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  1. Welcome to Lilium Café.

    I am the owner of this fine cafe. If your here a assume you want to work here. I persum you know the reasons I opened shop? Oh you don't. That's fine you will learn soon enough. Until then fill out your resume.

    E or C

    Blood type:

    Photo ID:


    Working history:




    Okay so let's just say this is a normal everyday maid/Butler cafe. Only each worker has a secret. They are a super natural creature who takes human form. But its not just the worker. They work here because they can be themselves and don't have to hide to much around each other.

    I want everyone to make both a employee and customer sheet. Customers cs will be same. Everyone will play customera.
  2. I'll definitely be joining, er, when I find the time.
  3. Name: Isla
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female.
    Species: Wolven half breed.
    D.O.B: 31/10/1998
    Blood type: Eh?
    Height: Short
    Weight: Normal.

    Photo ID:


    Uniform: A normal uniform?

    Sexualaity: Straight.
    Working history: Eto, she used to be a cleaner in an old restaurant that went broke.

    Bio: Nothing much. She's rather, strange, though. At least, when you get to know her.


    Name: Ronan Cunlan
    Age: Looks 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Elven, though hides his ears with a hat.
    D.O.B: 3000 years ago.
    Blood type: ??
    Height: Tall.
    Weight: Skinny.

    Photo ID:


    Uniform: I'm not a worker.

    Sexualaity: Straight.
    Working history: Nothing. He;s a prince from his home, though being the youngest means he's always forgotten.

    Bio: Boring.

  4. Name: Aspen
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human (doesn't know about the rest of the worker's being super natural)
    D.O.B: 12/15
    Blood Type: Secret
    Height: average
    Weight: Average
    Photo ID: image.jpg
    Uniform: Normal, with added bows and trinkets
    Sexuality: Straight
    History: Loves to sew, and craft. She disappears for days on projects and her room is a sea of fabric and craft supplies
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  9. This looks fairly interesting ^o^


    Name: Miervaldis Imnci
    Age: 21.... in human years, that is
    Gender: Male in real form, female in shape-shifting form
    Species: Shape-shifting Incubus
    D.O.B: 6/24/ XX
    Blood type: AB
    Height: 6'11"
    Weight: 140

    Photo ID:
    Show Spoiler

    Uniform: Shape-Shifter Form* A Japanese yukata that is blue and orange, along with a pin saying her name, "Inmy," and kitty-patterned stockings. She wears flats that have a crystal in the middle of the shoe's tip as well.

    Real Form* A huge hat to cover his horns and ears, along with a belt around his neck that has the his name tag on it that says his real first name. He wears a crop-top and the yukata's sleeves that he usually wears when in his other form. He wears black gloves, making sure no one sees his claws, and also has baggy low-crotch pants. His shoes have a crystal in the middle of the shoe's tip.

    Sexuality: Straight as daylight, although he tends to joke around in his other form.

    Working history: He's worked for multiple corporations as a economist and adviser to bosses, all until he got carried away when in his other form and basically screwed up the companies' reputations.

    Bio: Miervaldis is a fun and optimistic Incubus that is vacationing on earth for 200 more years. However, times are tough, and he'd been fired from his previous job after slut-shaming the bosses of big corps as he stole some of their souls, so now he remains as an employee for the Lilium Café. He switches to a feminine form since it looks most human in his transformations, but all his gender-switching ends up in Miervaldis becoming confused with some dialogue when talking to others (note to self: don't ask about that girl's nails as a guy)

    Extra: Miervaldis likes nails of females for some reason, even when he's not in his other form. Its like a fetish, or somethin'.


    Name: Cheina Imnci
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Species: Angel
    D.O.B: 6/24/ XX
    Blood type: O Negative
    Height: 4'3"
    Weight: 89

    Photo ID:
    Show Spoiler

    Uniform: She wears a white button-down baggy shirt (perhaps a shirt of Miervaldis) and a long white skirt that ends at her ankles. She wears brown creepers with this and also has a bunch of buttons all over the place on her outfit - sometimes some of them ending up on the floors and in her hair.

    Sexuality: Straight (she thinks)
    Working history: She is a paper gal for her small neighborhood, and she's good at mixing beverages already despite her young age.

    Bio: It is assumed that she is the fifth generation of the Imnci famile, making Miervaldis pretty old in comparison to Cheina. Unlike Miervaldis, this little girl is a "regular human girl" that has yet to discovered her halo and wings that would develop when she would turn 13. She's very polite and calm, but has some traits similar to everyone in the Imnci family: getting easily confused and lying galore to everyone to make things seem better- or worse. She doesn't know of her REEEALLLY old ancestor, however, she keeps coming to the café solely to see Miervaldis. Its assumed she probably already knows his little secret and vice versa, which rises a wee bit of tensions between the two. Still, Miervaldis is trying to make her join the dark side before she grows "those hideous wings darling, you won't even get claws if you become such a terrible thing!"

    Extra: Cheina hates nails and tends biting her nails nervously when waiting or playing or sitting or going to the bathroom or... well, you get it.
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  11. customer;

    Name: Cain Ralston
    Age: 19 (he looks 19, at least.)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire
    D.O.B: September 8, 1899
    Blood type: AB
    Height: 180 cm / 5"11
    Weight: 50 kg

    Photo ID:

    Show Spoiler

    Uniform: Cain always wears the same old black, long-sleeved shirts. All of which are nearly identical, except for the minor details and in brand names. He cannot be bothered to keep up-to-date with fashion. So most of his clothing are nothing flashy. The same old black shirts, worn down boots and jeans that are way too overused.

