee, along with black shoes. She has a birthmark below her left elbow, but it is not visible as she also wears a grey blazer.
    Family: Miya lives with her mum, Apple, and her dad, Jay, along with her 13-year-old sister, Tallulah. They moved recently from Dallas and have a Texan accent.

    Name: Tallulah Simpson
    Age: 13
    Role: Student, sister to Miya
    Personality: She is a kind and caring person who wants only to explore everything in life. She is not smart in the school way, but is street wise and aware of many things in the outside world. She can think quick in a situation, but is shy and is not able to talk about many things, like love and friendship, causing her to outcast herself, although she wants to make friends.
    Looks: She has brunette hair and blue eyes. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail, and she wears a white blouse and brown trousers (to the protests of her mother, but they keep her warm). She also wears a lightbrown blazer with lace-up boots. Around her neck is a piece of string with a round green/blue stone (the colours gradating into each other).

    "Hi Cadence. It's mighty quiet today," Miya said as she opened the door and noticed that nobody but the club leader was inside. Tallulah followed in silently, glancing at the floor and wishing she'd just gone home. Her mother was a paramedic and her father owned a little shop that they lived comfortably above, and she would be lonely, but Tallulah had decided that was a good option. "Hope y'all don't mind I brought my sister." The older girl frowned as she noticed her sister's shyness was coming up again.
  3. Name:
    Veronica Fairchild


    Student, Club Vice President

    Veronica has a very carefree, outgoing, and a flamboyant personality. She tries to be friends with everybody, including those who seem gloomy and distant. As carefree as she is, she can be very determined and serious when needed.



    Veronica walked through the hallways, her shoes tapping against the tiled floor with every step. The classes just ended and she cannot wait to attend the club. She is the vice president of the club and she can't wait to share them the new shipment of tea she got from England. Opening the door, she saw Cadence, Miya and Tallulah sitting around the room. "Hey guys!" she greeted cheerfully, a bright smile adorning her face. "I just received a fresh shipment of Lady Grey from England" she exclaimed, sitting beside Candence "but we have to wait for the others before I start brewing the tea. I just can't let them miss this~"
  4. Miya's mind began to work, analysing. Lady Grey, England, tea. Tea with the Queen, Lady Jane Grey was a Queen for nine days. What a pun, she thought to herself, nodding. "That's great," she said, perhaps sounding a bit too excited, but she was an excitable person anyway. Tallulah nodded along. "And kind of you," added Miya. She was trying to cut down on the use of the word 'mighty'. It was proving to be mighty difficult.
  5. ::Name::
    "My Full name is Arrietty Martin. But I guess you can call me Ari or something..."
    Arrietty Martin
    "Freshman, 15."
    15 (little sister to another group member I'll great later on, but for now I'll just introduce these two.)
    "I'm a student and a member of the Extracurricular Activities Club."
    "Nice, Caring, Shy and Tsundere-Ish. Those are the words that describe me."
    Three traits that describe Arrietty Perfectly is Nice, Caring, and Up for anything (if convinced). She's shy, however one you've gotten to know her she starts to open up a bit (Since joining the club she is no longer shy around her club mates, the rest of the school and the person she likes is a different story). She also has a bit of Tsundere in her from constantly putting up with the more eccentric and energetic girls and guys in the club.
    "Aside from my Eyes I look normal yes?"

    (First Picture: What Arrietty looks like.
    Second picture: Arrietty's eye color, one Is blue and the other is pink)

    "Marilyn James, but call me Mary if anything."
    Mary (Full first name Marilyn) James.
    "Junior, 17"
    "Student and Member of the Extracurricular Activites Club."
    Silent and Cold are two words that describe Mary perfectly. She rarely talks much and usually when she does it's with a robot kind of voice-or monotone (think Yuki Nagato from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). She's blunt and very honest-often hurting other's feeling because of it. However, she does have a soft side, which she shows to the person she likes (often she is flustered and doesn't know what to say) or her friends when they are down, or to her pets.
    "If looks are considered important then I must be the ugliest girl here."

    After school had came at long last as Arrietty closed the door to her locker, sighing. "At long last.." She exhaled with relief, grabbing her guitar case and slinged it over her shoulder along with her messenger bag as the short haired brunette walked her way to the Extracurricular activities Clubroom, opening the door as her tired weary voice spoke out "I'm here." Before being cut off by another girl entering the room, the girl having messy black hair with a red bow in the back.

