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  1. Little Explorer

    The world is gigantic to the eyes of a creature so tiny, and much is to be discovered. When trees are towering far far over you and the earth's soil holds things a normal human couldn't even squint at, and flowers become homes as well as acorns and leaves provide clothing. Here in the world of the Tinks, not a single human walks the earth's soil and it's been that way for thousands upon thousands of years. They were wiped out with a disease that was incurable, and their towns and cities rotted away, their grand buildings falling to the ground and withering into the soil. And now, the earth holds the Tinks, a mighty population of tiny creatures that had lived with the humans until they were all gone, and now flourish in the world's renewed nature. The Tinks are a diverse species, and around the length of a quarter and lighter then a feather. The world around them is vast, and full of places not yet seen. So, little explorer, are you ready for this journey?
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  2. Angelo took flight soaring high over the village. His duty was to keep an eye on the village, both for the sake of this village and the fairy village where he was born. Being a member of the imperial guard has trained him to be a scout, although he is not much of a fighter. As he soared through the air he looked down at the village seeing the other villagers going about their day to day activities. Their village was a small one much smaller than the fairy village he hailed from, but he liked it here.

    Alexander continued his journey towards the village he was told to go to by the bounty hunters. Even though they had been the ones who had killed his parents they had shown kindness towards him. He was sad that his parents had been killed, but not as sad as he should be. The two had told him they had purposefully left him alone and hoped he would have died. Being the happy go lucky kid he was he decided that he would find a new family, and work instead of stealing like his parents had. Then looking up he saw a village up ahead and couldn't help but smile, this could be my new home....
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    As usual, Tallyan had been awake since the peeking of the sun. He didn't have guard duty that day, and it wasn't time to hunt, so the Satyr settled for eating a simple breakfast as he gazed out the window and made mental plans for the day. He had time to relax for a bit... The elders were always telling him to. He figured he should give it a go, and head out to the river for a quick bath afterward.

    Well, of course, he couldn't handle the relaxing part. He ended up sitting up in the lookout built into his home. He lived right on the border of the village, afterall... Why just relax, when he could keep watch, and relax? ...Maybe minus the relaxing part.

    A few hours later, still sitting up at a lookout, Tallyan furrowed his brows as he noticed what seemed to be a small child approaching the village. It wasn't a child belonging to the village, but neither was there any sign of the little one's parents. One could only assume they'd gotten separated in the wood. Leaving the lookout and quickly making his way down the makeshift ladder built into the tree, he approached the boy to make sure he was okay. "Child?" He spoke softly to avoid alarming the little one. "Are you here, alone?"


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  4. Alexander hadn't been laying attention when he heard a voice. Turning he saw a really tall man..,,who had horns. Initially he was scared, not because he had horns, Alexander thought the horns were actually pretty cool, but because he didn't know how the man would react to hearing his story. " parents where killed," he said before proceeding to tell the man how his parents had been thieves and con artists and had abandoned him and then been executed. He also told him about the kind bounty hunter who had told him of this village. "I a-was w-w-wondering if anyone from y-your village needed any help with anything," he told the man hoping that someone would need help, then he could make money and buy some food, he was starving.

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  5. Irises Aleta jumped from her perch on a high tree branch, excited to start a new day in her new home. She had been in The Village for two weeks now, and already, she had a job, home, and actual friends. It was nice how easily the Tinks had accepted her into their village, and she would be forever in debt to them, no matter what they said.

    She had a bounce to her step as she headed to the shop that Eiden, a petite woman, owned. She passed by a small child, who seemed to know her, because she gave her a shy greeting. Irises sent the little girl an excited, shy smile and returned the greeting.

    She crossed a wooden bridge and entered Eiden's shop.

    "Irisa! Hello, child. How has The Village been to you? Have you made any friends?" Eiden called to her from behind a small shelf.

    "Hello, Eiden. Yes, I've been very fine in The Village. I've yet to make any close friends, but I have made acquaintances with the Elvin Hunters and Huntresses. And some others. Oh, why I forgot! I have a job! I'm apparently quite suited for a Huntress." She knocked down a glass of herbs and hastily reached down to grab it. Not broken. Good. She didn't have much money yet; she was only a Level 1 Huntress, but the Chief said that she had potential to be more. She couldn't afford to pay for anything extra.

    Eiden congratulated her and bid her a goodbye as she left the store with the needed essentials.

