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  1. There are many different people in this world and different people equal different feelings and tactics.

    Write a scene where one character confesses their love to another. Be as creative or random as you want and before anyone asks, the genders of the characters do not matter. Your scene could end up with the character being rejected or accepted. The character could have confessed during break-time at school or at the last few minutes of their life.

    Go on!
    What are you waiting for?​
  2. It was a rather normal day at school. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. Small, pearly, puffy clouds drifted lazily across an azure sky. It was lunch and Jake was walking alone to find a friend when he noticed his shoe had come undone. He crouched down and fixed it before he stood and began to continue his walk. He froze when he walked into view...

    A cocky smile. Short trimmed, black hair. Poisonous emerald eyes. A tall stature with a small bit of muscle beneath the slightly tanned skin.


    The one person Jake didn't really want to see today, he was feeling emotionally weak today and didn't want to confront the person he had loved for the past three years.

    It's not like Jake asked for this. He didn't ask to fall in love with someone who would never love him back, but it happened, and Jake hated and relished every second of it. Kris was his friend, and Jake was happy having him as a friend than not having him at all...

    "Hey, Jake, you alright?" Kris snapped the younger out of his thoughts. The older teen's cocky smirk was now replaced with a worried frown as Kris leaned forward to examine Jake's face.

    "I-I'm fine, just a bit cold." He responded without thinking. It wasn't even that cold out, but, with Kris's face so close, Jake couldn't think properly.

    Kristopher's eyes warped to confusion before he chuckled softly, "Dork, it's not even that cold out, are you sure you're alright? Maybe you have a fever?" Kris's hand reached up for Jake's forehead but he cringed away from the touch and backed up into the wall.

    This was too close. He wouldn't be able to hold it in if Kris kept being this close, this caring. Kris just needed to stop being Kris.

    But that's what made him so wonderful. He was who he was and he didn't care what others thought. He was kind and cared for those he considered friends or family. He was very cocky and slightly rude, but that added to his charm.

    Kris looked hurt, Jake quickly bowed his head, "Sorry, I'm just.... Not in a touchy mood today."

    The older nodded and stepped back, still looking slightly upset, "Well, get some rest nonetheless, you don't seem like your usual perky self." Kris turned and began to walk away.

    Jake couldn't leave it at this. He couldn't let Kris walk away hurt.

    But what could he do?

    He groaned internally and chased after the taller male. Jake grabbed his arm and stopped him. "Sorry... I'm just out of it today. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything." He mumbled softly, head bowed.

    Kris smiled and patted him before grabbing his face and making the younger look into his eyes, "I've heard some interesting rumors around school about you." Jake's eyes widened, did he know that he liked him? "Are you gay Jakob?"

    Jake sighed softly in relief. That was no secret, nobody was really uncomfortable with it anyways. "Really Kristopher? I thought you already knew this?"

    "I had a hunch, but I just needed clarification."

    "Why would you need clarification for something like that? I mean, its not like it changes anything between us."

    "Yes it does." Kris shot back. Jake flinched, did Kris hate the fact that he was gay? "It changes things because I want to ask you out on a date, but I wasn't sure if I could." Kristopher's strong posture suddenly began to become fidgety, was he nervous?

    "A-a date?"

    "I'm not gonna repeat myself idiot. It was hard enough bringing it up in the first place."

    Jake's face scrunched up in confusion before his beamed brightly and hugged Kris, "It's a date."
  3. Twenty-seven minutes and counting. The sky grew brighter as it approached. Such an awesome sight, so beautiful and magnificent. It would be a fine death, yes it would. It was like a great deep blue, further than the sky could ever chase itself. How lovely. I wondered, could there be something staring back? Looking off that watery globe in the sky and having a thought of... whatever it may think. But there was little time. I wandered the streets anxiously, moving along crowded side walks and bustling homes. Prayer, party, panic or placid. One of the four. It wasn't quite what I expected, it was as if peace had settled across the entire world for the first time and what would be the last. We all knew we were going to die, not like the concept of mortality was anything new, but we now saw something which reminded us all what we would undertake no matter what actions we take in this life.

    I skipped over a packed huddle of cars as I crossed the bridge from Volker Ave to Cleaver III Blvd. Sprinting now, the crowds became a bit more sparse as I moved away from the avenue. Damnit, I had to still get five blocks. I had too! I just had too! Main street, that's where I wanted. It was a fools hope, but I had my hope no less. So I ran. I saw the faces of hundreds in but moments as I cut through a cul-de-sac and hopped a tall fence. The pole scraped my leg and tore my jeans, but I persisted with my fools hope. There! There! It began to come into view as I ran uphill from the dip, the shitty little loft above the corner plant nursery. I could hear it now, I know we all could. I could hear singing in the streets, songs of joy and praise. Songs of love and lust. The chants of thousands filled the air and I felt my heart flutter for a moment. Above the ball grew closer, it was massive in size, larger than anything I could have imagined. I could see the aurora again as the sky began to dim, the sun blotting out on the great sphere in the skies horizon.

    Racing up the stairs and pounded on the loft door, unable to call out as I huffed and wheezed from after running for the past six miles. There was no answer. I pounded again with increasingly weak knocks and the door opened with a sudden jut. A pair of weepy brown eyes under scattered black hair met me. I reached forward and beckoned down with me and she obliged. The world trembled now, yet the singing outside did not cease but grew in unison. They sang Hallelujah. It was fitting as I turned to her after catching my breath. Among the earth shattering sound which began to ring through the atmosphere, my words were as clear as they'd ever been. "I love you. I love you more than anything."
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  4. She layed him down on a soft bed with red and white sheets. The red was in the center where she laid him and in a formless pattern around him. He looked so handsome, so peaceful. "You sleep so well honey...because you know your so loved." She said softly as she watched him lay there so still.
    Every afternoon she'd look out her window and watch him through his or would stare at him from the back of the class room. And, every day she followed him home.
    To her he was everything, her idol, her destined prince who would swoop down and save her. She liked everything about him from the way he walked to the style of his hair. He was a quiet one, didn't have many friends, but he was a nice boy and her heart skipped a beat each time he smiled.
    She liked to draw that smile of his, making detailed portraits of him in her diary of sketches. All of then him, showing every expression he ever made but his smile was the best oh how she loved it when he'd laugh too.

    But then SHE came along. That little thief with her long blonde hair, pretty eyes, and perfect body. She just came in, waved her hips around, and took what she wanted. A monster, no a demon, that's what she was. She took poor Adam away from her using his shyness and other exploitable weaknesses against him. She took time away from him at the window, in the school halls, and on the way home. But most of all she took time away from the one he belonged with. But that would end...

