Looking for a few RP partners who can reply often

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  1. I'm looking for 2-5 RP partners who can reply often. We will all decide on a plot and RP, I have no life Hana especially on the weekends, so they need to be active often, I am Eastern Time Zone FYI :)
  2. I'm on here pretty frequently. I could join :D
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  3. Dang that was fast! Sure that'd be awesome, I just really don't like doing 1x1 so I would prefer at least one other person to join us if not more haha
  4. Yeah, same here. Like I said, I roleplay a lot, so I was just looking around and happened to find your post. Plus, I think roleplaying with others is better, makes an even more interesting story line!
  5. Ok great hopefully a few other people will join and we can all RP together :)
  6. I can join :) I'm active everyday, with the exception of weekends. I can do almost every topic, but I really hate short answers. So, if you give me responses of less than 4 lines, I'll have to drop out.
  7. Ok, I'm on my ipad mini most of the time so I'm not sure if the sentence lengths match up from my ipad mini to the computer
  8. It doesn't really matter, what I tried to say is that I get easily bored with one liners. Just make sure to write a few sentences and I'll be happy ^^
  9. Yeah I usually post at least 2 sentences (although I do have my off days just to warn you) and I tend to do run-ons.....which doesn't make my English teacher very happy
  10. Hmm i'm interested, but it really depends on the plot
  11. I'm on here a lot, because I also have no life. Sometimes I'll disappear for a few days, but that's very infrequent and means I'm backpacking :P
    And I'm willing to try anything!
  12. Oh any plot ideas, (I love post-apocalyptic stuff) Maine suggestion would be a post apocalyptic demigod RP where all the humans are gone and monsters run wild and the demigods have to survive in the wild, yes, no, maybe?
  13. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  14. I'd love to join. I essentially don't pay attention in school (except math and PE because we don't use electronics) So I'm free.
  15. Lol sounds a bit like me. Home school for the win!
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  16. What do you have in mind exactly?
  17. Haha i'm not really the best in planning a long term plot, but it can the usual survivor of the virus, us being immune and being in different parts of the city/state and or country. We can eventually meet up.
  18. Nah man. How about us being mercenaries in space?
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