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  1. Hello everybody, though this isn't fancy and such, with colors n stuff, I would like to welcome you.
    I am looking for some people to fufill my requests for 1x1's. I have a list of plots I am persuing,
    and would like them to be filled. First, however, some rules.

    1.I do all sorts of pairings, flexible with anything. I prefer playing females or genderfluid people
    2.I like writing a paragraph or two. Gives enough to be interested
    3. I like posting quite a lot.
    4. I loooooooove romance in my rp's. It doesn't have to go all smexy, but I do love it.
    5. Put your heart and soul into the characters! If you loose interest, just tell me

    Bolded ones are the ones I want to play
    1. Character A and Character B are in a relationship but Character A isn't happy. Her boyfriend is a gigantic flirt, and one night at a party, she sees him with another girl, and it draws the last straw. Storming out of his house, Character A is completely furious. Seeing the angry texts she has sent him, Character B goes chasing after her, trying to mend the bond. Will they ever get back together?

    Plot A
    Character A is a woman who is married to a wealthy "kind" man who is always working. She feels a bit separated from him because they both work, and she decides to buy him flowers one day and that is when she meet's Character B, a boy around her age that has been noticing her around for a while, and realizes that she is married, and gives up hope on wooing her. But when she gets home, she finds her husband home, with another woman. Now Character A must try to escape her cheating, and abusive husband's grasp before he pulls her back under.

    Plot B
    Character A is a high staked criminal, living the life of a bachelor with only his money, a butler, and any exotic pets to accompany him. But one day, while he is out (Or doing anything else for that matter) he sees Character B, a young beautiful girl who has lived a life of being sheltered by her father, The Police Chief, and she is yearning to escape a little bit at a time. Of course, he doesn't like that she is the chief's daughter, but he is yearning to reel her in, and maybe she can help him with his next mission.

    Plot C
    Character A is a nerd. But not just any type of nerd, the Queen of the Nerds. She is smart, geeky, and she is fiery too. She isn't know to follow the rules, and she is uncoordinated, a bit awkward, and socially withdrawn from everyone but a few people. Character B is the Big Man On Campus, or the football Capitan. What happens when the Fiery Queen of Nerds sparks interest in the Football Capitan, and they have to work their way around things, and almost everything tries to stop it.

    Plot D
    Character A is a simple high school boy, who has a crush on Character B's best friend. Character A asks Character B for help, since they are obviously best friends. As Character B tries to help, her best friend falls for someone else. Attempting to help sooth the heart ache, Character B, tries to help him get over it. In the meantime, Character B starts falling for Character A

    Plot E
    Two bestfriends have been friends since they were in diapers. However, when the boy becomes famous and goes off doing his famous things, the girl is dragged along with him and she just falls more helplessly in love with him. One night at a party, they have sex, but he leaves her in New York and they haven't seen each other next. When he comes back to New York and they're in the same club what will happen then?

    Plot F
    A girl goes on a long vacation, for a month, in Panama. When she gets back her best friend, a boy, is there at the airport to pick her up. He barely recognizes her. She has dyed her brown hair blonde, she's really tan, and is now wearing short dresses, as opposed to her normal denim shorts and tshirt. Her physical appearance has changed but she is still the same girl she was before she left. Her best friend starts to fall for her after a while, but what he doesn't know is that she met someone while she was gone. Will she let go of her summer love and fall for him too or will she continue to chase after a boy who is a million miles away?

    Plot G
    Character A, is a highly trained ninja, not even kidding. Her entire job, is to assassinate others, and she has just been sent after Character B, who also happens to be an assassin, and when they meet, they end up almost fighting to the death, going round and round, until one of them almost killed the other, and at the last minute, decides to save them, causing them both to fall into serious trouble.

    Plot H
    Character A is a girl with powers, which she guards fiercely by shutting herself in. She is alternative, and has piercings up in the billions, and she thought she was the only one, until she meet Character B, a person just like her, hiding themselves under a shell.

    Plot I
    (Based on The Tigers Curse)
    Character A is just a man looking for a job, and ends up getting one at a circus, where he finds a mysterious panther, who refuses to do anything above basic tricks and seems to be interested in nothing, until Character A comes along. Low and behold, this Panther is not just anyone, it is a girl put under an ancient curse, and now Character A has to help her get out of it.

    Plot J
    Ahh, summer camp. What could be more magical? Well according to Character A, anything. She is stuck out in the middle of nowhere with only a group of kids to council, and one other counselor to keep her company. How is she supposed to survive a whole summer with nothing but a goofball to keep her company.

    Plot K
    Vacation can be a blast, but when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with your mothers family friends, and this dork you can't help but having feelings for. Now Character A is falling head over heels for this goofball, but will it last?

    Plot M
    Character A is a cat lover, Character B, not so much. When character B happens to move in next to this cat loving nerd, he finds one of her cats inside his house, rubbing it's fur all over his stuff. How will these two ever get along!

    Plot N
    Character A and Character B dated for a while, but Character A got fed up and now they had split. 5 years later, after collage, Character A is married, and moving in. But soon enough Character B shows back up, only to tell her that he needs her to be his secretary. How will she deal with this, that and the fact that her husband is cheating.

    Plot O
    She was a girl from a broken family. A very broken one. Her father had left them when she was young enough to still care but old enough to understand, leaving her to help her mother drag up her younger brothers. If only that was the end of the story. Her father used to ‘visit’, using her and her siblings as an excuse to fall back into their lives, drunk, and beat her mother. And the thing that broke her heart was how her mother let him, because she ‘loved’ him. She never believed in love, and she built so many walls around her that no-one could hurt her, but no-one could make her feel anything either. He wants to be the exception.
    Plot P
    He was only ever supposed to be a holiday fling, someone to grab ice cream with and to make out with in the sea. He was only supposed to be someone who she remembered when they got the photo albums out and saw one of them both, him with one arm draped lazily around her. But apparently Fate or whoever it is upstairs has other ideas, when he shows up at the same holiday resort as her the next year, twice as hot and clearly still infatuated with her. She would be lying if she said that she felt nothing for him, but it wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

    Plot Q
    Two seniors in high school are complete opposites. The girl is concerned about getting into a good college and the boy is interested in his band.The two meet on the last day of school and its like love at first sight. They start dating 2 months after they meet and couldn't be happier, but one night while coming home from a party, they get into a car accident. The girl is in critical condition in a coma, while the boy walked away with cuts and bruises. He blames himself for the accident and sits by her side, talking to her and even singing to her. 2 weeks later she wakes up and the boy is completely different person. He promises to take care of her and their relationship blooms from there.

    Plot R
    young girls boyfriend is ill. They had it all planned out: they were going to get married and have kids. But their world is shattered when a doctors appointment turns bad. Before he dies, they make a bucket list of things to do together before he dies. But what if a surgery could save his life even if the surgery could kill..her.The thing is, the surgery requires a lung transplant, and they need one, quickly. the girl offers, and the doctor accepts. if girl ends up going through with it, they'll have to find her another lung as well, and if they don't, her body will stop working. The girl must make a decision, should she give the go ahead to do the risky surgery or should she just let go of her first love.

    Plot S
    A med student is concerned about the guy who gives her coffee. He smells a lot like smoke, but he
    always seems to keep her coffee on the house, and sooth her down after a stressful day of studying.
    What could that man be up to? Turns out there is a lot about the world she doesn't know yet.​
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  3. Maybe we can discuss plot G in depth
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  5. Plot H sounds like my kind of thing.
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