Looking for a Dom M to play a vampire role!

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  1. I have the right of doing a deep dark vampire x human RP where I feature as the human girl who has no idea she is being watched byn a vampire with a taste for human blood. He takes the form of a hu!an by day and follows her without being noticed, but by night he is a vampire, his skin lacking color and his eyes a glimmering red. He would watch her, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Then he kidnapps her and takes her away to somewhere in the deepest most forgotten part of the city where he can have her to himself. There will be sexual scenes in this RP, probably more than a few, and they will be detailed. The RP will begin the day before her kidnapping. I need a dominant male char to be played that is slightly obsessed with my char and can act possessive as well as passionate and loving.
    PM me if interested.
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  2. I'm Interested =)
  3. Send me a PM with any RP info you think I need about you. Example: how fast can you respond? How long are your posts? How often do you post per week or per day? Etc. Etc.