Love? Where?

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As Kinsey fell asleep Allorah cuddled up to her warm body. She borrowed her head under Kinsey's arm and cuddled more.
Kinsey was almost awoken by Allorah cuddling up close to her. Her eyes opened slightly, but soon closed and she went further into sleep.
She cuddled with Kinsey. She felt so safe and secure. The night went by fast and the morning light beamed through the windows. She stretched and cuddled more with Kinsey as she rubbed her eyes.
A beam of light hit Kinsey's eyes, and she woke up. Looking around, she felt something next to her...and upon looking down at her side, she saw the princess snuggled up close to her and under her arm. "P-Princess." She whispered, being quiet to not alert anyone walking by in the halls. "What are you doing?" Kinsey asked, feeling like sleeping in her bed was a bad idea.
"Oh, I'm sorry. You're just so warm.." She said innocently, looking up at Kinsey sweetly and innocently.
There really wasn't anything she could do. Kinsey had to stay on the Princess's good side, and if she wanted to cuddle up close to her, then she would have to let her do so. She just hoped that no one would walk in and see them there like this. She would punished for slacking off when on duty.

"Everyone gives off heat. It's just how the human body is..." Kinsey said, looking away a bit. That was a stupid response...and she knew it...
"Well, if you're uncomfortable Kinsey than I will stop." Allorah looked up at her sadly. Allorah really didn't want to go to the ball. She really didn't want to find a "Nice gentleman" and she definitely didn't want any guy. But.. She did want Kinsey. Or did she? It was so confusing. Kinsey just made her so happy, though..
Kinsey glanced down to see the sad expression on Allorah's face. "It's...It's fine with me, Princess. Please feel free to do what you wish." She said. Just then, Kinsey thought she heard footsteps out in the hallway. She tensed up a bit, worrying that they may come inside the Princess's room to see them laying there like this. She was sure whoever opened the door would get the wrong impression once they saw them. Two women together was unheard of in this world. Now a female knight and a Princess, that would surly have Kinsey either killed or banished from the kingdom.

Her body relaxed as she heard the footsteps just continue down the hall and past the door to the room. She looked down at Allorah again. Kinsey could feel something she didn't feel before while with her like this. Could she feel attracted to the young princess? It was possible, but Kinsey didn't realize these feelings could be love.
As she cuddle with Kinsey she began to smile. This is what she wanted.. Not some random guy..​ She wanted Kinsey. "Kinsey, do I have to go to the ball?" She asked.
"Well...your parents are preparing this ball just for I assume that they want you to go..." Kinsey answered in the nicest way she knew how to respond.
"Will you keep all the Boys off of me?" She asked in a disgusted tone.
Kinsey looked down to Allorah again. "You don't like men?" She asked.
"No, I don't. But.. My mother and father would never understand. You can never tell them. Promise me you won't." She looked up at Kinsey with desperation.
She isn't into boys? Once Kinsey saw the look on Allorah's face, she turned her head away from her, a blush on her face. She nodded her head once. "I won't tell them, Princess."
"Aww. You're blushing Kinsey!" She smiled big and pinched her cheek softly.
"Pr-Princess..." Kinsey whined. "Stop..." She heard more footsteps outside and stayed quiet, her body tensing up again.
Allorah sat up quickly. "I wouldn't want to get you into trouble." She said with a sly wink. She got to her feet and waited for the footsteps to disappear down the corridor.
Kinsey got up quickly, hardly making a sound. Only the sound of her cross necklace hitting her breastplate lightly was heard, as well as the sound of the bed creaking slightly. She moved away from the bed and stood in front of a window, folding her hands behind her back and standing up straight, like she was like that the whole time. It was just in case someone opened the door.
"Kinsey, do you like women or boys?" She asked lightly, tilting her head.
"I...I'm not sure, Princess. I've never thought about it before." Kinsey answered, looking over to Allorah.