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  1. Every supernatural person in New York has recently started to be documented on their every day life. Camera crews are getting on their last nerve. EK (Electric Kitty)((Me)) is trying to think of a way to get rid of them with out doing anything against the law, or disrespecting rights. He needs help in doing so. That's where you come in.

    Electric Kitty was being followed around by camera crews. Was this reality show really necessary? He wanted to disappear. He remembered back to that Sunday when he maimed a camera crew member, after murdering his camera. He chuckled at the thought. Personal Space man! he exclaimed to one of the members. It was when he saw a high speed chase passed by, he decided to take action Finally haven't gotten any action all day. he thought. He then hit the ground on all fours. He seemed to be charging himself for electric waves were being let out of his body. He then sped off leaving a blue shockwave of electricity. After catching up to the car he absorbed the battery power out of it, also disabling the engine. He pulled the car to the side and flipped it over.

    After restraining the car thieves, EK looked behind him and noticed somehow the camera crew was with him the whole time.
    Are all the supers being documented too? he pondered.
  2. Hatter was about to let her nails dig into every single camera crew man within 50 feet of her. She couldn't even get a simple Frappe without them filming her.
    She understood that they needed this show for the TV but couldn't they give her some breahting room?
    Hatter was extremely skilled at running, and jumping high into the air, but teh thing that made her an intrest to this relality show was her power to make fire and water appear from her bare hands.
    HEr nails were extremely sharp, because it helped her control the flow of the fire and water.
    The water came from her left hand, and the fire from the right.
    She loved her powers.
    "She never does anything exciting,"She heard one of the camera men say.
    That flared her temper.
    Hatter Spun to face the entire crew.
    She used her right hand to set the camera's on fire.
    The men automatically dropped them, then She doused the flames out with some water.
    "Lame," She rolled her eyes and walked off, knowing they weren't following her.
    Hatter got a few blocks down the road, when she saw someone attack a car and flip it over.
    a camera crew was following the person too.
    SHe saw the person catch what seemed to be car theives.
    Hatter grinned and started to Clap loudly for the person.
  3. EK waved at the supernatural girl. His ears immediately raised. Do you have a camera crew following you around? he asked while sitting down on the edge of the sidewalk. This is annoying is all. I want to know I'm not the only one.
  4. "Yeah, but I lit their camera's on fire and doused them with water."
    Hatter laughed at the memory.
    They were probably looking for her now, going to give her a 'talk'.
    She could care less.
    "They get on my nerves," She added.
    "What about you? Ever get tired of them?"
  5. Uh duh. he blurted with a smile. As he said that, a camera closed into his face. He then took the camera and crushed it. Give me a break and get a new one bud. Oh and tell your little friends that their cameras are broken. As he said this, at a wave of his hands all the cameras were disabled. He smirked then yawned. Time for a cat-nap I suppose. Hey do you have any room at your place? he asked. He didn't feel like sneaking home past the cameras.
  6. Did he just ask her if he could stay at her place.
    "Yeah, I have a couch at my apartment," She said.
  7. Hey thanks. I really appreciate it. he said with a warm smile. He then heard engines rumbling. It was the reality T.V. show vans looking for them. Ok we have to go now!
  8. "Now?" Hatter's ears weren't as senstive as his, she thought.
    "Follow me!" She yelled as she took off running through the streets.
    She went through allyways and shortcuts until coming up on 1st street.
    Making sure not to hit any cars, she slipped across the road and stopped at the front of her apartment building.
    She hoped she hadn't gone too fast, her quicker way of getting to her apartment was a tricky one.
    She turned to see if the guy had followed.
  9. EK was right behind her breathing sort of heavily. We are in a rush. Can't blame you. he looked at the building. This is your place?
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    Hatter smiled, "Yes. Top Floor."
    She hurried up the many staircases, knowing that the guy was following behind.
    She stopped at her door, R208, and pulled out the key.
    She opened the door and let him see her very own home.
    "Like it?"She asked, turning to face him again and motioning for him to come in.
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    As EK walked in he smiled Nice place! he walked around swaying his tail in excitement. He then curled up into a ball on the couch. I'm sleepy. Just wake me up when something happens. he said while yawning. He slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep. His tail fell limp, and his ears rested on his head.
  12. Did this guy just fall alsleep that quickly?
    He did resemble a cat.
    After about 2 hours, she got bored.
    Going to the kitchen, she got an entire bucket of ice water.
    Slowly creeping quietly, she went up to the boy.
    SHe dumped the water all over him.
  13. GAH NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!!! I HAAATTTEEE WATER!!!! he yelled at the top of his lungs. He ran around the apartment knocking things over and breaking them on accident. He was getting ready to scream again. Cat's never liked water and he didn't either. Infact he hated it. A lot.
  14. Hatter shrugged her shoulders, "I was bored."
    She laughed at his drenched body.
    "Your like a cat, you know that?"
  15. He halted to a complete stop and shook off. Shut up! I know. That wasn't cool!!! he yelled. He then got under the couch and curled up into a little ball, then tried to sleep again.
  16. Hatter had a wonderful idea.
    A crazy, wonderful idea.
    SHe needed information from this guy and knew how to get it.
    Rummaging through her closet, she grabbed a ball of yarn.
    "Here, Kitty Kitty!"
  17. EK ran straight up from under the couch, and caught the yarn then started clawing on it. He was in ecstasy. He played around with the yarn and smiled widely. The whole word did not exist anymore.
  18. Hatter clapped her hands, 'I now have a new pet!"
    She was so excited! To her it seemed as it he were half-human, half-cat.
    "What're you anyway? And what's your name?" She asked.
    This was going to be lots of fun.
  19. He pounced the yarn then looked up at what was, apparently, his new owner My name's EK, stands for Electric Kitty. I was born half human half cat, then do to an accident I gained the power to manipulate, and to an extent make, electricity. he says in one breath. Anymore questions owner?
  20. So he was a cat! She giggled in excitment.
    "Anymore questions owner?" He asked.
    She laughed manically as she ran to her room.
    She rummaged through the old bags and found her Tutu from years ago.
    She swore she would make her next pet wear it, since she no longer could.
    Hatter ran back into the living room and held it out.
    "EK, put this on please!" She grinned widely.