    "Hey Mary, Watch-"
    "My apologies..Ari." Mary Apologized, turning back to look at the brunette before turning around and taking a seat. Ari shook her head and cleared her throat, setting down her guitar case and bag and took a seat opposit of Mary. ​

  6. "Hey y'all," Miya greeted the group and received a nudge from Tallulah. She wasn't sure if she was doing something wrong or not, but she nudged back jokingly. Her eyes darted to the guitar case, and she wanted to ask whether Ari would play or not, but she knew she was quite shy, and wasn't sure she'd want to. Despite being loud, Miya knew when to keep quiet.

    She was sat on a table (chairs are low, she had decided) and had a basketball in her bag. Perhaps she could get a game going when everybody arrived. Head and Catch was her personal favourite, but Miya found herself very adaptable. Her sister disagreed, but, hey, opinions differed between individuals. She stared at Cadence for a few moments, as if expecting her to say something.
  7. Upon finally seeing members beginning to enter the club room, Cadence light up with a friendly smile to all of them. "Great, you guys are finally showing up. I was getting worried that everyone wasn't going to show up today since like Miya said, it's pretty quiet here right now. And, we loved to have your sister here." She began to say to them as each were starting to enter. "A cup of tea sounds wonderful Veronica, hopefully the others will get here soon, but you can make it when ever you please." Good thing they had the ability to do that in the club room, Cadence made sure everything that the members liked were in there. "I have an important announcement to make now that some of you are starting to show up. I have gotten permission from the school for us to go on an over night trip to wherever we want." She sounded cheerful.
  8. "How did y'all do that?" Miya said and Talullah's jaw dropped. "That's mighty awesome!" the older sister said with much excitement. "Where would we go?" She wondered out loud. Tallulah nudged her, "Let her speak," she said, barely a whisper. Even when Miya was right next to her, she struggled to catch the words. Miya nodded.
  9. "It took some time, but I persuaded them to let us go." Cadence replied to Miya, glad to see the two sister were quite excited. "Where is just the thing we need to discuss. See, they gave us permission, now we have to decided where we want to go for ourselves. So, let's talk about it. Where do you guys want to go? I'll put up some idea's on the board and we can figure out where we all want. Alright, what do you guys think? Where do you all want to go." She got up from her chair and walked over to the chalkboard in the club room and picked up a piece of chalk, waiting for them to answer. "Somewhere warm? Somewhere cold?"

    (OOC: You can just make up places and their names.)
  10. Veronica Fairchild

    "How about we go camping?" Veronica suggested as she stood up "I always wanted to try camping. We can have a barbecue, a bonfire, we can even catch fish!" she exclaimed before going to the small kitchen to brew some tea.

    As she waits for the tea, she grabbed her fine china from the cupboards and began to plate the mini chocolate devil cakes, placing it in a small white plate then to the trolley. As she came back to the group with the tea and cake, she served it to them and said "Or maybe we can go to a villa and do anything we want! Anyway, here's a lovely cup of Lady Grey and a chocolate devil cake. Enjoy!"
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  11. Yale Revel~ Age: 16
    Role: Student; Club Treasurer
    Personality: Cold and Calculating; Yale tends to think logically, and his plans would often involve him benefiting more than the others. If there's nothing to gain, there's no sense to feel pain. Still, Yale becomes lenient when bribed... or something. He also has a tendency to stare at others-- more often and longer than normal. Furthermore, he always wears his earphones-- no exceptions.
    "Would you like to hear my song?"

    "That will simply not do." Yale spoke up, revealing himself to his fellow students. Yale had arrived sometime ago, and had just kept silent until he noticed that the club was talking about an outing or so. It would have been fine if... well, they had the funds for it. For officers, these girls were more oblivious to the value of money than he had initially thought. Then again, he's only in this club so that when he graduates, he would be awarded multiple merits on stage. If only these idiots could straighten up... "Vice." Yale began with a sigh. He had been staring at each and one of the girls-- trying to find a glint of common sense; unfortunately for him, it was like waiting for a rain in a drought: pointless and disappointing. "Our budget for just this month's first week is already in the red, and taking a trip to an extravagant.. err, place... will send us grovelling for mercy from the Office of Student Activities." Yale shook his head, staring once more at his colleagues.