    She crossed a tree bridge, then another and turned down a staircase. At the bottom, she walked the path to the river. There she found her home, and entered through the second floor door and set her stuff on the counter.

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  6. Winnie
    "Nanna, I'll be out in the village! I'll be at the library 3:00 sharp!" Winnie called out, rushing down the wooden steps to their home and down the small bridge that linked the two trees together. Down another flight of stairs, and Winnie was on the forest's floor, the gigantic trees overhead that casted a small shadow on the soil, bright little beams of sunshine breaking through and lighting the small village. Many workers roamed around as they carried out their daily duties, a hum of talking and laughing filled the air. Winnie rushed past a couple of shops built into trees, waving as the store keepers called out to her, smiling. She was well known among the villagers, simply because she was so gentle and caring. She had a sweetness to her like no other, and it was almost impossible to be angry at her for long. Winnie was innocent and pure, just as her Nanna had described her, and always one to help another out. She passed a couple of her friends playing hopscotch, and proceeded to enter the field of sunflowers near by.
    Vulas was perched upon a branch in the forest, having made his way up to the top and sitting down, gazing out at the village he protected. The Tinks moved about like any other day, and nothing abnormal had yet to catch his eye. It was a warm spring day, a slight breeze as well, and perfect weather for a day of relaxing, though this Chief had duties. His men were out exploring some new areas they had found, and Vulas was supposed to be keeping an eye out for anything unnatural or strange. He was always known to being loyal and trustful in the village, and was generally a very nice man once you got to know him. His men respected him, and served him well. The villagers looked up to him and children seemed to love him, though Vulas never really knew why. Perhaps it was his huggable smile, or his warm laugh. Either way, Vulas was respected by many.
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  7. Pachu'a Arl

    The the weather was content. The darkness was fleeing away as the sun's rays creep out of it's hiding place to begin the morning. The stars said their farewells as the moon went off to take a break while the sun would take over in it's place. The sun shined brightly over the hills and brighten up the sky to become a baby-blue hue as the creatures with wings were soaring through the sky freely. A gentle breeze occasional would pass by but quickly leave to carry out it's duties to another land. The treetops were covered in fresh greens and some even bearing fruits. At the dirt bed, the flowers were flourishing with brilliant colors to welcome the wonderful season of spring. The morning was bustling with activities as there was no time to stare in awe at the beautiful morning but the birds happily welcomed the sun as they sang their morning songs. Down below, too small to see with the naked eye, small human-like creatures roamed around in mushroom homes and nature-like apparel.

    These people were known as the 'Tinks'. Small human-like creatures that came in many races but were all the size of a quarter and light to the point to be easily swept off the ground into the air if the wind were to blow any harder. They lived in harmony among each other without humans to harm them and though conflict can stir, it could always be solved. A village not far off was nestling with a diversity of races who were very busy as a group of hunters and gatherers went off to do their duties, guards stand at post, and many other jobs that needed to be done.

    Sitting on a tree branch, a young man stared down among the village. His silver hair shoned brightly in the sunlight and was clear as day to see from a far. A brown leaf was wrapped around him like a cloak and a pair of googles laid on top of his head. He was barefoot like usual and slithering up the tree was a white snake as it made its way next to the man. Shifting his attention towards the snake, Pachu'a stood up from the tree branch and nodded signalling that it was time to head back after their long journey to collect some supplies as he placed his goggles on. Pulling his cloak up, an acorn was strapped around his waist and opening the top, he took out a long thread of silk with a hook at the end of it. With skillful accuracy, he threw the rope over to another branch and making sure it was tightly hooked, he took a few steps back before making a running leap off the branch.

    Swinging in the sky, Pachu'a got ready to let go, getting a good angle before letting go of the rope and was free falling down before pulling on a string. As he pulled the string, out came a leaf tied with string on his back as a parachute for a safe landing. Once he made it to the ground, a elven lady came running up to him and sighed,"Thank goodness, did you bring the herbs?" The lady asked as Pachu'a took off one of the acorn pouch off his back on handed it to her,"Oh Pachu'a! You don't know how thankful I am of this! Here is your pay." The lady said as she gave him a basket of food,"This isn't much but I hope this will be enough for you." The lady said before rushing off to make some medicine for her ill brother. Watching as she left Pachu'a just stared down at the basket for a while before tilting his head to one side then another. He didn't know what to do with the food as he was in no need of it as he remembered there was a nursery home somewhere in this village, turning to look around.

