List 5 true things about you which make you sound

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  1. what it says on the tin

    Sketch, sketchy: slang (adj)
    Untrustworthy, suspicious.

    1. I know how to hot wire a car and can easily break into most models without breaking windows.
    2. I know how to pick a lock with a bobby pin and I always carry one
    3. I'm really good at snooping about and not leaving a trace of my presence
    4. Body horror fascinates me and I fantasize about what would happen if you tried weird/damaging stuff on a human body a lot
    5. My favourite hobby is getting impaled with small pieces of metal.
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  2. I'm an excellent liar and I have an extremely good control over my tone of voice and body language.
    1. I know how to cauterize and treat a wound so I'll never have to visit an ER
    2. I can hide anywhere in the house and not be found
    3. I know exactly where all the pressure points on someone's body are and what would happen if you hit them
    4. Having trouble getting a fire going? let me at it and I can start it fast
    5. I too can pick a lock pretty damn well
  3. 1.) I find it morbidly fascinating to watch the changes that take place in a record store after a famous musician dies.
    2.) I once ‘hacked’ into my friend’s account on another roleplaying site by correctly guessing her password, just to see if I could.
    3.) The autofill on Google maps won't stop reminding me of that time that I tried to look up directions on how to get to a maximum security prison.
    4.) I know how to potentially seriously hurt someone just by hitting them in the head with a book in just the right way. It doesn’t even need to be a hard-cover book. And you don't even have to hit them very hard.
    5.) Me and some friends once took a group selfie in front of the wreckage of a burned down storage garage -- with smoke still coming off of it -- which we had tracked down on foot by noticing the huge plume of smoke in the sky and then just walking in that direction.
    1. I have had two run-ins with the law.
    2. I know how to make several types of delayed-action arson devices using common household items.
    3. I find fire utterly fascinating and collect materials to burn, purely for entertainment.
    4. When I heard news that a fellow classmate died, I felt nothing save pleasure at his passing.
    5. I tried to kill a fellow classmate once in High School.

    To put things in perspective (open)

    1. The first time was for 'loitering after dark' and the second time was someone crying wolf on me. The worst legal punishment I've received was a warning.
    2. I know a lot of stuff. Not all of it's actually useful.
    3. I wasn't allowed to play with fire as a kid, so I'm making up for it :P . I sometimes invite others to burn stuff with me.
    4. He was a prick and he teased me.
    5. He was a prick and he teased me.
  4. 1. If the appropriate authorities were to know everything I've done, I could be charged with hundreds of counts of certain crimes and be given many years in prison atop hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.
    2. I have seen multiple videos of people actually murdering and mutilating others.
    3. I know how to efficiently break someone's neck to kill them, and it's not the silly Hollywood version of twisting their head with your hands to tweak their neck a bit.
    4. I have thought up a variety of ways to dispose of a dead body while minimizing the risk of being caught, and I regularly critique the poor attempts made by people in true crime shows.
    5. I spend a lot of my time daydreaming about interesting ways to hurt and kill random people I see.

    1. Piracy gets crazy when you download entire TV series at a time.
    2. Early 2000's internet was a fucked up place with shock sites galore, and I was always dumb enough to accept challenges to watch through fucked up shit.
    3. Saw it explained on the internet, just randomly stumbled across it.
    4. It's a fun thought experiment, and it actually started from critiquing stupid killers on true crime shows.
    5. Also just a fun thought experiment. It gives me ideas for shit to do to characters when I'm writing stuff, and imagining gory deaths for people I actually see rather than faceless mooks amuses me... which I guess is still pretty sketchy, haha.
  5. 1: Having bartendered at one of the shadiest "high-end" bars in stockholm, I could score you high-grade cocaine due to the people I used to work for.
    2: I can pick locks fairly well.
    3: I carry a knife on me at all time. No, not as a tool.
    4: I have a knife wound scar on my left shoulder. I have hurt and legitimate gone of the rails before.
    5: I could make a single phonecall and a bunch of hooligans would come running.

    Bonus round:
    I have run from the police at 4 different occasions. (all pre 18th birthday. I was a less then clam and collected kid)
  6. 1. I have a morbid interest in death and torture
    2. Documentaries of disasters always interest me more if there are at least a few deaths rather than everyone surviving.
    3. I have searched up videos of people committing suicide/being killed on camera without being challenged to do it.
    4. I oftentimes fantasizes about the best ways to torture someone to the brink of death without killing them.
    5. If I ever got the chance I would totally start a shrunken head collection. (Funny contrast, I also love collecting barbie dolls)

    Bonus: I've totally looked up how to shrink a head multiple times :D

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    1. Not that I would ever kill or torture anyone in real life o_o
    2. Note that I'm not finding pleasure in someone dying, but I am more drawn to those documentaries.
    3. Morbid interest. I know that things I watch on TV might not reflect reality completely, they make changes to make it look more dramatic. It's interesting to see how it would look like in reality. Once again, not finding the death itself funny or anything.
    4. I don't really put real people into my fantasies. It's just my characters or my partner's characters that falls victim for it. YOU'RE SAFE IWAKUIANS!
    5. Nothing to explain here, I just find them very fascinating and would really want a collection o_o Or at least one head. But they're probably not that easy to get your hands on (and they're probably pretty expensive for an average joe), and mom would freak if I took one into her house xD
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  7. I manipulate others for a living.

