Little Prisoners {mxm}

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Humans or Other?

  1. Just humans please

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  2. Humans with magical powers {elemental, shapeshifting etc}

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  3. Supernatural beings {lycans, vampires, demons etc}

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  4. Mix and match {all of the above}

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  1. {Yeah I was pretty braindead when it came to titles so that happened}

    {warning, this shall be a yaoi/mxm/boylove/dude on dude/dicks in asses libertine rp! If you don't like that, go away. I am not interested in hearing about your hate/trolling/dislike}

    Anyway the idea would be a prison roleply. All male of course. The setting would be a high facility prison in the cold Syberia. Only the heaviest criminals come here and there is literally no way out (yet). Beside the curfew, the prisoners are pretty much free to roam around over the prison grounds. Rules... again beside the curfew there are little.

    Gangbangs, rape, even killings, are pretty every day stuff {so if you don't like that, don't join this}

    Now some of the prisoners have been here for years, however in the christmas spirits there will be brought presents... or better said new meat! Will the new prisoners survive, or will they be killed? Will the set hierarchy be disturbed? New tops (in more way than one) or not?

    {as you can see it is not much of an idea... but I wanted to see if there would be people interested}

    Possible roles;
    - old prisoners
    - newcomers
    - guards
    - ward
    - Whatever you want as long as it fits within the prison setting.

    - The alpha
    - The beta {whom shall be played by me}
    - Some other high placed criminals
    - The rest of the prisoners
    - The cumdumps
    - The new comers

    If you want to play a guard that is fine, you don't have to keep to the Hierarchy. Yet be aware that the Alpha and Beta will not like you going against them. And they have a lot of different ways to punish you.

    Also for the newcomers, they may or may not be innocently put in jail. Undercover cops are welcome too.

    Tip for the new comers... don't drop the soap! Well, that soap will be the least of your worries
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  2. @DoomyCakez @Luxii @Shattered♦Secrets™

    I thought you might be interested. Feel free to tag more people!

    Also this may or may not be magical/supernatural... not sure about that yet. Let's have a voting
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  3. OMG

    YES!I am down! I am down for this! :D
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  5. :D sO DOWN! I literally have never thought about being in a prison rp... I love it!
    But then again "fresh meat" sounds good too
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  7. I want
    cuz he can be somebody's bitch and or make someone his bitch
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  8. More than one character shall be allowed!
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  9. You playing alpha? Yes, pls. :3

    I'm thinking the same! But I'll probably end up making a switch or bottom xD I try to switch up with each RP :P
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  11. I'll have someone not in control for once... xD Or of a high rank. >:3
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  12. But Berlin is none of those things currently :3
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  13. I am in too many rps ; A ; I have to turn ya' down...
  14. Hush! >:C

    I was referring to Kris! xD

    Berlin will just go furck somebody to gain his manliness back and maybe furck Juni
  16. I sorry D,X. But I in too many rpsssssss </3
  17. Never tooo manyyyy. I need you... I am begging youuuu pleaseeeee
  18. ...I'll think about it, but no promises x.x
  19. Does it help if I beg more? XD
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