Little Red Riding Hood (with Sen)

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  1. "And don't stray off the path or go to the Other Side, dear! It's dangerous, you could lose your way." Sable's mother explained for the millionth time as she gave her the picnic basket filled with a baguette, cheese, and a piece of cherry pie. "Your grandmother is waiting for her weekly treat. Don't make her wait by dilly-dallying." Her mother informed her, pushing the 19-year old's dark hair back, and away from her face. Really. Sable wasn't a 7-year old anymore.

    "Yes, mom, it'll be alright." Sable laughed, ringing like a bell, as she pried her worrisome mother's hands away. "I've done this a million time, no need to be so nerve-wracked." She walked out of the door, wrapping her bright red cloak around her shoulders. "See you later!" she called as she walked outside, and then eventually into the woods.

    The woods weren't scary or creepy, they actually mesmerised Sable. It was nature at it's finest moment. However, she could never go and explore, it was prohibited to her, by her parents. As she walked on the path, she stared off into the distance, longingly. I wish I could explor- Wait. Was that a path that forked off the one she was walking on now? It was overgrown with grass, yes, but anyone could clearly see that it was a path. Was it the way to the Other Side?

    Sable had never seen it, much less imagined one like it. It must be a shortcut. I mean, Gran's house is in that direction... I think. Oh well, I'll just come back here if it leads to a dead end.

    The curious girl stepped off the path, and felt a thrill of excitement. Was she what they would call a dare-devil now? She walked the overgrown path, the trees becoming thicker, letting less light through. However, she did not realise this and kept walking. When the path ended, it lead to a beatiful meadow, flowers growing everywhere. If this is the Other Side, then it's not dangerous at all!

    Sable, simply delighted with her discovery, walked into the flower filled plain, and started picking them. When she finished picking the flowers, she stood up and started walking towards the way she came, but the path wasn't there anymore. She was officially lost.

    "Shoot." muttered the 19-year old walking around trying to find the opening from where she came from. "Shoot, shoot, shoot."
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  2. Packless.

    That word was what a werewolf feared the most. Packless. No family. No protection. Most werewolves lived in little groups, lead by the Alpha and his mate. But Chris was different. Chris Hemsworth lived a few metres away from the meadow in the Other Side. He had no companions in this green wonderland apart from the animals living in the Other Side, the small animals like rabbits and birds that shared the water from the lake with him and the shade from the tall, swaying trees.

    He didn't mind being packless, although he would get very lonely at times. To fix this, he would go into town and mingle with the humans, sometimes helping out on jobs and earning money. Chris had romantic interests before. but it never advanced from that; the thought of making a non-werewolf his mate and ruining their body made Chris hate himself. He'd had sexual experience before in town, his friends getting him drunk and pushing him into brothels. To isolate himself, he built himself a house in the Other Side and lived there for so long he had forgotten.

    The Other Side was strictly out of bounds to the citizens living in the town just outside the woods and the other humans living within area - even the pack of three werewolves didn't dare to pass the wall of overgrown vines and weeds. The small pack of werewolves lived in their secluded area deep in the forest where humans hadn't explored yet.

    Chris was sitting on his front porch, smoking a cigarette. A puff of smoke escaped his lips and he sighed with relief. Tommorow night was a full moon night. "I'll go buy a painkiller tonic today," he said to himself. It would help deal with the pain of turning into a wolf, the sudden change in bones and muscle was extremely painful, causing him to howl.

    A rabbit bounded towards him, distracting him from his thoughts. It seemed agitated, jumping around and running towards the meadow and back. Chris snuffed his cigarette and followed the rabbit, towards the beautiful flowery paradise. He peered through the bushes surrounding the field, his eyes widening at the girl wearing a red hood. He stood there and thought about his options, surely she knew this place was forbidden? He could jump out and confront her, or leave her here. But if he did leave her here, she could wander off to a more dangerous place and get torn apart by the nightly predators.

    Chris took a hesitant step forward and emerged from the bushes. He pointed accusingly at the girl, who now looked like she was trying to find something. "You. What the hell are you doing here? This place is off limits!" he snarled.
  3. Sable was incredibly startled when the man came out of the bushes. She let out a small shriek as she dropped the flowers and turned around. A man stood there, abd a small rabbit was jumping around him.

    He was rather tall, and had dark hair, but she was to far away to see his facial features. Probably anger, though. Shoot.

    "I- Well... Um..." she was at a loss for words. How come this place was off limits if he was there? And how come he was even there at all? Besides, she never ever saw him in the village. A traveler, perhaps? No... It didn't seem like it.