    Yale stepped into the room, staring at each one of the girls before taking a seat. He placed stacks upon stacks of papers on the table, and heaved a heavy sigh. "These... are all the expenses that, you lot, have incurred just last week. What's this?! TEA FROM ENGLAND?! What are we the tea club?! I had to explain to the Office that it was all part of club activities and camaraderie..." Yale grumbled under his breath, and glared at the president. "$88.10... that's our remaining budget for the entire month. If you want an extravagant trip, be my guest... as long as it comes from your own wallet." Yale took off his glasses, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Fundraising. We can do that. We sell something, or better yet, we make use of the decent looks that all you have. A cafe for this month's School Fair. We'll make a killing!" Yale beamed, putting on his glasses.

    "Or... we can always go for $40 to the Monastery yonder. It'll be a good place to meditate and reflect on your expenses." Yale turned to the Vice President before glaring back at the President.
  12. Veronica Fairchild

    Veronica squirmed as Yale’s piercing blue eyes stared at her. She felt like a slide being probed under a microscope. She felt very uncomfortable whenever someone stares at her, especially Yale. She didn't mean to spend that much on the tea. She just thought that everyone would be happy if she served them the tea from England.

    "I-I'm...I'm so sorry Yale...” Veronica sobbed, trying to hold back the tears. "I...I just t-thought that e-everyone w-would love it... I-I'm sorry. I d-didn't know the b-budget c-could be a-affected. Waah!!" Veronica wailed, hugging Cadence for comfort.

    "I'll...I'll try my best to repay my expenses. I'll even bake them cookies for the fundraising. J-just don't be mad at me!!" she cried even more, hoping that the boy will forgive her.​
  13. "Hey, y'all should stop pointing fingers," Miya said rather sternly as Veronica broke into tears, "If you've got a problem, you should leave." She hated people who made people sad. "Besides, everyone knows the best tea is from England." Talullah glanced at the floor. "He's right," she mumbled, though Miya poked her in the arm. "Well, he is. It's like buying three loaves of bread when you only need one."
  14. Arrietty sighed and propped her elbow onto the table, her head resting in her palm as she pushed away the choc devil cake and tea away. "Please don't let Yale get the better of you Veronica. To be Honest I didn't know either." She said, turning around and glaring at Yale, a small tiny hint of red dusting her cheeks.

    The girl didn't want to admit it, but she somewhat like the treasurer. Although, that would be a stupid seeing the boy saw all the members aside from himself as Idiots. She let's out a huff before turning back, her ears perking up at hearing Mary say something.

    "Ms. Nevison, if you want to take the club on a trip than why don't you let my family pay for it?" She asked, looking up towards the president. Of course Mary would say something like that-after all her family was rich. "I...wouldn't mind.." The girl said, pausing in her words before finishing her sentence.
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  15. "There there Veronica." Cadence said to her sweet adorable vice president, a girl who she had known for a while now. "It's okay." Wrapping her arms around the girl, giving her a hug to make her feel better and stop crying. "It seems to me Yale, that you might need a trip." She joked around, giving him a smile, though she knew how he was like. "If we go camping like Veronica mentioned then we won't have to spend a lot of money. And if Mary is kindly giving us some money for now, we can use that for camping. Then...we can do a fundraiser to raise money for the club and in the end also pay back Mary's family if they want us to. It'll all work out, we always make it through. We've been just dine since I first made this club. So, we'll just go camping."
  16. Whilst he stared at the President, Yale noticed that another member, Miya, was opening her mouth. In turn, Yale stared at the woman, and realized that she was telling him off. To this, the treasurer shrugged his shoulders, and once more noticed that Talullah was also saying something. It seemed that she was on Yale's side; she was telling the others that, indeed, they were overspending. Not only that, but Arietta had also taken his side. Yale smiled gently at the two girls before turning to the President who was comforting the sobbing Vice-- much to Yale's chagrin. "Oh, come on! I wasn't that harsh, now. At least, Talullah and Arrietty understand the predicament here." the treasurer sighed as his attention was caught when Marilyn opened her mouth to talk. Yale grabbed his water bottle, and began chugging its contents, and it was at the same time that he realized Marilyn's message-- she was willing to shoulder the camping expenses! Yale gagged on the water, causing his windpipe to be blocked. This girl was insanely rich! Rich people and their habits! Damn it! There goes his studying plans...

