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  1. Jasmine sat in the kitchen watching the sun go down behind the trees. She were sinken in to deep thoughts, thoughts about her parents. They had been dead for a week and the funeral had been just a day ago. A deep sight escaped her lips, she had barely gone out of her appartment since she had gotten to know about her parents death.

    She remembered the day that it had happened, they were going to have some family time together as fast as they got home. They would start with fishing, everyone in their family liked fishing especialy when they did it together. Then after that they would eat a nice family dinner, hopefully it would be the fishes they had catched during that day, if they didn’t catch anything then they would just buy something on their way home. But they wouldn’t get that far, because when her parents were on their way home there were a traffic accident.

    They died immediately when they colided with the other car, the man that drove the other car had been drunk. He survived, but her parents didn’t. She waited for hours on her parents and tried to call them many times, but no one picked up the phone and no one walked in threw the door. Had they forgotten about their promise and were out together instead? She kept waiting, thinking that maybe there had been a trafic jam. But after hours of waiting she got the call, first she thought it were a prank call, then she got shocked and didn’t understand what was happening. It was first when she had gone to identify the bodies that she realised what was going on, as she saw her dead parents she broke down crying. Jasmine didn’t remember how she got home again after that, they probably called someone to take her home or maybe she were able to tell them were she lived so they could take her home.

    She had been on the funeral but not for long. While the others stayed and talked with eachother Jasmine decided to go home after they had done the ceremony. She didn’t shed even one tear during the funeral, it was as if she were to shocked to feel anything. Even the day after when she sat there at the kitchen table she were still like that, she didn’t feel a thing.

    Suddenly a knock on the door woke her up from the thoughts, she rose and started to walk to the door without being in any hurry. She didn’t care if the person at the door had left when she had arrived at it, it would be easier if the world would just leave her alone for a while. She opened the door and saw a unfamiliar person standing there. “Yes?” She said with a dry voice that hadn’t been used for almost a week, she hadn’t spoken that much since her parents died, not because there had been anyone to talk to, she had unplugged the phone and apparently people hadn’t bothered to walk to her home to see how she were feeling.

    Jasmine (open)
  2. Brodie strode up the path before him - passing doors of rising numbers until he spotted the one he needed to approach. The news of the deaths of this woman's parents had reached him naught but three days prior. He barely felt his knuckles rap against the door as his mind raced with what he could possibly say to her. The funeral had been the day before and he had thankfully made it though he chose to stay aside and pay his respects that way. Approaching their daughter at the funeral would definitely have been rude and an affront to their memories.

    Finally the door labeled '121' cracked open and an unfamiliar scent filled his nostrils. He first noticed her brown eyes. They looked up to his with a dull shine. The recent loss of her parents was written in them. His brows furrowed as she showed no recognition of him. Brodie took a breath and asked her, "Are you Jasmine?" Her door had opened by now to show what seemed like an empty house; it was as if someone had written mourning into the walls.

    Brodie Shaw
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  3. Jasmine looked up at the guy, he were a bit taller than her and had to tilt her head to be able to look up in his eyes. Green eyes, it was the same colour as her fathers, she had gotten all her looks from her mother even the eye colour. "I'm Jasmine." She said short with a small nodd. Her right eyebrow raised itself and gave her a wondering and suspicious expression. "Can I help you with something?" She asked mostly to be polite, even though she more than anything wanted to throw the door in to his face and pretend he weren't there. It would be so much better if the world could leave her alone for some days, weeks, month's, who were she kidding? She wanted to be alone for the rest of her life. At least that was what it felt like for the moment.

