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    Taliesin had been 'on the run' for a long time now. He could tell the difference between a person who was there to try and kill him or a person who was there to gain his services by the way they walked. Many other assassins had tried to trick him into thinking they were in the later category but there was always the purposeful swish in their movements that just screamed their true intentions. This was true of the woman who was approaching him right now as well. She was trying very hard to be diffident in her approach but a couple times she slipped up stepping around tables in a manner that was distint. So before she could even try to sit down and lul him into complacency he was on his feet and his sword was resting against her throat. He smiled brightly. "Now miss, you are quite good. I can see why they hired you. Because you are so good, I'm going to give you the oppourtunity to walk away. Should you return later, know I will kill you without hesitation."

    He didn't really expect her to take his offer, and she didn't. Almost as fast as he had drawn his sword there was suddenly a dagger swinging up to knock his blade away while she lunged in for the kill. He slid smoothly to the left and replaced his sword on her neck. This time when he spoke, his golden eyes glowed. "Last chance." She turned her head slightly and stared into his eyes before nodding slightly. His smile brightened even more and he took a step back, waving his hand at her. "Off you go then." She watched him for a moment longer before hastily retreating.

    "I'm glad she took my offer. It would have been a waste to kill one of the other half decent ones, don't you think?" Tal turned and raised his eyebrow at another patron. He had pegged -them- as potential clients from the moment they had walked in.
  2. Alexandra shifted in front of the mirror. She sighed, staring at her unflattering self she smiled. The less she looked like a female the better. Ever since her brother disappeared she worked harder on things men seemed to do more often. Many didn't take women seriously at all. When she first try to sell her deer she got laughed at and been robbed right on the spot. Alexandra then started to dress like a boy. It was hard at first but she got the hang of it. She would go by the name Xander instead as well.

    Today was the day, though, when she needed someone dead. Gone from the world and be forever forgotten. Stepping out of her small home where her parents used to stay she walked into the bar. Walking around confidently, she looked round the room. That's when something caught her eye. What in the world? she thought. Xander saw the whole scene, she mentally smiled. Perfect. "I'm glad she took my offer. It would have been a waste to kill one of the other half decent ones, don't you think?" the man said to her. She nodded.

    "I do," she started. Her voice wasn't of a women's but of a man. People say it was hard to do, and it was. It took her a long time to perfect it as well. But now she walks around as a man instead of a women. "but to be merciful to the decent the idiots will stay as idiots. If you understand what I mean."

    Xander quickly glanced around the room. If this man was the type of person she was looking for then she would finally find peace. That person shall be killed. To kill, to take, to ruin the ones you love and make you ruin yourself is something a human shouldn't suffer for but disappear completely.

    ((Pics will come later))
  3. “Mmhmm.” Tal nodded slightly at her words with a pleasant smile, though it did not seem to reach his eyes. Now that the combat was over he honestly seemed more bored than anything, despite the facade he was putting up. “Had she not been the former she would be dead now. I’ve developed a very effective system.” His face sparkled with amusement at his own private joke. It was apparent that he had a lot of people out to kill him and had done a very good job of staying very alive so far.

    He eyed the man in front of him for a few moments before shrugging at some internal comment and nodding to the table in the corner he had been riding at. “I assume you’ll want to join me then?” He murmured in the others direction as he returned to his previous seat. He waved for the serving wench to bring him some more wine and sipped at it pensively while he waited for his companion to settle themselves at the other remaining seat at the table. He pointedly did not make any motions to get Xander anything to drink or eat.

    “So then, “ Taliesin’s golden eyes glittered in the poor light of the room. “So what happened that made my little show so pleasing to you?” The statement seemed straightforward but it was referring to something deeper than an appreciation for his sword work.
  4. Xander listened on what the man said. She nodded. Xander understood on what he was saying. She also heard the hint on what he was saying as well. He is wanted dead by many... she thought. Xander nodded in the invitation. Xander watched as he waved a women over. "Strongest drink you have please," she whispered in her famine voice. She looked at the woman's face and mentally smiled at the girl's confusion. Noticing the man in front of her didn't offer anything she went straight to the point. Why was the little show pleasing to her? "It shows skill," she said. "When you want someone dead....you can't have the killer die as well, no?"

    She didn't know much about the man in front of her. Xander needed this to go by as quick as possible. The display the man showed earlier also made the whole thing go by faster as well. The willingness of him, the cost, and time and many other things factor in as well. Xander didn't want any normL human dead.

    The waitress came by with her drink. "Thank you."
  5. Taliesin couldn’t help but smirk briefly at her rather clever words. The guy in front of him wasn’t immediately his type, but he did seem to be at least an amusing one to have around. He certainly knew how to take a hint and get to the point as well.