    "Ah! What are you doing in my room? How did you get in my house?! Hey wait..w-wait your that girl uhh A-Amber right? Arn't you in my class?" She was so exited. He actually remembered her name! Overwhelmed she ran to him and hugged him. He was stiff, and he was shaking but he wasn't hugging her back. He was probably just nervous so she broke the ice by kissing him. He didn't kiss back. "You remembered me! I knew you wouldn't forget! Don't you remember? That valentines day you gave me that card saying you'd be mine forever?"He didn't respond. He just backed away with eyes as big as dinner plates and stared at the bloody knife in her hand that was already starting to dry and darken to black.
    "Amber w-what did you do here?" she tilted her head and giggled. "I knew you'd always choose me and that girl was forcing you to be with her. I don't like bullies either so I got rid of her for you." He began to shake and eyes watered as cold tears rolled down his now pale skin and breathed out under his breath. "Oh god.."
    She began to come closer and as he backed up he tripped on something and fell. Looking at the object it was a box with wrapping paper and a bow on it. "Haha! You fell! Oh sorry, are you ok Adam? I brought you a present. Open it open it eeehehe!" He hesitated and swallowed as he looked at it. He didn't want to, it smelled fowl, and there was blood on the bow. "OPEN IT!" She shouted at him now angry out of the blue and swung the knife making a whisp sound as it sliced the air. He did as she said and pulled off the ribon then began to lift the lid. "Tada!" she yelled all bubbly again. The sight made him scream and kick the box away. "Oh god oh god! Jennifer! J-J-Je why?!" He stood up with his back to the wall. Phone! Police! Yes he still kept his phone on the dresser like always after school. He made a dash for it but her hand shoved him back up against the wall and she kissed him again.
    "Adam, don't you like it? I did it for you. Now we can be together with nothing between us. Isn't that wonderful? I thought you'd be happy." He pushed her arms away and then he hit her. His hand made a loud slap as it made contact with the side of her face and her eyes went wide with shock. She almost looked like she might cry. "No! Your sick! Your **** sick! I don't know you or what your talking about! I don't want you around your the last person I'd want! Now get away! Hnng..." He made another run for the door but then a sharp pain entered his side. It was stiff and..cold. Everything felt cold as he looked at her who's eyes were also wide. She laid him down on the soft bed with the white sheets that were now getting a new red design on them. "W-why?" Adam said as he looked up at the ceiling. It began to get fuzzy and he felt so tired. The knife in him didn't hurt anymore and he just wanted to close his eyes now. Amber slowly pulled the knife out and dropped it on the floor. "Because..because I..." She started to cry and sob hardly unable to finish just hoping there would be some life still in him to hear her. "Because I can't stand to see anyone else have you, your mine..I love you."

    Now her diary is in your hands, she knows you been snooping around. I seen that look in your eyes darling. I wanted to tell you but I could never find the best way so I wrote you a story. Yes, I had a love before you but am over him. Please don't be mad at me. I love you.

    Sinsearly yours forever_ Amber
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  5. "Okay, I for one think this is a terrible idea Austin. Sure she's pretty and all, but you don't even know her. Which is scary because we've worked with her for months. She doesn't even talk to us!"

    "You don't...You don't understand Luke. I have talked to her. She speaks when she's being spoken to. She is really nice, and is just a quiet person trying to get by...But you don't understand Luke. I have to tell her! I can get to know her more." Austin's had a dreamy look in his eyes as he stacked the last of the plates in the small coffee shop. "And I'm going to. Before she leaves today." Luke rolled his eyes grabbed his coat. There wasn't much he could do for his love struck friend.

    "Well, good luck buddy. I'm taking the old man home and getting home myself." He gave a final nod before turning and heading for the front. "Alright dad, we finished cleaning your shop. Let's go so I can take you home." The elderly man looked up from his conversation with Ty, the apparent girl of Austin's dreams, and nodded saying his final goodbyes to her.

    By now, the store was quiet. Austin had the spare key to lock everything up and he quickly used his opportunity. "H-Hey Ty?" He mentally cursed himself for stuttering. When she turned to look at him, those blue eyes of hers had him freeze up. The guy had to force himself not to stare.

    "Yes Austin?"

    And her voice! It was just as amazing as always. "Y- I have to tell you something. It-" He heaved a sigh, trying to relax. This was his golden opportunity and he couldn't ruin it! "I know I've only talked to you a few times. And I know you don't really know much about me but I mean, I'd love to get to know you because I-" He paused, seeing the most adorable look of surprise on Ty's face. "Because I...I really like you and I'd love to take you out, er, on a date."

    He looked hopeful and happy and Ty's embarrassed surprise helped little with it. "Oh, um, Austin I-" She shook her head. "No. I'm really sorry. You're a nice guy, really, but I'm already dating someone-" And speaking of that someone, a male a little taller than Austin hurried down to the shop with a rather worried expression.

    "Ty! Geez, you had me worried! You could've told me you were switching shifts."

    "Axle, I did tell you. And I knew you were going to forget. So I put a note on the door."

    He blinked and laughed. "Can't blame a guy for worrying. Oh, hi dude. Nice to meet ya. I'm Axle."

    Austin watched as the girl of her dreams was swept away by someone else. He had always thought those cartoons where characters' hearts shattered was a joke, but no, it wasn't. He could feel it shatter like glass after every word of her rejection up until Axle's greeting. "...Austin. I'll- I'll see you later. I need to make sure everything is locked down."

    "What's wrong with your friend?" Axle asked curiously as he held Ty's hand and lead her home.

    She looked back towards the shop and sighed gently. "A rather surprising unrequited love."
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  6. "Sir, can you give us some space, please? We need you to move out of the way." Asked Dr Robinson. High-pitched beeping sounds were coming from the nearby monitors which were attached to Linda Quinn, a casualty of a road traffic accident.

    "J-James... Don't... leave me." Whimpered Linda as she lay there on the hospital trolley. Her injuries were extremely serious and she suffered internal bleeding; the impact of the accident was devastating.

    "I am not going anywhere." Said James firmly. He forced a reassuring smile at Linda and then shot a serious expression at the doctor, refusing to move away from the hospital trolley.

    "Please, sir, we need to do our jobs--" Began Dr Robinson. He was interrupted when another high-pitched alarm sounded from the monitor; it was Linda crashing. The internal bleeding had gotten worse and she was bleeding out on the trolley. Fast.

    "...M-My head... I don't... feel... so good..." Managed Linda. Her words were quiet and she struggled to keep her eyes open, feeling extremely faint due to the loss of blood.

    "Wh-What's happening?! Doctor? Do something!" Yelled James. There was fear in his voice. He didn't want to lose Linda. Not at all. He took hold of Linda's hand and squeezed it firmly. "Linda, if you can hear me... I-I just want to let you know... I love you."