    Could it be that the man were a friend to her parents and wanted to tell her how sorry he were for their loss? Even though she didn't believe in God she still prayed at the moment that it wasn't like that, that was the reason why she had unplugged the phone. She didn't want people that called her and told her how sorry they were for her loss. It was like putting more wood to the fire, she were already sad as it was and still they wanted to remind her about her loss. Before the funeral had even begun people had come forth towards her and told her how sorry they were for her loss. It was just irritaing when they did that.
  4. Before he could process what he was saying, Brodie said, "I am - was - a friend of your parents. May I come in? It is extremely important that I talk to you now." He knew how out-of-place he must have appeared standing outside Jasmine's door: his charcoal trenchcoat went to just below his knees, his off-white button up shirt was tucked inside his black slacks, and his black, gucci leather shoes had obviously been recently shined. Compared to the apartment background he was a brand new coin to one dulled through weathering age.

    As he stood there, however, Brodie couldn't help notice how beautiful Jasmine was in person. Her parents had showed him photos of her when they decided on him marrying her. At first he was shocked when they brought up the subject. At that point in time, the young businessman had only met with them a grand total of 4 times. The couple had looked so happy when the idea clicked in both of their minds at the same time. Anyone who had observed them could tell they were soulmates. In truth, they only wanted their daughter to be well cared for in the future. So he obliged them. An arranged marriage wouldn't hurt him in the long run. Even if it was to a girl whose parents went fishing on his lake.
  5. He wanted to talk about something important? If he knew her parents then it couldn't hurt talking to him for a bit before she sent him away. "Come in." She said and closed the door as fast as he were inside. He didn't look like someone that would come to that sort of place, she lived in such a small apartment and he were probably living in a castle, his clothes gave it all away. The cloth he were wearing were probably worth more than her apartment and all things in it together.

    She made a gesture towards the table that he could sit down, she sat down at the opposit side of the table. "So what is so extremely important?" Jasmine asked the man, whatever it was she would probably not be interested in it at all. When people said that something were important it was mostly just something silly that weren't even worth listening to. She just had to listen to him and then make him get out of the house, it wouldn't take that much time. Soon she could be alone again and just sit there and wait untill she slowly rot away in the sun that shined in threw the window. Even she thought that her thought were to depressing, hopefully she would feel better soon so she could just go back to her everyday life.
  6. Brodie took a look around as he walked into her small apartment. It was very quaint. Thankfully he had been adopted by the older gentlemen when he was younger. If he hadn't been, he may have been worse off than this woman. Shrugging off the thoughts, he sat down at her offer. As she asked the question, he could think of no way to really open for that. He could try a joke but that set the mood as joking - which at this point in time he could not afford. The meeting on the day her parents died was supposed to be one where he would come back with them to tell her the news. But he wasn't able to go that day to meet them. Still, everything had already been decided upon months ago and the wedding would be happening in about 7 months. So the sooner, the better. "I... uh.. I have something that I.. oh I'm no good at skirting around this." Brodie stood and walked a couple paces - his posture turning to that of a business man with a tentative deal on the board. "I am your fiance."

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    The man looked so out of place in her house, his rich looks made her apartment look much worse than it actually were. It seemed as if it were something really hard to talk about, what could be so hard to tell her? It reminded her of when her father tried to tell her that she were going to get a litle sister or brother, he wasn't good at expressing himself and he walked around in a cirkle trying to tell her properly. Later on her mother got a miscarriage and in the end she didn't get a litle sister or brother. Her mother had become depressed for a while but after some time she had become better again. Jasmine hadn't thought that much about it, because the child hadn't even been born yet so it didn't feel so bad for her. But she were a bit depressed to just the first couple of days.

    When he finally were able to say it she first sat stiff as a rock and stared at him. She were his fiance? Was he serious? Then she started to laugh, it must have been some kind of joke. Once her laughter started to die out she were able to speak. "Good joke, who made you do this? Did Melissa put you up for this?" She asked still giggling, her eyes had become a bit teary of the laughter.
  8. Her laugh startled him at first. He expected anger and shouting; never would he have expected laughter. It was a pretty laugh though. But now was not a time for hilarity so he turned back to her with a kind of stone expression. "You may find this funny... but it is no joke. The..." Brodie trailed off not wanting to go into her parent's death. It was inevitable though since she would find out soon enough about the hows and whys. With a deep sigh, he continued in a hushed but still audible voice, "The day your parents died, they were bringing you the news of what they had arranged. For the past 10 times that they have gone to fish at the lake, we have met to discuss life and what they felt was a wise decision for you..." His eyes softened and he gave her an apologetic gaze.