    Tal leaned forward, just watching the other man in silence for what was almost certainly an uncomfortable amount of time. “Fortunately for you, I don’t die so easily.” In his more morbid moments, he almost wished he did. And then he got over it and went back to business as usual. He blinked for what seemed like the first time in five minutes and took a sip of his wine. “So, someone did something and now you want them dead and conveniently you somehow stumbled upon one of the best killers in the land.”

    He smiled a toothy smile with just a hint of fang. “The problem with convenience is you should never count on it too much. Skill comes with a price and I doubt you can afford it. You'd probably be better off scurrying after that woman I chased out of here.”
  6. Taking her own sip of her drink she almost cringed. That drink was strong. The man in front of her almost made her flinched. She didn't like when people stared at her. He seemed to just look at her and it felt like forever when he finically blinked. The man was a bit odd in her opinion. She mentally thought that the man was also a bit cocky as well, opinion wise.

    Xander nodded at him. "How do I know you are the best in the land?" She asked. "How do I know, for all I know that woman over there was just a little idiots and you are just average? I don't know for sure, and my money's worth is nothing to me." She smirked.

    "Sir, a price to me is nothing name and I'll get it for you. Even if I don't have it," she told him. And it was true. To be a hunter...and have lots of men in town who wants to eat, she charge a large amount. Have you ever had the feeling of someone to just die so badly that nothing will stop you? Not even death?
  7. One of Tal’s finely crafted eyebrows raised in an elegant arc. It had been a long, long time indeed since anyone had talked back to him like that, let alone questioned his prowess. Without even realizing it, this man before him was actually taking just the right tactic to pique both his pride and curiosity in a way that was helpful. He piqued just enough curiosity that he didn’t just kill him for the insult to his pride, but he wouldn’t be curious without it. “An IOU huh? Now who is asking who to trust their word?”

    He took another sip of wine and smirked. He had a feeling he was playing right into this man’s hands, but he was having enough fun he didn’t care as much as he might. “Fifty thousand, assuming this person who wronged you so doesn’t require excessive amounts of work to get to.” And now he would see just how deeply the other man’s determination ran.
  8. Watching the man's expression she kept a non emotional one on hers. She just needed someone dead and they wouldn't have to see each other ever again. Xander nodded on what the man said. "We both have questions about one another then?" She muttered under her breath. But that did not faze her. Xander watched the man's every movement.

    She didn't understand why the man I'm front of him smirked though. What did she say to cause this? Not showing any signs do disappointment she stared right into his eyes. When he named a price she still didn't move. It will be more than that the...if it takes more work, and it most likely will. she thought. Xander nodded. She voiced her thought to him. Like she said a price will not faze her.
  9. Tal could barely keep the excessive satisfaction out of his smirk. He was having too much, and that blank look of the other man’s gave away almost as much as an expressive face would. He should know, he played that trick himself. He had expected this would not be a simple kill either, so the confirmation was no surprise to him. He was just pondering how he wanted to work this situation. “Of course since I will be gauging the full price by what actions are required, you will simply have to put up a down payment and stick around until I’ve taken care of your little problem.”

    He put his elbow on the table and leaned on his upraised hand, giving the man across from him a flirty, almost sultry look. “So, what do you say? Are you for traveling straight into the mouth of danger? Even without being on a mission I am constantly attacked and if that were to happen while you were with me I am unlikely to defend you.”
  10. Xander watched as the man in front of him continue to smirk. The smirk on his face kind of creeped her out. "Of course," she replied to him. Down payment was a must in all business situations when exchanging cash for for thing. But going with him made her squirm a bit. He might find out about her being a girl and all. That and the man seriously creeped her out.

    Staring ate the man's face. And the way he said things made her want to punch him. Xander nodded at him. "I wouldn't expect you too. And yes, the person you killing by the way will have many dangers, well I think it would at least. And you honestly think I am defenseless?" she said to him.
  11. Tal surprised even himself by breaking out into a loud chuckle. “My first response to that would be: You are looking for me to kill someone for you so comparatively…yes.” For the first time that night, and in who knows how long, a living being caught sight of Taliesin’s unguarded face. Or at least an honest expression, he was always on guard. He waved the waitress over again, who seemed somewhat in shock by his cheerful expression. “Go tell the innkeeper I’ll take his best suite, I can’t have a client accompanying me while crammed into one room.” He paused and raised an eyebrow at Xander. “Unless ,of course, you would prefer it that way?”
  12. She was in shock when the man chuckled. Xander didn't think he was 'happy to go guy' man at all. And everything about this man wanted her just get up and leave him. She was almost tempted too by his comment. Slowing shaking her head no she blinked. Looking at the waitress she felt sorry for her who seemed to seen this man a lot.

