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What is your name, adventurer? .......... Neshaal
Which race? .......... Lizardkin
Which gender? .......... Male
What class are you? .......... Mage

At the jungle spawn, another character materializes, causing a few characters to run around flailing like idiots for lack of anything better to do. You know the type. Before anyone can get a lock on this person though, he's already out of the crowd. Unknown to the cluster of lowbies, the player known as Neshaal had only moved a short distance. Yes, a weak teleportation spell had placed the scaly caster on the high limb of a nearby tree.

Were one to glance up, they might notice the idle sway of a long, dark gray-green scaled tail. Perhaps the lizard's primary color would be a bit difficult to spot among the trees, but the slowly returning glowing neon blue markings would be a sure giveaway. Said markings twisted their way across Neshaal's body from head to tail, only partially hidden by a short hooded cloak, dark brown in color and only just barely falling past his shoulders.

Neshaal gazed down at all the other players, his beady golden eyes darting from one to the next in search of a character or a group that might make a suitable party. As a mage, playing alone could be a bit difficult, even with his current arsenal. Thus far, many of the parties he'd ventured with proved unreliable; Returning to town or logging out in the middle of a fight, running ahead of the monsters to reach a treasure before the others.. Leaving the frail little mage to get pummeled time after time. Yes, there had been a few good teams, but most of them had surpassed his level range by now.

"Hrm.. Haven't seen these before.. ", the lizard said to himself, his voice low and scratchy, "Maybe.. " Neshaal moved from one branch to the next using his short-ranged teleportation spell, stopping briefly to recharge mana every five times or so until he was directly above the pair that caught his eye. From there, the lizard dropped down onto the back of the Centaur he pursued, facing opposite the creature's humanoid half. "I overheard you talking about heading into a dungeon. " Neshaal tilted his head toward the less bestial of the two, "I'm eager to burn something, but I'm a bit squishy. Take me along. "
"Great, the more the merrier, right?" Geoff replied to Darc. "So is this your first time here or do you have other entities?" Sure he could have said character, but the fun part of this game was being in-character.

After some travelling he notices someone else getting closer, perhaps a potential party member? "Hey, woah!" he exclaimed in surprise as the lizard guy dropped onto his back. PickleSocks hissed at the new person, thinking him an intruder.
"I overheard you talking about heading into a dungeon. "
"Oh, yes we are."
He looked at Darc to hear his end of the suggestion. Having a mage about was always a good idea.
"No actually I have another uh entity, made it to get a feel for the game and then made this guy." Darc's tainted senses were tingling but he wasn't advanced enough to pinpoint what it was he was sensing, he only knew there was magic involved with it. Then boop, there were joined by a lizardy guy who dropped down on the centaur, startling the other lizard, the pet. Turns out he was a mage and wanted to go in with them. The centaur looked at him for confirmation. "Sure! I'm a meat shield anyway, so you're in luck. Welcome to the party." He extended a party invitation to the lizard before heading into the dungeon. Usually he caught some flak being smallish and a tank at the same time but mismatching stuff was kind of fun to do.

As they entered into the dungeon Darc made an observation.
"Seems like there's another party in here some where, I hope there's enough baddies for both of us."
When the smaller lizard hissed, three tiny spikes in place of an eyebrow raised slightly. "Wonderful", he replied simply to the centaur he sat atop, accepting the party invite. Darc, Geoff, and Neshaal. Certainly an interesting looking group, these three. Not as kiddy as some of the characters seen at the jungle spawn. Despite the differences, the lizard man thought they fit well, looked good together. Now, how well would they function as a team?

"Should we happen by them, perhaps we should observe them", the green scaled mage spoke, idly flicking small sparks from the tip of his finger, "If they appear lacking in skill, they could be disposed of. Wouldn't have to worry about them getting in the way. " He leaned back, resting comfortably atop his half-horse team-mate. "If they're not so bad, still couldn't hurt to issue a challenge. Could be fun. "
Crowe grinned, running into the dungeon with blade at hand. "C'mon then, Silver!" As she entered the dusty mansion, monsters began to spawn around her. Frankenstein chimera like creatures, ghosts that occasionally went invisible, and the classic skeleton with a top hat. She jumped forward towards one of the chimeras- the tip of her blade cutting it's flesh. "Haaaa!" She managed another slice before being pushed back as she attempted to block a swipe of the chimera's claw.
Runing a round the dungeon was fun but some annoying crutres apperd to battle the group. Silverknight pulled his arm back and punched the spine of the skeleton. The body faded away and turned into coins. The knight quickly picked up the coins pice by pice. He looked up and sees that crowe its haveing slight difficulty. He ran to the cruture with a full charged and punched it in the chest only damageing it most of its health. Silver knight jumped back and curesed under its breath. he pulled out his sword and aimed it at the monster. He turned to crowe and asked
"Are you hurt?"
"Yeah, could be fun. Lets move out then." They walked into the dungeon which turned out to be a mansion. They had entered through a side entrance of the big place and Darc lead everyone into the next area which was a wide hallway near a huge flight of stairs. "So what contributions can you all provide to the par-" an arrow struck Darc's chest and fell to the ground with a 'plink'. Darc touched his chest where the arrow struck and his fingers came away sticky and red. It wasn't a major injury, but Darc had been off guard, which was pretty dumb. Looking down the end of the hallway the skeleton archer was notching another arrow. With a shout, Darc activated an ability and charged down the hall at the skeleton. It fired the arrow and it bounced off Darc's skin. With hands turned black and tipped with claws he smashed the skeleton apart as the other mobs showed up.
"Hmm, maybe, but I'm more for having fun with mobs." Geoff stated. It was never fun being picked at if you were at the sharp end of the stick, or sword. The mansion impressed him with all the details and it reminded him once again why he loved having such a good computer... wait, focus. In-character.
Turning his sight to Neshaal he said plainly, "So are you going to stay there until I buck you off?" and added a sly grin. It was great having a mage in the party, but if he wasn't going to be doing anything...