    Dr Robinson stood there with a grim expression on his face. "I'm sorry, sir... But there's nothing we can do. Her injuries are far worse than we expected."

    Linda, with all her strength, managed to squeeze James' hand back. A tear rolled down her face as she lay there, dying from her injuries. The beeping from the monitors intensified and echoed through the resuscitation room. ".....I..... love you..... too.... James." Were Linda's last words. Her eyes rolled back and she lost consciousness due to the internal blood loss.

    James' eyes widened as he looked around the room frantically. A solid, consistent high-pitched beep was all that could be heard in the room at this point. "No... No... NO! NO NO NO! I can't believe it. N-No...!" Sobbed James. He broke down in tears, letting go of Linda's hand.

    Escorting James out of the room, Dr Robinson finally spoke. "I am extremely sorry for your loss, sir. We did everything we could."
  7. Diyanna sat down in the chair with her arms crossed over her chest and her long flaming red hair was pulled into a ponytail, small pieces framed her heart-shaped face. Plump lips with a layer of red lipstick, a small button nose and green almost shaped eyes. Diya's pale skin seemed to bring her eyes out even more. In front of her was a woman who was continuously flirting with the man Diyanna had partnered up with in this business only 4 months ago. Sometimes she wondered if he felt the same connection Diyanna felt or if the fact that he didn't want to touch her was because he thought of her as disgusting. True, Diyanna was a flirt and a complete liar but that didn't mean she had no heart. Diyanna could feel emotions. She could feel the pain of what it was like when her heart had broken just two years ago but Diyanna also knew how it felt to find someone who made it feel as if it had never happened. Patching up the wounds in her heart with the words of truth and promises that were always kept.

    "So... are you working tomorrow?" The other woman leaned a bit to close to him for Diyanna's liking but she kept it to herself, pretending to be reading the case file in front of her. Diyanna couldn't concentrate and it was getting irritating, how come the feelings she has for someone never ends in her favor? Why is it that she's the only one who seems to be struggling to keep her emotions at bay? Especially for a man that refused to touch her. Touching was her thing, she enjoyed the feel of warm skin that was owned from the living instead of the cold feeling the dead gave. Her hand was balled up in a fist on her lap while her eyes scanned the paper in front of her, every so often stealing a glance over at the man that was speaking with the woman who would be helping them temporarily. Temporarily being Diyanna's favorite word. But then worry seeped into her bones. What if he fell for her? Fell in love with another woman that wasn't Diyanna? Oh it would be terrible, if that happened this would probably be the last time she'd ever allow herself to open up to another human being ever again. He knew a few of her secrets but knowing a few and accepting her for who she is was what made Diyanna fall for the man.

    When the lady began to touch him, Diyanna noticed one thing. He allowed it. Anger and jealousy raced through her veins before she pushed out of her chair and made her way out of the building. Outside it was cold and she had forgotten to bring her coat but it didn't matter as she made her way to the car. Her boots crunched on top of the snow beneath them and for some reason they grew louder, then she realized that the extra crunch noises wasn't her. Behind Diyanna he was following after her with his large hands in his pockets and a gaze that seemed to look straight through her soul. Like she had already bared everything for him, letting him see the sins she has committed.

    "Diyanna, what's wrong?" He asked in the silky yet deep voice that made Diyanna feel warm and safe all the time. A voice that didn't truly belong to her. So close and yet so far, not able to touch what she believed could one day save her own soul.

    "Am I disgusting?" Diyanna questioned him right back, swerving on her heels to look him those stormy eyes he had. At first it seemed he had no idea what she was talking about before his eyebrows furrowed deeply.

    "No you aren't disgusting," Was his reply but it seemed it wasn't enough for her.

    "Do you dislike me?" Was her next question, her arms once again folded underneath her chest. Her green eyes were firm and starred at him, wanting him to know just how effected she was with is answers.

    "I dislike the fact that you lie all the time and you touch anything that walks but other then that you are a good person... deep, deep down somewhere," The last part was meant as a joke but when Diyanna didn't laugh like she usually did the smirk that jumped on his face slowly disappeared.

    "Self-defense technique, what would you do if I told you that I loved you?" Diyanna was serious but right with how his face scrunched up in annoyance told her that he still didn't believe her. He always thought that everything she spoke, every little story or word she said was nothing but a lie.

    "Why do you need a self-defense technique with me? And what did I say about lying?! Don't play around with that word!" He yelled out at her and it was clear that it ticked him off. How could she play a trick on him like this? The woman that seemed to get so close to him emotionally and yet he never allowed her to get close to her physically. A woman of lies was never good for the heart. Yet he couldn't bring himself to stop working with her, to stop seeing her everyday.

    "Protection from the unknown future. I'm not lying," She answered both questions easily, not blinking or flinching when he raised his voice. Which was a rare thing because Diyanna preferred to avoid getting him mad at her. She enjoyed the soft looks he gave her but Diyanna wouldn't be able to live if she knew that he was going to be starring at another woman like that.

    "You're always lying! Can you ever tell the truth for once in your life?!" Those gray eyes of his darkened and reminded Diyanna of a tornado ready to break houses down and blow everything away. That's how much power he had over her. He had the power to blow her entire world away and yet he didn't realize it.

    "You want the truth?! I do love you, you stupid idiot! You're nothing but truthful with me when I tell nothing but lies, you've helped me through the things that hurt me without even realizing it! A man that has been broken over and over again yet you still manage to smile as if you don't know what it feels like to hurt!" Diyanna was screaming at him now and he took a small step back in surprise, the always sarcastic and silly woman was completely different then usual. He tried to speak but she didn't allow him.

    "Its true that my life is full of lies, full of deceit and sins but what right do you have to deny me the ability to speak truthfully?! I believe I have the ability to love, are you going to deny me that right?!" Her chest was rising and falling as her eyes blistered with tears, they fell down her cheeks and hit the floor covered in snow. Diyanna's bottom lip trembled but she couldn't tell if it was because of her emotions or the cold that was wrapped around her skin. The tears that traveled down her face made him feel as if he had done something terribly wrong. She wasn't sobbing but it sure looked like that's what she wanted to do and yet somewhere inside of her, her pride wouldn't allow her to do so.

    "So you love me?" His voice was calm now, finally understanding the woman that confused him the most.

    "Yea, so what of it?" She glowered at him with narrowed eyes. What surprised her was that he grabbed her hand. No, it was when he pulled her into a hug that made her gasp from the sudden warmth. Diyanna was use to being cold and alone but with arms wrapped around her it felt as if she didn't need anyone's warmth but his.