    "..." Staring at the huge village, Pachu'a couldn't tell were he should go as he was a bit lost. As if he was in a daze, Pachu'a just stood there with a blank stare as he tried to figure out where he was again and where the nursery home was. Such an air-head he was. Sadly Akkon couldn't help him.

    Epic come in yeah!... Ugh what terrible post ;w; I hope you like it at least...
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  8. Irises stepped out of her house in her hunting clothes and walked into The Village. The children were playing games around her and she smiled gently. It was nice to see children so happy, considering the fact that the last memory she had of the children in her village, The Shoreside, consisted of them screaming in terror, pleading and begging, with tears streaming down their faces. It wasn't a happy memory and she wished it would stop haunting her.

    She shook her head and blinked to get away from those thoughts. As she was thinking, she hadn't realized she had walked right into one of the children. She was quick to help the adorable child up.

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    Avitell hummed idly as he walked, his eyes focused towards the sky. He knew he was close to the destination, but he was in no hurry. Why should he be? The sun was up. And when the sun was up, there was no need to be rushing around. No-- That was how he spent his nights. Day time was time for, well, patience. And sometimes sleep.

    A couple of weeks prior, Avii had received directions to a new village. One he hadn't yet been to, that is. A new village meant new people to meet, new stories to hear, and new items to... Collect. It'd been a few years since he'd taken on this 'hobby,' and his collection was growing rather large, but he wasn't satisfied. He may have had a proper reason for getting into it, in the beginning, but now it was pretty obvious: he was simply a kleptomaniac. He would see something-- something important to someone-- and he had to have it for himself. It was terrible. But of course, as much sorrow as he left in his wake, he felt no guilt in the matter.

    He didn't just take thing, oh no, of course not. Remember: day time is for patience. He would spend his sun hours finding a target, then getting to know the target and their schedule over a few days. He'd make friends. Then, when he felt it was time, he would wait for the next moon hours to make his move. For each town, he would repeat the process maybe a dozen times, sometimes mix it around a bit, then be long gone before one could suspect. He did sometimes miss the friends he made.

    Approaching from an opposite end, Avitell paused as the village finally came into sight. His lips curling into a smile, he hopped into air, his wings beginning to beat against the sky to keep him from landing. Hovering in place for a few more seconds as his wings got into a rhythm, he then flew the remaining distance. A peculiar thing he'd noticed -- Tinks were often more welcoming to a flying fairy than a walking fairy.

  10. Winnie

    Winnie let out a soft squeal, "Aiii!" as she crashed into another Tink, a female to be exact. She fell straight on her bum and let out a soft gasp, wincing. She took the female's hand and stood up, dusting herself off before turning back to the female she had ran into. "S-Sorry ma'am! I should have been watching..I...s-sorry!" Winnie was obviously flustered, and her already rosy cheeks were darker as she blushed from embarrassment. She was always rambling when nervous, and she pulled at her bangs as she looked at the female awkwardly. She didn't really know her, but she'd seen her in the village before. If she was remembering correctly, this girl was a huntress. A level 1, recommended by the Chief himself. She must be skilled. @BlueSkies (( She fell asleep hahaha.. ))
    Vulas sat up a bit as he saw a male flying into the village, his skin and wings a light blue. It wasn't strange to see travelers make their way into the village, but it had caught his eye to see a vibrant blue male fly his way there. Vulas decided to take a look around, and he needed to speak to some of the blacksmiths anyway, to make some swords for his men. He hopped up and quickly made his way down the tree, the rough bark holding some ledges to make the climb down easier. He eventually reached ground level, and took off in a fast job, cutting through some large shrubs and waving to a water sprite-Tink in the water. He made his way to the village, where some store keepers waved at him, and he offered a warm smile back. He could now see the male more clearer now, and his wings and blue skin were definitely something to look at. The villagers whispered slightly, but nothing that was hurtful, just mere curiosity and questions. Some even walked up to the male and shook his hand, offering him some water for his travels. "Welcome to the village, traveler. I assume you'll be staying for a bit?" @Kaz
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  11. Volux Evangelista

    "Thank you, Mr. Evangelista!"

    "Please, just call me Volux. Mr. Evangelista makes me sound old."

    "Okay, Mr. Volux. See you later~!"

