Love Triangle

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  1. Alexis Lily Grey was a normal girl who stood at the height of 5ft 5, was curvey and slim, had dark brown hair and her eyes where nearly pitch black, she never knew why her eye colour was nearly black she never asked her parents but if she brought the subject up they would change it, so she gave up in the end

    She was dressed in clothes ready for her first day of school and she was told to go to her locker to find it, Alexis noticed she was getting weird looks and people were staring at her, she bit her lip and held her head down as she made it to her locker, she found it and opened it up and just hoped no one would try and talk to her
  2. Sapphire Mercury strolled down the corridor, and paused at her locker. She glanced to her side, and flashed her fangs warningly at some first years who were daring to come too close for her tastes. Yeah, Sapphire was a vampire, and a kickass vampire. She rolled her eyes when they scurried off, and she turned back to her locker.

    A sign of movement on her other side caught her peripheral vision, and she glanced that way. Her eyes gleamed when she saw the new girl a few lockers down. Possibly some new blood for her to try.....
  3. Alexis noticed a girl looking at her and glanced her way but then looked away from her again as she noticed her nearly black eyes would give her away that she was something else which she was never told about. Aleixs saw the students walking past and noticed they all looked different and not like normal human girls like her and she sighed, closing her locker and head towards the girl was but knew there was no other choice but to walk past her
  4. Sapphire smirked, and closed her locker. She turned and leaned against the locker, her silver eyes watching the other girl. She called out, "Hey there." She smiled. "Need some help with anything?" She grinned and walked alongside the newbie.
  5. (ooc, the class rep for juniors is my character, sophomore is a Vampire, freshman is a Vampire, senior is a Werewolf. the schools clicks are obviously either or.) Summerset entered the school, by his sides two guys, To his right was June, a short spiked blonde haired teen with a tooth pick hanging out of his mouth, To Summerset's left was Barren a giant dude with a scar across his nose and slicked back brown hair. They both were laughing as they walked. Summerset was expressionless he aimed to be voted Class Alpha this year and needed to be serious.Seconds before you enter"Students a word from your class Alpha before we get started, Summerset will you please stand and introduce yourself" A silver haired boy with dark almost a yellow amber eyes stands 6ft and strong. As he walked the halls he caught eye of the new student, He stared at her but said nothing, brushing past her. He smelled of roses and trees,
    He then turned and looked at the vampire next to her "Dont mess with the pup".

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  6. Alexis jumped when she heard the girls voice and looked at her "Err hi" she said not sure and met her eyes and shrugged "I think i'll be fine, but thank you" she said looking away from her a little scared and turned around at someone talking and confusion washed over her but she caught a boy eyes and watched in a daze as he walked past her and she caught the smell of him and was just standing in a sort of trance
  7. Sapphire glared at the werewolf, and growled, "Back off pup. I saw her first." She didn't appreciate people moving in on what she considered her property.
  8. Summerset walked past, the werewolfs in the hall stared at the beautiful vampire, silently looking after Alexis. "It seemed the rep this was chosen laughed Barren" June slung his arm around Summerset's neck "So "boss" what was that all ah about huh? you never did that for anyone, plus Vlad is gonna be pissed you embarrassed his sister." Summerset closed his eyes and walked to the auditorium. "Let him do something about it, ill take on a fang any day"
  9. Sapphire scowled, and turned around to stalk off down the hall. She was not happy about this, and when Sapphire Mercury wasn't happy, someone ended up paying for it. Her silver eyes scanned the hall, searching for her older brother, the senior rep. He would be able to help here.
  10. Alexis just stood there really confused about this and what they was both going on about and watched as they both walked off and she sighed and looked to see where she was going and looked at the wing she was in and placed it back in her bag and set off the find her first class and just hoped she wouldn't be stared at anymore and looked at like something was wrong with her
  11. Summerset sat down right next to Vlad senior rep, not by choice though. His seat was chosen because he was to be voted into rep for juniors. Even the vampires knew Summerset was a natural born Alpha. There was no contest between Dean, Kiki and Summerset for rep. It was wolves take over this year. "Vlad congratulations on obtaining senior rep, i was wondering when a Fang would get there shot." he said in a serious tone"
  12. Vlad Mercury glanced at Summerset, and inclined his head politely. "Indeed." he said calmly but icily. He didn't like the junior rep any more than he knew the werewolf liked him. However, they had to get along.
  13. Alexis walked into the class and noticed people look at her and a growl actually escaped her mouth and then she goraned as this has been happening a lot when she got made but just ignored the stares and sat down at a side and hid her face from everyone looking at her and wished she could go home, she didn't like this new school at all
  14. "Ive already pissed off your sister, she needs to stop trying to chow down on my pups, thats what humans are for, She has potential gaining Senior rep but she is impulsive" He starred off into the crowed of students gathering in to hear who junior rep would be, though unnecessary the was no contest. There hasn't been a natural alpha in a decade.
  15. Vlad's face hardened. "My sister can handle herself - she doesn't need a wolf like you to keep her in line." He glanced around the room, and his eyes caught those of his sister across the hall.
  16. Summerset starred off at Alexis, she was insecure and had fear written on her face, She could feel his dark amber eyes burning in the back of her mind. "Speak of the devil now, glad you could attend Sapphire." Summerset hated vampires but didn't mind the Mercury family tree, His father was their fathers best friend, Hell him and Vlad use to be close until highschool. There was no room for the past now though.
  17. Alexis felt someone staring at her from behind and turned around and noticed the guy from ealier who had sent her into a daze, she smiled slightly at him before turning back around and covering her face away so no one could see her at all
  18. The smile hit his heart, she was absolutely beautiful, and sweet, maybe he should help her fit in he thought. He stood up and motioned for June to move over, June looked at Barren he's not serious is he?" Barren laughed "ya betta move or he'll chomp ya out" June sighed and scooted over. Summerset walked down and noticed she sat right in between two vamps, they glared at him. "your seat is up here." he said softly in Alexis's ear
  19. Alexis wasn't expecting someone to say something in her ear and she jumped in her seat and glanced up to see who was talking to her and her breath caught in her throat and no words would come out "Er okay" she said not too sure but stood up anyway and just stayed close behind the boy as she was stared at even more as she moved
  20. Summerset could feel the unwanted attention on Alexis and simply said "Gawking is rude and childish, children are weak." and with that eyes where off Alexis. Summerset sat down and put his feet up on the chair infront of him and looked at Alexis and shot her a perfect smile