Log Horizon: A Different Story

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  1. Intro, green
    The game, Elder Tales, was a regular MMORPG until an event called the apocalypse occurred in this game. The apocalypse made their new bodies their characters, and the world of Elder Tales was their new reality. This caused many people to be confused, and wonder many things. How will they get out? Can they die for real? Why does food taste like wet crackers? From this, many adventurers made their stories as they learned about this reality. The story we are following is one about two adventurers, who have just found themselves in the apocalypse.

    Yuna, orange

    "Huh. We are stuck here." Yuna said to herself while looking at the board in Akihabara. It had a paper which contained the news of the 'apocalypse' on the board posted by someone anonymous. The new didn't contain any useful information other than what led to the conclusion that it's an apocalypse. After a while of letting the words from the news process, Yuna held her hands up abruptly, and screamed "Woo! This is going to be fun! Hello, New Universe!" She had a huge grin on her face. Yuna stood out like a sore thumb when she screamed because all the adventures surrounding her had worried and irritated looks on their face.

    After letting her scream out, Yuna walked to the local tavern that was popular with adventurers, called Elven Drinks, to get out of the crowd that gave her weird looks, and to communicate with the people in her friends list about the news, just in case they didn't know. Yuna arrived at the tavern, and took a seat. An elf waitress stopped by to ask her if she wanted anything to drink, and to let her know that she can't order any food due to issues. Yuna ended up telling her it was okay, and dismissed her.

    "Let's see." Yuna opened her menu which seemed to be working in front of her. She didn't bother to check for a log out button, but instead accessed her friends list. She scrolled through the list of friends thinking about people she could meet and other people she could contact. Yuna ended up calling a few people to let them know about the apocalypse before she came across a friends name who she participated in many raids and boss battles with, Ran. Ran was a summoner who had a puppet master build. She spoke with him on many occasions and decided to contact him. Yuna placed her hand to her ear, and waited for an answer to her call.

  2. Ran, #008B8B
    "What do you mean we're stuck here!?" Ran yelled in the middle of a lightly populated area of Akihabara. Finding himself in what seemed to be the world of Elder Tale, the first thing he did was try to contact someone that he knew. In a hurry for time, he went with someone who's name started with an A, a cleric friend of his. "So you can't log out either huh?" That's when a chilling thought came to him. In this current moment, he logged in with his summoner. Now that wasn't a bad thing in itself, Ran loved to summon things and the idea of doing it in first person was fun. The problem was the character himself, his character was a child.

    He let out an internal scream in his head. It was bad enough that he had to be stuck in this game, but as a child? An onlooker nearby approached him. "Hey kid, are you alright?" They asked while leaning down to make eye contact with him. "I'm in the same boat as you, I know its a little scary but- Hey, where are you going?" Ran took off without saying a word to the kind person, tripping in the process. If he would have opened his mouth, it would have just been an awkward moment for both of them.

    Finally finding an area with just himself, he began to slowly take steps. Ran was having trouble adjusting to this new height, not that he was a tall man in real life, but to be back in a child's height was too drastic of a change. "Okay, lets try this again... one, two, thre-" He fell over again, face first. He laid there on the floor for a good minute, contemplating how he was going to survive in this world when he received a call. It was his friend Yuna, an assassin, shadow blade build if he remembered correctly. They fought in raids together a good amount of times. Without any reason not to, he picked up the call.

    "Hey, hows it goin'? I hope you're enjoying your time as a character more than I am."
  3. Yuna, orange
    "Hey, how's it goin'? I hope you're enjoying your time as a character more than I am." Yuna heard a voice come through after a while of waiting. "I'm enjoying my time. I'm a real assassin! This is amazing!" Yuna spoke with her voice bursting with excitement. "What do you mean by more than I am?" She questioned. Yuna tried to think back to what Ran character looked like. He was a fox race, had orange hair, had blue eyes, and he was a kid from what she remembers. That last trait caused something to click in her head.

