Looking for a partner to do a dark Salem Witch trials plot

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  1. Good day or Good Evening,

    Recently I have a craving for a dark, thriller Salem Witch trials plot. Though the twist is that one or both of the characters are witches/warlocks/wizards/magically adept in some form. This is an underdeveloped plot, but I find it more interesting to develop it as we go. I find that with a too well developed plot, you become trapped with very little writing creativity.

    So what I expect from my partner is:
    1. At least letting me know when they are leaving. Or at least most of the time, I do understand when you need to get off in a hurry.
    2. At least one paragraph. The more you give me to work with, the more I can write.
    3. Some communication about the plot, or ideas. I am open to ideas and cool things we could do.
    4. At least a minimal understanding of the time period. (So no flying cars or cell phones)
    5. At least be semi-literate of English. I do understand that English is not always a first language.
    6. Ability to pick up on more than one character. I will do the same.
    7. Don't be afraid of me. I don't bite....hard. ;)

    The following pairings I am most comfortable with or I am trying to branch out and play these types, but I do play female as my main:


    Though those pairings are for the main characters. I do not mind playing any pairing for any additional characters we may pick up along the way.

    Once you have let me know you would like to do this a simple character sheet will be needed. Just a simple: Name, age, Is your character magical?, gender, does your character know mine?

    Auf Wiedersehen!~
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