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  1. As the name suggests, I'm just looking for something. Not really anything specific, just whatever catches the eye.

    So feel free to post down any ideas for a 1x1, accepting anything just about out of any genre.
  2. Are you by chance interested in fantasy roleplays? I have plots like you wouldn't believe.
  3. Yeah!

    Sorry this is late, completely forgot to put this thread on watch.
  4. So you are interested? Because I have an epic quest roleplay that I thought would hit it big but didn't, so I figured one on one would make for a fantastic rp. I also have others in mind too if that does not peak your interest; hold on and I'm getting the link.
  5. Definitely interested, quick question; Do we have to have two character?

    And if so, could I make a pair of twins that generally think the same? Not too good with different personalities.
  6. No, you don't have to have two characters. I only have two because the Gryfonharts had two sons. and would you be interested in being a royal line or someone who helps them? I'll be playing other characters, but my main ones will be Keinin and Koda.
  7. Can't tell just yet, but once I start the character sheet I'll probably know.

    Post here or in the other Thread?
  8. Did I phrase that right? >w<

    Sorry, "should I post the character sheet in here, or in the other Thread?"
  9. Hold on I'll post the sheet in a minute and the thread. I have to move, this jackass in front of me is being an ass.
  10. Completely off topic, but your signature is hilarious, I can't stop laughing.
  11. I also forgot to mention that they as Espers could take the form of animals. Like, example:

    Subject A can turn into a dog for a certain amount of time. Is that okay?
  12. Yeah.

    I have a couple of ideas, might use one of my old characters.

    But sadly I have to get ready for work. Feel free to post down a link and a starting post of you'd like!
  13. Name:
    Human Picture:
    Shifter form (what animal does he/she take the form of?):

    Position (Ranger, warrior, samurai, other):
    Description (Please make this a paragraph at minimum):

    Where were they born:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    Past History:

    There is the entry form so you could tell more about your character. I'll post mine in a second, when you get back we could start the thread then
  14. Name: Keinin Gryfonhart
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Human Picture: (view thumbnail)
    Shifter form (what animal does he/she take the form of?): (view thumbnail)
    Position (Ranger, warrior, samurai, other): Warrior
    Description (Please make this a paragraph at minimum): Keinin is about five foot, not a very tall man. He is slender but muscular, he can hold his own in a fight. He has dark brown eyes and rather long black hair with long bangs. He normally keeps his hair up in a warrior's knot, and had to pull it from his face half the time. there are a couple scars across his chest from battle with rebels as a child. He has well defined eyebrows that seem to frame his eyes. He has a little bit of a goat-tee going on but just a little; he is well shaved. He has a tattoo all over his right arm that is known to him kin as a mark of the warrior.

    Clothing: (view thumbnail, archer)
    Kin: Koda Gryfonhart (brother), Helanoa Gryfonhart (adoptive mother, deceased), Kisha Gryfonhart (mother, deceased), Jeral Gryfonhart (father, deceased), Miriam Kaylen (foster mother, deceased)

    Where were they born: Hoshshed, Junell
    General Personality: Keinin can be seen as a bit of a know it all and very rude. He’s bossy at times but is kind to those who get to know him. He loves his friends with his heart, and would kill to save his brother Koda. He is loyal and honest, and strong. He doesn't trust very many people because of his past, and has a harder time forgiving others. He doesn't joke around all that much and when he attacks someone, he goes in for the kill which gets him into serious trouble. He is brash, and has a habit of over stepping the line.

    Inner Personality: He isn't much different from his outer personality really.

    Allies: Koda and the other questers. However, he doesn't get along with Luca very well.

    Enemies: Luca, rebels. He doesn't get along with half of the group, and for that, he makes very little friends. He has suspicions that Luca isn't loyal to them as much as he is to the rebels.
    Weapons: Spade and a spear
    Items: The ring of the crowned prince of Hoshshed
    Past History: He was six when his baby brother was born, but never got the chance to be jealous of him (other than Koda’s lack of memory) because two days after Koda’s birth the Reapers attacked and killed the entire hold of the royal family, and its inhabitants. He carried his little brother to the underground tunnels, and for four nights he snuck along side streets of the main city, giving his little brother cow’s milk to sustain him, and made it to the edge of the city before growing too tired to move on. That’s when a woman named Miriam Brayer found them, and took them in. she rose them as if they were her own sons, to the ages twelve and sixteen. When they hit those ages, they had to leave Rimmell Kurtland, and to other places much safer. They stayed out of sight until they were called upon by Archibald Grimhart to reclaim the planet and their thrones. But Keinin never forgot what happened; ever.

    Present: With koda trying to find the other royal lines

    Name: Koda Gryfonhart
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Human Picture: (see thumbnail)
    Shifter form (what animal does he/she take the form of?): (see thumbnail)
    Position (Ranger, warrior, samurai, other): Warrior
    Description (Please make this a paragraph at minimum): Just a little bit taller than his brother Keinin, Koda stands only five foot two . He has light brown hair and brown eyes, and semi long hair that like Keinin's is tied in a warrior's knot. He too has scars all over his body, one particularly nasty one across his shoulders. He is handsome, Keinin often thinks that Koda got their mother's genes and that he got his father's.

    Clothing: (see thumbnail)
    Kin: Keinin Gryfonhart (older brother), Helanoa Gryfonhart (adoptive mother, deceased), Kisha Gryfonhart (mother, deceased), Jeral Gryfonhart (father, deceased), Miriam Kaylen (foster mother, deceased)
    Where were they born: Hothshed, Junell
    General Personality: Very happy-go-lucky and quite a bit childish at times. They know him to have a pretty bad temper sometimes, and know that he doesn’t trust that many he runs into. But for the most part, he is a happy kid. Unlike his brother, he tends not to take things so seriously. He is always up for a good joke, and loves to laugh. But one good trait he has is a strong sense of right and wrong.
    Inner Personality: He is very careful around others. He doesn’t take well to people who betray him, nor his friends. He also struggles with depression, and sometimes it gets the better of him. He does not want anyone to see that he does get hurt, and tends to hide his hurt in jokes.

    Allies: His best friend is Keinin Gryfonhart, his older brother. The two are very close, never straying from each other’s side. He is also a good friend of Archie the Great; their leader. But he can often be seen playing with the triplets.
    Enemies: None; he is friends with practically anyone
    Weapons: Bow and arrows
    Items: None
    Past History: Koda was just an infant when his family was attacked. His eldest brother (and only) Keinin was told to run away with baby Koda. At the time, Koda was only six years old; quite traumatic for a six year old to take on. Koda doesn’t remember anything of his past, only what he was told. He and his brother Keinin, after a long trek through Hoshshed Junell, on the edge of the main city, they were found by a peasant lady Miriam Kaylen, who took them all the way to Rowding, Kurtland. She raised the boys as if they were her own, and taught them to fight. When Koda turned twelve, and his brother sixteen, the Reapers found the house they were hiding in. Luckily, Miri sent them off two nights before. But the Reapers killed her for her deeds. The boys once again, lost everything but each other. They lived on the streets with some other orphans, until they were recruited by a man named Archibald Grimhart; prince of the wolf clan and last known survivor.

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  15. I'll put in a sheet in maybe 30-60 minutes.
  16. Yeah sorry about all the questions, but do they have to be human? Mostly for all of my fantasy characters I base off the offspring of a Demon and Angel.
  17. That's fine. Espers are not humans anyways. So go ahead and make em whatever you want
  18. Posted Koda's bio
  19. Working on mine, and sorry if I have strange delays between posts/double posting/ ect of the sort.

    Internet is currently spazzing like crazy.
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