Love? Where?

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Allorah sneaked past the guards and around the walls of the castle, she couldn't risk anyone seeing her. It would be very looked down upon since she was the princess. Slowly she made her way back to her chambers. She quickly and quietly climbed back up by the ivy along the castle walls. She was unknown and unseen by the guards or anyone else. She reached her window and climbed in, beginning to undress from her short white dress and into clothes suitable for sleep.
Kinsey waited in the Princess's room, her arms crossed over her chest. She wore light armor since she was a knight for the royal family. Her hair was short and brown, her eyes a beautiful hazel color. The royal family's crest was on her right sleeve in gold. Her shirt was white and her armor was silver lined in a light blue, and a golden design filled the the gaps.

"Princess Allorah..." She said a while after she entered the room. "Where, may I ask, have you been? Your mother and father have been waiting for you to arrive for a talk with you. Something about a ball you will be hosting."
She turned to Kinsey fast, not expecting her to be there. She slyly looked the knight up and down, checking her out, and batted her eyelashes and gently said "I was uhm.. Fresh air. Yes. So, about the ball?"
"Your parents want to talk to you about it, m'lady. They did not tell me a thing about it." She said, raising an eyebrow slightly at seeing her look her up and down.
"Yes yes. Well, okay." She walked out of the room and towards her parents. "Yes, mother?" She called.
Kinsey followed the Princess out of her room quietly.

"Allorah, darling." Her mother greeted happily. "Where have you been? Your father and I have been waiting to tell you about the ball."
"I'm sorry.. Uhm. What ball and when? And why the occasion??" She asked politely.
"Why, the ball to find you a suitable husband of course." Her mother said, sounding a bit surprised. "I thought I told you this before."

"I want to find a young man that I know will be able to take care of my daughter." Said her father. "Princes from all over the land will be attending this ball, all wishing to take your hand in marriage." He continued.
"A man?" She asked. "Oh, well of course mother. And the ball is tomorrow I presume?"
"It will be in one week. We want to give the princes plenty of time to arrive for the ball." Her mother answered.

"Of course a man!" Her father boomed. "What else would there be for my little girl? Another woman? Bah! I would never even consider letting you do such a thing!" He continued.

"Now must keep your temper under control." Her mother soothed the fuming King.
"What does it matter, father. It surely is my life. You can move the ball sooner mother. I'm just itching to get to know the "man of my dreams"." She said and walked into her room.
Allorah's words seemed to irritate her father even more, but her mother managed to calm him down. She nodded over at Kinsey, who in turn nodded back and followed Allorah to her room.

"M'lady. I am to be your guard during the time leading up to the ball. Your mother wants to make sure you will be safe." Kinsey said, bowing slightly at Allorah to be polite.
"Thank you Kinsey. It is an honor." She replied bowing back down at the knight.
"Please, Princess. You do not have to bow back to me. It is more of an honor to me to be your guard for this short amount of time..." Kinsey said.
"It's fine Kinsey. I am only a human. We are equal. You do not have to treat me so greatly." She replied back.
It was against what she was taught. Treat her like she was equal? Surely she would be punished greatly by the king if she ever did such a thing. She stood there, feeling uncomfortable. "W-Well. You seem tired. You should sleep now, Princess. I'll keep watch over you tonight." She said, looking around the room for a few seconds before locking her gaze on Allorah.
"Alright. Goodnight, Kinsey. I'll see you in the morning. If you get to tired then you should go to bed." Allorah undressed and laid down into her bed. She blew out the candle on her bedside next t her and snuggled into her blankets. She slept soundly and deeply, having a beautiful dream.
Kinsey stayed vigilant all night, walking around the room silently to check out the windows. When morning neared, she sort of wished she had taken a nap last night. Her eyes felt heavy, as well as her limbs. Noting eventful happened last she definitely regretted not getting any sleep. Kinsey glanced over at Allorah's bed, wondering if it would be alright to lay down for a while before she woke up. It was early in the morning and every guard and servant in the castle trusted her completely, so they wouldn't bother checking in on them. The King and Queen were most likely fast asleep as well. That tempted Kinsey much right now that she was torn between her duty and the need to sleep.
Allorah awoke slightly. She noticed Kinsey almost falling asleep on duty. "Kinsey, come lay down with me. You're very tired." She said temptingly.
The Princess's voice...why did it tempt Kinsey even more? She took one step forward, hesitating in moving any more, then continued on and slid into bed Allorah's bed. She laid on her back and looked up at the ceiling, repeating to herself over and over in her head that she wasn't in the Princess's bed now so she wouldn't get up. The feel of her body finally being able to lay down made her muscles relax now.