Looking for Male for M x F Pokemon Gijinka RP Plot

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  1. Plot: _______ is a traveling musician who just happens to do a show of only one guest, ------ a legendary Pokemon (would prefer to be part of legendary trio perhaps but NOT requirement). ______ suddenly finds herself homeless and without cash and so ------ takes her in and the two eventually fall in love. However many of -------'s friends and fellow legendary types don't agree with this relationship at all.


    *must be able to multiple characters at certain times (when required). I will do the same.

    *must be okay with some smut/sex scenes

    *must have knowledge of the Pokemon universe


    *deliever too many one liners. It's okay to have a few every once in a while, but no five words of posts. It kills rps

    *no bathroom play
  2. INterested!
    I love Gijinkas!