    "I know this may be hard to take in at a time like this. They - your parents - gave me this - " Inside his pocket was a picture of them and Jasmine - a picture from when she was 7. Brodie's large hand grasped the picture as delicately as he could and he passed it over to her. "I hate to be the one to bring you this news. But because of who I am, I needed to bring you into the fold as soon as allowed." His weight shifted as he propped his body against the counter. "There is also another stipulation... but I will address that afterwards."
  9. She stopped laughing, he couldn't be serious, they didn't even know eachother so how could they marry eachother? That was only things that happened in movies. Her parents wouldn't think about doing such a thing as marry her away to someone else, they should know that she would never accept such a thing. But the further he talked the more she realised thta it could be her parents that had done just that. He handed her a picture of her when she was seven, she were with her parents.

    She remembered that day even though she had been so small when it was taken, they had been out on a camping trip for the first time since she was born. She didn't remember much of it except when they had gotten back, right after they took the picture she got an ice cream for being so good during the whole trip. The litle she remembered from the trip itself she knew because of all the picture they had taken.

    Her hands were shaking when she looked at the picture that she held with both hands, how could her parents think that she would accept marrying someone she had never met? She wouldn't be engaged to someone before she knew that person. She slammed her hand in to the table and rose from her seat. "another stipulation?" She was furious, that man dared to come there and tell her that when her parents just had died. Even if her parents had told her she would still be angry, even if they wanted the best for her they couldn't choose how she would live her life. "I wouldn't marry you even if you were the last man on earth, I don't care what my parents have told you, get out of here now." She said while walking closer to him.
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  10. Brodie knew this wouldn't go well. Anyone who was approached by someone unfamiliar, told their parents gave them away to be married without consulting them, and then allowed to respond would not respond in a positive way. He may be a businessman but in no way did he presume to know how to speak casually. In business, you gave it to them straight. He was a numbers guy and knew that no matter what, the bottom line is what people wanted to hear. Except with things like this. He had to take a public speaking class to know how to talk at work. This kind of thing... Brodie would never figure out.

    "Listen, I know this is a difficult time. I was close with your parents. It hurt me to hear of their passing. But what will you do now? One of the main reasons they discussed it with me is they knew that if they were to pass soon, you would have no way of providing for yourself." He looked her in the eyes and saw how angry she was. It was obvious he wasn't going to win but he had to try. He had seen a friend from the orphanage years after he had been adopted. The guy had gone to a great family but they passed away. He was not written into their will since they kept putting it off. So everything went to the greedy Aunt and Uncle he had. They didn't share a dime. As he was no longer under 18, he was forced onto the street after the bank repossessed the house. Mr. Shaw did not want to ever see that happen again to someone who didn't deserve it. "Please, I came to help. I don't want to offer to help you without telling you the whole story!"
  11. He were right, she didn't know what she should do now or where she should go. She couldn't afford to pay for the apartment even though it was such a small place. She didn't have any job at the moment because she had just finnished high school and were going to start university, how would she be able to afford that when she didn't have a job? She hadn't been able to think about it before he pointed it out for her. But to get married to him because of that, it was absurd.

