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  1. Just one plot, one idea. Before I go too in depth, the plot is a crossover between the book series The Mortal Instruments, and the upcoming video game The Division.

    As for rules and suchforth

    I primarily play male characters, and I'd prefer to play against a female character.

    I won't shoot you for minor grammer and spelling mistakes, but if it becomes excessive I'll kindly back out.

    There's gonna be violence, and blood, and dark stuff.

    Talk and plot with me. I'm a nice(ish) guy, and I love to plan our plot, and generally get to know my partners. I'll let you know if I have to take an extended break, and I hope my partner would do the same.

    Fun and juicy stuff, the plot:

    On Black Friday, a biological warfare attack takes place in New York City. Within five days, society breaks down, and New York becomes a war zone. A special corps of individuals is activated: The Division. Sleeper agents in everyday life, their job is to save what remains, and restore order. These agents scour the field labs and hospitals, help others in the populace, and try to curtail the violence.

    Five weeks after the outbreak, a wounded Division agent stumbles into the Institute. He is able to see past the magic protecting the place, and gain entry to the building. He learns that the Shadowhunters, too, are working on curing this plauge. However, they face obstacles only they, with the help of the Division agent, can overcome together.

    Please, PM me if this plot is interesting to you and you'd like to play it out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.