    "You are not a kid after all?" Yuna said in surprised. It never occurred to her that a man could just make a short character. She thought it was common for people to base their character off themselves like she did. "How old are you really? 55? 84? 32?" Yuna guessed. She was just making up random numbers for her guessing to tell the truth. They didn't have any thought behind them.
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  4. Ran, #008B8B
    "You are not a kid after all?" Ran's eyebrow twitched as he heard her. "Was I really so childish before?" He rather enjoyed playing people who were so radically different from him. "If you really wanna know, I'm actually over two-thousand years old, I only look like I'm a child." Ran joked. He began to worry about how many other people mistakenly thought he was actually a child.

    Ran picked himself up. "Well, at the very least I can tell you I'm 24. Sorry if I broke any images you had of me." He began to walk towards the more populous areas of the city. He may be embarrassed, but more importantly... he was hungry. "Hey, where are you at anyways, I feel like I could eat a horse." From what he remembered of Yuna, she was a human with blue hair. Also that her armor was more on the lighter side, but that was the usual for light armor in games.
  5. Yuna, orange
    "Was I really so childish before?" Ran asked. It's true he wasn't so childish. He was one of the mature ones in the raid, which Yuna did not count as one of them. She was one of the more energetic ones that annoyed the other raiders. As thee conversation went on she learned, all the guesses from her trying to guess his age were off, which makes sense since a fifty-five year old wouldn't even know how to open the Elder Scrolls application. The answer was 24. It still didn't click in Yuna's head why he would make his character so short, even knowing his age. Either way, it turns out it's one surprise after another with Ran.

    "Hey, where are you at anyways, I feel like I could eat a horse." Ran said. He wouldn't be too happy with the answer Yuna is about to give him because at the tavern she is at, none of the food seems too cook. Even so, Yuna delivered the answer. "I'm at Elven Drinks. It's a tavern right here in Akihabara," Before Yuna continued, she smelled the air to see if there was any food around, just in case they fixed the problem, and there wasn't any. "They usually sell food here, but because of the apocalypse, I think there is a problem with making the food, but you can get a delicious glass of water here." Yuna's tone brightened up at the end hoping that the glass of water would prevent him from thinking about the food crisis,
  6. Ran, #008B8B
    "Ah, you're at Elven Drinks? I think I know how to get there." He was starting to get used to walking from a much lower point of view, but just seeing everyone tower over his character belittled him. Man, this city looks so different from a first person point of view. He thought. Maybe besides the small problem he had, this wouldn't be so bad. The admins or the servers themselves will fix everything somehow, so why doesn't he just enjoy this for a little whil-

    "They usually sell food here, but because of the apocalypse, I think there is a problem with making the food, but you can get a delicious glass of water here."

    Ran felt defeated. What was the point of it all if he didn't get to try out all the delicious foods only available in this game? "You're kidding right? That's a joke... right? How am I suppose to try out any dishes involving fictional creatures if you can't even cook them!" He started to pick up the pace to reach the tavern. "I'll be there to see for myself right now!" As he opened the door, he realized he stuck out like a sore thumb. As he walked into the building some of the NPCs commented on his presence.

    "What's a child doing here?"
    "Do you think he's looking for his mother?"
    "Poor thing."

    He could also hear some of the player characters struggling to muffle their laughter, making his face flush red as he continued to search for Yuna.
  7. Yuna, orange
    Yuna ended the call after Ran said he'll be right over. Apparently, no food available didn't reach his head, but at least it got him over here so Yuna can talk with him about the apocalypse. Yuna continued to call more friends. A few mintues late, in between calls, Yuna overheard the People of the Land around her mentioned a child. "Ran," Yuna immediately thought. Yuna got up from the table she was at to go and search for Ran.

    Yuna moved a few feet before stumbling upon Ran. Many of the players were trying to control their giggles, but failed horribly, and the People of the Land gossiped. Yuna felt a bit sorry for Ran before an idea popped into her mind. It might not be pleasing to Ran, but it was something to make Ran's presence more natural since he is child-sized. "Hey, little bro! Hope it didn't take you too long to find this place. It was hard to get you here since we got separated during the apocalypse." Yuna reached for Ran's hand while winking to let him know he had to play along. "I was sitting over here so let's go!" Yuna said with a smile, while casually leading him to the table she was seated at.