    She turned her back towards him, Jasmine had calmed down but she were still irritated. Even if she had been completely calm she would have refused a marriage with a stranger. "I am thankful that you want to help but I think I will be able to make it on my own somehow. I won't get engaged with a person I don't know and I can't accept help from a stranger even though you knew my parents." She said with a bit irritation in her voice. What would it take to make this guy leave her alone? Had he befriended her parents so much so he would go threw the trouble of getting married to a total stranger. Maybe he had heard stories about her from her parents but he didn't know her at all. What if he fell in love later in life and then were already married, would he just throw her out then and pretend the deal between him and her parents didn't excist?
  12. He ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, looking at her back. It was clear she didn't want him here. But it wasn't over. "I made them a promise. I intend to keep it." Brodie knew that at least beginning a relationship of any kind took time. His voice was strong with conviction in his words. He pulled out his wallet then set down $2000 on the counter along with his business card and a diamond ring. "Your parents already told my father and set a date. I hope before then we can at least come to an understanding on a way to fulfill the wishes your parents had for you." He passed her and opened the door, then paused to add, "Whether that is marriage without love or a friendship that is mutually beneficial. I'm sure it hurts right now but think on this. I wouldn't mind getting to know you."

    With that, he closed the door and walked down the previously trodden path and back out to the small limousine. The car left to the mansion; the time total coming to 30 minutes. It wasn't that long of a ride but it was some nice time to think to himself. It would be nearly impossible slight of her marrying someone else or dying to get out of this. The message had been sent out to his father's associates and the news would catch wind of it in approximately a month. Then he would really need to help her. This would never have gotten so bad if he had been able to speak with them the time before last at the lake. Instead, his father went. It was him who somehow made them cave to the decision of handing their daughter off to marry a stranger. In fact, he had been barred from attending that meeting. As it stood, he was more curious about that conversation than whether or not she would call him.

    Brodie leaned forward, his hands falling into his hands. That was a painful experience. "I will never be good at that. I already have a hard enough time as it is talking casually to my friends...."

    The driver peered at him through the rear view mirror. "Sir.. if I might add... perhaps you can ask your buddies to give you some pointers? I might dare say your brothers.. but that will only worsen the questioning I'm afraid."

    Father always loves hiring british people. "Martin, if I ever asked my brothers, I could be 50 and they would still tease me." Brodie was now the age of 21. He was a successful businessman - CFO for an international pharmaceutical company. He was top dog and earned top dollar. His father was proud. All of his brothers were adopted because their father was sterile.

    Tyko - his brother from Sweden - was busy in college studying biochemistry. Mostly he loved playing football/soccer and had actually taken up archery as a past time on the down-low.

    Wesley - his brother from Britain - had just reached the age of 26 (the oldest of them all) and was heading up an movie star career. Lucky for him, their father's connection got him rocketed to a leading role in a new blockbuster film debuting in a month.

    Ignazio came from Italy. His English was by far the worst. He oftened practiced with Tyko on the soccer field after school. They both attended the same college. Only, Ignazio chose school over sport. Soccer was his absolute love but he felt as if he was not skilled enough to be on a team so it was pure recreation. While not playing, Ignazio goes to the library and studies so he can graduate from medical school.

    Finally, Craig came from America. He definitely was cocky but he could back anything he boasted about up with actions. At the present time, Craig was playing in a semi-pro football (American) league at college. He had no plans to graduate - only to be scouted for a team. If that went down the tubes, then he did not have a back up besides a general BA.

    The mansion loomed into view. Brodie stepped out of the car and stared at the doors to the mansion for a couple seconds, his hands tucked inside his jacket.
  13. She didn't turn back to face him as he spoke and didn't notice that he put the money, business card and the ring on the counter. Maybe she were acting unfair towards him, he just did as her and his parents had asked of him. But she couldn't just get married to him or even engaged, it was only something that should be done between two people that loved eachother. She flinched as he told her that the date already were set, they had set a date without talking to her first. It was all insane, how could they think that she would accept such a thing?

    She let him talk to the end without looking at him but listening carefully. She couldn't help but melt a litle when he told her that he only wanted to fulfill her parents wishes, but she wouldn't show it to him. Even though she should also try to fulfill her parents wishes she couldn't help but think it were wrong of them to wish something like that. She had a life of her own and she wanted to chose her own husband when the time would come, she wanted to have the time to fall in love with that special someone and not need to worry about getting married in some years. She were only twenty, she didn't need to get married yet, no one got married so early now a days.

