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  1. The Hawk family were one of the most well known and powerful families in the country, they were known for their strong blood lines and the bright, blood red eyes that showed up in the family every few generations. These eyes were seen as a sign of greatness and power, the owner of the eyes was meant to be destined for amazing things but there was a price. Because of the wording of the blood red eyes, many have been killed for them and this was the very reason that the Hawk family built itself a fortress like manor with a thick and large brick wall surrounding the grounds the moment a baby was born with those very eyes.

    Delilah was born with large red eyes, a pixie like face and very pale skin. She grew up more and more beautiful each day, her hair growing in to long wavy curls that out shinned the sun. By the time she was 19 she had been given a name around the town 'the hidden flower'. Delilah had never left the grounds of the manor, the large house and the wonderful surrounding gardens had been her whole world with no foreseeable change.

    It was a warm, summers day when Delilah had found the small crack in the wall that had been hidden her favorite maple tree. She knew she should have reported it but she just couldn't bring herself to, she had never been able to have any sort of secret and it was a wonderful feeling for her to be able to keep something that was truly hers.
    Delilah went to the crack and peered out every day, trying to see as much of the outside world as she could but soon it wasn't enough.

    One day the girl wrote a small note and, with a pounding heart, slipped it in to the crack. She wondered if someone would see it and if they did what would they do? Would they rip it up? Put it back? Report it to her family? She knew it was a slim chance her question would be answered but still, she was so desperate to know.

    What does a sunset look like?
  2. Sighing, he took the basket and walked out the house, not making eye-contact with his parents. They had never made him do this before; it was usually his sister. Still, he had to man up and go to the marketplace to sell some bread. Sure, this didn't sound particularly hard, but for Zudilin? A boy of his great shyness and awkwardness couldn't possibly sell bread that easily. He could hardly speak for goodness sake! Nevertheless, his parents wanted him to do this, no matter what.

    And so he exited the farm and started his journey to the market. It usually took his sister around an hour to walk there, but Zudilin's legs were much longer, and therefore quicker at walking. It only took him half an hour to cross the hundreds of fields and an extra five minutes to get to the market place from the entrance to the village. After a couple of minutes wandering around the market, Zudilin spotted a bread stall. He walked over there, the basket in his hand.

    "Hey, how much would you pay for 3 loafs of bread?" the farmer's son asked. The man behind the counter was- how do I out this? Fat. Very, very, extremely fat. Quite like the way cartoons picture bakers, with his ginger hair hidden by his white hat. The man looked Zudilin up and down, analysing his messy black hair and his aqua-blue eyes. "1 shilling," the man replied. One shilling? Oh well, it's better than nothing. Zud handed the man the basket, and the man handed Zud 1 shilling.

    Zudilin turned around to walk back home. What would his parents think to one shilling? What would his parents think about his forgetting the basket? Maybe he could take the longer way round - that way he could think about it. On the way home, Zudilin passed a massive manor, which looked incredibly posh and all. On the floor, there seemed to be a piece of paper on the floor. Zudilin picked up the paper and read it out loud.
  3. Dehlia had been leaning against the old oak tree when she hear footsteps walking past the wall and she held her breath. Would they pick up the note and read it?

    She couldn't fight the smile or the pounding of her heart at the sound of a new voice it was a very rare thing for her to hear after all.

    The teen grinned with excitement as she wrote on another note and sent it out

    'Hello! What's your name?'

    She bit her lip, would they answer? Would they ignore the question? She hoped not but then, she didn't want to get her hopes up just to have them dashed
  4. Seconds after he finished reading the letter, another letter popped through. This time, it read, "Hello! What's your name?" Well, this was purely strange. Who would send someone letters through a crack in the wall? How did they know he was there? Who has it on the other side of the wall? Perhaps he should reply? How? He didn't have a pen, so he could write back. Maybe if he spoke? Would she/he hear him? Surely they would. I mean, she/he heard him read the message, right?

    "Hi, I'm Zudilin," he told the listener, "What's your name?"
  5. Delilah smiled brightly when she heard the voice again but then bit her lip, what if someone came across her little place and heard the boy talking to her? She couldn't risk that, not now she had finally found someone outside her little world.

    'I'm Delilah. What are you doing all the way out here?' She send back through, followed by another not and a pen 'if someone hears you talking to me they'll close up the crack'
  6. Zudilin picked up the paper and pen. He read the message, in his head this time, and then wrote down his response. "I was just on my way home from the market," he wrote, "I'll try not to talk." He drew a little smile face, then posted the paper back through the crack.
  7. Delilah gave a small giggle at the note and the small smiley face "what were you doing in the market? Where you selling or buying? Was it busy?' she replied then blushed quickly and sent another note, thankful for the note pad she kept on her person to sketch on 'I'm sorry if I ask many questions, I've never been outside the manor grounds before'
  8. He picked up another note and wrote out his response. "I was just selling some bread. It was busy I guess... I'm fine with questions. Why can;t you go out the manor anyway?" He posted it through the hole once more.
  9. Delilah smiled softly at that, she had no idea that people outside were so nice 'did you get much for the bread? For my own protection, apparently my eyes are very rare and people will try to hurt me to get them if I go outside'
  10. "For the bread, I only got one shilling. I don't know if you know what that means, but to my family that's not even enough for diner. Rare eyes you say?" Was it possible her eyes were... Was this the Hawk Manor? Was her eyes... red? "What family does this house belong too?"
  11. Delilah blinked for a moment the smiled 'let me repay you for your time then, would you let me give you 2 gold pieces? My family, The Hawk family. I know they're powerful and all but please don't let that scare you away, I haven't got anyone else to talk to'
  12. Zud smiled. "Thanks! Two gold pieces sound great!" He drew another smiley face. "No, I'm not scared, I'm just... wondering... What colour are your eyes?"
  13. Delilah smiled and pushed two gold coins through the hole through the crack before pushing a note through "my eyes are a deep red, like rudys. Or at least so I've been told'
  14. Her eyes were red? That meant... "Your so powerful!" Zudilin shouted out load. He then quickly scribbled down, "Oh, sorry for the noise. Thanks fir the coins!"
  15. Delilah shook her head 'I'm not powerful, I'm just a teenager' she replied, clearly not aware of the ledgend that said those with red eyes were blessed by the gods 'how long can you stay talking to me? Will you come back tomorrow? I don't have anyone else to talk to'
  16. "I can stay a little longer, and I might be back tomorrow." However, this wasn't was Zudilin wanted to talk about. "Have you not heard of the legend?"
  17. Delilah blinked 'what ledgend? About my eyes? I was told that they were just rare which was why people wanted them, I didn't know there were ledgebds'
  18. "You don't know? Well, it might be best for uour parents to tell you... that seems much more sensible." Or maybe he should tell her?
  19. Delilah shook her head "I o ky see my parents twice a year. On my birthday and on Christmas and that's only to drop off presents" she wrote
  20. Zudilin felt abit sympathetic with her. She only got to see her parents twice a year? And that was only for presents? How did she live? "Oh, well then, I may as well tell you..."
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