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  1. Well, I'm running short on roleplay partners, so I thought it'd be a good time to start looking for a few more!
    Let's just jump right in and start with some things about myself. c:

    - Can write 2-7+ paragraphs.
    - Preferably PM roleplays.
    - I am capable of posting several times a day.
    - Requires OOC banter. :3
    - May or may not use character sheets; prefers anime.
    - I am passive in the plots you make up and am aggressive in the plots I make up. This can change though.
    - Lots of free time, on 24/7.
    - I am fade-to-black.
    - Gore & swearing doesn't bother me.
    - Can roleplay male & female equally.
    - MxF pairings only.

    As far as genres go, I am pretty much up for anything. I have so many interests so I won't bother to list them. xD
    I'll list my favorites, cravings, and dislikes however.

    Here are my favorites:
    - Lots of gore/violence
    - Some degree of romance (can be the focus or not)
    - Yandere females
    - Animal-based

    Here are some cravings:
    - Yandere female vs. Tsundere female
    - Feral/stray dogs
    - Demon x Human

    Things I don't like:
    - Sci-Fi/Aliens
    - Mecha
    - Historical/steampunk/cyberpunk
    - Anything too complicated

    I suppose that's it for now.
    I really needed to get this posted, so please look beyond the simplicity and comment here, or shoot me a PM! ^^
  2. Got any plots on mind? for the most part I play males but my females turn out to be really bitchy like more tsundre half the time LOL
  3. gore, violence, animals and demons are right up my ally! I would love to role play with you. What do you have in mind. I can post often and am on most of the time throughout the day up until about 7 pm.

    So much awesomeness is coming from my computer now!!!
  4. haha viahra we should do a roleplay too :D Im always on speedy poster too xDD
  5. sounds great! Anything you would prefer?
    I am best with fantasy and futuristic settings. Sometimes I do other stuff though, I'm open to suggestions.
  6. I'll PM you both. c:
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