    "Its a lie when I told you that you were heartless yesterday... I didn't like watching you getting close to Chris or the other guys. I think I might've gotten infected with whatever it is you have," He muttered into her hair, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the sweet mango and lime scent coming off of her.

    "Love sickness?"

    "Yea... so I guess you'll just have to be my cure, right?"

    Diyanna nodded her head, telling the truth seemed to work out better for her then she thought it would.
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  8. "Hey, hey, are you a magician?" Lucien asked. He was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning and he was wearing a panda hat over his messy blue hair. The young man looked confident enough, though if one were to stare, they'd notice how he fiddled with his sleeves and how his cheeks were as red as apples.

    The girl beside him was a fellow guilder; a cheerful brunette who liked animals and laughed at his stupid jokes.

    He had gone on a few quests with her and she had saved him more times than he'd like to remember, so much for looking cool, he probably looked like the biggest klutz around.

    "Hm?" She beamed. "If I remember right, then no. I'm a beast tamer. Why'd ya ask, Lucy?"

    "Because AbracaDAMN, Kim, you look magical." The summoner was laughing awkwardly, his eyes focused on his shoes. Usually, he felt confident and cheerful around girls, so why was he so nervous? He wished he had Syed or Lute to help him out, or Xan to give him some advice from a girl's perspective. He really liked Kim and for the first time in a long time, Lucien felt like his jokes and pick-up lines weren't going to cut it.

    While he panicked and questioned his every move, Kim laughed and asked him to tell her a joke.

    He brightened up and nodded. "Of course, of course, I've got a hundred jokes." Lucien puffed up his chest and offered to grab her a soda. He returned with two cans though the moment he opened one, a fountain of grape soda shot out of the can and onto his face.

    "Gods!" Kim jumped back and tried to look sympathetic but soon enough she was laughing at the summoner. "Are you okay, Lucy?"

    "Yeah, yeah," the summoner looked crestfallen.

    Kim arched an eyebrow and stared. "You sure? You've been acting a little strange these past few days. I asked Xan about it, but she just laughed and told me she had quests to do." The girl placed her hand on Lucien's forehead. "You sure you aren't running a fever? You're all red..." The more Kim talked, the more miserable Lucien looked. She rarely saw him without a Cheshire cat grin on his face, so it was kind of weird.

    "Crap, crap, crap!" His hands shot upward and he began tugging at his hair. "Why can't I be cool? I'm clumsy, I can't be like the boss, and I can't swing a sword!" Kim probably didn't know who the boss was, but she was the coolest person Lucien knew. He spun around, placed both hands on her shoulders and began shaking her.

    Kim looked very confused.

    "I wish I had my wingmen with me..." Lucien took a deep breath and puffed up his cheeks before finally exploding. "I like you more than soda!" The summoner hung his head low, waiting for Kim to walk away. Instead, she gave him a peck on the cheek and laughed.

    "Really, Lucy? Soda? I can't believe you're comparing me to a carbonated drink."

    He blinked once then twice. "No, no, I like you a hundred times more than I like soda! I mean, a thousand, yeah, a thousand."

    Kim kept on laughing and soon Lucien was laughing at himself too.
  9. It was cold. Empty, cold, and painful. Slowly, the boy opened his eyes, staring at the hospital room ceiling. Tears brimmed his eyes as he slammed his fist against the bed he was laying upon, sending a tremor of pain rolling over his body. Then, the door slammed open, causing the boy's heart to skip a beat as he turned to look at the intruder.

    "Joey!" a deep voice shouted, causing the tears in the boy's eyes to thicken. A tall boy with longer black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a worried expression strode into the room. Joey watched helplessly as the boy made his way to the bed, the sorrowful look on his face sending a shock of pain through his chest.

    "Luke..." Joey said weakly, lifting his hand with a great amount of effort. The taller boy gently grasped the weaker one's hand and bent down closer to him. "Luke...I-I'm so sorry...I didn't want it to end like this." Joey said quietly, his throat tightening as he looked into his best friend's eyes.

    Luke had been Joey's best friend ever since they were in elementary school. Once they were in middle school, Joey started to have what seemed like an unrequited love for his childhood friend. The pain of keeping it secret took both an emotional and physical toll on the weak boy's body, even now as he laid in the hospital bed, barely able to move.

    "Joey...don't be sorry. I should have been there for you. I wish I could have shown up sooner." Luke's eyes glistened with tears as he recalled the memory. A gang. They had caught an unfortunate Joey as he was walking past an alley, deciding to beat him for enjoyment. Luke had been busy with other things and received a call from a fellow friend that Joey had gotten hurt. Now, the guilt was continuing to rise as he tried pushing the memories away.

    Joey gave his friend a tearful smile as his heartbeat began to race. Pulling his hand from Luke's hand, he raised it so that it was pressed against the boy's face. Luke closed his eyes and tried fighting off tears...he knew the worst was yet to come for his dear friend.

    "Luke, I..." Joey cut himself off as he looked at the boy's face. Luke opened his eyes and grasped the weak boy's hand, in an attempt to comfort him.

    "W-What?" he asked softly, staring down at Joey with a sorrowful expression.

    Joey felt the tears sting his eyes as they started to fall. Luke's eyes widened slightly and he squeezed his friend's hand, urging him to continue.

    "I-I love you Luke." he whispered, body shaking as his confession was finally revealed. Joey's tears started to fall at a more constant rate as he cursed himself for not telling his friend sooner. Suddenly, he was shocked to see Luke glancing down at him with something familiar in his eyes.

    " should have told me sooner. I love you too...I always have. Ever since we met, I could never get you off of my mind." Luke confessed, his voice cracking as tears of his own started to fall down his cheeks. Joey gasped and felt more tears roll down his face.

    Then, Luke leaned forward, gently pulling Joey's bruised body against him. Joey gently hugged the tall boy back, pressing his forehead against the boy's shoulder. "I don't want you to leave me..." he heard Luke whisper, feeling the boy gently tighten his grip.

    Joey gently pulled from his friend and pressed his forehead against the boy's. "It'll be alright...Luke, you will always be mine. Please, don't forget about me. I...I wish I could have told you sooner. Then, we might have created memories together, enjoyed ourselves. I might not have been sitting here in this hospital bed, dying, if I wasn't such a coward." Joey said softly, feeling more sobs start to overcome him. Luke gently gripped his weak friend and caressed his hair gently, trying to calm him.

    " matter what, I will always love you. I will never forget about you as long as I live. Please don't blame yourself for cowardliness is as much to blame as yours. If anything, I should have been there to protect you from that gang." he whispered, closing his eyes as he continued to try and soothe his friend.