    Volux watched with amusement glowing in his eyes as his patient left his small shop. After a moment, he turned to organize all of his herbs and medicines that he had in his possession. He was humming a catchy tune in a soft tone, eyes flickering around the many shelves that were decorated with so many different colored items. He had been up since earlier that morning, healing and taking care of every patient that stepped foot inside of his small shop. He hadn't had a break yet and was in a desperate need for one. Stretching his arms over his head and letting his wings spread and flutter about, he slumped with a huff before straightening up. Swiftly, the fairy made his way out of his shop, closing the door and turning the sign so it said 'Closed'. Once everything was safe in his eyes, the ginger made his way out into the village. He wondered what he should do today. At this thought, his stomach grumbled and he remembered how he hadn't eaten yet. A good berry or something would be nice, Volux thought as he continued his journey on foot.

    [I'm sorry that it's short and sucky ;~;]
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    Tallyan listened quietly as the young boy told his story, crouching next to him in attempt to appear less intimidating. "I'm... Sorry you've had to go through such a thing..." He spoke as the story was concluded, his ears lowering as he tried to come up with something to say. What could one say about such a thing, really...?

    "Relax, child. No one is going to make you work for anything, here. This is a good place... We'll find someone to take care of you." He promised, standing straight and holding down a hand for the child to take, if he wish. "I assume you're hungry? We can stop by the bakery in the village. Perhaps then we can find someone who'll know what to do next..." The satyr muttered, idly scratching at his chin as he pondered it. "Everything'll be alright."

    , #007ad1

    Avitell put on a charming smile as he was almost immediately greeted by a few villagers, many others whispering in the backdrop. Gently lowering himself to the ground, he nodded politely to each person as he shook hands and murmured a soft greeting as he accepted the water and assessed each person. None of them seemed of much interest-- Ahh, and so he stood corrected. That one definitely had a story or two to tell.

    "Hmm, thank you, you're all very kind..~" He spoke, taking a small sip of the water before he would continue. "Yes. I have been traveling for a while... My wings could use a nice long break." He replied, casting a look of worry to his 'poor ol' wings' before allowing his smile to return. "My name is Avitell, but you all may call me Avii. And... What is your name, then?" He asked, directing his attention to focus on Vulas.


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  13. Alexander was happy that the man had said he could stay here and wouldn't have to work, but he knew that if he became a burden that the villagers wouldn't want him around. He did take the man's hand with a huge smile though. Maybe this man would take him in, he seemed like some kind of guard. I could help him be a guard! Alexander thought trying to think of ways he could earn his keep.

    "S-sir I don't w-want to be a f-f-free loader, I want to earn my keep......m-maybe I could help you guard your village," he said nervously to the tall man. He only knew what a free loader was because his parents had often called him one.....

    Angelo was making his way around the perimeter when he noticed Tallyan and a young boy. It's my guarding shift he thought to himself as he realized Tallyan had been on unpaid guard duty....again and had noticed the child. Angelo admitted to checking the perimeter every once and a while while off duty, but Tallyan worked too hard, one day he would run himself into the ground.

    Tallyan did seem to have the situation under control though so he continued his search of the perimeter. He then saw Vulas the leader of their village and also his boss talking to yet another visitor. Wow I'm doing really bad today, he thought to himself wondering if he would be punished for making both Tallyan and Vulas have to deal with visitors on his watch.

    Vulgar was a kind leader, but Angelo also knew that deep down he was a fierce warrior who would do anything to protect the village he loved. Once he was right above the chief and the visitor he spluttered to the ground. "Sir I apologize I should have left for guard duty earlier," he told his boss bowing slightly before returning to his full height, tall with shoulders back very elegant.....

    @Kaz @Tart
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  14. (( On mobile. ))


    The villagers smiled and nodded at him as he introduced himself, and an elder handed him a small pack of herbs that did well with wounds. The villagers were always known to be generous and caring to the travelers and new comers, and the travelers would never leave empty handed. Vulas smiled at the people and then told them to return to work, with the promise of a bonfire that night, to welcome any new comers or generally just to get everyone mingling like the happy ole Tinks they are. Vulas returned his attention back to the blue man, and offered a warm smile. "I'm Vulas, chief of the Tink Warriors." And just then, one of his men came down to land beside them. He watched him bow, though wasn't feeling the need to punish nor scold him. He didn't mind meeting the travelers at times, anyway. "Lift your head, warrior, you've done nothing wrong. Though I do hope to see you at tonight's bonfire. Help spread the word." Vulas smiled kindly and rested his hand on his sword hanging at his side, out of mere habit. He didn't want to stress the Warriors out too much on such a nice day, and he figured they could have a loose day anyway. @andrew21234 @Kaz
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  15. Coming back up Angelo flashed his leader a smile, "yes sir, there is also a child who has wondered to the edge of the village, Tallyan is seeing to him. I believe he may be alone, probably an orphan is clothing is not in very good shape, what do you want us to do?" Xavier reported to the chief. He assumed that Vulas would allow the boy to stay, probably asking one of his men to take the young bit in themselves.