"So what contributions can you all provide to the par-"
The skeleton was quite a surprise, but the half human seemed to be in control of taking it. Instead Geoff focused on the other mobs heading their way and fired his own arrows while sending his pet ahead. Taking the first few down he could handle, as this was just the first few but if their tank guy went down -

"Nashaal, healing spells? Focus on Darc!" he issued quickly, now switching to Ares of Effect shots, hoping to cripple more of the bad guys.
"I didn't realize the mounts in Ierrath were such nags", he said with a quiet, perhaps somewhat creepy chuckle.. Which was just his laugh. Place was nice. Dark enough for his liking. Not to sound weird or anything, just that areas with lots of bright colors bothered him. Christmas and Easter themed dungeons were brutal. Neshaal was just about to say something, but was cut off by the sound of an arrow flying into Darc's chest. He smirked. Didn't look like the enemies were wasting any time.

The lizard man narrowed his eyes, thinking for a moment. Calm as ever while his allies were already jumping into the action. "Healing.. Ehh.. One minor heal, not much.. More offensive, really", he said as he turned his palm up. As he did, the markings on his body glowed slightly brighter and a shimmering little orb formed just above his palm. He thrust his hand forward toward Darc, sending the ball of light to collide with his back and heal the little damage he'd taken. What fun.

Neshaal shook his head and slid down from Geoff's back, opening and closing his hand a couple of times before a flame began to grow. "Before you have a hissy-fit about me shunning my duties as a support character, I -will- be watching his health.. And I do have plenty of blues.. ", he said, almost certain one of the two would have something to say. Another flick of the hand sent the now fully formed ball of flame hurling toward another skeleton that appeared to be charging for their tank, disassembling the monster with a little explosion of orange and red.
An assortment of rats, skeletons, and spiders appeared. Entrance level mobs of course, but they could be nasty in packs. Arrows bounced off Darc's skin, one of every five doing any damage at all. He stepped on the rats and waded through the spider's webs to crush them under foot also. A skeleton with a sword swung at him and he dodged the blade and counter attacked, which sent the bones scattering. Then his senses activated, alerting him to being the target of a spell. He scanned around but couldn't see any mage enemies. The ball of healing light hit his back and then dissolved, it's effect nullified. A moment later a fireball whizzed past him and blasted apart another skeleton. Darc turned, looking at Neshaal. A laugh escaped his lips before he turned around and stomped on some rats. This room was beginning to clear.
She straightened her back as she stretched her hands forward. "Nah. I'm fine." Now free of monsters for the moment, she gazed around the dungeon. A large flight of stairs laid out before them, eerily trying to lure them in. It was then that Crowe noticed another party was also in their midst. They had more range than the Tin Can and Crowe combined.

Crowe quickly slashed at one of the rats, it dying on the second swipe. She watched their mage cast spells- it was really mesmerizing the amount of detail this game had. "Hey there!" She waved, shouting.
Silverknight had placed his sowrd back on his hip becuase the sowrd was intended for larger monsters. Large rats apperd out of the mist attacking him and crowe. He had goten the jump on him but his armor and health was powerfull. He threw off the large things and used his heavy metal boot to smash the heads of them. He took of the monster each at a time and him and crowe noticed a flight of stares appaer. Through the mist you could lightly see a few other players and silverknight seen crowes face.

She goning to try to make them join out partty. He sighed hard on the thought of more people.
Soon the room was cleared, Darc's health was was imperceptibly affected by the mobs, which is to say they did next to no damage at all. Battle mode ended and as Darc walked back to his party members he detected a presence and heard a voice which made him turn back around. It was another party and a heavy hitting looking character, Darc made an acknowledging wave back. Darc tallied up the advantages his party may have over the other. It appeared Darc's party had range, and a badass tank. Also Darc's character was one he recently learned weren't often encountered, it was probably a new type or something. The other party had a higher level guy which could make up for the low level, and the one who greeted them seemed to know what she was doing, having armor like that at her level. Darc's perception capabilities weren't all that great at the moment so he couldn't tell what their level's were exactly. He turned to his party and said through party chat "It looks like there's three of them, one of them is probably a really low level, this one seems decent, and the other one over there appears to be kind of high up. You guys want to do some PvP or what?"
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