    Once they got settled at the table, and the rest of the tavern went back to their normal conversations, Yuna started giggling. "What a mess you got yourself into." She managed to say through the laughter. "It's hard to believe you are actually 24 in a body like that."
  8. Ran, #008B8B
    After finding Yuna, Ran thought the troubles would then be over. "Hey, little bro! Hope it didn't take you too long to find this place. It was hard to get you here since we got separated during the apocalypse." Wait, what. As she reached for his hand he was at a curious stage of both peak anger and embarrassment. Since talking while the center of attention would probably lead to a few strange looks before even louder laughter he quietly listened to her as he grabbed her hand.

    "Yah, yah stop laughing!" He scolded. "Besides, that sounds like a pick up line you give to an older woman. you sure you're as much a girl as I'm a child?" Ran had to say something, anything to get back at her. He made a slightly more serious face as he continued. "So, with the few people I talked to it seems no one knows what's really going on, I don't assume you have any idea? As fun as this is to be here in what seems to be the flesh, I want to return." Still mad, he called over an NPC waitress hoping drinks in this game could still intoxicate you. "Hey, whats on the menu?"

    "Why for children, we usually would have milk and shakes to give you but right now we only have water little one." She innocently said, every word digging a sword of depression deeper and deeper into his heart.

    "I-I'll just have some water."
  9. Yuna, orange
    The waitress looked at Yuna to see if she wanted anything now, but Yuna just shook her head, letting her know that she didn't. The waitress walked off to get Ran his drink.

    "I wasn't kidding, little one," Yuna mocked "As for what's going on, I have no clue, but I'm not complaining. It's like a first person roleplaying game that's ultra realistic!" Yuna spoke with a grin. This was way more interesting and fun than real life. Apparently, not everybody felt the same way. Yuna decided to change the subject. "What are you going to do about your height? I don't have the potion you get from the beginning of the game to change your appearance anymore. I sold it!"
  10. Ran, #008B8B
    Ran smiled at her happy view of these events, repressing the words she said before from his memory. He had to admit that even he himself was interested in how his magic would work now that he's in the game. But on the other hand what if people were worried about him in the real world right now? Yuna then changed the subject to be about his current state of affairs.

    "Ah, um... I kinda used mine a long time ago. That's why I am the way I am now." He gave a nervous laugh as the waitress came back with his water. No matter what, Ran was not going to reveal what he used to be before this. "While this kinda sucks, it wouldn't hurt to try to actually become Ran the Summoner while I have the chance."
  11. Yuna, orange
    "That's the spirit!" Yuna spoke while standing up out of her chair. She walked over to Ran's side of the table and drank the glass of water that the waitress just brought him. She was a bit parched after all that talking, maybe she should've taken the offer of water earlier. After a big 'ahh', she smacked the glass back on the table in front of Ran without breaking it. "That was good. Best water I had all game." Yuna joked.

    "So Ran the Summoner, how about we go beat some low-level monsters? The rewards might not be great, but at least we will learn how to use our skills again. Then we can go for that new type monster in the forest, only west of here." Yuna offered. She really wanted to beat the new type of monster that appeared in the forest that she seen on the board. The only problem is she has no clue how to use her skills. Why not drag Ran along on her skill learning task so he can learn how to use his skills as well?
  12. Ran, #008B8B
    "Ahh, my water!" Ran cried out. "You should have just asked for a glass when the waiter showed, you jerk! This is why mom calls you a brute of you all the time!" He huffed jokingly. while they're still around others, he might as well play the role of a younger brother. He turned his head away from Yuna until the end of her offer.

    "Yah, attacking some low level would be a good idea." Ran agreed. He actually didn't know how summoning worked after all. What if the golems wouldn't listen or worse, turned on them? It would be unwise to attack strong creatures at this stage. "Well, what are we waiting for then? Let's go!" Ran jumped from his seat and began to make his way out of the tavern. If he was going to have to actually in the game, he was going to have fun doing it!
  13. Yuna, orange
    Yuna followed Ran out of the tavern. It was sort of a relief that they left. They don't have to act like siblings anymore. She started walking with Ran out of the city. After some idle chit-chat, they made it outside and into the forest. "Ahh! Fresher air!" Yuna said while stretching. "You can't get this in the city." She equipped her dual swords, and sheathed them in the sheaths that were crossed on her back. Then they continued walking.

