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    There is a town in Ireland called Reilly that's set apart from the others and isolated but no one who lives there has really minded. They have what they need, not too much and not too little. In fact, it's pretty much forgotten by the rest of the world. It's just a normal small rural town where everyone knows each other and cares for each other and nothing much really ever happens there. At least until now.
    A group of kids thought it was a brilliant idea to try their hand at the 'totally fake' dark magic one of them found out about on the internet. So they went to one of the abandoned warehouses at the edge of town and did. They made a terrible mistake with this and opened an inter-dimensional rift that allows all sorts of demons and supernatural creatures into the town.
    These creatures are delighted in a new playground and the humans there are simply hilarious. They all do as they please whenever and wherever they want, making total chaos. The only thing that is at all routine anymore is the fact that the first night of every month one townsperson is taken by the creatures and never seen again. No one knows what happens to them and no one dares try to find out.
    Most of the townspeople simply cower in fear and do what they say but not everyone. Some people want to fight back. Who will succeed?

    The demons all have the abilities you would assume; if they have wings then they can fly, all have super strength and speed and most can't die of any natural causes (bit if they're attacked and stabbed too much then they will die. None are invincible).

    ~You can be up to 4 characters at most
    ~You can be a supernatural creature but you have to be mean- no nice supernatural characters >:(
    ~Post at least twice a week and if you can't tell us on here
    ~Keep bad language to a minimum and keep them PG-13
    ~If you want to kill a person's character, ask them first.
    ~If you're a supernatural and choose someone to kidnap, be sure they're cool with it and if you're the human you can either leave your character once this happens or keep them going and show what happens when kidnapped
    ~Supernatural creatures can't be completely humanoid; they need horns, wings, and obvious things like that
    ~ Keep everything PG-13 at the most

    Character Sheet- Townsperson

    Character Sheet- Creature
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  2. Name: Caitlin O'Neill
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: chirpy, valiant, clever, agile, decisive
    Bio: Caitlin hails from one of the more well to do families of her home town. Her brother was one of the first people to be kidnapped. Due to this fact she immediately tried to figure out what was going on. When she discovered that dark magic had been used to create this whole mess she was furious. Ever since then she has been studying magic in attempts to figure out a way how to fix this whole mess. She keeps her studies a secret so that she has less chance of catching the attention of any human or supernatural.
    Pic: 0410382Ai.jpg
    Other: She isn't exactly tall or muscular. Her motivation comes mainly from the fact that her brother was taken.
    Name: Aurora
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Kitsune
    Pic: 1044899_672182762807710_179208200_n.jpg

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  3. Name: Terriana McMarlins
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kind, shy, has a temper, will do anything for what she believes and those she cares about, good fighter
    Bio: Her family has lived in Reilly for generations and plan on it for generations to come. Her father ran a small drug store before the rift opened but now he was forced to board up the shop and give things to those he can. She has a younger brother who's 10 and her mother never let's out of her sight. Terriana was good in school and such, a fairly average girl but now that the creatures haunt her town, she gotten tougher but still remains sweet. She always liked to help her father in his shop and she was actually going to college to learn to be a nurse. She was off school to visit for summer vacation when the creatures were unleashed so she had to put that plan on hold.

    Name: Alariel
    Age: 137
    Gender: male
    Race: demon
    Extra: His feathers are poisonous when plucked out
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  4. Name: Ken Takasu
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Noble, Decisive, Honest, and Trustworthy
    Bio: Ken came from one of the foreigner families in the town. Unlike nearly everyone else, he was part Japanese. His father owned a smithy on the edge of town where he worked day in and day out creating tools to support the people living in the town. Ever since recently, he's been requested often for swords and other weapons that he could forge in his workshop. Before the rift event, life has been uneventful for Ken. After the rift opened, his mother was kidnapped and his sister barely escaped being kidnapped. Not long after, his father forged Ken a sword and told him to use it only to protect his family. Ever since then, he kept training with it so that he would be strong enough to defend the people he cared about.
    Pic: l_17446a14527d0965c98cdcecf2091503 (1).jpg
  5. Name: Chaos
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Pic: user221287_pic120140_1282972840.jpg
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  6. Name: Dominique Ulex Damion Eagleton
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Fun energetic
    Bio: Dominique (Dom for short) been skating since he was 5 years old. His Family died when he was 7 and then adopted at the age of 9 by two guys who were farmers in Reilly. By the age of 11 Dom started to call his adopted parents, dad and father. He didn’t do too well in school too busy watching the girls and some of the nice female teachers too but he helped out a lot on the farm with his father and dad. He was treated well and he always got a new skateboard when he needed but never when he wanted it. But when he did need it he always got the one he asked for ages ago. His fathers were on a tight budget but they always made it through. Now out of school he runs the farm with his fathers, that’s was in till the creatures came out. Now they hide in their underground bunker afraid to come out.
    Pic: AnimeGuy16.jpg
    Other: Dom bought a Cutlass and holder of the internet. So now he’s ready to protect his family with a Cutlass in one hand and skateboard in his other hand. He’s ready to rock n roll.
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  7. I will be doing a Demon after work
  8. All of you are good!
    Just one thing- Tkun, for your demon does he have any distinctive physical features that a human would not? I don't really want the supernatural creatures to just like humans could...
  9. Fixed it
  10. Ok cool thanks!
  11. It's taking forever for finding a pic of roughly what i want for my demon but I will find it
  12. Ok, that's fine. It's gonna be at least another day before I make the actual rp thread anyway
  13. Character Sheet- Creature
    Name: Zorack and Bob
    Age: 113
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demogorgon
    Pic: imagesCAGQFTRE.jpg
  14. Your creature is good!
  15. Can I join?(:

    Name:Fayte Marshell
    Personality: Fayte is kind of a strange girl, she spends most of her time outside taking pictures and loves nature more then she loves herself. She is a tomboy and is very adventurous and outgoing. She isn't afraid to tell you exactly what she is thinking and she has a very bad temper sometimes. She likes being by herself a lot, but she is not shy at all.
    Bio: Fayte has lived her whole life pretty much taking care of herself and her little brother. When she was 7 her mother died and her father became a very bad alcoholic. She was the one who tried to hold the family together and take care of everyone, the only way she could escape from it all was by going outside and looking at the beautiful nature around her. For her 13th birthday she got a camera and started taking pictures of everything she sees. Even when the demons came it didn't stop her from sneaking outside...Sadly it didn't keep her brother from going outside either and he ended up disappearing one day. Fayte still lives with her dad and tries to take care of him and help him with his problem.
    (Her hair is a strawberry blonde and she has really light blue eyes. Her skin is pale and gets burned really easily and she has a dark mark running down her cheek that looks like someone rubbed dirt down it.)
    Other: She always carries her camera with her, but she doesn't carry any weapons because she doesn't like or believe in violence at all.


    Age:666 (; (Just kidding, no one knows how old she is, but she is old.)

    (She has black curled horns and wings made out of the same kind of feathers as her hair.)
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  16. They're good! I just am unable to see the picture of your creature. I see an outline for it but that's all
  17. Really? Okay, I'll try and fix it. Haha. (:
  18. Can you see it now?
  19. No but maybe because I have to only use my phone to see this... I just realized I think it's like that for some of the other pics too but I can see others. It's really weird, I'll check again on my computer when I can (so probably tomorrow night).
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