    After calming down and wiping the table clean of the water he had just spat out, adjusted his glasses and looked at the President, noticing that she was saying something to him. "Fine... We'll go on that camping trip." Yale sighed in defeat. He didn't want anyone to know that he was dirt-poor-- the last thing he needed was for bullies to swarm his face. He had been keeping the image of being cold as ice so that no one would dare mess with him. If anyone knew his secret... damn, all Hell would break loose. With the Vice President's unrelenting litany, Yale rolled his eyes and sighed once more. "I'm sorry, a'right? I just can't believe that $161.32 was spent in just one week." Yale bowed his head slightly to the woman before noticing that there were cakes and tea on the table.

    Well, he hasn't eaten lunch yet... Yale reached out and grabbed a few cakes and a cup of tea-- controlling himself not to scoff down the food in one bite. He ate it with grace... as if he wasn't starving. After he had silently eaten, Yale wiped his lips and looked at the Vice President. "You might have overspent, but at least it was delicious. Thanks." Yale smiled at the girl before addressing the whole club. "Any other issues we'd like to discuss? This History homework ain't gonna do itself." Yale looked at the President, taking off his glasses whilst he cleaned it with a tattered rag he pulled out from his bag.
  17. Veronica Fairchild

    Veronica cried even more when Mia sided with Yale, her face now becoming red from crying "Waah!! They hate me!!!" she wailed, nuzzling her face to Cadence chest. She was so busy wailing that she didn't completely hear what Arrietty and Mary was talking about.

    The soothing hug of Cadence eventually stopped her tears, letting her go and sat down beside her, looking at everyone with glossy eyes. "I...I promise I'll bake l-lots and l-lots of c-cakes and c-cookies for the f-fundraiser.." she stated, her hiccups getting in her way as she speak "I-I'm sorry for your trouble, Mary. M-my parents cut me off for a m-month so I c-can't repay you so e-easily" she stated, shifting her gaze to Mary and slightly bowing her head.

    These past few weeks, her parents were baffled on how much money she spent on baking supplies, tea sets and teas. Even though they're rich, they were still surprised at her expenses, resulting to cutting off her allowance for a month and cancelling two of her credit cards.

    Veronica watched Yale eat her freshly baked cake and freshly brewed tea. She was still feeling guilty about the budget but when he smiled and complimented the snack, the guilt suddenly was gone, making her smile brightly and pounce on him. Hugging him tightly and nuzzling his cheeks with hers "I knew you'd like it!! You're just acting so cold because you're hungry!!"

    After a short while, she realized what she must do and quickly let him go, pulling out her yellow notebook and sitting on a chair, clicking her pen "I'm going to list down the snacks and teas we need for camping!"
  18. Miya simply glared at Yale for a few moments. She could only see a snob. Someone who thoight they were superior. Those people. She didn't know if their confidence encouraged her to speak out or discourage her to do the same thing. Shady.

    Miya downed her tea, and Tallulah's, but left her little sister the cakes. "Maybe we can donate stuff for the trip from the shop?" Tallulah whispered to her sister as she ate a cake slowly. "No, we'd be hung, drawn and quatered. That, or lose our pocket money for a few months," Miya whispered back. $3 a month was not much pocket money, and Miya was pretty keen to keep it. "We could put it together and see what we can buy?" Talullah told her quietly. Miya nodded. "We'll surprise them though. We get pocket money tomorrow, then, we see if we get anything,"
  19. It seemed the problem was working out okay, and the others were calming down. Cadence let go of Veronica so that she could end up going off to hugging Yale. "There's not too much else to discuss besides getting the supplies for the trip." She then began, not wanting to take up too much time for Yale since he wanted to do his homework it seemed. "I know of a perfect place for it, but besides the snacks and other foods that Veronica is writing down we also have to figure out who's going to bring what. We need tents and other supplies to spend the night. I might have a few tents lying around. But, we also need fishing rods and ways to cook the food." She hoped this trip would help all the members as well, like Yale's cold personality that she knew had to just be some kind of cover considering he just didn't give up on the club long ago.
  20. "Say something," Tallulah told her sister. "But..." Miya began until a deadpan expression crossed her sister's face. "Fine." She then made herself loud enough to be heard by everyone. "We own a shop, there's bound to be something we can get for y'all." Afterwards, her sister smiled, looking impressed with herself, but not really in the smug way it got across in Miya's head. Tallulah glanced at Yale; if he really liked homework why wouldn't he go to homework club?
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