    He left her to think about it alone, she turned around to look at the door he just had closed. He hadn't even told her his name, how were she supposed to know how to get in touch with him if she felt like it? Not because she wanted to do so. Maybe he were going to come back in some days, hopefully not, she didn't want to see that yerk again.

    She leaned at the counter with her eyes closed and sighted deeply, as she opened her eyes she got a shock, there was a ring lying on the counter. Under it were also money and a business card, had he left it there? She took up the ring and looked at it for a while, it was a real diamond ring, she could only imagine how much it could have costed. How could she let him give her something so expensive? Even though he probably were rich and it were her parents will to marry him she just couldn't accept something like that. She took up the money and counted it, $2000, how could he give her so much money just like that? She could as well sell the ring, leave town and start over somewhere new where he wouldn't find her. Ofcourse she wouldn't do something like that, but if it had been someone else maybe they would have done it.

    She just had to talk to him later and tell him to take the money and the ring back, even though she rather not talk to him again. But somehow one part of her wanted to do as her parents told her, she wanted to grant their last wish. But getting married to someone like him, it was insane, it was mad, it was not a thing she would be able to do. He hadn't even told her when the date of the marriage would be, so she didn't know how long she would have to make them stop the marriage.

    For hours she sat and tried to think of what she should do, when she should call him, what she should tell him and so on. She needed to make him take back the ring and the money and stop the marriage, if he wanted to help her then he should do it by helping her find a job instead. That was what she needed at the moment. Taking money from a stranger just felt wrong, even though that stranger were her fiancé.

    It took untill morning before she decided to call the number on the business card, she had barely slept anything during the night because she only thought about what she should do about the problem. Jasmine sat down and looked at the business card in her hand, so his surname were Brodie. She dealed the number on the card and listened to the irritating tones from the phone as she waited for someone to answer.
  14. After he entered the mansion, he fled to the kitchen area for a snack. The head chef Eduardo quickly whipped him up a salad. Eduardo had always taken a liking to the businessman since he was always polite and did his best to not be a burden on him. "Gracias Eduardo."

    He took it up to his room and finished it without much interruption except from Tyko trying to run through his room with a paintball gun, Craig and Wesley hot on his heels. Sighing, he set his plate on his nightstand and went out to his balcony. It over looked the maze garden and had a landing spot below it in case anyone wanted to jump off. There was also enough jumping room to leap to the balcony to the left which led to the maze staircase. The lights lit up in the gardens afore the maze in such a way that it seemed as if little fireflies were floating above the flowers, gracing them with beauty. If Jasmine saw this, she might just love the view.

    Another sighed escaped his mouth. She had no idea what would be coming in about a month. The paparazzi would surround her daily, swarm her apartment, stalk her to work and take photos of everything. He shook his head. Maybe agreeing to help through marriage wasn't right... oh well. What's done is done. He saw the gardeners yell at the paintballing boys for shooting some of the flowers on accident then running through the beautiful bed. Brodie saw where they trampled over it's beauty. "They just have no respect." Shaking his head, he watched the sun go down then returned to his bed after a shower and changing his clothes. It was not long before sleep waved over him and he fell into dreamland.

    Brodie rolled over, his phone's unknown caller ringtone playing loudly. Today was his day off and he did NOT want to wake up anytime in the morning. But in case it had to do with work, he grabbed the phone with a groan. "H-hello?" His voice was groggy and his eyes were still closed.
  15. After some time she heard how the tones stopped and someone answered, it sounded like Brodie even though his voice sounded groggy. Maybe he weren't fully awake yet, maybe she even had woken him up. Jasmine smiled a bit, she couldn't help but think that it was a bit funny that she had happened to wake him up even though she hadn't meant to. Maybe she should have waited untill later so that she could be certain that he were awake but she thought that he would be working or something and then he should be awake by then.