    Joey finally calmed down and pulled from Luke, his eyes red and puffy as he started to lay back down on the bed again. The heart monitor beside started to slowly beep faster and faster as Joey looked to the ceiling. Luke felt his own heartbeat quicken in fear as he quickly leaned down to his love. "J-Joey, come on...please, stay with me!" he said, voice rising in panic. Joey slowly turned his eyes to Luke and smiled softly, his brown hair glistening from the lights above.

    "Luke...I think it's alright for me to go now. I just needed to let you know that I loved you...that I still love you, more than I even know." Joey's voice became weaker as he continued to talk. Luke felt tears spring to his eyes as they started to run down his face.

    Leaning forward, Luke pressed his lips against Joey's, their first kiss. When he lifted his head again, he say Joey smiling at him, the boy's chest slowly rising and falling. "I love you Luke...I love you so much." he whispered, making his best friend sob even more.

    The heart monitor stopped beeping. Luke stared in shock and disbelief. His best friend, his love...was gone. Yanked away from him by the grip of Death's talons, and left to look over the corpse that had once held the bright life and soul of the person he loved most.

    With a scream of agony and sorrow, Luke felt his heart start to split as the memories of him and Joey flashed across his mind. Luke pulled his love's body against his, crying against the cold, lifeless skin that used to hold loving warmth.

    "I-I love you too...even more than you'll ever know. I will never forget will always be mine."
  10. Olivia tried to control her breathing as she paced back and forth in her room. After weeks of agonizing, she thought making the final decision to tell him would bring some relief, but now instead of the constant thrum of anxiety she felt intermittent spikes of panic. This was wrong, so wrong, but it was always better to be honest.

    "I love you, I love you, I love you," she whispered to herself, fidgeting with her hands as she frantically paced. "Oh, God, give me strength." And at that moment, she heard the front door open and close. "I should've prayed for more time," she chastised herself with a small smile before taking a deep, steadying breath. "Here I go."

    Flinging open the door, Olivia practically bounced into the living room. "Jason! Welcome home! How was work? Good. Sit down. We need to talk."

    Mouth open in a half-begun response, Jason eyed her dubiously before walking over to the couch and obediently sitting. "Work was fine, thanks. Is everything okay? If you broke my computer again, I'm going to have to start asking you to pay for the spare parts..."

    She laughed loudly and slapped Jason good-naturedly on the arm, ignoring his wince. "No, your computer is fine. Actually I just needed to say something, so if you could just listen for a minute?" Her honey brown eyes were pleading, and Jason could see something of the terror in them, so he silently nodded. Taking another breath, Olivia grabbed his hand, noting the way he tensed slightly, and the way his gaze turned nervous. "Jason. I know we haven't known each other for that long, but I feel like I've known you forever. I know you're still probably missing Kristine, and I know you're trying to focus on work, and I know you don't look at me like that, but I just needed to tell you that I love you, and I know it's sefish to dump this on you because it's really just to make me feel better, because it's unfair to make you just live with this, but--"

    She stopped abruptly as he laid a finger over her lips, her cheeks flushing a deep red. Her gaze dropped to the floor, her throat feeling too swollen to make another sound. The silence that stretched between them tortured her.

    "Olivia," Jason finally said, his tone careful. "I don't know if I'm ready to reciprocate your feelings. You're right; I have just been trying to focus on work. I do like you, but I don't know if it's in the way you want it to be. I don't know if I can feel that way about anyone right now." Olivia lifted her gaze reluctantly, not wanting to see the apology in his green eyes, and she smiled sadly.

    "I just needed to get it out," she murmured. "Thanks for being so kind about it."

    [[Oh man that turned out way longer than I anticipated.]]
  11. (First time with romantic writing… I’ll give my best… Going to do this using my comfort area :3 )

    Indeed, it wasn’t a normal day, it was already getting late, the sun was setting over as the night raised over the sky to set the ground onto darkness, the moon was shining more than ever could shine. The scene was set between two large buildings, in a small alley forgotten by the city, lamp post’s light were twitching as a red liquid covered the walls of the buildings. Kyoki had a mad smile covering his face, a knife in his hand covered with blood of the innocents, two corpses were laid over the bloody ground as Kyoki couldn’t do more than laugh at the sky as he witnessed the bodies lacking of life product of his actions and carnal wishes. ”Kyahahaha!”, this could be heard at the distance, Kyoki covered one of his eyes with his hand as he sat on the ground next to the building, but suddenly, a silent attempt of scream was heard by Kyoki, the voice was somewhat familiar for him, he turned his head to see who was the one there besides him, when he saw her face, his eyes wide opened and his mouth opened a bit too like trying to say something, words nor laughs nor sounds could came out of his mouth, ”Ky- Kyoki… Wha-“, she said as tears came out of her eyes, she covered her mouth with both hands to not scream witnessing this bloody scene.

    Kyoki’s attitude changed, the mad and scary smile came again into his face as he stood over his knees and walked toward her with the knife in his hand. ”Mina… What are you doing here?... Kukuku”, he said as he slowly walked toward her. ”Kyoki… What’s wrong? Why?”, Mina could barely speak as she saw how Kyoki was walking toward her, the fear didn’t allow her to move, when Kyoki had already reached Mina’s location, he raised the knife in his arm right straight at her direction, before he could swing his arm to end with her life, he could only fell something shocking him on the chest, he rolled down his eyes and noticed that it was Mina, hugging him on tears, but she wasn’t crying, Kyoki was somewhat confused by her acts.

    ”Kyoki… If you really have to do this… I’m not going to stop you… Do you remember? When were nothing more than just kids running on the streets…” said Mina as she closed her eyes hugging Okami’s chest.

    Again, the smile had disappeared from Okami’s face, his eyes wide open, he looked at the sky and started having flashbacks, beautiful memories about the past, about his emotions, about his reasons to live.


    ”Hey Mina! Let’s go, Kino is waiting for us!, this was the voice of a young Kyoki, when he was only eight years old, he used to play a lot with Mina, they were and are best friends since they firstly met.

    ”I’m going! Please wait for me!”, as with Kyoki, this was the voice of a young eight years old Mina, she ran at Kyoki to then go together with their friends at the park.

    *Actual time*

    ”What is this feeling? Here… in my chest… I have never felt something like this”, Kyoki thought as he stared at Mina. The scene was suddenly silenced, Kyoki could even hear his heart bumping, it was each time slower.

    Bum Bum, Bum Bum… Bum Bum…….Bum…Bum, until he felt like it almost stopped. ”What have I done? Mina… Why? Is this really… what you want?... No”.

    ”No… Mina… Forgive me… Now I can see… How blind I was… I’m so sorry”, Kyoki said as he fell over his knees, tears came out of his eyes, he was wanting to scream, but he didn’t, for some reason, he didn’t.

    ”Kyoki… Just stop… We can come back together… Just stop this!”, she said as she knelt down and kept herself hugging –each time harder- Kyoki.