    While stretching Yuna noticed something up ahead. It was level five nature type monsters. "Look." Yuna whispered while tapping Ran on the shoulder. She pointed at the monsters to let him know what he was suppose to be looking at. "Three low-levels, just what we needed. Let's go." Yuna gave Ran a pat on the back, and started running in the forest on the side of them, so she isn't spotted. If this was the regular game, she could just use her tracker subclass to use sneak to move without bring noticed, and then use Deadly Dance to finish off two while Ran gets the other one. Unfortunately, it's not a regular game anymore.

    While running she realized that she wasn't raising any agro. "They should hear me. I guess I'm using sneak without realizing it." Yuna thought. Once she was in a position she liked, she watched her enemies waiting for a time to strike.
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  14. Ran, #008B8B
    Ran had a grand time on his way into the forest. Less and less people were around as they drew closer, which meant he could stop acting like a little brother less and less. Finally making it outside, Ran began to look through his inventory to see what he had. After some time, he pulled out a rather creepy grimoire from his sack. "Man, this thing is creepy up close. I liked it better when it was just a silly-ish looking icon."

    Yuna stopped him, pointing out the three enemies to him. "I see them, I'll draw their aggro." With that, Yuna ran off to do her assassin thing. Leaving Ran and his book to fight the monsters. "Let's see here..." He opened up the book, hoping for the spells to be in there. Instead laid a whole book covered in writing unable to be read by mere man. "I guess this is a catalyst of sorts then." He figured there had to be another way to fight then, maybe it could happen automatically?

    Ran walked into what he though would be the range for his spells. He braced his feet as he pointed a palm at the enemy while gripping his book in another hand. He could feel the magic in his body make its way into his hand, preparing itself for his next action.

    "Attack spell, full blast!" He yelled at the enemies.

    Nothing happened... well besides the fact that the monsters began to charge him. "Waah! Was that wrong the way to do it?"
  15. Yuna, orange
    Yuna stood in the shadows waiting for something to happen. If she were to try and attack now she would draw their aggro and that would ruin the plan of Ran attracting aggro. "Attack spell, full blast!" She heard. She waited for some kind of magical lightning bolt to come out of palm, but nothing happened. Yuna silently giggled at her own expectations, and Ran's scared look when the enemies started to charge at him.

    Even though the opportunity presented itself for a time to strike, Yuna couldn't help but watch. After a while of watching Ran run around, Yuna decided it was time to figure out how to use the skills, and help him. She unsheathed her swords from behind her, and stood in a low attack stance assuming that taking the actual position and saying the name of the attack like in the game, would activate the skills. She stored up energy within her blades, which were now glowing a dark red, and dashed out of the shadows. "Fatal Ambush!" she yelled, taking out the first enemy she could get close to. "Sweeper!" She yelled next, ending up taking out the second one. Sweeper was usually meant for enemies with low health, but since this enemy was extremely lower leveled than her, she managed to take it out in one hit. She finished off the last enemy with Stealth Blade.

    After attacking in succession, she sheathed her weapons once again, and took a bow. "And that's how you defeat enemies without having any clue what you are doing. That was quite the show you displayed back there."
  16. Ran, #008B8B
    Ran dashed around as he was being chased by the monsters. "Yunaaa! Where are you?" The enemy hits didn't do much to his health, even if it was low for a higher level character. He flipped through the pages trying to find something, anything. "This stupid book doesn't tell me anything!" He cried as he ran. Still not entirely used to his body, he tripped over himself again. As he turned around, he could hear Yuna finally taking out he enemies.

    "Fatal Ambush!"

    Ran noticed she seemed to be saying the name of the skills, maybe it has to do something with that and imagining how it should work. Sure enough, once Yuna was done she went over and started to gloat over him. "I-I was just kiting them so you could try out your own skills! It's my fault this book is in some foreign language, I bet none of my skills could even work this this! Watch, I'll try again!" Once again he took a stance as he thought about the spells he had. Since they were in the woods, he could try this one. Ran sure hoped this one would work, or traveling the world would probably be impossible for him.

