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>> Enjoy your stay in the world of

What is your name, adventurer? [BLINK]..........[/BLINK]
Which race? [BLINK].......... [/BLINK]
Which gender? [BLINK].......... [/BLINK]
What class are you? [BLINK].......... [/BLINK]


In the world of Ierrath, the players make their own story. The environment contains nearly anything you'd see in the real world, from tundras to deserts. You just have to be in the right place. What will your story be? Let it unfold, and let's see where this will take us.

You can make up classes, but please try to keep them from being too cluttered or overpowered. In Ierrath, most of the classes should be balanced. Races can be anything you want, from an anthro hybrid to elves of all types, half breeds, but please don't go too overboard with it. XD There's a prompt to explain your character, but you don't have to use it, just try to explain your character and your class in your first post(s).
Re: >> .logIN? [mmo-esque RP] [still setting up a bit]

What is your name, adventurer? .......... Crowe
Which race? .......... Elf
Which gender? .......... Female
What class are you? ..........
Heavy Bladesman (huge swords yo)

Crowe's character appeared before her on the screen. She stood at about 5'6" tan dark skin, her hair looked haphazardly cut in a short mop of silver hair. In her hand laid a large blade, carefully designed and crafted with some cosmetic detailing as it ran up towards the hilt. On her face, a triangle next to each eye seemed to run past her skin and into her hair. A single piercing was on the right helix of her ear.

As the world loaded around the model, she found herself in a tropical jungle, she was amongst other crowds of people. "Hm. Must be the starting grounds..." She pondered out loud. Atmospheric music and sounds began to flood in as if to convinced her that yes, she was in the middle of a jungle. She began to wander from the cluster of people, the amount of talking was beginning to give her a headache. She leaned against a tree and sighed, her eyes fluttering up towards the canopy filled with birds and animals.
What is your name, adventurer? .......... TekView attachment 6227 (The one in the middle of the picture, minus the mini elephant)
Which race? .......... Half cat half human
Which gender? .......... Female
What class are you? .......... Knuckle Master

Tek's character appeared on her screen. The area loaded around her character model, and it appeared to be a tropical jungle map. "Is this a beginner's area, nya?" She wondered out loud as she began to walk around.
What is your name, adventurer? <script type="text/javascript"> function colorblink(elmid,ms){ elm=document.getElementById(elmid); elm.style.color="rgb("+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+")"; setTimeout("colorblink('"+elmid+"',"+ms+");",ms); } </script>.......... Silverknight
Which race? <script type="text/javascript"> function colorblink(elmid,ms){ elm=document.getElementById(elmid); elm.style.color="rgb("+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+")"; setTimeout("colorblink('"+elmid+"',"+ms+");",ms); } </script>.......... <script type="text/javascript">colorblink(".......... ",800);</script>Human
Which gender? <script type="text/javascript"> function colorblink(elmid,ms){ elm=document.getElementById(elmid); elm.style.color="rgb("+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+")"; setTimeout("colorblink('"+elmid+"',"+ms+");",ms); } </script>.......... <script type="text/javascript">colorblink(".......... ",800);</script>male
What class are you? <script type="text/javascript"> function colorblink(elmid,ms){ elm=document.getElementById(elmid); elm.style.color="rgb("+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+","+Math.floor(Math.random()*255)+")"; setTimeout("colorblink('"+elmid+"',"+ms+");",ms); } </script>.......... Mage/warrior<script type="text/javascript">colorblink(".......... ",800);</script>

A tall male in a large cloke and clean silver ammor walks past all the begginig characters. His silver hair matched his armor but his eyes were as dark as the night sky. Looks around for a decent way to get some partners but every character has that cartoon style he dosent really like. He shrugged and looked up his objectives.
Crowe stood up straight again, no longer relying on the tree for support. Amongst the crowd, her eyes fell upon a cat-girl, seemingly talking to herself. She flashed a toothy grin. "Yep, it sure is." She stabbed her blade into the earth, leaning forward onto the hilt lazily. "Lemme guess, you new?"

It sure might look silly that Crowe seemed to have a high and mighty attitude about being new or not, but while the character 'Crowe' may be low leveled- she did have alternative characters, one near max level. A patch of nostalgic reached her memory as she remembered her first character, her first log in on this game. She had her brother to help her out, but she couldn't imagine doing it on her own.