    She tried to turn the conversation against him, tried to change the subject. "How come you're here if the place is off-limits, hm?" she crossed her arms, the picnic basket still hanging on her forearm.
  4. Chris walked towards the girl, his hands in his pockets. The rabbit bounded forward and sniffed at the stranger, its nose twitching adorably. He glared at her with his brown eyes, irritation clearly visible in his eyes. He rolled his eyes at her stumbling, did he frighten her that much? He examined her silently, she was shorter than him and wore a red hood that covered most of her body, except for the locks of brown hair that escaped the hood and the blue eyes that looked at him.

    His eyes narrowed at the sudden change of conversation. "I live here. And I've lived here long enough to know who else loves inside the woods." He bent down to look into her face, blowing his smoke and mint-smelling breath into her face. "I've never seen you before. You don't belong here, little girl," he added. "Trust me, you don't want to be here."
  5. Sable picked up the bunny and started stroking its fur, all the while glaring at the man. He was taller than her, that was for sure, with dark brown -or was it black?- framing his face, and red lips which enclosed a cigarette.

    "If you live here, how come it's forbidden to come here. How come," she stopped, gesturing with her hand around her at the meadow, "You get to enjoy this paradise? And I'm not a little girl, I'm 19, I'll have you know." she stood her ground, even if the cigarette smoke burned her lungs.
  6. "I have my reasons, if I told you, you'd be scared." He pulled the cigarette out from his lips and ran his hand through his hair. I wouldn't be a good idea to get angry right here and right now, if Chris got too emotional, a transformation could occur. He would lose his minds, possibly kill her. "It looks like a paradise now, but at night this place is crawling with things that would love to eat your tender, soft flesh." He spat out the last pit, emphasising it to make it sound more threatening, hoping to scare her.

    He turned around, "Nineteen is pretty young, you know. Well, you can make your own decisions. Just scram when the sun sets, I'm not going to save you if something gets you." He started walking forward, away from the girl and back towards his cottage.
  7. Sable tilted her head to the side and frowned. What could possibly eat her? She'd never heard of wolves in the woods. And, well, tigers and lions didn't really exist around here. She kept on petting the rabbit, its fur being so soft

    "Nineteen is not young." she huffed out idignantly. She leaned on one foot then the other, uncomfortably. "Well, I can't exactly 'scram', I'm, um, kind of... Lost?" she answered with an uncertained question. She didn't want to say she was lost, that would hurt her pride.
  8. He grunted and turned back around to face her. Was she lying to him? Trying to trick him to do something? He looked into her eyes, trying to find some sort of mischevious glint in her eyes. He looked behind her, spotting the hidden entrance to the meadow. "Come with me." He pushed a few bushes apart and stepped on the unmarked ground behind it. Every once in a while, he would look behind him and wait for her to catch up.

    He weaved through fallen tree trunks and ensnaring vines, heading towards one of the hidden exits of the Other Side. He stopped between two shrivelled tree trunks. "If you head straight through those bushes, you'll be back on the main path." He peered through the bushes to see if anyone could spot her leaving what was meant to be a forbidden area. "I suggest you don't come back."
  9. As Sable walked behind the man, she thought a lot. How long had he been living here? It must be lonely, living all alone by oneself. And why in such a remote place, where he made it clear that there were dangers everywhere? Why on The Other Side?

    When he stopped, she kept walking and stopped in frint if him, and handed him the bunny. "Thank you...?" She frowned upon the realization of something. "What's your name?"
  10. He cradled the bunny in his arms, rubbing the fur on its cheeks. The rabbit closed its eyes, twitching its nose happily. His eyebrows rose at the question, why would she wants to know? He realises he had asked himself a lot of questions, most of them about her. He wanted to hit himself, of course, he was suspicious of her. Had he always been this suspicious of people? Maybe he should try and get to know her a little before she left. "My name is Chris. How about yours?" He added the last question to sound a bit more polite.
  11. She grinned at his response. He seemed to be a closed off and rude person, however when he answered and asked politely, she doubted her previous judgement.

    "Mine's Sable. Nice to meet you Chris!" she responded happily. This could be the start of a new friendship! And she was determined to see it go through. Besides, she had so many questions! She held out her hand to shake his, and waited for him to bring his up.
  12. He blinked at her, why was she so happy? He took her hand and shook it lightly, wanting to at least leave a good last impression. "I better not catch you here again. If I do, I'll personally throw you out," he threatened, shaking a finger at her. Chris didn't know what this feeling meant, and why - he wanted her to stay a little longer. Maybe it was because he was lonely? Maybe it was because he was never the one who struck the conversation first?

    He shook his head, shaking the absurd idea out of his head. "You should get going," he mumbled awkwardly, turning his head so he didn't have to look at her.
  13. "You never know," she sanged, "I might get lost again." she gave another grin as he shook her hand. Sable wanted to hang out with him more, so she promised herself she would come back. And she wanted to repay him for helping her, but how? Oh! I know!