    "Summon Follower: Ent!" This time Ran could feel the magic that gathered release from his hand as a magical circle appeared from below him. From under him a giant tree erupted from the ground. Soon he found himself on the head of giant tree creature. "Hah, how about that!" He tried to make a smile, but he was rather scared. He was always afraid of heights, but with his small boy the fall seemed even greater.
  17. Yuna, orange
    Yuna applauded. "Wow! You summoned..." Yuna paused while she ran around the follower to get a good look at it. "a tree?" Yuna said confused. What purpose could a tree monster serve? Well, it could perform photosynthesis and give oxygen, or build a good house. Yuna doubted it can do anything extremely useful in combat.

    Yuna looked at the small man on top of the tree monster from where she was on the ground. She noticed that his smile was goofy looking, and that it seemed fake. After a while of staring, Yuna concluded that he was scared. Maybe because of the tree monster he just summoned, or of the fact that he was stuck on top of the tree monster. Either way, it doesn't stop the fact that Yuna was going to have some fun.

    Yuna used her tracker subclass to teleport to the head of the tree monster where Ran was. She looked down from the side of the tree. "Hmm. Seems taller from up here. Don't you think?" She asked Ran. She teleported again so she was hanging upside down from one of it's branches. "Yeah. It's definitely tall. You can expect some fall damage if a gust of wind blew you off." Yuna spoke. She was testing what was making him scared.
  18. Ran, #008B8B
    "Ah you see, the tree can transform into a more monstrous form and move." He explained to her question. "It's a solid tank who can also entangle enemies. It probably didn't finish its summoning since I summoned it in its travel form." While he was puppeteer summoner, he did dip some points into being a beast tamer so would be able to ride his summons, which can lead to weird problems with certain summons, this one included.

    Her comments on how high they were was obviously a poke at him to see how reacts, but he was more afraid than angry. "Y-Yeah, it pretty tall up here." He said staring down all the way to the bottom of the floor. "You see, heights were never my cup of tea. It never really mattered in this game since it was in third person... but now-" A light cool breeze blew from behind them. "Waah!" He wrapped his arms around the head of the creature, embracing it as if his life on the line. "Now it's scary, like really scary." When it came to being afraid, Ran was one to showcase it without being able to hide the fact. He could probably survive the fall, with them being such high level. But Ran would probably faint due to fright while he was in free falling.
  19. Yuna, orange
    "So let's say someone pushed you off. You would probably scream right. Hmm." Yuna spoke as a devious plan formed in her head. She teleported once again to the location Ran was at and kicked him off the head of the creature for 300 HP, allowing him to fall. Most people say Yuna in this situation is at fault because she kicked Ran off knowing about his fear of heights, but that is wrong. Ran is at fault because he let a button be exposed, the button of heights. Since that button was exposed Yuna will now mash it until she wants to stop.

    After Ran fell, Yuna opened her inventory. She retrieved one of the potions that restored 500 HP and tossed it to Ran. "Here you go." She said as she tossed the potion to Ran. Ran could probably regenerate his HP over time, but Yuna wanted to drag him to the next thing she had in mind as soon as possible. "Our next stop is the location of where the new kind of monster appeared. It's still in this forest. It's a water type with 20,000 HP. I want to defeat it, and you are going to have to help me or pay me back for that potion I gave you." Yuna explained. She didn't intentionally give Ran the potion so she could blackmail him, but she wanted to get him to go with her somehow.
  20. Ran, #008B8B Ran held the potion in his hand, rubbing his head with his other from the pain. Healing potions weren't too expensive, and he had a fair amount of money. He figured Yuna gave him the ultimatum because she really wanted him to go with her, which did make sense. To fight a new kind of monster that's your level could be dangerous. Ran opened the potion and drank it, restoring his health to full. "Yah yah, I'll come with you. It's not like I want to owe you or anything." In truth, he wanted to fight it just as much as she did.

    "Ah, but first..." Ran began to scroll through the game menu, taking note of the spells he had before. He had an in-game rotation of spells he would commonly use without much thought, so he never really payed attention to the names of his spells. He had quite a few, even some he glossed over since they weren't useful for leveling up or useless skills he got because of his race's tendency to switch abilities with other classes. "...Okay, done. Let's try these suckers out."

    "Horde Summoning: Terra Cotta Army!" He brought his land low, and as he raised it the ground around him started to form into seven soldiers slightly taller than the average human. The Ent he had previously summoned started to form into its monstrous form. "I have four more summons, but I'll save those until we reach the monster. If you could lead the way."