    While he waited for his leader's reply he wondered who the young boy would wind up with. Surely someone in the village would take the small boy in and raise them. His home would be to dangerous for someone so young as it was high in the air, the steps were completely safe with even a guard rail, but Angelo would not feel safe having a child living with him when it could slip and fall to it's death.

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  16. Jaycinta 'Jay' Argentum
    Jay groaned as he stood out of his house, his head dripping wet with cold water and his breathing unsteady. Getting up in the mornings was always the hardest part of the day, especially when your little sister has the genius idea to throw water over your head to get you up. She knew how much Jay hated that - and his hair was a mess - how could she be so cruel?!

    "I won't forget that! Y-You scared the daylights out of me, you know!" Jay angrily called back to Mia, who was still giggling as she studied.
    "Whatever! Don't you have, like, music to play? Nyehehe..." The quiet voice of Mia replied cheekily.
    "Ughhh... just be good while I'm gone, okay? Dad's busy making his... whatever he makes, and mom's gone to heal someone. And don't flood the house again!"

    Rolling his eyes, Jay put on his usual choice of clothing, which was ready and waiting at the hangar to the entrance of his home. His house wasn't much; just crudely made out of tree bark, leaves, but it was still enough to satisfy him and his family. He slung his lute over his shoulder with a thin, corded strap, and wore his ocarina around his neck, the small symbol of an eagle visible at the mouthpiece of the instrument. Finally, Jay took his dagger out of his cupboard, and looked at it for a few seconds. He tried to block the memories away... but Jay could see his dead brother's face again.

    "Valen..." Jay muttered, looking at the inscription carved into the blade in Elvish: "Protect those that you hold dear." Sheathing the dagger, Jay didn't think any more on his brother. Time for a new day... playing songs. Perhaps one day he'll be requested as a scout to go and explore new places, but for now, his usual job as a bard and an entertainer awaited him.

    Instantly breaking into a run throughout the village, Jay leaped and hopped over the obstacles in his path with a smile on his face, and the wind at his back. A few of the villagers waved and greeted him, and Jay warmly smiled and waved back as he dashed around the paths. Everyone seemed to be happy today, and Jay's hyperactivity began to kick in as he played a merry tune on his ocarina whilst running about, making some of the villagers laugh and clap in amusement. Sure, this wasn't as exciting as exploring, but making people laugh warmed Jay's heart.

    Skidding on his shoes, Jay looked down in surprise at a small group were standing ahead. He let out one more puzzled note from his ocarina before it fell from his mouth and hung around his neck again; who was the guy with blue skin? The respected chief, Vulas, and one of his soldiers, Angelo seemed to be around too - was something happening? Jay didn't know, but he became hyper again as he skidded up to the group, almost falling over when he came to a stop.

    [[ @Tart @Kaz @andrew21234 ]]

    "Waagh! Er - *Ahem*!" Jay cleared his throat as he regained his composure, looking excitably around the three.
    "Morning, chief, Angelo! Uh, sorry if I'm interrupting something, but are we going scouting sometime soon? I haven't scouted for ages... uh... not that I..." Jay blinked, and cleared his throat again, looking to the winged, blue-skinned man with curiousity.

    "W-wow..." Jay muttered quietly to himself, rubbing his silver hair as he looked at the winged man, then took a deep breath and looked at him once more.
    "You're new, right? Man, I haven't seen one of your kind before! Welcome, welcome...!" Jay quickly said with a smile, and then looked back at the chief and Angelo with a slight blush on his face; Jay's hyperactivity was clearly showing, making him look somewhat childlike even though he was an 18 year old.
    "Er... so when'll you need me again for scouting? I know I ask all the time, but..." Jay coughed nervously. He loved to scout and explore, and whenever his assistance was requested, he couldn't contain his excitement. And the winged tink... Jay wondered if he was going to stick around, he was... he was certainly something else.
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  17. Irises thought the little girl was adorable, her cheeks flushed a deep red.

    "Not to worry, child. It was my fault, for I was too lost in my thoughts to look where I was. I'm very sorry." Irises was helping the child brush all of the dirt off of her clothes. She straightened her hair out and sighed.

