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  1. @Calamity
    @Rax Rosetta

    So! I thought I'd kick this off with a few questions for you guys before I get working on the plot that I want your input on.

    1. How big should the plot be? To explain, should the characters ultimately be just scraping by in a vicious world as their minds are slowly eaten away by the Curse, or should they be driven individuals pushing towards some end goal (perhaps even linking the fire for the next cycle)?

    2. Should the RP take place in Lordran, Drangleic, or somewhere else entirely?

    3. Should the RP focus on action or character interaction, world building, and dealing with the curse? This largely has to do with #1, but you could have a big plot that glosses over the action.

    Now, for some rules!

    1. I would ask for respect and for you all to respect each other.

    2. No godmoding, no metagaming, all that jazz.

    3. Your character has the Curse. No matter what plot type we do, this will be detrimental to their sanity and their sense of self unless they both maintain a sense of purpose and gather souls. You can tackle this however you wish, but it is something your character will have to deal with.

    4. Violence wise? Go nuts (within reason, anyways. I'm all for a good intestine spilling, but I don't want to read about how you kill him with his own frozen shit [don't even ask]). Language wise? Don't even worry! However, sex should always fade to black or be moved to PMs (if that's what you want to do).

    When we have some ideas formulated, I'll post the OOC with a plot synopsis and all that good stuff.
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  2. I think if we all know the official plot of the Dark souls universe than we should follow that. If you don't know it i recommend watching EMB or better known as ''EpicNameBro'' on youtube, he explains the plot well. But we can go onto a alternate plot or we could create our own which leads me to my other suggestion. We can start out in the undead asylum, nearly gone and tip toeing on the edge of insanity (as we already know that is the last form of hollowfication) Then we find a way out of our cells where we soon find each other and attempt to leave. aka meet up with birdy.

  3. My main fear about that would be that simply recycling the plot seems a bit unoriginal. Maybe they all escape the Asylum thanks to Oscar, but aren't the Chosen Undead?
  4. Well if we aren't the chosen undead then we cannot associate ourselves with relighting the bonfire because that is for the chosen undead. To be honest, if we aren't the chosen undead i can't see how we can remain 100% sane for at least everyone else had some sort of uncontrollable urge to...... you know.
  5. Hmm, to throw my two cents in...

    1. Dark Souls has rather heavy plots, especially once you begin dissecting the details of them, so perhaps we have individual goals but they either tie into the overall plot by necessity?

    2. Depends if we want to mimic the plot from DS1/DS2, or have our own story in another age of rising Undead and falling light, or perhaps a fading dark in the face of oncoming light?

    3. Character interaction, with action as more a backdrop for the struggle to remain sane in the face of unrelenting, soul crushing levels of despair and hopelessness.

    Other general thoughts, without purpose the charas would lose their minds pretty quick, without being chosen undead. My thought is that the soul of the chosen undead of another cycle, having grown powerful enough to stand against the Gwyn/Aldia (Nashandra if you want to pin DS2 on her now) of their time period. Kind of like a Four Kings thing, where each character has a shard of the chosen undead's soul, and it is by their united efforts that they can see things through to whatever end happens?
  6. Remember that there is more than one chosen undead in the plot. In accordance to co-op reasons it stats that there is multiple chosen undead that usually with time eventually end up helping one another.

  7. I believe the lore behind that is that they are capable of traveling to other parralel worlds.

    Hm... I like the Four Kings thing. And everyone having individual goals.

    If you guys want, we can do the plot of Dark Souls. I'm not opposed to it by any means. I'm also willing to make a new region, if that is your preference.
  8. Should we consider DS3? Although its not out yet i think we should at least look at it and base something around it since its the same series.
  9. Since it's not out, wouldn't we just need doing an original cycle of the Curse anyways?
  10. yea but the locations of the new game might be helpful to know more of the areas. Although i suppose we could ignore them... forget i ever said anything. lol

    Which land are we doing? DS1 or DS2? Although we could do both because its said as far as i know the land of DS1 is literally just a ocean away from majula.
  11. Up to you guys.
  12. We could certainly do both, spread things out a bit since there are countless enemies unique to the lands of Lordran and Drangleic, respectfully.
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  13. Indeed.


    What do you guys think?
  14. To be perfectly honest, I've never played Dark Souls 1, only Dark Souls 2. I've also played and beaten Demon Souls, I believe it's the predecessor I think?

    So for the first two, I'll be happy to follow those who know more about the lore than I do.

    3.) I believe there should be a balance; character interaction and world building are vital, don't get me wrong. But with little action it would stagnate the entire thing and would become tedious and with too much action we'd never get anywhere because we were fighting all the time.

    So I was wondering; what if one of us acts like a sort of catalyst for the action? Like one of us was secretly lustful the power of souls at one point and became a hidden antagonist? The adage goes "It's not your enemies you should suspect, it's those closest to you.

    4. ) this is more of a general question, but, if your technically undead--wouldn't that "cocblock" you?
  15. 3. I like that.

    4. You would need to revert to humanity I imagine, yes.
  16. The warrior formerly known as "That dead guy over there" wishes to engage in promiscuous activities.

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  17. I think we should base this thing around one location, either DS1 or DS2 because the more i think about it the more i believe that there cannot be a separation of teams. So if we were to separate into two teams, one team in majula and one in firelink i don't think there is anyway our characters would travel to the other area to eventually meet due to the fact of irrelevance. Why would a team of chosen undead travel over seas when the same objective is closest in there area? So it leads me to believe we should think of either one to start at and then maybe move there afterwards in a bit of a curiosity tone after the main objective is completed.

  18. I think the idea was more that the group starts in one location and move to the other.
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  19. Sorry of being late on the draw, my posting may be spotty at times but I will try my hardest to check everyday!

    1. I am perfectly okay with just rehashing the DS1/2 plotline with the four kings idea(that is really interesting)

    2. Whatever the group decides I am good with, I am okay with both areas loving them both. The only time I would have trouble is during anything referencing Demon Souls. I know nothing about it, as I have never played it so I would require explanations towards anything with it.

    3. Character Interaction, dealing with the curse. World building I also feel is very important as I think the characters would get blanch with no enrichment or change. We will need combat to help advance things as to spice things up every now and then.
  20. P.S.
    This is my first time! If I mess up or do anything that is considered taboo just let me know and I will fix it!
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