"Could help ya out, y'know, if you want." She shrugged, her eyes peeking around for a third party member. "Wait right here!" She walked away, her sword still stuck in earth. She reached out, roughly grabbing Silverknight's shoulder. "Oi, you!" She really wanted to high five him for the similar hair color, but refrained. "You look high leveled. What class are you? C'mere!" She grabbed his hand, attempting to lead him over towards the cat girl she decided just at this moment to take under her wing.

((feel free to resist Crowe dragging you! she's just being pushy, it's not anything already decided :3))
Looking around for some high level members he seen a female with an over sized sword. The silverknight wonderd what she was doing untill she started walking twords him. He turned around trying to avoid a conversation with unrealistic characters. If she did come to speak to him he could not avoid her. Suddenly a hand landed on his shoulder. He quickly turned for an attack but rememberd people cannot issue an attack unless he accepts. He sees that it was the girl with an over sized weapon. She grabed his hand and pulled him to the girl in the cat suit. This was the most unrealistic party hes ever been in but he decided to ingore things like it. He let the girl drag him to the cat girl.
She was about to answer this stranger when she said "Wait right here!". Tek watched as the heavy bladesman went over to a sliver knight. "Fine, nya. I'll just find something else to....do....nya.." A butterfly flew past Tek's face. Her tail began to swing back and forth as she watched the little butterfly with curious eyes. I landed on a the tree the girl was leaning against. Tek crouched down like a cat and crept towards the tree with the butterfly. She stopped a little ways away from the tree before pouncing on the butterfly. It flew away just before she could get her paws on it. "Nya!" She pounced at it again as the butterfly was flying away. Tek kept pouncing at the butterfly, and every time she did, it got away from her.
Once they arrived back at the tree, they were left with the spectacle of the cat girl attempting to... hunt. Crowe let go of the man's hand and instead retrieved his sword. "ALRIGHT!" Crowe shouted, somewhat excited. "Party... made!" Bing. She sent an invite to each of them. "And don't ya dare try to reject it!" She grinned, her hand ready on her sword. "Hey, cat. What level are you? You too, tin can."
Once he was draged to the girl she was hunting for what looks like an insect. the first girl finnaly let go of his character but the girl grabed his sword and swung it around. she shouted to cuatch the groups attention and she had a sinister and excited face and once again, yelled out, that her party was complete. He got an invite from her. He wanted to reject it but he hasint been in a happy go lucky crowed like this so he accepted it, the second reason he accepted is becuase she has his sowrd. tin can? well that was an insult to him but he blew it off becuase who knows what weapon shell take. He sent them both a privte message saying "I dont like to tell my stuff publicly, im about 44"
Tek stopped chasing the butterfly and looked up at the girl again. She accepted the invite a few seconds after Crowe sent it. "I'm level 3, nya. I just started yesterday, nya." She smiled, not afraid to say her level out loud. "They sent me to a different area last time though, nya." She added.
((Oops, I didn't mean to type "his", as you can tell I'm used to playing male characters XD I'm going to roll with it!))

"44, eh." She tossed his sword back to him and roughly jerked the great-sword from the ground, stumbling backwards a bit. "Hm. So, 3, 44 and... well, I'm 25. We can use party chat if you're really that uncomfortable talking out loud, sir knight." She grinned at him, mocking slightly. "Then! We're off! To a dungeon. Sir Knight, we're depending on you." She said, after switching to party chat. It definitely was a lot quieter with this filter on.
((OOC: You guys all set or mayeth I join?))
((OOC: It's a jump in rp so feel free to join in any time.))
Jeff yawned loudly as he had just gotten out of bed and logged into the world of Ierrath.

What is your name, adventurer? [BLINK]..........[/BLINK] Geoff
Which race? [BLINK].......... [/BLINK] Centaur
Which gender? [BLINK].......... [/BLINK] Male
What class are you? [BLINK].......... [/BLINK] Hunter

"Welcome Hunter Geoff", the game greeted him and with another yawn and rubbing his face he greeted the game back (not that it could answer). Beside his character - a handsome looking centaur with short hair and ponytail and an appaloosa horse body- stood his pet, named PickleSocks. It was a funny-looking lizard with big eyes and looked more cute than daunting. The spikes and fins on it's back and tail was colourful too.