    ”But still… I can’t hold these feelings… I have to say it… to say… That I haven’t realized until now…”, Kyoki thought as he dropped the knife and hugged Mina. ”Mina… Now I can see… Now I’m sure… Of what is this I’m feeling… Mina… I love you… Please… Forgive me”, he said with tears coming down straight through his face.

    ”Kyoki… Please come back!”
  12. An Unspoken Confession

    "We're just friends, right?" A teen guy with blonde hair asked as he curled up beside another young man who was a few years older. The blonde laid his face upon the soft, white pillow and kept his gaze upon the other man's face with smiley eyes. They were both laying in a dim bedroom under the red colored blankets keeping warm. The blonde guy searched the other man's face and studied his honey brown eyes with his own eyes of sapphire blue.

    "Yes, exactly. Why do you ask, Corey?" The dark haired guy responded as he pulled the blonde haired guy in closer to him. He gave him a kiss on the forehead and lost himself within Corey's blue eyes. The dark haired guy's name was Arrick and he and Corey had been "friends" for a few months now. Arrick's sweet talking finally worked and he got Corey to finally fool around with him just like he wanted. Arrick was attracted to both girls and guys, but he wasn't interested in having a real relationship with a guy. He even openly expressed that he didn't date guys, and yet Corey still talked to him even though Corey was searching for a relationship. It was as if Corey expected him to change and start dating guys which wouldn't happen. Arrick was completely and stubbornly set on marrying a woman. Fooling around with guys was just what he did on occasion and he didn't really find them as attractive as girls. Arrick knew Corey liked him, Corey made that far too obvious. Arrick liked him too as a friend and there was a clear attraction they both shared for one another as well. Arrick's intentions were not to hurt Corey, because he genuinely enjoyed his company - he just couldn't resist Corey's cute appearance and playful personality.

    "Just wondering is all. Why do we act as if we are more than friends?" Corey said as he snuggled up against Arrick's bare chest and couldn't help but smile at his handsome face. He knew Arrick didn't want to date guys, but he couldn't help but wish that he'd be an exception for him. Being with Arrick was like heaven when they cuddled and he really wanted Arrick to be his. Corey wasn't stupid though, he knew Arrick's motive was sex and that he only wanted to use him until he found a girl who he could love. Yet, Corey still didn't care, because Arrick was extremely sweet to him and made him laugh often. Corey wasn't even sure if he wanted a real relationship anyway after all the heartaches he had experienced from his past. Arrick made him feel happy when they were together and that's all Corey cared about at this point in his life. All things were only temporary afterall and Corey learned that the hard way when he lost his first love in a car crash years ago.

    "Friends can cuddle and give each other affection too." Arrick replied and smiled back with a beautifully handsome grin.

    Corey just smiled back, but inside he just sighed and knew that he must accept their friends with benefits relationship. Real friends don't fool around and Corey wasn't dumb enough to think so. He was very naïve though, and that's one thing anyone who knew him could tell. Corey knew he could love Arrick just as well or more than any girl could, but the fact was he was born a male.... something he couldn't even help. If he was born a girl then maybe things would be different, but it seemed so unfair that gender was the reason that they couldn't be together. Corey raised up from his pillow and gave Arrick a kiss on his chin. Arrick responded with a funny look and Corey kissed him on the cheek next, then the forehead. He kissed under his eyes and on his temples. Corey gave him non-stop kisses all over his face and then stared into Arrick's eyes with his own that seemed to plead for his love. I love you. Don't you see? Please let me keep you. He thought with a painful knot forming in his throat, but he got his emotions in check before any tears would form. No matter if he spoke those very words, how many kisses he gave, or how many cuddles he offered - his affection would be taken for granted and his love far from the embrace of Arrick's heart.
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  13. That was it. She couldn't stand it - To sit here, and watch them together. She was pretty sure her heart had snapped in two by now. Oh well. Time to pick up the pieces, again. She stormed off, the tears flooding down her cheeks as she slammed the door open and made her way out of the room. "Lee? Wait! Kailee!" came his reply. She nearly stopped.. No! No! He chose her! He choice Deane! The sobs echoed around the halls of the apartment and she swiped her keys off the table. Kailee needed out of here, away from Deana, that evil, life ruining witch, and Nico, her best friend. Suddenly, a warm hand clasped against her frozen forearm and she was spun round. "Wh-what?" she spat out, "Are you choosing me for once-" She couldn't even finish her sentence before she broke down. "No, screw it! I am madly in love you, you b*st*rd! You chose her, and the rest of them, over me! The only time we ever talk anymore is when you need cheering up! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND!" She screamed, the tears dripping down and falling to the floor. The spalts became rhythmic, "I am so in love with you I overlook it, every single time! But you feel the need to be such a stuck up, childish, inconsiderate SNOB that you are too blind to notice me anymore!" The crying slowly died down as anger took over. She hiccuped, trying not to shake. Nico's arms moved from her shoulder's to her cheeks and he cupped her face. For a long minute, they stared into each other's eyes. "Ni-Neeks.." she began, "I'm so.. So.. Sorry.." But before Kailee could continue, he pressed his lips against hers. When he pulled away, he cockily muttered, "Don't be such an idiot. You're the snob if you think I don't love you. Now, about that best friends thing.. We should change that, no?"

    (Oh my Gods. Lot longer than I thought! First time writing proper romance on this site.. Hmm.)
  14. Life...

    Peet, of the Bloodline Ahvviyinn, son of Thoee and Deen... walked upon the world of his birth on all fours. Under the same sun his kind's Creators had once lived. And long ago died. But that... just a Life Fragment, one thing that made Life so precious. That it not only had a beginning, but also an end. Ahhh, hmmm! Warm light speckled fur and scales. Wind ruffled fur all over his body. Life! Life all around, filled with sights and scents and feelings. Yes, feelings. Youth and energy flowed from his Vital Stones through bone and flesh and out every pore in his skin. Tingled at the end of every hair.


    Perhaps not the most accurate word. His feelings, all these sensations of being Alive and... and.......

    Peet stopped his walk. Looked about at tree and grass and flower and even stone. Sounds of bird and bug. Scent of water strong. Yes! Sound and scent of...

    ... fur ruffled all over his body, feathered shroudruff, now so wonderfully and fully grown, tips all the way down to hips. Heh... rhyme. No sight yet. Ohhh so close! She'd be there, by the pool. Peet stood up on twos, looked himself over best as he could without reflection. Nothing seemed out of place, everything... well, nothing was ever perfect. Even Nism had their faults, despite all the gifts their Creator's had given them. Swish of tail, twitch of ears, wide flare of all four nostrils. A drop to all fours again, his walk now more a run as he cleared the last trees and.......