    "It's me, Jasmine." She started. "Did I wake you?" She couldn't help but sound a bit entertained by it even though she tried to keep it to herself. "I want to give back the money to you and the ring. But I also want to listen to my parents last wish, the easiest would be if we just met somewhere and talked about it." She said, maybe she should have said that he could call her when he were fully awake but she wanted it over with. If they could come to an agreement on how to give her parents their last wish and she wouldn't need to marry him then it would be the best, and she wanted it done as fast as possible. It was easier to talk eye to eye instead of over the phone so she needed to meet him even though she didn't really want to. If she didn't meet him then she wouldn't be able to give the money and the ring back to him so that was another reason why she wanted to meet him as fast as possible.

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  16. "Jasmine?" His mind tried to wake up, then it hit him. "OH! Jasmine!" Brodie Shaw shot straight up in his bed. A bit light-headed he added, "No.. I was getting up anyways." An unconvincing argument. "But.. we can meet, I just won't be taking back the money or the ring." There was a pause then Brodie continued, "The money is for you. It's a gift. As is the ring. It's something your parents wanted me to get you." He stayed silent for a bit then gazed outside. "How about I have the driver pick you up? An early brunch perhaps?"

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  17. He sounded really tired, now she was certain that he had just woke up. It was a bit irritating that he wouldn't let her give back what he had given to her, but she could always make him take them back when they met each other, if she couldn't convince him then she maybe could sneak them in to his pocket when he didn't watch. It almost sounded like they were going to give each other a bomb back and forth because they were afraid that it would explode, it reminded her of those cartoons she used to watch when she were a child.

    "Fine, lets have an early brunch. How long will it take until your driver can come?" Jasmine wanted to tell him that she could take the buss or a cab there but then he would probably just try to convince her not to. She just wanted their talk over with so that they could live their own life away from each other and not get married. Hopefully she would be able to make him take back the ring and the money or at least one of them, she would just feel bad. What right did her parents have to ask after money from him? They should have believed in that she could take care of herself better when they were gone.
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    "Probably 30 minutes. He will wait until you are ready." The sound of bedding rustling could be heard over the phone as Brodie got out of bed. He shuffled his feet into his slippers to avoid the cold floor. Unlike the rest of his brothers, he chose to not use the heat. He was frugal at time. "Uh... I don't want to come across as rude but do dress in your sunday best.. I think that's the phrase I'm looking for anyways. I will meet you at the restaurant. Talk to you later." With that he hung up the phone and proceeded to get dressed.

    First though, he buzzed the garage. "Norman, please send someone to pick up Ms. Jasmine at her house. The one I was at yesterday. Tell them to wait as long as they need. Also, they are to go to Le Jardin Des Cygnes."

    "Of course sir."

    "Thank you." This time, he put on a nice, plain white button up and a pair of khaki slacks. Brodie threaded his belt through the loops on the pants - a black belt. Then he put on his black gucci shoes and a plain, subtle blue-grey tie, grabbed his throw on black jacket and headed out the door. "Norman, please pull a car around for me. We are to meet them at the garden."

    "Yes sir, right away sir." The driver opened the door and allowed Brodie to climb inside before quickly returning to the driver's seat. The man was around the age of 65 but he had been employed with their father and his father since they were young. It took about 35 minutes for them to reach Le Jardin Des Cygnes but Brodie was able to reserve a spot.

    The spot he reserved and waited at overlooked a pristine river with native cymbidium orchids adorning its shores. There was not a foul smell from the river like there was closer to the downtown area where it was a bit more, but still not overly so, polluted. He made sure the menus he got were in English in case Jessica was not familiar with French. As the centerpiece of their table, a singular Middlemist Red flower in a diamond-carved vase. The table cloth was white and thankfully there was little to no breeze on the sunny day.
  19. His words made her a bit angry, why would she dress up nicely just because she were meeting him? They could as well sit at a little cafe in everyday clothes. She almost felt like going there in her usual clothes just to make him bothered, even if she would change in to her best clothes she didn't have any clothes that were better than her others. Some summer dresses were the best thing she had in her wardrobe and she hadn't even used them since she were fifteen, they probably didn't even fit anymore. That guy just had to deal with that she came in her ordinary clothes.