    The fact that twice he seemed to have suggestive actions not only creeped her out. Not that it was because she is posing as a man just the generally idea of doing anything with a client. If she was a girl right now she would probably slapped him....if it meant that she wouldn't get killed in the process.
  13. Tal watched the waitress go, staying silent until she had returned. He had to admit he was having more fun right now than he had had in ages. “Well then.” He took the keys from the waitress and motioned to his client. “Let us find our suite and get down to the business of just who am I dealing with here hmm?” He stood up, taking his wine with him as he navigated his way up the stairs and unerringly towards the suite they were assigned. He probably had been there a few times by the looks of it.

    He unlocked the door and let himself in, gliding across the room and flopping down in one of the loveseats in possibly his first ungraceful movement of the night. “So, give me the lay down.” He gestured towards one of the other chairs and stretched languidly.
  14. Following the strange man she nodded. Sitting down she took Ina breath and started. "Your target is the current heir to the throne. The Prince. The gist of it though, why he should die is he killed my family out of spite. He should just disappear from the world," Xander's voice began to get tighter. "You don't need to know why else he should die though. I think you know a out him, yes?" Placing him he stared. It was going to be tough. But he needed to die.

    Xander began to think a bit. How will I hide the fact I'm a girl? she thought. It gonna take a long time as well. "So what do you think? Manageable?"
  15. “The prince?” Tal blinked, genuinely surprised. He had expected some high profile name, perhaps another assassin or a crime lord but the Prince? Excitement sparked in his eyes and he sat up. “Well you weren’t kidding. That will indeed take quite a bit of maneuvering to get close enough to do my business. The only one better protected is the king with fa-” He broke off and his eyes darkened. Oh yes. That. There was no way he was going to turn down this challenge of course, he said he would and it would be interesting to see how things had changed.

    “I can, of course, do it. Once you come up with a ten thousand down payment I will get to work.” Tal once again plopped back, staring up at the ceiling with a disinterested expression, though his mind was working furiously behind that mask. A troop of strippers could come up and dance naked around the room and he probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.
  16. Xander watched as he, the man in the room, talked. She notice him cut himself off. This guy doesn't like the King... she thought! considering the options. As the man I front her started to like he was think she needed to get home. Xander didn't like the banks. Banks were robbed and therefore her stuff is stolen.

    She kept her money in a private place where no one kept it. Zip ten grand though would have to be taken from the bank. She does have money in it. So she doesn't raise any questions from her customers. Nodding at him she said, "I'll be off to the bank." Getting up she started out the door.
  17. Tal grunted and waved his hand at her nonchalantly. “You should bring your traveling supplies as well when you return, we won’t be staying in town much longer and I tend to move rather suddenly.” This brief moment of animation didn’t last long and he immediately died back down into a thoughtful stupor. There was much planning to be done. Things hadn’t gone too well the last time he had been in the palace so they probably wouldn’t just let him walk in. And if they did he would be the very first suspect once the prince died. The timing and his profession would have him dead before the next sun fall unless he felt like fighting his way through the entire palace.

    “Hmp.” He sighed softly to himself, just thinking about it was exhausting. He yawned and stretched before sliding over to the couch and laying himself along the entire length. "Hmm....I forgot to give her the key...Oh well." He yawned again. He would just leave the door open. If anyone hostile came in he'd pin them to the wall and be done with it.
  18. Hearing the last words of the assassin, Xander nodded. Walking out the pub she noticed the streets and the air have gotten colder. Quickly walking to the bank she got her money. Running to her house she grabbed whatever she might need. Spare changes of clothes, water, snacks, lots of cash (besides the down payment), and other traveler things, and lastly her weapons. As a hunter she carries three types of weapons. A sword for looks, a bow and arrow, and knife. Hiding the knife within her cloths she strapped the sword with the rest of her things and held the how and arrows on her back. Looking at the house one last time she headed back to the pub.

    Noticing she didn't have the key to the room she cursed. "Fuck." Heading up to the room she knocked onto the door. Putting her stuff down she wanted for the door to open.
  19. Taliesin did not initially respond to the knock on the door. In fact it was a good couple of minutes before he swam out of sleep because there was a persistent presence at his door which, while classified as ‘not an enemy’, was still a nagging itch for someone like him who never really trusted anyone. He reluctantly pulled himself up and strode over to open the door. He looked over his current client and his stuff before turning around to drop back on the couch without saying a word. He could kill a person before he was even properly awake but that did not mean he woke well or cheerily. Once he was comfortably stretched on the couch again he fixed his client with a sleepy-grumpy gaze. “The door was unlocked.” There was more accusation in his voice than there properly should be.
  20. Waiting on which seemed like forever. the door finally opened. Mentally rolling her eyes she watched as the man watch her and turned around to flop onto the couch. Sighing she grabbed her stuff and dragged it to the corner. Xander narrowed her eyes slightly at the wall in front of her when she heard him say, "The door was unlocked.”

    "Well, how was I suppose to know?" she said back. She rested her head on the wall nearest to her. Xander slowly closed her eyes hoping sleep would come. She knew from now on to the end she will be in dangers but oddly enough that brought a bit of excitement into her veins.
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