    Kassie was indeed there, by the pool. Peet had rushed that last bit of distance, but now? Absolutely still, watching her drink. Breath caught in his throat. Heart thumping loudly in his chest. Heart Stone thrumming intensely through his bones. She looked... beautiful. Her tail's tuft, full and lush. The curve of tail and hip... spots dotting that hip... his eyes couldn't help roving all over her body while she... heh.

    She'd already turned her attentions from water to him. Quickly, before he could look even more awkward, he slid smooth and slick into place by the pool, sat proudly on his haunches, fur ruffled fully out, shroudruff, in all its glory, unfurled in full display. His pose hiding nothing from her eyes. Heh Nothing important. Really, she'd already seen his backside, and really, sitting like this was tradition, when a male presented himself to a female "of interest." And ohhh, yesss how much he was, indeed, interested! No, she spoke not a word, her own movements of body part of the ritual. Part of the fun. Excitement thrilled through every fiber of his being as she sniffed and touched in her walk about him, each brush of her tail's tuft... the scent of her!... part of his test. Of control. Of determination. Of... of...

    So distracted by his body sensations, by thoughts and hopes and dreams. She sat before him. Still silent. Smiling. Beautiful. Sunlight turning her fur radiant as she ruffled up and tilted her head sideways, ears turned back...

    ... "Impressive...."

    Peet's own ears went down and back as his head dipped, grin upon his muzzled face. Shine to his eyes as he...

    ... "Like what you see...?"

    ... "I could say the same." Her eyes traveled down. "I see you're still scaring the fish." A grin of her own at their private joke. However, Peet looked down and...

    ... "Heh......."

    ... covered himself with both hands. But his eyes never lost their shine...

    ... "Still have that photo I took on our little roadtrip?"

    Kassie couldn't help it... she laughed. Then...

    ... "Yes. It was worth being grounded for a week."

    Peet cleared his throat...

    ... "You know I love you for that, awkward as that whole... heh... incident was. We still need to pay Beev back for that...*"

    Kassie had moved close, very close. She took hold of his covering hands, held them up and licked them gently...

    ... "Be mine?" she asked.

    ... "Yesss..." he said, a lick returned between her four nostrils. Ahhh, yesss...Life!
  15. Does this have to be a romantic love confession, because I have an idea...
  16. Time always seemed to stop whenever I was around Clarissa. She was almost the perfect woman. At some points, I visioned her and me together. But, in the reality of it all I was afraid. Rejection never seemed to settle with me very well and it often lead to a state of depression. Everything about Clarissa screamed goddess from her looks, up to her smile. What could a boring guy like me ever give her? Talking to her was like wrestling a bear with sharp fangs and claws. It was a battle that I felt like I couldn't win. Nevertheless, I still maintained my composure throughout our various conversations.

    On the 2nd year of our friendship, I finally worked up enough courage to ask her out for a date. It took every single fiber of my being to ask her out. When she said yes I felt so relived even though I was expecting a blunt no. When I thought about her response and how happy she was about the question, it almost seemed as if she was waiting for me to ask her out. No, that couldn't possibly be it. It would be better not to over think the situation too much.

    The place I chose for our evening was called: The Green Garden.

    "Well, here we are Clarissa. I hope this place is okay for you. I've never actually been on a date with someone as pretty as you". My cheeks burned with a blush and my head dropped in embarrassment. Desperation screamed in those words. Oh man, my embarrassment levels were off the charts! I tried to quickly recover, placing my hands flatly on the table. "What I meant is that I am glad that you....accepted my invitation to g-go out, Clarissa." I scratched my cheek with an index finger.

    Clarissa did nothing more than giggle softly as I spoke. Maybe, I looked foolish to her. Confessing that I was happy she went out with me, or maybe I looked flat out desperate. In any case, all negative thoughts flew out the window when she spoke. "Actually, I was hoping that you would ask me out soon. We've been hanging out for quite sometime. I am so glad that you thought a girl like me was good enough. This is the first time that a guy has ever asked me out on a date. It was so embarrassing when you did. But, I was so happy at the same time". Clarissa's voice was a little shaky as she replied to me.

    All I could do for the moment was sit in silence, stunned. This couldn't be real, could it? The words she spoke were as clear as crystal blue spring water, but for her it seemed so impossible. Then again, I was just over-reacting. She was a woman with feelings an emotion just like an other human being. Still, it was great that she felt that way.

    "Clarissa, you don't have to be so nervous around me. We are friends after all." I couldn't help but laugh at that line.

    "You're one to talk. May I remind you of the one who was looking down moments ago?" Clarissa teased as she poked my cheeks playfully.

    I had to admit, she got me there. Only a few moments ago it was like a titan had it's foot down on me, trying to crush me. A laugh escaped my lips as my eyes closed. It was pretty funny to me. And the day was going extremely well. Now, to make the day even better for her. What could I do? Let's see here...that's it! With a stern and confident expression, I looked Clarissa squarely in the eyes. This was something I've never did in my life, but decided to take initiative. It was now or never.

    "I know we haven't gotten the chance to order but there is something very important I have to say. This has been eating away at me for the past year. And i feel that if I don't say this now, I will explode!" Clarissa looked at me a bit surprised, yet very curious. By the expression, she seemed to be expecting something of utter importance. I stood up and extended my hand.

    Clarissa took it eagerly. "We can go for a walk. I feel that the evening sun will be great for a conversation."

    The sun was pretty warm and the sky had never been more clearer. It was almost as if mother nature was setting a scenario. This was no issue with me. We soon came to an oak tree near a lake where ducks were being fed bread. I turned to face Clarissa. Now was the time to finally say what it I had to say. It was now or never. Her hands were so soft and smooth as I held them. They felt like Velvet.

    "Clarissa, these past years of our friendship have been the greatest of my life. I've learned so much about you. To me, there is this bond of red thread that ties our fates together. Each moment of my life I've spent with you has been like utter bliss. Although, we have yet to even interlope, or even date for that matter. Being here with you has been the greatest joys I've had as a man. What I'm trying to say is...Clarissa, I love you more than you can imagine. Will you be my girlfriend and maybe one day, if life permits us in the future, my wife?

    Tears began to swell up in Clarissa's eyes. She closed them for a few moment, before re-opening them to look into my own. She seemed so speechless, but beyond happy at the same time. Her voice was a bit shaky, but she replied.

    "Kain, from the very first time that I've met you, I've always been in love with you. Spending each and everyday with you has made me feel like I've been on cloud nine. My words cannot express how much my heart skips beats just from our little conversations. Everyday, my thoughts and desires have only been to be with you always and forever. I know that we aren't dating yet, but I never want to be away from your side, ever. I yearn for you, for your touch. I want you to hold me in your loving arms and never let me go. I feel safe with you and I never want this feeling to go away. Yes, I will be your girlfriend and if life permits us, your wife.