    She went to her wardrobe and looked threw all the clothes she had, it should be easy, just pull out some clothes without thinking about what she put on herself. But of some reason she tried to find something that looked somewhat good even though nothing in her wardrobe were good looking. It wasn't like she were rich and could buy all the clothes she wanted, she just bought the clothes she needed and she had never needed to go to a party or anything like that so she hadn't needed nice clothes. Jasmine sighted and pulled out a pair of jeans and a blue tank top. That was the closest to nice looking clothes she could get with the money her family had.

    She changed in to the clothes and put her hair up in a tail but fast took it out again, it looked to formal to have it put up like that. She looked out of her window and noticed the car standing there, the only reason she knew that it was his car were because no one would ever come to that poor area if they had money enough to buy that car. The man that had driven the car were standing outside of it and waited. She wanted Brodie to wait as long as possible just to make him irritated and break the engagement but on the same time she didn't want his driver to wait for her, it must be boring for him to just stand there waiting.

    It took some minutes before she decided to not let him wait, mostly for the poor drivers sake. She took the money and the ring Brodie had given her and put them in her pocket. She would at least give the ring back even if she had to threaten him to take it back. What she could say to make him take it back she didn't know yet but she could probably come up with something. She went to the car and as fast as the driver had asked if she were Jasmine then he opened the door for her so that she could go in to the car. It irritated her that he didn't let her open the door herself even though she knew that it was his job. Instead of walking in she went to the other side of the car and opened the door to take a seat. The driver seemed both confused and surprised by her behavior but he didn't comment it and just went to the drivers seat and drove her to a restaurant.

    As she walked in to Le Jardin Des Cygnes that she couldn't even pronounce the name on she couldn't see any sign of Brodie yet. She asked one of the people that worked there where he were and both gave a name and a little description. She noticed that the man looked at her clothing, even though he tried not to say anything she could see in his eyes that he thought she were very weird dressed for such a place. He showed her the way to where Brodie sat, it had a wonderful view over the river, it was also a vase on the table with one flower in it.

    Jasmine thought it was a bit to luxury place to eat brunch on but she would let it slide. A brunch for her usually were a pizza at a small half dark place or some sandwiches at a cafe. She couldn't understand why they should waste so much money when there were places with cheaper food. She went to take her seat and just nodded to him instead of saying hello. It would be interesting how he would react when she had clothes that looked almost the same as the day before. Even though he told her to put on something nice she couldn't help but not have something nice at home, she wouldn't go to buy clothes just because she were going to eat brunch with him.
  20. Brodie watched the river for a few minutes until he saw a maitre'de approaching with Jasmine in tow. 'I guess asking her to wear nicer clothes was a bit of a stretch... I doubt she wants to do ANYTHING for me.' He flashed a smile as he stood like a gentleman and dismissed the waiter until they were ready to order. He was a bit unsure of whether to pull out the chair or simply motion for her to sit. It was then his grandfather's voice rang in his head, 'Brodie you listen to me you Irish gentleman. You must always be polite to a woman. Never raise a hand against her, never doubt her word when she has given you no reason to, and always do the polite thing - ESPECIALLY when in doubt. A gentleman also uses his language to be fluid and laved like water. Use your words in a kind manner and do your best not to use them as a weapon. A sharp mind moves you up but a sharp tongue leaves you alone. Now, keep up with your training - don't let that accent slip out.'

    So with a quick movement he pulled out her chair but stepped out of the way to let her decide whether to actually sit or not. "Please, have a seat Jasmine." Brodie slid back to his side of the table but stood until she would sit. "I am glad you came."