    Some of the best experiences in my life are near death experiences.

    I haven't lived in the same place for much more than a year in the past seven years.

    I have shared a roof with a sex worker.

    I have a dozen needles intended for injection on me as I post.

    Make up your own context.
    1. I was born poor. Didn't stay that way.
    2. Broke my thigh bone into three pieces once.
    3. I often write grotesque death scenes into my stories, and advertise my role plays with high death counts.
    4. I've broken enough laws to see me in prison for several years.
    5. I have a deep and intricate understanding of how to use several melee weapons, and have used and practiced using ranged weapons of various descriptions.
    1. I use what are more or less long metal poles to help me walk; I could easily break someone's legs and other body parts with them.
    2. I know several ways to kill a person, make it look like an accident, and get rid of the body all without incriminating myself. I regularly critique (read yell at the screen) at the awful attempts to get away with it made by people in true crime shows.
    3. I can go out and get high-strength prescription painkillers on the regular if I felt the need, no questions asked. If I wanted too, I could sell them for a profit.
    4. I was mixing drinks by the time I was 12.
    5. I could make a phone call and have a bunch of people go after someone with a single word.
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    1. Sold various drugs for a number of years.
    2. Was a guy who beat people up for money.
    3. Had a hand at small time loan sharking.
    4. Grew marijuana before it became legal.
    5. Had a stealing spree for a few months that reached into the thousands of dollars.
    6. Went to jail for stealing.
    Added the extra one for the lulz.
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  8. 1. Me and some friends once caused 8 police cars and 4 Fire Trucks to show up
    2. I've seen videos of people (and animals) being killed before
    3. I left holes in the wall when I was as little as three years old
    4. I've had Secret Police call my Mom about me before
    5. My left leg once had the word "Sorry" carved into it


    1. We were having a Bonfire at a friends farm to help the farmland. Said friends Dad forgot to notify the fire department.
    2. Mainly stuff that was on my Facebook feed that I clicked on. Though I stomached through them out of a philosophy that if I can't stomach it through a screen, how the hell would I react if I ever find someone suffering IRL?
    3. Mom let me ride one of those plastic kid bikes in the Kitchen. I crashed.
    4. I took part in Draw Mohammed Day. Said Secret Police member is a family friend and recongized my name when it popped up in a keyword search. He called my Mom claiming if I kept it up (which I did) I'd become an ISIS target.
    5. Teenage me was very, very bad at handling grief and guilt in relationships.
  9. I know a lot about drugs. Both medical and illegal.

    I know how to brash the cap out of people with my fists.

    I like to be balls deep all the time.

    I can make a fire with water.
    • I grab a knife and wander around the house with it when I'm home alone.
    • I have been fully prepared to stab/bludgeon delivery guys, and will memorize the location of a possible weapon before I answer the door to get my food.
    • When I was a little kid, I had impulses to kill myself (purely physical, I wasn't suicidal) and one time I pressed the tip of a knife against my chest, between my ribs, and pushed until I got nervous and stopped.
    • I associate certain locations in my house with different, specific monsters I imagined when I was younger. For instance, a clown was always poised to garrote me while I sat on the couch, a panther would chase me up the stairs at night, a black, fur-coated monster with red eyes was always standing at the end of the hallway, etc. The worst one was the skinny, short creature that watched me from the porch window when I wasn't looking.
    • My very first memory is of a woman pulling my arm so hard it got dislocated. I was three I think.

    Honestly a lot of these are just related to my anxiety. \o/
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  10. 1. Like Minibits, I can hotwire a car.
    2. I can render all data on your hard drive unrecoverable.
    3. I can recover all data on your hard drive, even if you think you've deleted it for good.
    4. I am decently good at social engineering.
    5. I love the lamp only because it was the first thing I saw, not because I really love the lamp. Sorry, lamp.
  11. 1) Me, sketchy? Naaaw.
    2) Why would you ever think such a thing?
    3) I hide no secrets that would make me seem sketchy
    4) I can't make myself to seem sketchy
    5) Except in LARP and Board Games and Video Games. Only times. I swear.
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  12. 1) I purposely called 911 to make a point to my mother once and lied about it.
    2) When angered, I can put someone into a very strong choke hold.
    3) Also, when angered, I pushed an ex-friend across the room and slammed into his cabinet door after he cornered me.
    4) I have witnessed illegal things.
    5) I technically cheated on a proficieny exam ( A friend said the right answer and I also knew it, I knew the right answer and was thinking of perfectly putting the wrong answer.)
  13. I'm a human being that you don't know.

    I should be sketchy to you until you get to know me.

    EDIT: I should of said I appear to be a completely "normal" person.
  14. 1) most of my family are legitimate criminals and I grew up around that life.
    2) i can read people easily and find it easy to say the right things to either gain their trust or hurt them
    3) im scrappy, even though i seem unthreatening. Ive taken down football players in seconds flat, i didnt feel much when i broke bones, etc.
    4) i can train your dog to like me more than you. And im not afraid of it trying to bite my hand off.
    5) i might be unathletic and pudgy, but i have a bit of muscle underneath. Its nothing for me to heft up 150 lbs and throw it over my shoulders.

    Is this how this was supposed to work? Nyeh.
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