"Right, Let's see what's up for today..." he said clopping in no particular direction, "I need to buy some more fire arrows." he remembered.
As his sowrd was tossed to him he quickly grabed onto the handle and slid it into is case. she said "Hm. So, 3, 44 and... well, I'm 25. We can use party chat if you're really that uncomfortable talking out loud, sir knight." He bowed his head lightly and said aloud, "That would be most acceptable by me." She annouced that they where going to be heading tworads a dungeon and they depended on him. This made silver knight slitly stand up straighter in his own proudness and noded his head in agreement.
What is your name, adventurer? .......... Darc
Which race? .......... Human, tainted
Which gender? .......... Male
What class are you? .......... Tank/Reaver

David plopped down into his beat up computer chair and waited for his dinosaur of a computer to warm up. He swirled his cup of orange juice as the machine beeped and whirred. Finally the monitor blinked to life and after he picked his user displayed a picture of himself surrounded by many gorgeous women. "Hello ladies" he wiggled his fingers at his background and clicked the icon of the game he started playing two weeks ago. As expected it took a minute for the glitches to calm down but after that it was running mostly smooth.

His character loaded up. David admired the customization possibilities with this type of character as he looked through the not so long list of abilities. Rigid but kind of flexible. The avatar before him wore only pants and had black patches all over it's body and some on it's face. His hair was a blood red that matched it's eyes and had horns curling over the top of his head and the points pointing forward some where around his ears. It was funny, even though his horns weren't in a position to do a bunch of ripping or tearing, he had an attack that let him gore people with his horns. Darc started running the direction of some woods to hunt some animals, and along the way he spotted a centaur with a pet. Cool. He decided to give the centaur a wide berth, he was in an where there was pvp action possible but didn't feel like it at the moment. So Darc jogged around the centaur and his lizardy pet, heading for the woods.
((Feel free to catch up with us at the dungeon XD))

And with that, Crowe began her way towards the dungeon. It'd be a bit tough for the cat girl at her low levels, but between the two of us she figured it'd be fine. She was skipping, but she occasionally peeked back. "You guys are my hostage, so let's get along, okay?" She gave a wicked grin. "'Names Crowe. Whatabout you guys?" She had an accent to her, it simply was a wonder if it was how she talked IRL. The dungeon they were headed to had the theme of a haunted house- a dungeon left over from the holiday Halloween. It always seemed like a fun place to take newbies to, there was always a chance that you'd scare them.

As they walked, the scenery began to change into less of a tropical rainforest as it warped itself into a typical forest you'd find spread around. A fog began to set around them as the mood began to change to a more eerie atmosphere. "I hope you're not a scaredy-cat."
As the girl started to walk silverknight and the cat girl followed Crowe to the dungeon. As they walk the girl leading the group started to skip the rest of the way to the dungeon. Leading? did i just say that? its more like a drag around thought the silverknight. She asked them there names and silver was ready to talk becuase of the private chat there in. "My name is.....sliver....knight" The silver knight knew he had a deep voice but he didint know if his voice sounded funny or if he had anaccent. The dungeon was a haunted house theme from the lazy programers not replaceing it with a thanks giving theme. Silver knight has been here at lest 3 times but he recently discoverd that themed dungeons can change items depending on wich people your with.

The scenery changed into a fog theme and this got silver excited, He placed his hand on the hilt of the sowrd ready for a sudden suprise.
"Oh hey, dungeon... forgot they had this here." Jeff commented as he was checking the map. There was lingering quest to the farther reaches of the map, but this halloween spot intrigued him. Meh, let's see if anyone's there.

Indeed there was, and apparently someone who was giving him a lot of space. As a hunter he could do tracking and saw it was one of the either new players or someone who had started a new character.
He grinned as he informed the tainted human (Interesting choice) that "Don't worry mate, I'm not into pvp. Need a partner?"
Geoff was level 35 so he could hold his own in this place, at least closer to the starting point.
He had been spotted, but the centaur was friendly and was even offering to partner up. Darc's quest log popped up in front of him and he scrolled through the list, there was nothing particularly hard for him, but there was an entrance to a Halloween dungeon near by. "Sure." Darc formed a party with the centaur. "Shall we head into the Halloween dungeon?" Darc lead the way into a place that seemed to suit his character's appearance. "One time when I was in here I got attacked by another player. They thought I was a monster, hah!" The game took a second to load up before Darc could experience the pixelated horrors that awaited them inside.
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