    Sexuality: Straight
    Working history: His interests changes constantly. Cain has had quite a handful of part-time jobs in the past. But he's never stayed long enough to be able to work full time. Once in a while, if he feels like it, he stays jobless for months and wastes all his earnings on his newfound hobby.

    Bio: Cain was born a vampire, though he was not born with royal blood. He liked exploring nooks and crannies as a child, his bad habit of stealing anything he liked didn't help much either. This always got him into bad situations (which most often, end up with him getting beat up.) He's spent most of his life alone and friendless. Humans lived short lives, he feared being left behind, and he didn't enjoy the way most of his vampire peers killed for fun. This has caused him to constantly be on the move. Never staying in the same city, never indulging himself in the same hobbies for long.

    Extra: He's developed an interest for coffee, so he's been frequenting the cafe a lot. ​
  12. Customer
    Name: Talen Dunsford
    Age: 612 (appears to be 12 or 13)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Nature Fairy
    D.O.B: March 20th, 1402
    Blood type: O-Type
    Height: 4'6"
    Weight: 85lbs

    Photo ID:

    Sexualaity: Straight
    Working History: No human world employers will hire Talen because of his 'age', though he once apprenticed himself to a monk herbalist back in the mid 1600's.

    Bio: Talen was born to an ancient and respected family of nature fairies and his parents expected great things from their only son as a Shepard of Spring. Imagine their surprise when they discovered his strange obsession with the human world, often catching him spying on the village children as they played in the large flower-filled fields of ancient Europe. He's always admired the imaginations of humans, of their ability to conquer any struggles they are faced against, and of course their creativeness with food and drink. This was particularly true of their cultivation of Barley and its use in the alcoholic drink they called 'beer'. Talen became very fond of this beverage over the years, of the fuzzy butterflies it caused to flutter in his head, and eventually began disguising himself as a human child just so that he might apprentice himself to various herbalists and brewers over the centuries. Of course, as time passed the human world changed and eventually the fairy boy found himself being turned away from the regular places he might find a good ale.

    Extra: Talen is a fairy of the spring and so has the ability to influence the growth of any known flower or plant. He can enter and travel through trees and can locally influence the weather by warming it up or making it rain. He can also speak to animals and is quite talented at making friends with beasts. While often having many tasks to perform during the spring time, he often lazes about the rest of the year.

    Name: Thioxuzazahr (though he goes by 'Thio')
    Age: appears to be in his mid 20's.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Incubus Demon
    D.O.B: 9/30/XXXX
    Blood type: AB pos
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 162lbs

    Photo ID:

    Uniform: Thio typically wears a white tuxedo button-down with a black vest, black tuxedo pants and shiny dress shoes. His sleeves sport silver cufflinks stamped with tiny red pentagrams. There is a hole cut in the back of the pants for his typical demonic red-furred tail.

    Sexualaity: Probably bisexual though he much prefers to flirt with ladies.
    Working history: Thio has held many jobs as a consort over the course of history.

    Bio: Thio is somewhat of your typical demon, though much less frightening and a lot more flirty. He came to the mortal plane to tempt mortals into sin, damning their souls to Hell, but eventually grew to rather enjoy the human realm. People tend to be far more interesting than demons, who are typically so single-minded and dense, and so Thio prefers to spend time at bars and cafes having a good time, enjoying good conversation, and; of course; meeting beautiful ladies.

    Extra: An Incubus demon, Thio has many abilities that allow him to get close to, and bond with, humans. His very presence is calming to the mind, often giving nearby humans (and sometimes other supernatural creatures) a sort of warm fuzzy feeling that makes them feel at ease. If he truly puts his energy to it, this feeling can become more of a haze that clouds their minds and makes them act in a way similar to being high or drunk. Thio can also teleport at will, though the distance is only about a mile and can enter a sort of 'demonic super-form' in which he sprouts horns and wings and gains increased strength and speed. This transformation is very taxing while on the mortal plane and can only be held for about 15 minutes per day.
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  16. I'm not going into great detail about my charrie because you will learn more.

    Boss Lady (open)


    Starters the boss Lady. You don't see much of her an she insists on having people call her Auntie. Unlike Lethal she is not of nobility but rather an assassin of the royal family that rules the monster realm. She is highly trained and takes her job seriously. Which is rather funny because despite the fact she is cruel and loves blood when in anything other then her assassin attire she is fun and loving.

    Kai (open)


    Now let's talk about the man that can never seem to lighten up and have fun. He is a man of few words that keeps an eye on Lethal. More or less he is her tutor or babysitter as he likes to call it. He is knighted by the royal family and is to protect the princess who rather learn things on her own then threw a book stuck in a castle. Auntie and him get along rather well seeing as they were childhood friends but even now she tells him to let lose and have fun.

    Lethal (open)


    Lethal or should I say Lilith Von Voltaire is none other then the next hire to the throne of the monster realm. With an agreement she works in the real world as long as Kai is around and her Auntie approves of her living with her. None no of this and most world never have guessed. Sometimes she tells stories of her times in the castle but most thinks she is close with the princess or they are simply stories. In all honest would would have never though she was of royalty by her evil, harsh, cunning ways. Only thing that leads to the believe of nobility is how she changes from a strong warrior to an elegant polite worker.
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