    "My name, child, is Irises. But people call me Irisa, too." She smiled at the girl, and was shocked at how much she was doing that. In the five months after the Natalies of the West Coast destroyed her village, she hadn't smiled once. Of course, she never could find any good villages that could make her smile after such a horrible experience. None of the other ones had been good to her like this one.

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  18. Vulas
    Vulas pondered this, rubbing his chin as he always has when thinking. Of course the child would be able to stay, but he needed to find someone who'd take him in. "I have a woman in mind. She's taken in a child before. Winnie, the girl's name is, do you know her? Anyway, this woman runs the library in the village, so make time to visit her when needed. She'll surely take the child, and she has a nice and comfortable home." He smiled and nodded at him, then turned back to Avitell, or Avii, and was opening his mouth to say something when a joyous tune cut through the air and he knew just the guy who was playing it. Soon enough, Jay skipped down the path and in running leaps, jumped around as the villagers clapped along and laughed at his hyper state. Jay was always a goof and is hyperness sent the village buzzing with happiness and laughter. Not that Vulas was ever complaining, it meant his Village could be happy even at the simplest of things. When Jay skidded to a stop near them, almost barreling right into Avii, he gave a warm smile and a tilt of his head. "Morning, Jay, pleasure to see you. As for scouting, my men are out doing just so right now, and will pick up again tomorrow morning. Join them if you'd like, but bring something to protect yourself for I've heard the area they're scouting right now is a bit eerie." Vulas often liked to send Jay out with his men, often because Jay would find something that was looked passed by the warriors, and that was handy. "Oh, Angelo, if you happen to see our new Level 1 Huntress, Irises, please tell her to report to me soon. We have some things I need to discuss with her, such as her skills and whatnot. I have a feeling she'll become of great importance, and her skills are progressing nicely." @andrew21234 @Jakers @Kaz
    Winnie just nodded at the woman's apology, and gave a small smile as she helped to dust her homemade dress off, cleansing it of dirt and dust. She looked up when she was all clean, and then realized this was a stranger, so her shyness was quick to kick in. She bashfully held her hands behind her back, her feet coming together as she fiddled with her fingers. " have a lovely name. I'm Winnie." She had said the woman's name wrong, and had pronounced it as 'eh-ris-is', but Winnie hadn't realized it anyway. "My Nanna runs the library in the village. She's a very nice lady, and I do recommend to meet her when you get the chance. Her sunflower tea is amazing." Winnie smiled up at Irises, and then turned to the field of towering tall sunflowers. "I'm actually off to get more petals for it. So, I'll take my leave right now. Bye bye Irises!" Winnie turned and skipped away, a smile on her face as she entered the field of flowers. @BlueSkies
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  19. Angelo heard Jay coming up to them, he had been trained to know how peopled sounded when they moved and he knew the boy's, no man'a well. He was so used to calling him a boy, but now he was a man wanting to earn his place among the men of the village and no one could blame him for that.

    He remembered when he had first came here, being part of the imperial guard had out him above most boys his age, but he was a social outcast. Vulvas though had been very kind to him when he first came here, and Angelo had been very happy when it was announced Vulvas would become the new chief. Vulvas certainly was a great chief, Angelo had visited many villages with the imperial guard and besides the chief of his ancestral village Vulvas was the best he had ever seen.

    "Yes of coarse she is a kind woman, but are you sure she could handle a young boy? Young boys are often wild and always causing trouble, a library might not be the best place for him," he told his leader. During the day Vulvas was his leader, during the night he was his friend, he didn't question his leader's decisions in public often but he wasn't so sure if the elderly woman could handle a young boy, if the child had been a girl then there would have been no problem, but the child was a boy.

    On the topic of the new huntress Angelo replied, "yes I do see a lot of potential with her, she might even become as good as some of the men." The men tended to play a more important role in the village than the woman, although the woman were extremely important to the community. There weren't many female guards or hunters, but this female would have a bright future as a huntress he could tell.

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  20. Irises watched the child, Winnie, go with yet another smile. The library. Irises was not aware that The Village even had one, as she had not gotten much chance to explore yet.

    She went off in search of the library. She was excited now, as she had always had a love for books. Maybe she could find something to nice to read before bed. And maybe she would see Winnie there again, and actually have a proper conversation with her. She crossed a rope bridge and up a staircase, remembering that the shops were up there.
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