    My eyes widened. I was at a lose of words for the moment. I never knew she felt the same these years gone by. Within seconds I regained myself and spoke.

    "Clarissa..." I touched her cheek gently and looked into her eyes. "I love you."

    Clarissa placed her hand firmly over mine. "I love you too, Kain."

    We closed our eyes and tilted our heads. Our lips met in a passionate kiss, just as the sun set and the moon rose.

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  17. There he was, always. Giving that smirk that melted the brunettes heart. She was beginning to think that he was more important to her than she had realized. Her heart raised as he offered his hand to hers. His sparkling green eyes looking into her dark blue eyes.

    The pub was the first place the two had meet, Emily was slightly tipsy and trying to hide her feelings for Mike was getting hard. His eyes filled with concern and he put his hand on her shoulder.
    "Emily are you alright?"
    He asked as Emily still hadn't answered his invition to dance. She smiled and nodded getting up from her stool.

    The music played and her friends watched as the two friends danced together. Niamh one of Emily's best friend bumped into Emily as she was twirled Mike threw the red haired girl a dirty look.
    "You just ruined the moment."
    Emily giggled she was on a high and felt the butterflies in her stomach as he continued to waltz Emily around. Could this be real? She thought as he brought her closer and sang the song into her ear. He was one of the nicest guy she had ever met and they had gotten closer lately and it was nice to spend time with him.

    As the night went on they talked, laughed and finally Emily felt like maybe they could be more than just friends. She had liked him for so long and tonight it seemed like they were going some where.
    "So what type of guy are you looking for?"
    He asked looking into her eyes, she couldn't help but look at his lips, that beautiful smirk on them. She looked up again and shrugged.
    "I don't know just some one I can have fun with and doesn't get crazy for no reason."
    He nodded smiling at her. Maybe she should tell him how she felt? Her stomach was in knots even after all the vodka she had consumed.
    "Can I tell you something?"
    She touched his arm nervously and came away from the table where their friends had been laughing and enjoying each others company. Nodding he came closer.

    This was her chance to tell him how she really felt about him. He was looking into her eyes, that smile of his, she was getting nervous, he looked over at Niamh as she laughed.
    "She is so hot."
    Her heart sunk, putting on a brave face she nodded.
    "She sure is."
    Her eyes began to water slightly and that made her blink. She had to get away from him before she did something stupid.
    "I really like her. She's super sweet and so cute."
    He continued to rip up Emily's heart bit by bit but she couldn't let him know she was upset. She shrugged her shoulders.
    "Well how come you haven't tried something?"
    The words caught in her throat but she couldn't be bitter. She liked him too much, maybe even love him and his happiness was important to her. No matter how much she liked him.
    "Me? No I couldn't I don't have the confidence to ask her out."
    And that was it, she couldn't keep her tears back any longer she needed to get away from him.
    "I think you should try well not now she's just gone through a bad break up so I'd wait awhile. Anyway I've got to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a few minutes."
    She left before he could answer almost running to the bathroom stall. She sat on the toilet seat locking the door, the tears fell and she couldn't stop them. She sighed. Now she knew Mike would never look at her more than a friend and that broke her heart. She would feel goosebumps seeing him, her cheeks would heat at his smile and his touch would give her butterflies. She dried her eyes at least they could still be friends.
  18. Angelica found herself on the floor, her arms tightly wrapped around her knees. "I honestly don't know where to began..."

    Her voice shook with that one sentence and she laughed out loud at herself. "I am so pathetic. After everything we've been through.. after everything you've been through and I'm still stumbling over how to tell you. It's not like you never knew." A tear slid down her face, causing Angelica to hurried wipe at her face with her sleeve. "You knew and you never said anything. Why? I can't help but think that things would different. This would all be different for us." She took a breath, expecting answer but was met with silence. "Brandon, I am so sorry. I am so sorry I never told you before. I think about it every day, about how fucking stupid I was to not let you know sooner. I-I want nothing but to let you know that I..-" By then, the girl was having trouble breathing with her sobbing. Her body shook with each cry and she knew she most have seen so broken but she was. She needed for him to touch her, hold her in a tight hug like he usually would. She needed him to take a strand of her hair and play with it while whispering sweet nothings in her ear. "I don't know why I keep expecting you to reply. I wish I could have told you when it would have meant something to you."

    Leaning forward slightly, Angelica let her fingers trace the engravings on the head stone in front of her: Brandon L. Vates. Beloved son and friend.

    "I love you, I am so sorry I waited so long. But you need to know that I have always loved you. I have always wanted you. I don't think that will ever change. I am so sorry Brandon...."
  19. (( Creative Challenges, yay! Looks like a fun way to improve :> ))

    "Well... you know!"

    He swayed from side to side. A step forwards and back, shoulders hunched and arms wrapped around his waist. Nothing, not the report card he'd gotten last week or the slow climb of the roller coaster last summer, nothing could ever top this feeling. Even if he swallowed a jar of butterflies it'd be nothing compared to what he had in his stomach at the moment.


    How had he ended up here? The bravery he'd gotten from the "loves me not" flower had all but vanished now. And if the flower's fortune telling abilities were true then why was he so afraid? He cleared his throat before shaking his head and kicked at the grass. If only things were as easy as his sister had made it seem. Then he would have been the one waiting for the confession and not the other way around.


    Time was running out. Though he hadn't quite got the knack of figuring out girls' minds, he knew he was fucking up. His instinct told him so, the same one that told him, 'no, jumping into that puddle is definitely not a good idea'. Just last year his brain had told him to stay away from girls, that they were all infected with the dreaded cooties. Now? Damn with the cooties, it whispered. Hugs and holding hands and even... walking home together.

    She was leaving now, a look of confusion on her face. It broke him. The thought of losing her beat the fear of having to talk to her and the now wrinkled flower in his hand seemed to give him the same bravery he'd experienced before. He cleared his throat and squeaked out a feeble, "I love you!"

    He was gone before she'd spoken a word. His heart beat in his head and his face burned more than when he'd eaten one of his Grandma's stuffed Poblanos. He flew across the playground and up and over the hill, back to the spot where he'd picked the flower. Next time he'd heed the advice of two flowers, maybe even three. Clearly this one wasn't the best at it.
  20. I have never met a person I feel so attached to as much as you. In a way that words can not explain clearly, I feel like every moment that has passed in my life has led me to this moment here with you. It is here, at this point, which I feel leads to a path of happiness, or a descent to a great loss. Regardless, this moment is too precious to overwhelm with words, but, my aching heart awaits.