*Little* things that make you smile

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  1. little things that aren't really stand outing or terribly memorable, but that make you feel happy, proud, satisfied, or just generally pleased.

    Like when you're vacuuming and you hear the sound of many tiny things like fine gravel getting sucked up

    Or when the radio plays two or more of your favourite songs in a row

    Or when you send a message and get a response right away

    When something not working, but a swift kick revives it

    When a song ends just as you reach your destination

    When you see someone with memorabilia of something you like

    When you get charged for a small, but receive a medium

    When someone slows down or moves over to give you merge space

    When you score a critical hit

    When the soup du jour is your favourite

    When you run into a friend unexpectedly

    Etc etc
  2. Walking around a suburb in the fall or winter.
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  3. Getting the rare boss drop on the first try

    Finding a game you really really want on sale

    When your purchase comes out to a whole dollar

    Finding out there is just enough of x item to make x (breakfast/cookies/etc.)

    Getting the last of whatever dessert there is available

    Getting a much better grade on a test/quiz than you anticipated

    Getting a random compliment
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  4. When you order and pay for 3, but get 5.

    When you come across a sale you didn't expect.

    When someone you're too shy to speak to says hi.

    When you face a difficult boss for the first time and manage not failing.

    When you get mist instead of rain.

    When a stranger says thank you.

    When your parents legitimately say and mean they are proud of you.

    When you finally beat THAT boss/enemy in a game.

    Or when you say bye to a friend, only to end up in the same place not too long after.
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  5. The first time it snows during the season. ^o^
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  6. Little things, eh? my penis

    The sound of rain against my window.

    Finishing a book, regardless of the size or how good it actually was, gives me a generally pleased feeling.

    When I'm playing my large music collection on shuffle and two or more of my favorites play in a row.

    Arriving at the bus stop just as my bus is getting there, without the need to run or anything to make it on time.
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  7. Writing. Just writing. Sitting down and writing, through that, experiencing any emotion or feeling, sensation, idea, mindset.

    This. Also this.

    Aaand this gif I made always gives me a chuckle.


    Oh JonTron.
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  8. my penis :>
  9. Finding the last Twinkies in a post-apocalyptic world.
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    Christmas lights. O_O

    When my hubby brings me home an iced coffee after work! ^o^
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  11. A song with uplifting lyrics. I like all kinds of songs, but I'm a person who needs a cheering up once in a while. Happy message lyrics are <3

    Making someone laugh or putting them in a good mood.

    Acrylic on canvas. I don't know how to explain this. It just makes me really happy. I guess most artists would understand this feeling though?

    Snow falling on a winter night. So peaceful~

    Thunder rolling across the sky during a storm. Makes me giddy and bright-eyed.

    Finishing the dishes/cleaning up a mess. This is because I struggle sometimes to get motivated so when I actually manage to do these things, I feel really good mentally. Besides, having your area/space clean and neat and organized just feels so good regardless, right?
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  12. [​IMG]

    Kitten and Ferret?
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  13. Being to kick back and watch a film, play a game, or chat with people while having a pizza or a poutine.
  14. It's often the little things that make the big difference! Some little things that make me smile...
    • Unexpected text message from a friend who you haven't spoken to in a long time.
    • When you can smell good food cooking in the kitchen.
    • Your favourite song(s) coming up on the radio.
    • A nice hug. Who doesn't like hugs?
  15. Singing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs while no one is here to hear me! 8D
  16. Cuddling with my wife
  17. When you're playing a video game and get the exact number of EXP to level up

    When your character dodges that one lethal hit and instead takes down the enemy

    When the bows on my shoes are even and match one another
  18. When you're in bed and your pet jumps up to you, positioning themselves perfectly, resulting in an explosion of cuddliness =w=

    When you're just a tiny bit short on money at the register, and the stranger behind you offers to pay the difference. Alternatively, when the cashier says it's fine and lets you buy (whatever you're buying) anyway.

    When you have perfect synergy with the person/people you RP with.

    Receiving an unexpected compliment. Alternatively, giving someone a compliment and seeing how happy it makes them.

    Inside jokes with your friends/family.

    Being able to sleep in instead of having to wake up at six o'clock in the morning.
  19. Nothing is better than when I find X amount of money in my pocket that I didn't know I had.

    I also feel really lucky when I get a green light at every traffic signal on my way to work.

    You know that feeling when you're about to sneeze, and it feels like you're going to lose the sneeze? And then you finally sneeze? Yeah. I'll stop saying the word sneeze now.
  20. I already made that joke about an hour before you. You're slow.
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