    She let go of his hand, and went through her picnic basket. "Hey, do you like cherries? Or sweets?" she asked without looking up at him.
  14. He cocked his head at her. What a strange girl, giving a stranger sweets. "Sweets? I'm more of a meat person." He wanted to tell her not to return again, but she seemed incredibly stubborn. Clearly, she wasn't one to understand warnings. "The sun is going to set soon, please go home, would you?"
  15. "You don't like sweets?" frowned Sable as she looked up from the basket. She ignored what he said ablut leaving, and answered. "But everybody likes sweets! This," she held out a piece of cherry pie on a plate, "will definitely change your mind." she grinned. "And if it doesn't... Well, I don't know what to say then." she then shrugged, and looked at him. "Just telling you, I am coming back you know."

    Sable was quite stubborn. When she wanted something she was determined to get it. And besides, he was mysterious, and she was determined to get to know him better.
  16. He groaned, this girl was persistent. What could he do to get her to leave? He accepted the plate of cherry pie and blinked confusedly at it - at least he won't have to go hunting tonight. "Thank you?" he said, looking at her with a blank look on his face.

    "I'm not even going to argue with you." He rolled his eyes, no point wasting his energy. "But promise me something, okay?" He leaned in close to her face, looking into her eyes, a serious expression replacing his blank one. "Don't come here at night. I'm fine with you visiting when the sun is up, but do not come here once the sun sets." He shuddered at the thought of this young, innocent girl being torn apart by the werewolf pack, or the fae living deep within the Other Side. Someone like her could be lured into the river by the Nymphs and become another drowning victim.
  17. "No problem!" answered Sable with a bright smile. "And you shouldn't," she put in when he said that he wasn't going to argue with her. She was the most stubborn and determined person you wpuld ever meet, and nobody would ever change that.

    She backed up as he leaned towards her, and a face on confusion masked her normal one. "What do you mean?" she frowned. "There isn't any animal that could cause potential danger to me in the woods..." This was getting weird.
  18. "No potential dangers in that side of the woods," he pointed at the exit, at the beautiful lush green trees and chirping birds - as well as the marked path that meant a safe journey through the woods. "But this is the Other Side. There are things here who would love to have a bite of you." He sighed, leaning back and balancing the plate of cherry pie on his hand. "I've seen plenty of girls who've stayed here just a bit to long, and let's just say..." he paused for a moment, trying to find the correct word, "...they became a part of the 'Other Side'. Trust me, a pretty girl like you, spending the night here? No."

    He looked up through the treetops, light was fading fast. The sky was already starting to have the orange sunset tinge to it. "You better go home. It's getting late," he was genuinely worried for this girl. He didn't know why, but he just did. "Don't stray off the path, okay?"
  19. "Became a part of? You make it sound like the Other Side is a black hole that sucks everything in." she gave a light laugh. "Anywas, thanks again. I'll go now-- see you!" she walked away and waved at him, then regained her path to her house once more.

    When she was almost to her village, the sun had set already, making the forest eerily quiet. Was the forest always so creepy? She looked at her picnic basket, and realised that she never went to her grandmother's house. Oh no! Gran! Sable turned around and started running back the opposite way, to the old lady's house.
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  20. Chris sat back on his front porch with a knife, cutting the piece of pie into bite sized pieces. He gave the cherries a tentative lick, tasting the filling before smiling, popping the entire bite-sized piece into his mouth. He chewed slowly, savouring the sweetness of the pie. Chris only had a diet of meat and carrots, albeit rarely. If he got too bored of the food here in the woods, he would spend a few coins for a proper meal in town, but he avoided the town during the night - where it was dangerous for werewolves like him. There were plenty of werewolf hunters in the town who roamed the perimeter of the Other Side to see if they could catch anything. He was halfway through his pie when he noticed something dash towards the exit of the Other Side. Since light was almost gone, a tree demon had emerged from the shadows. During the daytime, they were plain skinny trees swaying with the wing, birds didn't dare build a nest on them, though. When the light begins to fade, the tree moves and forms into a body, a tall and skinny, bark texture skin demon with a long neck with a skull like face. The leaves become it's new wings and the trunk splits in half to form legs. He merely shrugged and continued to eat his pie.


    The tree demon had watched the werewolf and the hooded girl talk and talk all day. He'd never seen a lot of humans, much less pretty girls like her. As soon as the werewolf went back into his little wooden house and the light wasn't strong, he sprung to life, following the scent of the girl. She would be a fine mate. His mate. He left the perimeters of the Other Land and lifted his nose, sighing with pleasure at the fresh air hitting his nose. The tree demon snaked along the bushes near the main path. Within minutes, he had spotted her. She was running towards a house - a human residence. She seemed to be in a hurry, but he had patience. "Once she's halfway out of the woods on the way back..." he chuckled to himself as he stood there, waiting for the girl to come out.

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